Chapter 197 - Fake (3)

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‘What happened?’

Gav couldn’t understand the situation. The darkness he had been controlling was out of control and devoured its master.

How could it happen?

It was dark all around. It felt natural. The darkness he called was deeper and darker than night.

A complete abyss with no light.

It was also his responsibility to trap the enemy here. However, he was trapped in it now.

‘Not possible.’

Gav tried to remove the darkness.

He didn’t use mana. The purple darkness was the basis of his magic. However, since he couldn’t control it now, he couldn’t even use the mana he neglected.

“What have you done to me?!”

Gav shouted.

He had lived for ten thousand years, and it had been a long time since he faced such a situation.

Once when the 12 Gods decided to erase the world, an apostle of theirs came to hunt him down and then he helplessly controlled the darkness. Nearly 900 years had passed since then and a second crisis came.

‘That kid….!’

To be honest, he was amazed with Jamie’s skills.

When he felt that he had a degree of link with him, he knew that the kid too had a certain power of darkness within.

But the skills of a child were better than his.

But he was still a 7th class magician.

But was far superior when dealing with black magic, and according to experience he felt like just a kid!

At first he pretended to be hurt and decided to snatch the body away. The problem was that he didn’t know the kid was better at controlling darkness.

“Damn it!”

Gav tried to control the darkness but he could feel nothing from it.

It was then.

[You look frustrated.]

A huge eye appeared in the darkness. The bright purple was bright enough to give goosebumps.

[Well. You thought you were deceiving but got deceived in the end.]

“… what is your identity? How can you create such darkness? I lived for ten thousand years and never met someone like you!”

[You only lived for ten thousand years.]

The eyes showed endless darkness. And the multitude of eyes looked at Gav.

[You don’t know the answer and you don’t even recognize the master of the power you use.]

“… master?”

[So dumb. It’s funny how fake you are.]

“I am not a fake!”

Gav screamed.

“I did my best to survive! The ultimate goal of any species is to survive at any cost! So I used whatever was available! After all, when the World Reset starts all the beings will die. All to survive and spread out more information to the new world! And you call me a fake!”

[It was all luck. You were lucky enough to get my powers and be recognized by the 12 Gods.]

“You keep saying weird things. This darkness is yours? A human who lived only 8 years is talking….”

[Do I even have to prove it? You, a fake… have lost control of the darkness to me. Now there will be no more leeway, I can crush you right now and let you experience the death you hate.]


Not sure if he wanted to die, Gav decided to hold back his words. There was nowhere to escape from here.

And Jamie felt disgusted by it.

[Disgusting Gav. No, the name Gav too was given to you by the 12 Gods. A remnant of the past that doesn’t have a real name. That is who you are.]

“N-no! I am not fake! I don’t know who you are, but I am not any less! Because of me, the present human race was able to live till now! No one can deny the work I did here!”

[Keep thinking that way. To the 12 Gods you were their servant, no a bug to use. Anything you say is with the intention that they help you. And…]

“What are you saying…”

[The reason why you were chosen by the 12 Gods…]

The thousand eyes around him narrowed.

[Is because you obtained my power.]

“… what?”

[Simply put, they were going to try and get the power of a man who didn’t yield to them through you.]


[They had no other reason to not kill you.]

“What are you? Just what?!!! Answer me!”

[I told you. The master of darkness.]

With darkness seeping in, Gav staggered and fell down.

It was so ridiculous that he wanted to laugh. The fact that he couldn’t withstand the shaking darkness and this realistic feeling was all scary.

The voice continued.


Darkness wrapped around Gav’s head.

Gav was bewildered by the pressure the darkness had on his head, he tried to remove it.

He struggled to live even in that situation. Darkness penetrated his skin and brain.

Jamie, who had appeared in the darkness with his body, looked down at Gav with cold eyes.

“To make you realize how meaningless your life is.”

Gav’s body, which moved violently, dropped down like a doll.

“It is taking quite some time.”


The three magicians were all looking at the door which hadn’t opened in a while. The moment the crown was put on, the information would come right away.

Among them, there will be some information which is liked and some which isn’t needed, but it shouldn’t take this long.

Coming out right away wouldn’t be strange.

“Did something go wrong?”

“Can something go wrong?”

“I don’t know.”

They all nodded at Luke’s words. And decided to wait longer. But as time passed, Jamie wasn’t coming and Siegfried approached the entrance with impatience.

“You do know that the crown will only work on one person.”

“I am his guardian. And there is a reason why I came here with him and I promised Count Welton to look after him.”

When he went to pick Jamie up, Siegfried talked with Count Welton alone.

‘Although my son is being called a Great Magician, he is still a child. I know that he isn’t like regular kids, but I cannot help but worry for him. So I will ask you for a favor. Please take good care of my son like you’ve done in the past few months.’

And Siegfried readily said he would.

“I need to check it out.”

“2nd elder, what do you think?”

“Certainly he hasn’t come out… It feels strange.”


As Linmel said that, Siegfried began to lose it, Luke scratched his head.

“This is really…”

Luke said not being able to hold back.

“I will do something.”

“Thank you.”

“5th elder thank you.”

The two put their hands on the door and Mana flowed in with a green line flowing through.

The door opened and water burst out.

“What is this!”

“Stop the water!

“Damn it!”

The three great magicians joined forces to push the water away without moving inside. And together, they pushed the water away.

The three who looked like drowning mice, looked at each other with serious faces.

“… has it ever been like this?”

“First time.”

“This is unexpected.”

“Rather, Jamie… What happened to the 3rd elder?”

Luke was the first to get up, dry his wet robes and walk around.

The two other men followed him.

“First, let’s handle the water.”


Siegfried used space magic. As he cast the spell with his staff, a round hole sucked in the water.

“Where will it go?”

“Lake Kepi.”

Lake Kepi is a large lake not far from the Magic World, which could hold water. The water soon vanished and the elders were able to move.

Siegfried was about to leave the two of them and head straight to the broken glass.


But access was impossible.

It was invisible and something was blocking them.


“Some force is blocking it.”

“Who can…”

The three of them were outside guarding to make sure no one intervened. To get inside, the hall was the only way.

However, it was impossible to deceive the great magicians and enter. In other words, this was an enclosed space.

“As long as a dragon doesn’t come…”

It would be different if the master of this magic was a dragon, but would a dragon come into a kingdom?

It was then.


The space twisted around the broken glass and a strange light began to come out.

Three of them prepared for any shocks, and tried to understand the owner of the mana.

But it was impossible to understand.

“Space is shaking!”

Siegfried, the first to notice, didn’t like this and warned the two. The light kept growing bigger and bigger to fill the entire space.


“It’s coming!”

The moment they felt a huge presence and were ready for battle!


A familiar sight came from the light. The shadow of a small body.

The three of them looked blankly at it and Seigfried called out.

“… young lord?”


Jamie looked at Siegfriend and the other two who had puzzled expressions.

“Why are you here? And…”

He glanced around at the mess they made.

“Why did you mess up this place?”

The three of them were the culprits who turned the place upside down for the sake of Jamie, they looked at each other and sighed.

“… I am glad you are safe. Let’s head down and talk.”


“Such a pain. Haha.”

It was something that had to be resolved right away, but since the one they wanted to protect was safe, they felt mentally exhausted.

They left Jamie behind and moved, Jamie scratched his head.

“What is with them?”

And looked at his hands.

The purple darkness Gav engulfed was the black mana of Diablo.

“What? They didn’t notice this?”

Jamie smiled as he recalled the situation ten minutes before.

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