Chapter 196 - Fake (2)

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The man had seen the end of the world.

The sight of everything turning into nothingness presented horror which was never experienced before.

Every cell in the body trembled in fear and in the end, the man fled to the furthest place like an animal sensing danger.

But the disappearance of the world meant that there was nowhere to escape.

And the man belonged to a race known as ‘Evolve’.

Evolve was a race that existed before the current civilization and existed in a world where history wasn’t recorded. Being similar to humans, yet different at the same time, Evolve, who conquered the continent based on power, went extinct leaving only a man.

The 12 Gods.

And they appeared. They had never appeared over the 10,000 year course of life but one day decided to descend and destroy all people.

They only had one purpose.

World Reset.

A task to annihilate all without leaving a speck of life. In other words, change the world from scratch.

The man kept running. There was nothing more meaningless than running in the world with no people, but he longed to live.

He found a cave.

The cave was kept in a nice condition, untouched.

And there he found some stones.

Purple gems.

They looked a little dirty with moss over them, and the gems seemed untouched. He grabbed them. And then the gems began to enter the body of the man.

Bewildered by it, yet he felt the power surging through him at the same time. And the power of darkness seemed like Jamie’s.

The man constantly trained in the cave. Evolve was a race which evolved according to the environment and it wasn’t difficult to solve the problems of food, shelter and clothing.

The cave seemed hidden from the Gods. And he thought of living there forever, but there was a limit.

-Rat. Have you been hiding in here?

The God who introduced himself as the God of Violence, was about to kill the last man. But the power of darkness opposed the power of Gods, and the God felt shocked.

-How did you get that power?!

The man didn’t understand why the God was reacting like this. The important thing was that the God who killed all living things couldn’t step close to him.

And it gave the man confidence, but it soon turned into meaningless effort.

-I don’t know how you got that power, but I’ll give you praise for succeeding to control it.

In front of the 12 Gods, the man was nothing but a bug. Even the power of darkness he trained didn’t work on them.

The only thing left to do was die.

And at the time, one of the 12 Gods who seemed like the leader asked.

-Would you like to lead the new world?

The reason wasn’t told.

It was an order.

The man had a stronger yearning for life so he couldn’t reject that offer.

-Good. Try painting on a blank paper with your own colors for once.

-From now on, your name will be.



And so came the man called Gav Illidan.

** *

“But I was abandoned!”

He didn’t understand why.

He completed his empire and enjoyed 9000 years of time. The sudden appearance of the apostle of God was something he didn’t understand.

“And he was trying to hurt me.”

God’s Apostle meant God’s strongest messenger.

Gav had no choice but to run again. Not only because of the power of darkness, but due to honing the features of the Evolve race, he was able to go unnoticed.

He thought of it during his hiding years.

Why was he suddenly abandoned? Why?

The thoughts of Gods cannot be understood by humans, so no matter what he thought he couldn’t find an answer.

“Then I met him.”

Gav’s eyes turned dull purple.

Jamie asked, dodging the attack from Gav.


“The first king of this nation.”

The arms split and turned into tentacles that rained down on Jamie. Jamie laid out two dark spheres composed with darkness on either side.

And the tentacles which couldn’t withstand the attraction emitted by the sphere were pulled away by Jamie’s magic.


Gav let go of the tentacles without another thought. He got down on the floor as his hands that were cut off started regenerating.

[Abyss Erosion]

The ground turned black and began to sink like sand. Jamie jumped up as he drew his sword.

[Activate Scud]

He added acceleration magic which made his body lighter.

“Welton type 10.”

His form shook. Gav missed Jamie for a moment and then saw the silver blade that was cutting right in front of his face.

[Form 7 Aftermath]

Gav bent his head back and barely avoided it. One aftermath and two more attacks at the same time.


His face split in a straight line. Fortunately, his body was half liquid so he didn’t die.

“This is just the beginning.”

The voice came from behind which made Gav immediately stretch out his hands.

His arm was cut down by four swords and three swords pierced his chest and back at the same time.

Five more in the neck and head. Gav’s eyes trembled

There were 12 Jamies in front of him.

[Chain Magic: Infinite Slashes]

A magic that links teleport and sword at the same time.

The previous day, he was able to handle four, but now that he was in 7th class he increased it to 12.

“I will cut you without leaving a trace except for your mouth.”

“Don’t… make me laugh!”

[Power of Darkness: Mist Explosion]

Gav’s body turned into mist.

Jamie immediately took a defensive stance with his sword in front of him.

“Your body is mine!”

The mist exploded. The shock wave spread over a wide area. Jamie exhaled watching the rushing explosion.

And slowly thrust the sword in the direction of explosion.

[Sword of Fusion]

The moment the flames of explosion reached the sword.


His realization unfolded.

