Chapter 189 - Initiation (2)

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A large dome shaped building shining brightly in the blue sky, had carriages entering it.

In the endless processions of carriages, the soldiers rushed to control the traffic. In recent years had there been a situation where all the nobles had to be gathered?

There were quite a few nobles called by the King’s orders, but they never saw such a crowd.

As if all the nobles had gathered.

“So many carriages!”

Ash Balle looked at the lined up carriages with twinkling eyes. Viscount Balle stroked his daughter’s hair.

“Right. It is said to be the birth of a new Master class but it is my first time seeing such a gathering too.”

“Jamie is amazing!”

Ash waved her hand with an excited face. Maybe his daughter looked cute, the Viscount smiled and looked at the eldest daughter sitting across from him.

Rebecca was looking out the window with a nervous expression.

“Rebecca. What is it?”

“Uh? Ah, nothing.”

“You seem nervous to meet Jamie.”

“I-I am not nervous.”

Her trembling voice was a clear answer but seeing her pretend not to be, the Viscount laughed. However Ash tilted her head.

“Sister, why are you nervous?”

“I am not nervous.”

“Your face is still…”

“I didn’t sleep well last night.”

Rebecca answered in a low voice avoiding Ash’s gaze.

‘This is it. It wasn’t a one time thing.’

Apparently, his eldest daughter was obsessed with Jamie Welton.

It was said that young kids change frequently on whom they like but seeing his daughter like just one guy the father’s heart ached.

‘She used to tell me that she would marry me…’

Was she already that grown up?

Viscount seemed depressed at the thought and wondered if this was the sorrow of a father who was losing his daughter. Whether or not she knew her father’s heart, she kept looking out of the window.

‘Young lord. Are you alright?’

So many people came to see Jamie Welton. If she would be made to stand in the position of Jamie, she would die from nervousness.

Rebecca let out a low sigh.


‘… he is so cool, right?’

At the desire to see Jamie who had changed, her heart trembled.

Was this love?

Skadium was bustling with many nobles. Huge numbers and soldiers were trying to make them all stay disciplined.

Outside the current royal castle, the nobles who were permitted to enter swarmed around.

No matter how many people gathered to celebrate it, it was too much so royal knights were dispatched.

And the commotion was suppressed at once.

It was natural.

This was the royal castle, the residence of their kind.

A place where the knights would protect the king and any weird action would be dealt accordingly.

Even if this was happening due to the king’s consideration it would be impossible for such a large number of people to enter the capital.

“Such a huge crowd.”


Count Welton and Viscount Balle, who hadn’t met in a long time, had settled on the second floor. A place reserved for the spectators of the ceremony. Count Welton was the father of the protagonist so he was given the best seat.

Since Viscount Balle was his brother in law, he was able to sit close.

“But, the children have grown so much more than before. Rebecca now looks more like a lady.”

“Thank you.”

Rebecca’s cheeks blushed at the praise from the Count.

“But where is sister in law?”

“Sarah seemed a bit frustrated so she took her out.

“You could make a nanny do it…”

“For the children, she always wants to do it.”

Even though she came from a great noble family, Sears was a woman for her family. That was why Count Welton loved her.

“I don’t see the Marquis.”

“Marquis Bell?”

“He must be here. Perhaps with his majesty.”

The Count’s father in law and Jamie’s grandfather, Marquis Bell, was one of King Friedmoor’s advisors.

So there was a high chance he was talking to the king. At that time someone approached them and Count Welton was the first to notice it.

A Master who was able to feel this from another man of his level.


“Wow- Count Welton.”

He was the Spear Master Albert, the King’s Spear.

As soon as Viscount Balle looked, he covered his daughters behind him.


“What is it?”

The two girls looked at their father in surprise. But the Viscount didn’t answer. It was because he was nervous.

Albert, who led his gaze towards their direction, smiled and waved his hand.

“What? You were here too?”

A faint gleam appeared in the Viscount’s eyes at those words.

This man could fool the entire place, but the Viscount’s life was based on instinct. Count Welton grabbed the Viscount’s shoulder.

“Calm down. Jerk isn’t the kind to act crazy in here.”

“Jerk? That is too much…”

Albert walked closer to them with a playful expression and then looked at the two children behind him which made the Viscount hide them behind him.

“Dad? What is it?!”


Rebecca and Ash were pushed harder.

“Your daughters are hurting, Viscount. Do not worry. You are now out of my league so I will not treat you like back then. Still, if you want something we can handle it later. Ah, though I might not…”

“Albert, shut your mouth.”

Count Welton interrupted Albert’s words.

“We are in front of the kids. If you continue to tease with that mouth be prepared to lose it. He is my brother-in-law.”

“Oh, the Count wants to deal with me? Come to think of it, we haven’t sparred yet.”

“Kid. Haven’t the wounds from Gastol healed yet?”

At Count Welton’s words, the smile on Albert’s face disappeared.

“Looks like you hit your head on something. You who couldn’t handle the spar with Gastol yet you want to spar with me? Hahaha!”

