Chapter 191 - Omniscient (1)

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“Your grandson is amazing.”

“It is a strange thing.”

The swordsmen of the King were speaking to Marquis Bell who was behind the throne watching Jamie.

“Neither of the families have a knack for magic. Even if the Bells do learn magic they don’t have the talent to outshine others.”

“Welton has been a family which is known for their swordsmanship skills.”

“Right. So how can one not be surprised? When I first heard the rumors of my grandson, I myself couldn’t believe it. I thought maybe I misunderstood his swordsmanship talent.”


“But it is real. Jamie is a genius who is gifted in magic. If Jamie’s hair wasn’t emerald, it might have been big news.”

The male side of the Welton family inherited the emerald hair. If the color had been different, he would have thought that Sears had an affair with another magician.

The swordsman laughed a little and understood that.


“But I am worried.”

“What worries you? Marquis’s grandson is appointed as a Master. It is ridiculous to worry about a Master. So put your worries away Marquis.”

“Huhu. If the swordsman at the top says that, I think my worries would ease a little.”



The swordsman looked at Jamie rising.

A balanced body for an 8 year old. The night before, he watched the two from afar when he was escorting Princess Isabel.

He watched Jamie closely because he thought the princess might be armed. As a result he ended up observing too much.

‘Reasonable skill.’

He heard rumors that he mastered the swordsmanship of the Welton family. Like a man at the top of the Seldam Kingdom when it came to sword, he knew of the Weton’s swordsmanship.

And it wasn’t just once or twice that he sparred with the former head of Welton.

The sword which was passed down to the direct descendants, a skill for a genius which couldn’t be learned without talent.

And Jamie Welton learned it.

In half a year.

He didn’t wonder about it. He wasn’t the kind to be interested in others, so he thought it just happened.

But not now.

“He is also a swordsman of considerable skill.”

“… swordsman?”

Marquis Bell frowned.

He had a lot of work to do, so he didn’t pay a lot of attention to Jamie. And both Count Welton and Sears knew that he was busy so they didn’t bother writing him letters.

“What do you mean?”

“You just have not heard it. It is said that Jamie Welton has learned the vision of Welton’s swordsmanship. In fact, I am amazed at what I am seeing.”

Still lacking, but considering that it hasn’t been even a full year since he started, his growth rate was terrifying.

“So, the Marquis can fully put aside the worries about your grandson.”


Marquis Bell looked at his grandson, unable to believe.

The ceremony was almost over and he looked up to the second floor.

Count Welton and Sears were looking at their son.

“I am just trying to make life more enjoyable in the later years.”


The two old people smiled, watching the future of the kingdom.

A new master was born in Seldam.

The protagonist Jamie Welton, who was praised as the greatest talent in the world, had made an uproar in the world since last year.

The news spread quickly.

Whether he wanted it or not, Jamie was tired.

“Sir Welton! Handshake!”

“Sir Welton! My daughter is quite good! How is it?”

“No! Our daughter!”

“Our daughter is a virgin! Our daughter…!”

“What do you mean when saying that?!”

“Did I say something wrong?”

After the ceremony was the banquet. All the nobles flocked to Jamie during that time and he was out of breath.

He wanted to wipe them all out with magic, but this was the Royal palace, the heart of the Seldam Kingdom.

Even if he was given authority, he would be punished if he did something wrong.


It would be great if Sears was there around this time, but she was nowhere to be seen.

-Jamie. Today’s party’s highlight is you. So just for today you won’t have a mother helping you.

-So will your father. I cannot treat my son like a young child anymore, you should handle things right?

They acted as if he would die if he went out, and now suddenly they wanted to treat him like an adult?

Well it did sound good at first.

Because his parents finally accepted him.

‘But I didn’t think this would happen!’

“Sir Welton!”


“Look at this side please!”

“I respect you!!”

“Make my son your disciple!!”

Jamie felt like a bird trapped in a cage at this. Lennon, who watched all this, drank his orange juice.

“Being a celebrity is tough.”


“Who is jealous?”

Next to him, Ann was biting down on a sandwich.

Lennon, who glanced at her, coughed.

Ann, who always insisted on wearing a school uniform, was now in a bright yellow dress, he couldn’t get used to it.

Her hair looked so natural with it too.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“W-when did I?”

“You just glanced at me.”

“I looked, just looked.”


Ann shrugged her shoulders, ignoring Lennon and went back to her sandwich. Lennon sighed in relief.

These days, it was clear that he was looking at her more. And there was a strange annoying feeling ticking in his heart.

‘What is this?’

Having never liked anyone, Lennon didn’t know what he was feeling when he saw Ann.

