Chapter 192 - Omniscient (2)

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A terrifying force spread.

What was surprising was that the momentum he was giving out was only for two people.

Jamie thought inside.

‘… I did hear rumors about his swordsmanship, but is he this strong?’

The amount of momentum which was being released was tingling the skin on the back of his neck. It felt very similar to what he felt in the face of Berios the Count Demon.

‘No, he is higher than that brat.’

Kreon, who deceived Marquis Bell by using the name Sable, the one known as Zenith’s first sword.

He was someone who was the strongest among the masters, but the sword of this man seemed to be superior just by looking at it.

The swordsman looked at them and walked ahead.

The space around them was shaking. To put it bluntly, even in his past life such a talented person was rare.

‘Grand… maybe not?’

If he hadn’t reached the level of Great Magician, he wouldn’t have been able to estimate this man.

Jamie looked at Albert.

The slightly frowning face was like seeing a child who ended up realizing his parent found out his wrong deeds.

It was no illusion.

“Albert. What are you doing?”


“I keep telling you that a spar is done with a formal request. If this is what you are doing, then should I assume that I am speaking to an animal and not a human?”

“Why are you so sure that I am the first to start this?”

“I might break your jaw right now so speak after thinking straight.”

The swordsman used the aura around his fist to show he was serious. Albert also grunted with his tongue,

“You are someone who is interested in no one.”

“I am not interested in others, but my princess is.”

“… you saw this, princess.”

Isabel responded with a bright smile to Albert’s words.

“Yes, Sir Albert. Please be careful if possible. And remember that this is the Royal Skadium. You know what that means right?”

“Yes~I will listen to the words of the princess~”

“Don’t be sarcastic, Albert, that is if you don’t want to die.”


Albert snorted and looked at Jamie.

Jamie smiled as he looked at him.

“Please go now, Sir Albert. Thank you for showing me interesting things.”

“See you later Sir Welton Jr. I look forward to seeing you again.”

The two looked at each with smiles only on their lips and Albert was the first to leave. When he had walked away completely, Isabel went close to Jamie.

“Are you alright?”

“… I am fine, princess.”

He met her yesterday but didn’t know her identity, but now that he knew he couldn’t speak recklessly.

Isabel was surprised when he responded to her formally and apologized.

“I am sorry. I wasn’t making excuses or trying to test you.”

“Thank you for being honest, princess.”

Whether or not she meant for it, Isabel had a sad expression on her face, and opened her lips while glancing at Jamie.

“Huh… now that you have been appointed as Master, can we speak normally?”

Isabel looked at the swordsman and the man shrugged. The master in a position of looking after the princess didn’t seem to mind it.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Jamie replied indifferently.

In fact, he didn’t really care how the princess treated him.

‘If I was in her place I don’t know how I would respond.’

If he was the princess of Seldom, it wouldn’t be weird to say he would be looking down on others.

Others wouldn’t mean bad and if they did he would notice first. And there was no guarantee that he would be like her.

But he was an 8 year old Great Magician, a Master of Seldam. It would be weird if the world wasn’t curious.

“But what gave you the confidence to fight Albert?”

The swordsman asked a question in the awkward atmosphere.

“You are difficult to compare to Albert with your current skills. It would be hard to deal with him with simple guts. Albert is crazy.”

“Right. He didn’t look sane.”

“He would have really fought. Age doesn’t matter. He is someone who goes after skilled people and you are a Master now, Albert wouldn’t even care about the extent of injuries the opponent has.”

“And there is a chance I would have been badly hit.”

“You seem to know well.”

As the swordsman said, defeating Albert is tough with Jamie’s current skills. Of course, if he used the black magic then it would be a different story, the swordsman in front would have his neck cut off too.

Jamie answered honestly.

“I knew you were coming.”

“You knew?”

“There was a clash of energy, and someone must have been coming. And it turned out that you were the one.”

At those words, the swordsman’s eyes widened.

“Are you saying you went up against Albert assuming that I was coming?”

“Not necessarily you, but my father may have come and many other masters too. The important thing was, someone would have surely come.”


At that moment, Isabel who was listening quietly began to laugh.

“Ah. I didn’t mean to laugh, you should have sounded confident.”

“There is no confidence in it.”

“Right. But when I look at Master, I need to say you are confident. Masters are usually so strong that they seldom turn to anyone for help.”