The Count laughed out loud making everyone look at him. However, even in that situation where everyone looked at him, the Count warned Albert.

“Come when you increase your skills. Otherwise, you might not be able to even lift that spear of yours. And will lose sight of his Majesty.”

“… you talk pretty daringly, Count? Are you better than me?”

“Gastol couldn’t get past 10 hits from me. What about you?”

At that, those behind Albert and the Viscount were shocked.

Who is Gastol?

Not now, but he was a member of the Five Sword Masters of Seldam.

And taking down such a man in 10 strikes meant that Count Welton is the best.

“You’re bluffing. Rumors that you are on the same level as the Swordsman of Windfury is…”

“I don’t know when such rumors started.”

The Count raised his energy and approached Albert. And whispered in the ear.

“Run back to your mother and drink milk. Kid.”

Pressure weighed down on Albert. And Albert looked at Count Welton.

Count Welton patted Albert on the shoulder.

“Now go. It is my son’s initiation here so the King’s Spear should be next to his Majesty.”

“… I was going.”

“If you aren’t afraid, you can come back.”

Albert gritted his teeth and disappeared.

And the Count sighed.

“I don’t know why His Majesty would have that crazy bastard next to him.”


“Viscount I know how you are feeling but look around. Your daughters are watching you.”


At the Count’s words the Viscount looked at his daughters.

Rebecca and Ash asked him.

“Dad… are you alright?”

“Are you sick?”

The Viscount let out a small sigh and with a slight smile gently stroked his daughters.

“Dad is fine. Don’t worry.”

He was worried for them. And he remembered Albert’s grinning face.

Five years back when he came to the capital on the orders of the King. He was appointed as a commander to a special mission battalion and was busy preparing for things.

And Albert appeared.

At a time when hadn’t yet been given the title the King’s Spear.

He appeared out of the blue and began to provoke Viscount Balle.

-It is said that you are the head of the Balle family, an elementalist? A high ranking one?

-Who are you?

-No need to know. Let’s have a spar. Ah, are you scared? This boy seems scared. You seem to be married, aren’t your kids embarrassed of you? Those pitiful, unfortunate kids.

Endless provocation and constantly bringing up his kids so the Viscount couldn’t hold back. He was upset about it.

And lost the match.

-You are nothing. Disappointed.

A human who provokes other people.

Albert was such a man. The problem was Albert had power which made his actions right.

And that seemed unfair. Still, time was short and he ended up meeting him here again.

“If it wasn’t for my brother, I would have lost it.”

Had he lost his temper he would have seen the same result.

Count Welton nodded.

“You held up well.”

The most twisted person of the five Masters.


It wasn’t known why he was the King’s Spear, but if he appears in front of Count Welton again,

“Your Majesty!”

At that moment, a loud voice echoed from below.

All the nobles who were there stood up at once. Moments later, came the sound of trumpets throughout the palace and someone began to climb the five steps to the throne.

A young king with his hair gently swaying like the moonlight shining in broad daylight could be seen. He had white skin and golden eyes.

Fontina K Friedmoor.

Followed by a boy in his mid teens who looked exactly like the king and then a sickly looking girl. And the servants followed them with swordsmen and ahead of the swordsmen was Marquis Belle.

King Friedmoor, who had gone to the throne, sat down cautiously and the boy and girl sat down on either side of him.

Prince Kane P Friedmoor and Princess Isabel P Friedmoor.

Shortly after, the royal knights appeared and lined the red carpet at the throne.

And the king greeted everyone.

“Everyone you have been through a lot to come here.”

Those in the crowd all bowed their heads in unison to respect their king.

And he continued.

“Today is a happy day. Another new Great Magician has been born in the world we live in. Today we bless him, so I hope that those gathered here will bless the new Great Magician and the future of the kingdom.”

Here comes the wise words from Your Majesty!

King Friedmoor glanced at the speaker at the bottom of the stairs.

And the man bowed and shouted.

“The appointment ceremony begins!”

The musicians beat the drums.

“The native of the Haiss Estate, a member of the Welton family, a hero who saved Apton, a hero who received the power of Goddess Pyro, and a hero who rose to the heights of a Great Magician at the age of 8 and saved the Magic World!”

The drums got faster. Tension lingered around and everyone turned to the door which hadn’t opened yet.

The host opened his eyes and shouted until his throat exploded.

“Jamie Welton, come in through the door right now!”

A large door opened and light poured in. There was only one person standing there in the darkness, with the light shining behind him.

And he stepped in.

A boy in a blue robe, a sword around his waist, with a staff taller than him in his left hand.

Jamie Welton walked in confidently.

The royal knights crossed their swords in the air as he passed them. Without making any breathing sounds, everyone looked at the boy walking on the red carpet.

Jamie stood before the king.

He knelt down on one knee and bowed his head to the King.

“Jamie Welton, greets Your Majesty.”

King Friedmoor had an intuition at sight.

A true hero was born.

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