Chapter 201 - A New Start (1)

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A man with frizzy emerald hair brushed to the back, got up from bed and walked to the window.

The man who had eyes that were the same colour as his hair, wasn’t yet awake and yawned looking at the morning sun.

The man washed his face and looked around the room. It was a big room, but it didn’t seem as big as it used to.

“Phew. I am tired.”

The work he had done yesterday ended late, so everyone went home late.

The man, Jamie, took off his shirt and rubbed his face. His clear sculpted muscles could be seen.

Broad shoulders and a perfect collar bone, which was hard to find in adults. Surprisingly, Jamie was just 13 now!

“Today, my body is perfect.”

Jamie posed in front of the mirror with a satisfied face. Every time he saw the muscles and the abs, he would smile.

Five years ago, Black’s body began to grow exponentially after he absorbed the holy light which came from the black mana Black had absorbed.

His height was already 180cm in 5 years time and he steadily trained his swordsmanship skills and had a perfect balanced body.

His legs were long enough to be a model’s. The problem was that he would grow further.

The Life Orb inside him which was strengthened and the genes of the Welton family.

‘I never had time to take care of my body in my previous life.’

While studying magic every day, he suffered due to lack of exercise.

It didn’t matter, but having such a great body was great.

“Should I head out again today?”

Jamie changed into his training clothes and went straight to the training hall.

He was now in Haiss.

From last year, he started to move from the Magic World to Haiss.

It was because it was no problem for him to move between far places anymore. Breathing in the fresh morning air, he was greeted by the busy attendants who were working.

And found a familiar face.

“Sir Hamilton!”

“Young master.”

Hamilton, Count Welton’s man who taught Jamie the basics of sword.

“On your way to the training hall?”

“I need to train today too.”

“Diligent attitude, that’s great.”

“It is essential to train in the morning. Is Sir Hamilton out to work?”

“Right. Rather, you seem to have grown taller…”

Hamilton looked at Jamie who was as big as him. It was hard to believe that Jamie was still 13 years old.

No matter how deeply he took the genes of Welton, he wondered if the children could be this big.

In the meantime, his wide shoulders were wide enough to make the knights flustered.

Hamilton was proud of Jamie.

“I feel so proud that you have become better.”

“It is because I learned the basics from Sir.”

“I have done nothing. You’ll be going to work so go ahead and start your morning training.”

“Yes. See you next time.”

Jamie left Hamilton behind and went to the training hall. The place was empty because only the Welton family could use it.

He took off his shirt and ran lightly.

Actually, he didn’t sweat as much as he did in the past, but it turned into a kind of ritual.

Ritual to compete with the true training opponent.

Moments later, someone approached the hall where Jamie was running.

Jamie who felt it stopped.

“Are you here?”

“You are running today too.”

Count Welton walked to the centre with a smile.

Jamie answered lightly as he relaxed his wrists and ankles.

“If I want to hold on a little longer, I need to lighten my body.”

“Good thought.”

In Haiss, there were no knights who could defeat Jamie. It was because he defeated all the people.

However there was one man, a man he wasn’t able to defeat.

“Take it.”

When the Count stretched out his hand, the wooden sword was directed to Jamie.

Jamie lightly grabbed the wooden sword.

‘Like… this…’

A state in swordsmanship, it was a skill that even Master level swordsmen couldn’t do.

“Let’s sweat and cool off in the morning. Come.”

“You haven’t even started yet!”

Jamie kicked the ground and rushed at him. The morning with the Count was spent training with swords.

Starting with ‘Hundred Seas.’

As soon as he stepped on the ground, all the flow began to turn to Jamie. The moment he moved everything flowed for him.

[Welton Type]

[Hundred Seas: Spread]

All the currents gathered at the tip of the foot and began to spread with great force in all directions.

A twinkle flashed in the Count’s eyes.


Due to the wind pressure, the Count bowed his upper body and placed the sword horizontally.

“A new approach. However…”

He saw his son running with a rush of mana. The sword rises in a curved line from the bottom.

3rd of the 10 Welton types, a down to top cut.

A moment to make the opponent go stiff and then aim for their targets.

However, this was Count Welton on the opposite side.

Among the Sword Masters in Seldam, he was the one rising to the top position.

He lightly relaxed his grip on the sword.

He turned his left foot to the right to shift the center of gravity.

At the same time, when he lifted the swinging sword to the left, the gust of mana of Spread lifted up like an illusion.

Without stopping, he stretched out his right foot and stabbed Jamie in the front.


Jamie clicked his tongue and struck the sword to counterattack.

Even though it was a sword stab in a bizarre posture, the rumble in his palm was huge.

While taking a step back and correcting his form, he recalled what the Count just did.

‘He scattered the flow of mana. I don’t think he even used any technique…’

But he didn’t have much time to think. Because the Count was coming in at a frightening speed.

Jamie stopped the wooden sword which was attacking him like a storm.

As if he didn’t want to do much, the Count was using just minimal mana.

It can be said that it was a clash of swordsmanship in its purest form.

The Count swung his sword strongly to the left.

Jamie lifted the sword he was holding in both hands and brought it to his left shoulder with a twist.

When the two swords collided, the shock which started at the shoulder moved to the full body.

Jamie was pushed to the side and took a couple steps back, but he quickly countered.

[Welton type 10]


He pushed the ground for a strong charge.

In the meantime, the Hundred Seas was being constantly used on the ground. The Count waited with his sword in front of him.

At first glance, it looked like a father taking care of his son, but the Count was being alert.

The form the Count took was normally taken to end a battle. But now, the Count had no intention of ending the battle with a clash.

‘I am always stuck here…’

A magician is a seeker.

Jamie constantly went after new things or tried to create new things and he came to one conclusion.

