Chapter 198 - The End (1)

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Gav had a seizure.

Jamie kept watching it to see the mess Gav’s head was going to be.

Because Diablo Volfir’s memory was being put into his head, he must have been experiencing pain and suffering through it.

“At least 10,000 years.”

A long time. Even if several civilizations appear and disappear, 10,000 years was a long time.

But Diablo Volfir endured 66,666 years. Even in the terrible abyss.

He was called Omniscient Library so he thought everything would be there, but Gav was a frog in a well.

“To waste my time like this…”

To cover other people’s bodies by bringing them in here. When compared to Canon…

With the same powers, Canon too was struggling to uncover the secrets of the world.

Although he failed in the end, Jamie didn’t think it was in vain. What he left behind was completely handed to Jamie.

Gav too had a similar end.

In the time of living for 10,000 years all his life felt vain. And that wasn’t enough so he surrendered to the 12 Gods and tried to live in the next world too.

“How dare you use my power.”

Gav’s seizures stopped.

Diablo Volfir’s vast memories were coming to an end.

Jamie waited for the seizure to end. After a moment, when the body stopped shaking, Gav slowly lifted his head and looked at Jamie.

Eyes in despair.

“You seem stronger than I thought. You have been alive for ten thousand years?”

To be honest he thought Gav would lose his mind after this. But it looked like having a long life helped him.

Even so, he was so weak that he could crumble.

“… is this possible?”

Gav asked in a voice which said he couldn’t believe it.

“How, how did you manage to survive in that terrible place?”

It didn’t matter that Diablo Volfir had a fierce battle with the 12 Gods.

No, it was important but Gav didn’t care about it.

There was only one thing Gav cared about.

“How? In that terrible, nothingness, darkness without light… is it possible to be imprisoned in that place for a ridiculous amount of time and be okay?!”

It made no sense.

It was only a fraction of the time he saw, but still it felt too much. And the acceleration of time cannot be felt as the space of nothingness had nothing in it.

The time spent watching it felt infinite.

A different space from here. Although the specific time wasn’t known, Gav knew that it was hundreds of thousands of years.

The time in the abyss, where nothing existed was flowing several times more than here.

His mind collapsed and he gave in to the 12 Gods for life.

However this human in front of him, a reincarnation with the memories of the past didn’t.

“Say, Diablo…”


As his true name was being said, Jamie covered Gav’s mouth.

Jamie clasped the face tightly with his hand and smiled.

“It is quite funny.”


“The fact that you are the one who understands me the best in this world….”

The one he met for the first time today.

Neither human nor anything.

But is able to empathize with him. Jamie found it funny.

“But you are wrong.”

The fingers pierced through the skin of Gav.

Jamie lifted him up without difficulty.

The darkness flowed.


Jamie tilted his head to the side and said,

“I kept going crazy.”


Gav’s face was smashed and it shattered, the meat fell to the floor.

The body which had lost its head fell to the ground.

Jamie lowered his hand and looked at the corpse of Gav. The end of a man who longed for life.

To such a corpse, Jamie spoke.

“I was always full of madness. I was just not showing it. It is because I immediately knew how to not be driven mad.”

Purple eyes in darkness. He squattered and placed his hand on the body.

“I will take mine back.”

After losing its master, the darkness and black mana inside Gav’s body began to flow out and into Jamie’s hand.

In the past, before Gav was given his name, he luckily obtained this power.

Jamie didn’t absorb the mana.


When Jamie said it, the black mana floating in the air was getting tangled as it turned into a refined gem.

The same shape Gav got it in.

And now again.

“I don’t need black mana anymore.”

Power is a law which isn’t damaged forever even if a part of it falls. And while this amount of black mana was useful for Gav, it was nothing for Jamie.

If so, how should it be done?



Black came from Jamie’s shoulder. And Jamie looked a bit shocked when Black popped out on its own accord.

Before he could say anything, Black opened its mouth and swallowed the gem.

“This brat!”

Jamie was quite flustered by the sudden action. Either way, Black ignored its master and flew into the sky.


It started to emit black light. Jamie’s eyes widened at the unusual phenomenon.

Trying to do something.

But he had no idea what it was.

