Chapter 190 - Initiation (3)

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“Raise your head.”

At the King’s command, Jamie raised his head.

He could see King Friedmoor’s face up close.

When he first walked in he could barely see his face, but seeing him now, he looked a lot younger.

He was probably in his mid 30s.

He heard that he was a lot older, and knew that the lineage of Freidmoor aged slowly. Jamie shifted his eyes to the girl and boy sitting next to him.

Among them, Jamie was a bit wide eyed when he saw the girl.

‘The kid from yesterday…’

The sickly looking girl near the fountain. Unlike then, now she was fully dressed which made it difficult for him to recognize her.

Was she the princess?

Then, how was a princess able to move alone late at night?

Isabel’s eyes met with a confused Jamie’s. And she smiled brightly.

It looked as if she was making fun of him, but Jamie looked back at the King who spoke.

“Haha. Such a young boy.”

It seemed like the King was in disbelief.

Until the moment the door was opened and he walked in, he didn’t think Jamie would be this young.

Rather, he felt like a triumphant general was back from the war.

Was it possible to get such a feeling from an 8 year old boy?

The King saw a variety of humans in his life but Jamie Welton stood out the most.

‘A child with such a presence.’

The King looked like he was going to laugh, but decided not to to keep his dignity.

“I heard about your work. You stopped the attack of Zenith and demons in Apton, and this time you saved the Magic World, didn’t you?”

“It had to be done.”

“And despite just being 8 years old you reached 7th class. I have seen so many Masters in my life but this is the first time I have seen someone like you.”

“It is an honor.”

Jamie bowed his head in gratitude and the King nodded his head.

“As expected of Count Welton’s child.”

Seeing that the King looked at Count Welton who was in the front row of the second floor, the Count too bowed as soon as he saw the King.

“The future of Seldam is so bright. Come here,”

“Yes, Your Majesty,’

The King called for a servant who brought the scroll which was wrapped with a luxurious cloth.

The King who took it slowly rose from his seat and went down to where Jamie was.

“Listen, Jamie Welton.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

The scroll was opened and the king read what was written on it.

“A child is born from a great family, although born with outstanding qualities he still worked hard to hone the status he had. As a result, Apton and the Magic World were saved by you and you achieved the feat of ascending to the status of Great Magician at such a young age. Also, you are chosen by the Goddess Pyro as her saint, it is to strengthen the bond between the nation and the Pyro Church.”

“I, the king, will recognize your achievement and further enhance the honor you have, and I will appoint you as the 11th Master of Seldam!”


It was a title, like the King mentioned.

‘Extraterritorial jurisdiction’ created with King’s approval.

It wasn’t some specific position with a title, but an existence which stands higher than any noble man.

“Jamie Welton!”

“Jamie Welton is right here.”

“Dedicate yourself to the kingdom!”

“I will obey that!”

Shouts and cheers resounded at that. Jamie felt his skin tingle as he looked at the King.

The King spoke in a voice no one could hear.

“Take good care of the land, Sir Welton.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

The two looked at each other and smiled faintly.

The hot sun was shining brightly in the blue sky.

An eagle soars through the cloudless sky with its large wings spread out.

Below it stood a square building over a vast golden desert. A black wire with current flowing through it was wrapped around like it was some prison.

Although it had no color, it looked invisible to the naked eye, but the current passing through the wire was blocking the entire building.

It could be said that it was done by a skilled person.

And a man was going to such a place.

He was a man with neatly shaved hair and dark skin, who had a huge sword on his back.

It was Blazer, the Sword of Sun God, Ra.

“Open it.”

When he stopped in front of the high voltage place and spoke, what was ahead of him wobbled and the wind blew as it split both sides.

Blazer went straight into the building. The inside was empty. There were two small beds and a place for people to rest.

One wondered why such a place would be needed, the ground floor was created formally.

The real thing was ‘underground’.

“What is he doing?”

“He still isn’t saying a thing.”

“A stubborn one.”

Blazer shook his head remembering the man he had locked in the depths of the basement.

“I will go there.”

“Let me guide you.”

A guard took the lead. They walked behind an empty pillar on the right and raised one hand and pushed it.

It had a popping sound like something was clicked.


And the floor shook with the place being split to the right and left, shining under the magic circle.

“Let’s go.”

The guard was in the lead and Blazer followed.

Save me-

I am sorry…

I want to die, I want to die, I want to die.

Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello.

Do you have any coins?

29154th…. 29156th….

The road leading to the basement was dark and the cold air around made it clear that the place was surrounded in huge darkness. And the voices coming from all directions had desperation in it.

“This place always looks terrible.”

“This is why we don’t open the door to catacombs.”