As Isabel said, the talented people who reached Master class were often intoxicated with their own power.

From Isabel’s point of view, who knows a few things, Jamie who was waiting for someone to come help him was shocked.

And she knew that this wasn’t a thought he had since he was young. Isabel was also well aware that age didn’t matter for the Great Magician.

“Confidence and pride don’t feed one, and…”


As the swordsman tilted his head and asked, Jamie spoke with a grin.

“Dealing with Sir Albert. It won’t take much time to get to that level.”


An arrogant remark which made the swordsman’s eyes rise.

He knew that Jamie was born with overwhelming talent, but didn’t know he would be saying such things.

This was plain cheeky.

He wasn’t someone interested in others, but seeing him, his expectations for Jamie grew.

“I don’t see that.”

It was literal.

Human-like growth couldn’t be seen in Jamie.

Others could feel the full water in the bottle, till the rim, but Jamie’s bottle was dark and black.

It couldn’t be checked. That was what made the swordsman interested.

“His grandson.”


Jamie frowned at the sudden words from the man, but he didn’t answer.

“We need to head back.”

“Ah, yes.”

He reached out to Isabel and left.

Jamie, who was left alone, watched them with a puzzled expression.


Jamie scratched the back of his head and then lay back down. He was going to stay here until the party was over.

“The evils of the King’s Spear are increasing with each day. It feels like he needs to be handled tightly, Majesty father.”

“I see. I even made a leash on him in the name of King’s Spear, but it doesn’t seem like it works.”

King Friedmoor and his son Kane the Crown Prince were watching the situation from the top of the palace.

“But, how does that look?”

“I heard he is six years younger than me.”


Kane looked at Jamie who was lying down in the garden and said,

“He is a talent I need to have by my side. No, once he is appointed as Master, I cannot call him a simple talent.”


“My right arm. I want to do anything to make him my right arm.”

Today, from the moment Jamie Welton entered the Skadium for the ceremony to the time he finished talking with the swordsman, everything about him seemed impressive.

He looked like a full on adult and not an 8 year old and he didn’t shrink in front of strong people. And lastly was the 9th class he might reach.

“But controlling him will be difficult.”

“I understand.”

Seeing how Jamie acted, compared to others, he had a ferocious personality.

It meant that even if a royal family member went, he wouldn’t back down easily.

In addition, if he is a Master class, it is a position that the royal family cannot treat lightly. It was the King and royal family who ruled the country, but it was difficult to rule without masters.

Because they are the ones who hold the power.

It isn’t that they aren’t loyal to the king, but the king cannot force them to be his loyal dog.

It was because this was a relationship of equivalent exchange.

The King gives freedom to masters and masters give strength to the king.

“Then what do you do??”

Kane couldn’t immediately answer Friedmoor’s question.

All the current Masters support the King.

In other words, they follow the current king. There was no guarantee that they would be loyal if a new king came.

If possible, they will show respect to Kane, the new king, but earning their trust is a whole different thing.

On the other hand, Jamie is a just appointed Master.

For Kane, Jamie was the only Master he could have on his side from the start.

“I need to be sincere.”

“Right. In the end, the only thing which brings a Master to our side is sincerity. Just like the ancestors did. If our predecessor hadn’t treated the swordsmen with sincerity our family wouldn’t have been in this position right now.”

That meant that the kings of the past weren’t as strong as now, they had to work extra hard to have people on their side.

“So, be sincere. After all, that child and you will be walking in the same era. It is no exaggeration to say that the future of the Seldam kingdom belongs to you two.”

“I will keep that in mind, Majesty father.”

“I am tired. You should head in and organize your thoughts.”


Kane greeted the King and went out. The King, who was left alone, looked at Jamie who was sleeping.

Although far away, the Friedmoor royal family was gifted with unique eyes. At this distance too, he could clearly see what was right in front of him.

“It has been a while since I used the Omniscient Library.”

500 years back when the land was established, a crown which was said to have been worn by the first king of Seldam.

And the Omniscient Library is said to have all the information that wasn’t used by King Friedmoor.

On the condition that he was a magician above the 7th class despite him being the king.

If everyone would enter the place then an overwhelming amount of information could be checked and altered and misinterpreted.

But it wasn’t like the King didn’t know of it.

There was a lot of information in that place.

“What will he be looking through in the library?”

The King mumbled as he moved away.

“I wonder if you are the person we have been waiting for.”

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