Chapter 193 - Omniscient (3)

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The banquet lasted for three days before it came to an end.

Jamie collapsed due to exhaustion and Sarah grinned as she pulled on her brother’s cheek.

The Weltons looked at their son with half happy and half sad faces. He met so many people in 3 days.

There were few great people, but there were very few who were memorable.

Why he didn’t remember it much was because he didn’t really need to.

“Jamie. Your grandfather is coming soon.”

As Jamie laid down, Sears flicked her son’s head lightly and spoke in a soft tone.

“Come to think of it. I hardly saw my grandfather after coming here.”

“My Jamie is so popular.”

“… this is a specification for moving ahead.”


Seeing how cute her son was, Sears kissed him on the forehead and stood up.

And moments later came his maternal grandfather, Marquis Bell. He, too, seemed to be very busy over the past three days, so his skin looked duller than usual.


“Come here, my child. You seem so tired.”

Marquis Bell spoke to his grandson.

Sitting next to Jamie, he spoke.

“Is this the first time you had that many people talking to you?”

“Yes. I am really tired.”

“Huhu. You must be. Dealing with people is different from the tiredness we get from working. It is because we use our mental stamina here.”

This was right.

Even a Sword Master who is known to be at the peak of strength gets tired when dealing with people. And Marquis Bell knew this better than anyone because he had been living like this for decades.

“Is grandfather alright?”

“Your grandfather has been trained for this. In the end, once we master it again and again, we can get used to it.”

Even though there were dark shadows below his eyes, he didn’t seem to be bothered.

“So how was it?”

Jamie titled his head at the question.

“How was what?”

“Being appointed as Master. I want to hear your thoughts.”


As Jamie scratched his chin and thought, Marquis Bell grinned.

“I see, you don’t seem to have much thoughts.”

“Yes. I think it is rather normal.”


Marquis laughed at it. He expected it, but hearing it gave a different feeling. As expected, his grandson was different.

“I came to hear that. Actually it sounds so much like my grandson.”

“I am glad you got the answer you wanted. I was worried about disappointing you.”

“Haha, this brat!”

The Marquis messed up Jamie’s hair, who threw jokes. And spoke in a serious tone.

“Jamie. In the future, many people will pay attention to you. And the attention will be a lot more than before, but in the future, there will be a lot of incomparable gazes.”

“I know.”

“Not just that, but you will be on the list of major people in nations, and if you go out, everyone will monitor each move of yours. Everything you do will spread around the world and the resulting stress is worse than you think,”

The Marquis knew that his grandson wasn’t young, that he was unusual for an 8 year old.

Jamie might not be optimistic like others about his future, but it was something someone had to tell him.

“Being a Master in Seldam means to make countless enemies. So don’t be careless. You have entered a new world where a child, an old man, and a pregnant woman cannot strike back.”

“I will keep that in mind.”

“Do not underestimate the evil in humans.”

Jamie could empathize with the words of the Marquis more than anyone else.

In his previous life, and this one too he saw so many things which weren’t human like.

He was going to see much more in the future, it was weird to think the blood on his hands would ever dry.

Perhaps the world will not change much even after he achieves his purpose.

-They are trash! Bugs who don’t know grace! They are pests who need to be cleaned up! Yet you stand for them!

Suddenly he remembered something Zenith said.

The reason why the 12 Gods saw humans as bugs. It was something which seemed common in the words of the Marquis.

However, this was why humans needed to be freed.

‘At least, human sins need to be ruled by humans and be punished by humans.’

Not to be enforced by non-humans.

So fight.

To suppress man’s evil and to set justice upon them. Jamie was back on this earth for that.

“If it is Jamie, you should be able to understand what grandfather is saying?”

“Yes, grandfather. I will be wary.”

“Huhu. Grandfather should stop this. I want to see my grandson often, but I cannot. I need to stay here and do a lot more work.”

“Take it easy and look after your health.”

“Sure. Don’t worry.”

“Grandfather. One moment…”

Jamie grabbed Marquis Bell’s hand.

Holy power flowed out from him and swept through the Marquis’ body.

The tired complexion of the Marquis relaxed little by little and he seemed fine.

“Oh? The Goddess’s power?”

The Bell family’s Goddess was Pryo.

Therefore, he was someone who could accept the holy power of the goddess better than others.

