Chapter 194 - Omniscient (4)

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‘Come here.’

An unfamiliar voice.

Jamie was in water and strangely he could breathe just fine.

The depth of the water seemed endless. But it wasn’t dark either.

It can be called the deep sea where there was no light, but there was enough light to know he was flowing somewhere.

It wasn’t known where this place was.

‘Come here.’

The voice was heard again.

Jamie swam slowly.

Slowly, he surrendered himself to the sensation of moving ahead. Turns out, there were no fishes too. No common weeds could be seen either.


Jamie knew a place similar to this.

It was dark here with no light, no water, and nothing to see. A place like hell where hands, eyes or feet didn’t move.

And over there, Diablo spent a lot of time in solitude.

Compared to that, this was a happy place. At least there was light here and his limbs were moving.

‘I want to see you.’

The voice was getting closer.

Jamie stopped swimming.

‘Why stop?’

And looked up.

There was nothing to see, but it wasn’t the darkness which restricted freedom.

He slowly raised his hand.

‘Come here.’

The voice said.

Jamie spread out his palms and was sad.

“I don’t see you. How annoying.”

He clenched his fist.

A light burst out from within and engulfed the water filled space.

Jamie moved his eyes and looked at the dark ceiling.

“A dream?”

It felt too vivid for that. So he got up and sat on the bed.

When he made a light in the dark room, he frowned at the sight.

Because the floor was wet with water.

“… it wasn’t a dream?”

To be precise, someone intervened in his dream.

“Who the hell is doing this?”

Someone who broke into his dreams and turned reality into a mess.

Usually, the race that invaded dreams were dreamers who were from the Devildom.

Dreamers were people who walked into other people’s dreams and sucked away their souls.

Jamie too had experienced it. At that time, Dreamers were tackled if they did something like this.

However, the one who entered his dream wasn’t a Dreamer. This wasn’t a Dreamer’s method, there was no discomfort.

Then, he found something lying in the corner.

“… crown?”

The crown faded and disappeared into the water.

“Omniscient Library?”

Jamie frowned.

It had been a week since he returned from the capital. Jamie was appointed a Master and moved into the vacant 3rd elder’s position.

It was natural, there was no one more fitting for it. Rather, the title of the youngest was given again.

1st Elder Offen, went into seclusion. He took responsibility for the sins of the Elder Serpent who was from his faction. It wasn’t known when he would return, so his duties were divided to the rest of the elders.

Because Offen was like the head of the Magic World, so his workload is enormous. Right now, he was also the head of the central tower, so the elders were in a slightly disturbed state.

“He is a man with monstrous powers in one way or another.”

5th elder Luke clicked his tongue looking at the work of Offen.

“Contrary to his unpleasant personality, he had a greater sense of responsibility than others.”

4th elder Raymon had known Offen for a long time, so he knew what kind of person he was. They were of different factions because they didn’t agree with the thoughts, but they knew about the good things of the others.

And Linmel was the same.

“We will be very busy. Especially elders who usually played around should take this as a chance to learn something.”

Linmel looked at Siegfried and Simon.

Siegfried was a wanderer who liked spending his time going around rather than staying in here. So he didn’t know what he even did here. But recently he joined the central magic tower and began to work, but he looked inexperienced even now.

And Simon had no interest in anything other than his own growth. However, now that the 1st elder was vacant for a while, he too would have to share some extent of work.

“Jam… no, I should call you 3rd elder now?”

Linmel smiled and looked at Jamie who was next to him.

The room of elders felt rather unique, this was because the office never had such a young person.

Siegfried was in his mid 20s and he was the youngest to receive it, but Jamie was still 8 years old. It wasn’t unique, but weird.

In fact, elders unfamiliar with Jamie found it awkward.

“Call me comfortably.”

“Still, we are in an equal position, it would be right to stay formal. The 3rd elder too should know how the duties are carried out.”

“I understand.”

“The Magic World is no ordinary city. As the 3rd elder knows it I won’t speak too much. Please feel responsible and act well.”

Linmel said while looking at Siegfried and Simon. Simon kept his indifferent face while Siegfried turned his head away with a cough.

“Well one topic is settled.”

Luke got up with a smile.

“Do you have anything to say?”

When Adelhart looked at Luke, he nodded and said,

“When will the 3rd elder use the Omniscient Library?”

At that question everyone looked at Jamie.

It has been a week since he had returned to here but Jamie hadn’t once requested for it.

Even on the first day, the elders thought he would come running in for that, but he didn’t. Despite everyone’s gazes, Jamie responded with a calm expression on his face.

“I was going to ask for it now.”

“Is there a reason for not asking it before?”