The blade of Scud began to absorb the Mist Explosion. The sword was dyed in black.

Jamie clenched it with both his hands and drew a wide arc raising the sword high.

“Mist Explosion!”

And when he lowered the sword straight down, “Mist Explosion” fused with the sword was fired in the form of a slash.


Gav slammed his fist on the ground, his fist crushed and a huge barrier came up in front of him and the slash didn’t break through the barrier.

Gav smiled faintly at it as he prepared for the next attack.

That was the mistake.

“You have a body which is hard to kill.”

The barrier was obscuring Gav’s vision, and he lost sight of Jamie.

“Last time I saw a strange Demon Lord follower I had an idea.”

Jamie stood on the wall while raising three fingers.

“What re…!”

[Sealing Magic.]

Gav completely liquified his body to escape.

If he could seep into the floor, he could escape.

“Not possible.”

Jamie’s purple eyes flashed.

[World of Loss]

Black chains began to come out from the darkness and bind Gav who was struggling to get out. The more he struggled, the tighter the chains became.


“The first king and a magician so I thought you would be amazing. But… you are nothing.”

“You brat! Release me!”

“Why should I listen to the one who tried to steal my body?”

Gav was fully bound in black chains, and growled at Jamie.

“You. You will regret it.”

“Are you insane? You are the one regretting more by being unable to take my body.”

“Kuaaak! Release this!”

“Shut up.”

Jamie had an annoyed expression and kicked Gav in the face. And when his face became half crushed, he was quieter.

Jamie created a chair and sat on it, putting his sword aside as he asked,

“So. What did you do when you first met the first king?”


“If you won’t speak on your own, I can make you.”

It wasn’t difficult to control the mind of a neutralized opponent.

Gav laughed.


“You seem lively.”

“You don’t know.”

“What now?”

“The horror of when the world goes back to the start…”

Gav’s eyes were gleaming with madness. And he said,

“The sight of everything disappearing before my eyes and the feeling of loneliness that I was the only one around! You know nothing!”


“So I waited. Waited for a long time. An opportunity that will come.”

Jamie frowned. He continued to stare at Gav.

“And around 500 years back I met the first king of the nation. Interestingly, he knew something that I didn’t know and I could understand. This world is repeating over and over again! And there are those who, like me, have taken their first steps into this new world!”

“What did the first king say?”

“A long time ago, there must have been powerful magicians. It wasn’t about the time I lived in. A world that existed way before the world that existed tens of thousands of years ago. Right. The world in which the power I got belonged to.”

“The first king knew about it?”

“He didn’t know much about it. He only knew that a world and a strong existence were present. He didn’t know anything for sure. But after meeting me, we were both able to reach a deeper truth. However, there were limitations. So I signed a contract.”

“A contract to help the kingdom until you found a magician you could take control of?”

“… smart kid. If I can get a whole body, I can help more effectively. Even if he died, he thought that truths in the Seldam kingdom could be uncovered. The first king said that people would become a little freer if that happened.”

Gav who looked lost, now began to laugh.

“Kukukukukuku! Such a stupid one! What a foolish one! I mean it!”

“What do you mean?”

“I am obsessed with living. Secret? Human freedom? Shut up! Why did I sign a contract with him and be in this cramped place for 500 years? It’s simple!”

The space around them began to shake.

Cracks appeared on the chains binding him and they began to break with a squeaking sound.

“To be recognized again. To be recognized by them and become the master of the new world!”

Gav’s body began to grow.

In the first place, this was the space he created, all he suffered was acting. Jamie’s attacks were futile right from the start.

“You are my best food. If I can make the body that you have as mine and completely own it, I will be able to survive the upcoming ‘World Reset’.”

“… upcoming world reset?”

“Kukuku. Foolish human. The cycle of reset is 10,000 years. And soon the years will be done. A few more decades left. And the species will all die.”

Darkness which filled the floor began to engulf Jamie.

“You are lucky, because you are going to be a part of me. You will be able to enjoy the new world.”

“Is that the end?”


“Is that the end of what you are going to say?”

“What are you saying?”

“Then good.”

Jamie got up.

The darkness around his body didn’t halter his movement. Gav mumbled and asked,

“H-How can you move?”


Jamie’s eyes turned purple. The darkness flinched as it tried to approach him.

“W-why is my power moving away?”

Gav was flustered by the power he was losing control of, and Jamie said.

“Because it isn’t yours.”


“That power…”

Jamie lifted his head and looked at Gav. Gav looked at Jamie whose form was changing.

A man with black hair.

And purple eyes brighter than any.

“You, who are you?”


Jamie reached out in front of him. All the darkness came to his fingers, and he raised his eyebrows.

“The strongest dark magician in history.”


Darkness soon swallowed Gav.

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