“It will be fine for a while, but the fatigue isn’t good, so you need to rest.”

“Thank you. Next time I come to meet you, I will bring a nice present.”

“I will wait for you.”

The Marquis smiled kindly and left the room. He was probably busy with the Zenith case. That had to be why he was staying here.

Jamie walked to the window.

“Now it is the time to go back.”

The sad time where he would have to part with his family, but there was a lot to do.

Jamie got dressed and went outside.

“Take care of your health, and definitely write a letter to your mother at least once a week, okay?”


“Alright, my child. Let me hug you once.”

Saying that, Sears hugged Jamie. And Jamie patted her on the back. Fortunately she wasn’t crying this time, she was holding back her tears.

It was because she knew that her son would have a hard time if she did that. Jamie rested his head on her shoulder feeling the warmth.

“I will be safe.”


Sears’ voice trembled. Behind her, Sarah was crying, hugging her teddy.

Thanks to Jamie looking after Sarah for the past three days, their relationship was back to normal but it made him feel bad to break away from her so quickly.

“Sarah, come here.”


Sarah stuttered closer. Jamie let Sears go and hugged Sarah.

“Brother will contact you often.”

“Can you not go…?”

“Sorry, Sarah.”


Sarah cried a lot due to being separated from her brother, and all Jamie could do was hug her. Count Welton looked at his children and wrapped his hands around the shoulder of his wife.

“Don’t be sad. This isn’t forever.”

“Are you sad?”

“How can I not be sad? But…”

Looking at his son, who was no longer a child, he said,

“Isn’t it the job of the parents to send their son away with a smile? So smile, my wife.”

“You are right.”

The couple looked at the kids and smiled. Because they knew that their son’s steps would be lighter this time (he would come back again).

“I will leave.”

Jamie bowed his head looking at his family.

“Yes. The others are waiting.”

The other magicians were already ready near the warp machine. Jamie was the only one left.

“Be careful. Don’t forget to contact us. And come home once in a while.”

“Yes, mom.”

“… bye, brother.”

“Sarah, stop crying. If you keep crying, brother will feel sad.”


Sarah nodded and Jamie smiled looking at his father.

The Count looked at his son. The two just looked at each other and then smiled brightly.

“Take this.”

The Count handed him an old paper envelope.

Jamie who took it looked at his father with a puzzled expression.

“It was left behind by your grandfather.”

“… grandfather?”

“Extreme Movement, you wanted to see that right?”

Jamie’s eyes widened.

He wasn’t told of this yet, the Extreme Movement: Breakthrough, which the former Count had made in the late years of his life.


“Your father is walking a different path than grandfather. So I didn’t learn it. I thought I wouldn’t ever have to open it. You said you were going to walk down the path of magicians, so I tried to put it away.”

“Is this…”

“Yes. Your grandfather left it to your father right before his death. He wrote all of it down in his last days. I don’t know how much it would help you, but if possible I would like you to continue your grandfather’s progress.”

Inside this envelope was everything about the Extreme Movement.

And it was still alive and ready to be learnt.

Darius couldn’t help Jamie because he wasn’t familiar with the family’s technique, but it was still shocking enough for Jamie.

“The fact your father didn’t keep up with grandfather’s technique is heart breaking. Of course, I don’t want to push you to learn it. you haven’t yet decided what to do, so read it and decide whether to continue it or not. If you think it won’t work then feel free to burn it on the spot.”

“… burn it?”

“If no one is going to make progress with it, that is a better solution. And the Weltons are the only ones who will have to learn it.”

“I know.”

Jamie nodded with a determined expression on his face, and Count Welton smiled, patting his son.

“Enough. Next time we see each other, I expect you to grow up a lot more than now.”

“Yes. Be healthy, father.”

Jamie said his goodbyes and ran towards the warp machine.

The rest of the family watched it until he left.

Bubbles boiled.

Someone crouched in a space full of blue water.

He had blue skin, a strange tattoo ran from his face to chest and on his head was a fancy crown and the being had bubbles coming out of the corners of his mouth.

After being there for a long time, he raised his head.

Golden eyes.

-The person with the best synchronization approaches.

And his lips twisted.

-Will he be able to uncover the ‘secret’?


All that was left was the crown on his head which fell to the ground.

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