‘Black didn’t have this kind of ability…’

Black, one of Jamie’s three familiars, a creature solely made to aid in magic.

Come to think of it, it was the same with Azad and the other one.

At that time, they failed to become perfect Undead due to Jamie’s lack of ability. There was a case where Black gulped the weird energy which came from the black mana.

‘I was surprised that time too…’

He thought that released energy was taken and that was the end of the story, but no.

In a way, the amount of black mana in the released energy was different. And no matter how much Black worked, it couldn’t handle it.

The black light was getting stronger. In an instant, the entire space was covered.

Jamie noticed a white glow in the centre of the black light.

“… what is happening?”

Was it said that the opposite poles go hand in hand? The darkness soon turned to light. Jamie couldn’t help but stay wide mouthed.

The wings of Black were covered with pure white features and on its smooth round body.

A holy light rose above it.

Jamie ran for it.

This was an unexpected situation, but Jamie wasn’t going to miss this chance.

“This power…”

Once again, his right arm was dyed in darkness and he grabbed that light.


Light and darkness began to intertwine.

Jamie looked at the world being erased into black and white and accepted it into his body.

The mana core in the body fluctuated. The heart rate began to rise.


The vessels in the body began to pop. The massive amount of blood flowing quickly in the body increased.

But he didn’t let this light glow.

The gigantic wings of Black embraced Jamie. The softness from the feathers felt cosy.

With a more relaxed face, Jamie grabbed that holy light with his hands.

“I’ll take another leap.”

The light born from the two poles.

“Be a source of new strength.”

Darkness engulfed him again.


“I do get the hang of it, but it is serious.”

“It is obvious that there was a problem with the Omniscient Library…”

“Let’s talk with the young lord after he comes.”

The three great magicians were confused. No one had any idea as to what happened and what to be told to others.

And this news had to be passed to the royal family too.

It was unclear how King Friedmoor would react, and it was impossible for Jamie to avoid any punishment.

“it will be better to understand the situation before and after.”

“7th elder is right. Let’s go up and call an emergency meeting.”

Without waiting, they quietly moved to the top floor.

It was then.


The tower began to shake violently.

“W-what is this?”

“This is unusual for an earthquake!”

“Damn it. It isn’t just the whole tower. But the Magic World itself seems to be shaking!”

Siegfried quickly identified the waves and informed others.

“Damn it, what more has to happen?!”

Luke grinded his teeth.

He couldn’t understand why such situations kept happening. And he thought handling things was difficult.

Linmel opened his mouth and said calmly,

“First, it is important to understand the source of the earthquake. So that the 7th elder will look at the situation, the 5th elder will safely evacuate and first, we need to see and stop the earthquake.”

It was virtually impossible to stop an earthquake, which was a natural disaster, and Linmel was an 8th class magician.

It was impossible to stop them but if Siegfried found the source then maybe they had a chance.

“And I would like you to call the 1st elder.”

1st elder, Offen Ginger who was now in seclusion. No matter how much Linmel who was in 8th class tried, he alone couldn’t stop it. However, with the help of Offen who had reached the same level, it would be easier.

“Alright. Calling the 1st elder…”

When Luke was moving, ready to call.

“There is no need for that.”

The shaking disappeared like an illusion and the three of them turned their head at the voice.

Jamie was standing there.

But, something looked strange.

Siegfried was the first to notice. He didn’t even think of calling Jamie as elder and,

“Young lord… What happened? Looks like you have grown a little.”

Jamie did seem bigger. And it was no illusion.

“Somehow I ended up growing a little taller.”

“… little?”

It was Luke.

He asked, looking at Jamie with puzzled eyes.

“Isn’t that a bit too much?”

Jamie was bigger than kids his age due to the orb of life in him, but now he was bigger than anyone his age.

He looked like an adult. Jamie looked about 13 to 14 years old.

Looking closely, he looked more than 10cm taller.

“What happened down there?”

Linmel looked up and down at Jamie and then broke into cold sweat at the energy from him.

“There was energy.”

Energy which no one could have known.

What was important was the fact that black mana was now something new.

“You don’t have to worry. The earthquake is temporary and won’t happen again. And…”

Jamie scratched his cheek and said,

“The library is gone. What do we do now…?”

The three great magicians were dumbfounded.

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