‘It is impossible to stop.’

With just a sword, he couldn’t go against this opponent head-on.

And that meant that it created a situation where Jamie was constantly defending.

Jamie jumped.

Jumping into a fight against a strong man is crazy.

Because the movement gets limited and the attack is only one directional, and counterattack is tough to block.

But if the environment around was used right, then it was a different story.

“You used your head?”

The Count looked at his son who jumped with the sun on his back.

If aura wasn’t being used then the Count too couldn’t look at the sun directly. This was Jamie’s way of attacking.

And the effect came.

Jamie used the light as a shield. In such a situation, he tried to use a fast strike.

A situation in which defense is unavoidable.

‘But my son, your opponent is me.’

The Count closed his eyes.

Movement in a dark world.

A level where he can wield a sword without looking at it. The moment the wooden sword with a strong force fell above him, the Count gently used his sword.


The sound of a wooden sword breaking followed by the sound of someone landing on their butt.

The Count opened his eyes and checked the condition of his sword.

“… damn it.”

He heard his son’s grumbling. The Count looked at the intact wooden sword and said.

“Today is my win again.”

“Phew. But I thought I had room for blocking today.”

The plan was perfect but the swordsmanship of Count was unpredictable and easily broke down Jamie’s plan.

“Still, you grew and I am surprised by this.”

“A little surprise isn’t worth much. This time, I was going to move to the next level.”

“Kukuku. Five years isn’t a huge time. You need to train for another 5 years.”

“Too bad.”

“Let’s get some food. Do you have work?”

“Yes. I will go wash up.”

The Count stared at his son’s back as he headed to his room and looked back at the wooden sword.

And tapped his sword with a finger. A line grew on it like a spider web and crumbled.

“It almost broke.”

Jamie’s skills were improving fast, but he didn’t think he could already break swords.

‘Rarely, my father’s techniques can be found…’

The Count handed Jamie a book of his father. And it looked like he mastered it well.

Jamie already reached a good level with magic and was now looking towards growing in swords.

“Of course, we aren’t at a stage to discuss him being a Sword Master.”

The growth rate changes for that.

Still, the Count looked at the broken sword with a happy face and walked into the mansion.

Jamie washed up and went straight to the dining room.


A little girl’s voice from behind. And when he turned, someone jumped at him.



It was his sister who turned 8 this year.

Although Sarah inherited more of her mother’s genes, she also had Welton blood so she was as tall as when Jamie was 8 years old.

“Had a nice sleep?”

“Yes! Brother too?”

“I slept well.”

Sarah no longer mumbled cutely like in the past, but she spoke bluntly and cutely now.

“Carry me!”

And liked piggyback carrying.

Strangely she never asked their father for it, but asked Jamie to carry her.

But it wasn’t difficult, so Jamie carried Sarah on his back.

“Hehe! So high!”

“Let’s go eat.”


On the way to the dining room, Sarah smiled brightly and told Jamie about what she dreamed the night before and what she did before heading to bed.

It was because Jamie was staying up late in the Magic World that she missed talking to him.

Jamie felt a little bad about that.

“We are here. Now come down.”

Arriving there, he carefully dropped Sarah.

They went in holding hands and the Count was already there, but their mother Sears wasn’t.

Jamie asked the Count.



Count Welton just smiled.

Sarah tilted her head and took her place.

It was then.

“My cute daughter!”


Sears, who was hiding behind the door, jumped and hugged Sarah. And with her bright eyes ran towards Jamie who was behind Sarah.

“And my wonderful son!”

Jamie smiled and spread his arms wide.

Sears hugged both Jamie and Sarah.

“This. My son is too big to be held by his mother now?”

“Huhuhu. Come on. I need food in my stomach.”

“Food! Food!”

Sarah jumped up and down the chair.

When Sears and Jamie sat down, the food was served.

After eating, Jamie went back to his room and changed clothes. Changing clothes meant putting on a robe.

Jamie stood in front of the mirror and breathed in a calm manner.

Five years had passed since he made up his mind.

During that time, Jamie didn’t do much. He solely focused on training.

And did he get the results?

‘I don’t know.’

Since he never tested it.

But there was no need to worry. The time was coming.

After a long time, his eyes were dyed purple before the purple disappeared.

Jamie went out of the mansion to go to work. The Count, Sears and Sarah were there to see him off.

When he tried to go to work everyday, his family was always a step ahead in making sure he went in a nice mood. He had mixed emotions.

The emotions were all related to happiness.

“Why is everyone here?”

“Our son is going to work, obviously we are here to see him off. Am I wrong, darling?”

“Right. Our eldest child is going to work.”


Sarah smiled brightly and Jamie smiled awkwardly at that.

“I heard you are going to the palace today?”

“Look at this. I tried to play as an employed father, but my son seems to know my schedule.”

“But, if you want to go to the palace, you need to leave fast. The count magician will be here soon.”

“I just need to change clothes. Hahaha.”

“Dad. I will follow you.”

“Sarah said she would play with dolls with mom?”


A peaceful conversation.

The reason he came home from the Magic World was to feel the warmth of family in the harsh reality.

Jamie approached them first and hugged them.

The first time he went for a hug, all the family members felt embarrassed.

-My- my child is here?



That was the most embarrassing day in his life and something no one would forget in the family.

But now, hugging them was natural.

“I am leaving.”

“Come early. I want to see my son’s face in the evening.”

“Brother next time take me! I want to see the Magic World too!”

“Yes, Sarah. When there is time, brother will come to take you.”


Greeting them, Jamie left the mansion. He wasn’t sure how long this peace was going to last, but Jamie wanted it to last longer.

“Should we go?”

Gentle breeze blew in.

And with that, Jamie’s figure disappeared.

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