A word meaning ‘grave’.

This wasn’t a real grave, but it must be different from it either. A place where those who committed wrong deeds are captured and imprisoned under the realm of Ra.

Those imprisoned will never see the sun again. They only see the sun after death.

Outside…. Outside….!

Light! Light!


I want water….

“Shut up!”

Blazer exclaimed with mana and the criminals in the catacombs all went silent at once. All of the ones inside the catacombs were crazy.

So damaged that they cannot be called humans again. However, the criminals who didn’t budge despite the shouts and punishments of the guards went silent at Blazer’s cry.

‘As expected from the Sword of Sun…’

The guard gulped at it.

Fear rose even though the scream wasn’t directed to him. If he was like this, then what were the sinners’ feelings? Their souls must have cracked under it.

In fact, he could hear the sound of bodies falling down.

“You have to remove the bodies.”

Blazer spoke, realizing a few sinners were falling dead.

“… We have come.”

At the bottom of the catacomb.

They arrived at a place called the abyss.

“I will open it. One moment…”

“It is fine.”

Well, the one who was imprisoned inside couldn’t do anything to Blazer.

Now that the man inside had become weak, even if he was released, he would still be unable to do anything.

And the guard opened the cell nervously.

Swish- came the cold air from inside.

And a weird unknown killing intent swept through.


The guard who was hit with it, fell down.

“So weak.”

Blazer looked down at the guard with a pitiful look on the face and went inside by walking over him.

The abyss where nothing could be seen, it wasn’t like that for Blazer.

Once inside he called,



Kreon the sword of Zenith, the best power of Zenith church is dying in the abyss of the catacombs currently managed by the Ra Church.

“You look skinny.”

“… Blazer?”

A weak voice, but Blazer knew that this was an act.

“Don’t act in front of me.”

“Kuku. You fucking monster.”

Kreon immediately changed his voice and smiled at Blazer.

The act of a man who was dying had vanished, but to be able to change himself so much was a task which deserved credibility.

“It has been over half a year since you got imprisoned here.”

“Right. I think it would be better if you let me go.”

“I cannot do that. What if some day you decide to put a sword to our necks?”

“… it is all just a matter of time, Blazer. Eventually I will get out of this place.”

“If Zenith moves for you then it can happen. But it doesn’t seem like he wants to do that yet.”

“If you aren’t here to let me go, why did you come? Did you come to make fun of me?”

“I didn’t exactly come here to make fun of you. But it is partly true that I am here to make fun of you.”

“What kind of bullshit is that?”

Blazer raised his index finger.

As a little sun rose from there, the darkness was lifted.

“Kuak! Why is there light all of a sudden?!”

For over half a year, he had been in darkness here so even the smallest light was fatal for Kreon.

He was almost blind. If it wasn’t for him having good aura control as a Sword Master, he would have gone fully blind. But Blazer didn’t seem to care and spoke.

“I want to show you this.”

He held up a rolled paper and threw it on the ground. Despite it being far, it wasn’t like the content couldn’t be read.

And narrowing his eyes Kreon read it.

“The Seldam Kingdom produces the youngest Great Magician. Jamie Welton, heir to the Welton family, renowned for his swordsmanship.”

Jamie Welton.

Seeing that name, Kreon’s eyes widened and glowed.

“Jamie!! Jamie Welton!!”

The handcuffs wrapped around the hands shook like they would break, and the thick chains on the body were moving.

If the high priests of Ra hadn’t strengthened the restraints, they would have been crushed right away.

“Kuaaaak! Jamie Welton! That brat! I am going to kill him right now!”

Kreon’s face turned red. It looked like his blood vessels would burst.

His fury and anger ready to kill everyone in the catacombs rose.

He could hear the criminals falling down in other parts.

‘It is my first time seeing this man be this enraged.’

He understood it.

Because it was none other than Jamie Welton who ruined the plan of the Zenith Church.

If it weren’t for him, Kreon wouldn’t be imprisoned here and the Zenith Church would be waging war on the northern continent.

‘Aside from that, being a Great Magician at 8 is amazing…’

Seldam’s Welton, Blazer heard it.

The family is famous for their swordsmanship with a long history on their side. In such a family came a magician and not a sword master.

‘Maybe it wasn’t a coincidence that Kreon suffered?’

At the age of 8, he couldn’t even imagine how much of a potential a Great Magician had.

A talented person who can reach the 9th class, which could be seen as the supreme state by humans.

No, there was a strong chance that he would reach the 9th class and become the king of magicians.

“Huaaaah! I will kill him! I will kill that little bastard!!”

Blazer thought.

‘Seems like the game involving the continent will be interesting.’

He left Kreon behind and climbed up.

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