He just frowned at it.

“But it is really fun, right?”

“… what is so fun about this party?”

“It is a party hosted by the king. When will we ever have a chance to come to such a thing again?”

For Ann, a country noble, this was a fantasy world. It was an honor to even set foot in the capital and thanks to her teacher, she was able to attend this party.

“If it wasn’t for Teacher I wouldn’t have been able to wear such pretty clothes, and may still be in my uniform,.”

Although she lived for more than 10 years, the last few months felt like a dream. To the extent where she wanted to pinch her cheeks and check it again.

When Lennon heard that he snorted.

“This is just the start. The moment you held Teacher’s hand, your life changed.”


“And you met me too.”

Lennon mumbled.



When Ann asked him, Lennon shook his head as if it was nothing and moved to another place.

“Where are you going?”

“I am a bit tired.”

Ann looked at Lennon who was moving away and then froze. Then she laughed.

“Must have felt embarrassed.”

Taking another bite, she mumbled.

“Right. I met you too. Look after me in the future.”

He had both a shy and rough personality, but she had been watching him for months and knew he was warmer than anyone else.

As a competitor and friend, they will compliment each other and grow through their weaknesses. And their Teacher will lead them.

Ann saw her Teacher being surrounded by nobles. A genius boy who was appointed as a Master despite being two years younger than her.

“Lennon. I envy you.”

Ann always teased him but it was true that she envied Jamie more than anyone.

She just didn’t say it and she will feel it in the future too, that much she knew for certain.

And so she will learn magic a lot faster.

Using this as driving force, she planned to absorb everything Jamie taught them.

And someday she wished to stand there. Ann finished eating the sandwich and left the party. This wasn’t a place for her.


Jamie lay down in the secluded forest in a quiet place. The party was hell.

He expected the crowd to be there, but it was surprising to see so many.

It was less than an hour but it felt like his soul was leaving.

He wasn’t this exhausted even when fighting for his life.

“Phew- a party for my sake, but I cannot even enjoy it.”

Jamie wasn’t a party lover, but he began to hate it from today. Jamie looked up at the blue sky while resting his head on his arms like a pillow.

Since it was still spring, the scent the flowers gave out was good.

‘1 year…’

It has been around one year since he began to learn magic after coming to this world and with his new family.

Just a year, but a lot of things happened.

It made him wonder if so many things could happen within a year.

It wasn’t known when his turning point would be, but he got what he needed.


To walk free, a free pass which allowed him to walk and act how he needed within the Seldam Kingdom.

Quite a reward.

But the rewards weren’t finished yet.

‘I need to ask for the Omniscient Library.’

That was the biggest reason he left his home.

It was to enter that place.

‘I cannot even imagine how much information it can have…’

If there was a small clue he could have, that would be enough.

While Jamie was thinking about it, he felt someone’s presence.

Jamie slowly opened his closed eyes and stood up.

The sound was getting closer.


The palace was right next to him. If he moved with hostility there was no way the other masters inside didn’t notice.

Then if they still didn’t notice, it meant that Jamie could respond too.

When Jamie met his father, after the ceremony, he heard a brief warning.

-Watch out for the King’s Spear. He won’t do anything on such a day, but being aware isn’t bad.

The Sword Master of the Kingdom who protects the King.

Jamie saw a man approaching from the bushes.

Indigo hair like a lion’s mane, and a spear on his shoulder.

He didn’t even ask who it was.

“Why is the King’s Spear here?”

“To look at you.”

Albert’s eyes drew arcs.

He found it interesting that Jamie wasn’t surprised by his presence, he looked up and down at Jamie.

“Still lacking a lot.”

Saying that, he pointed the spear at Jamie’s neck.

Jamie looked at it and asked.

“What are you doing?”

“What will happen if I stab you here? Will your father come to kill me?”

“I heard you were crazy,…”

He didn’t understand why someone would openly threaten him.

Jamie laughed and answered.

“Before that, I would kill you.”

Albert’s eyes widened at it.

“You will kill me?”

As an 8th class magician, it was impossible to go against a Sword Master. However, this genius who was still in 7th class, who had just entered the class, was saying such things.

“Did you learn to bluff from your father?”

“My father doesn’t bluff. There is no need for that.”

Albert felt his face heat up.

The place he stood was turning red.


Seeing that, Albert laughed like a madman.

His killing intent turned darker.

And the energy of the two began to intertwine.

A situation where no one moved first.


Jamie and Albert turned at the voice.


“If you want to continue…”

Someone came from behind her.

A man with unbelievable force.

“Don’t wear your emotions on your sleeve, kids.”

The swordsman drew his sword halfway.

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