“Yes, well.”

Jamie recalled the dream from a week back. The guy who showed up in dreams telling him to come and saying things which didn’t make sense.

And each time Jamie woke up, something felt wrong.

Aside from the fact that the room got wet each day.

Who was the one calling to him?

Jamie was the person who wanted to wear the crown of the library more than anyone. But the reason he was holding back was simple.

‘That ignorant bastard. Look at this.’

For some reason, the one in the dreams too wanted this to happen. And since he looked desperate, Jamie decided to delay it and enjoy the time.

And since yesterday, the dream changed.

-Please… please.

The one calling out began to plead. Jamie almost burst into laughter in front of the elders, but tried to hold back.

“If you want to, you can use it right now.”

One of the elders said, looking at Jamie. He heard that each elder who used it had a different reaction.

Because everyone wanted different things.

Conversely, it was an opportunity to share new knowledge among the magicians who used it.

In addition, the birth of a Great Magician was rare, so the use of the Omniscient Library was also rare.

It was natural for the elders to anticipate what Jamie would see.

“Please prepare.”

The voice which was waiting. Actually, he wasn’t sure if the voice belonged to the Omniscient Library.

On the first night, when he looked at the crown in the corner he made a rough guess. Because there was no way a crown could be alive.

However, this was the Magic World and the Omniscient Library was a treasure of the Seldam Kingdom.

It was given the name Omniscient because it possessed all knowledge.

It wasn’t known if it really was that, but seeing the reaction of the Great Magicians, it had to be something.

There was a chance of it being magic which created an artificial self and acted.

‘I need to see it for myself.’

Jamie was guided by the elder to the place where it was.

The place where the Omniscient Library was stored was the lowest floor of the central magic tower.

To get there, there was one elevator dedicated to only the Great Magicians and the elevator moved quickly.

It had to be fast because it was going from the highest to the lowest floor at once.


Jamie shook his head at Linmel’s question.

“Nothing much.”

“Young lord… the 3rd elder, please expect something. If you are a child maybe act like one. Right?”

“Yes, the only one who wants to see me like that is the 7th elder.”

“Obviously I need to. Everyone in the world will treat you like an adult.”

“Hahaha. You two on good terms?”

Luke, who was listening to their conversation, burst into a smile and the elevator reached the lowest floor.

There red light above the door which split open on both sides with a chill rushing into it.

Linmel took the lead and Jamie followed while looking around.

In fact, there was nothing around. It was because the hallway was narrow and was blue till the end.

Then a door appeared.

Linmel put his hand on the door and mana rushed out and seeped into the door.

A green line was drawn in the centre and spread throughout.


With a sound of wind blowing, a gloomy chill struck them again.

Seeing the space inside, Jamie was a little wide eyed.

A huge space could be seen. There were all kinds of artefacts inside as if it held the essence of magic. A huge, transparent cylindrical glass tube was in the centre.

The tube filled with blue liquid which held a crown within it.

The crown.

“From here, only you can enter.”

“Be careful, young lord.”

“No need to be afraid… no, you aren’t even the typical one to be scared. Sigh!”

Jamie entered the room while the others cheered for him and the door closed as he was alone in the large space.

He could feel the chill still running down his back.

He walked to the glass tube. As he got closer, he could feel the concentration of mana increase through his skin.

Standing in front of the tube, Jamie placed his hand on the glass tube which was faintly frosted.

-You are finally here.

He heard a voice.

The voice he heard in the dreams.

-Come in.

The part he touched opened like a circle but the water didn’t pour out.

Jamie thought he’d have to use magic but thankfully he didn’t.

As he entered, he could feel the touch of water. Just like in his dreams, he could breathe as well.

Looking up, the crown was descending onto where he was.

-I was anxiously waiting.

What was the reason it had to wait?

-Put me on.

Instead of being put on the head, Jamie held the crown which came down.

Then he put it on his head and everything around him began to change.

The structure of the space disappeared like an illusion, and a vast plain appeared.

Someone was standing there.

It was a blue skinned man with a strange tattoo from his face to chest. With a crown on his head, he smiled at Jamie.

“Nice to meet you. I am the Omniscient Library.”

At that moment, an unfamiliar memory began to enter Jamie’s head.

It was very different from the things the previous great Magicians have said to have felt. This was something that only Jamie was allowed to have.

As the new things settled in his mind, Jamie knew who the man in front of him was.

“The first king, Gav Illidan1.”

A new civilization which took place 10,000 years ago. The one who was the lord and king of the place.

The one who made the foundation of the present age.

And the master of the Omniscient Library.

“I was waiting for you with the best tune.”

Gav Illidan reached out to Jamie.

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