Chapter 202 - A New Start (2)

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The sound of the elevator reaching his destination sounded, signalling Jamie to get off.

The 73rd floor of the central magic tower.

Just two floors below the topmost floor was Jamie’s private office. Jamie looked at the panoramic view of the magic world with an expressionless face.

When he first saw it, the scenery was so good that he felt blown away, but after 5 years he didn’t feel much of it.

Since the entire 73rd floor was Jamie’s private space, only the sound of his footsteps echoed. When he opened the door through fingerprint recognition and entered, a familiar face greeted him.

“Good morning, 3rd elder.”

“Good morning to Miss Hera too.”

A woman named Hera was Jamie’s personal assistant and she was a 4th class magician. An elder was the only one who could hire a 4th class magician as an assistant.

This would be because they needed to have the ability to match with the elders to an extent.

“And those ones?”

“The disciples haven’t come yet.”

“Look at those brats. When a teacher arrives they should be running barefoot to greet me.”

They are so lazy.

And it felt like they were even more nonchalant towards training these days.

It was because they too were on the verge of enlightenment.

Even so, they should all come prepared when their teacher arrives!

Jamie vowed to make them go through some vigorous training. His grumpy attitude hadn’t died yet.

“Any other thing?”

“I will tell them inside.”

Jamie entered the office, sat down immediately and listened to Hera’s report.

“I have big news.”

“Big news?”

“Yes. The Seldam Kingdom was sent a request for support from the Harmonia Kingdom on [Arisha] continent.”

Harmonia Kingdom.

It was a nation where the people who couldn’t withstand the severe corruption, formed a liberation army and tried to overthrow the current king.

Jamie knew that the Frontier was supporting the liberation.

“What kind of request for support was it?”

“They would like to dispatch a Master of Seldam,”

“And that task was pushed to the Magic World.”

“Yes. Apparently the non-magician Masters are watching the [Kariren] side.”

Eastern continent, Kariren.

It was originally a place under the influence of Zenith church and it was no exaggeration to say that it was now the base of Zenith.

It wasn’t known what they did, but now the northern [Olvia] and eastern [Kariren] were a mess.

And as a result, small scale battles frequently took place and tensions were widely known but a large war hadn’t broken out yet.

So most of the Sword Masters were waiting there and that was why Count Welton was going to the royal palace.

Only 7th elder Siegfried was positioned there.

“In such a state, the request seems to have been passed to the magicians who don’t have a task.”

“But His Majesty didn’t reject this and turned it over to our side…”

“Yes. As you might know, Harmonia has offered a reward which is difficult to refuse. I was contacted to discuss this in earnest at the upcoming elders’ meeting too,”

“I understand. You did good.”

“It was something I had to do.”

When Hera answered with a smile, Jamie got up from his seat.

“Should we leave then?”


The two walked to the top floor where the elders’ meeting would be held.


“There are so many elders who are absent, so we cannot help it.”

“If another one doesn’t come, this meeting itself will be embarrassing to attend.”

Three magicians seated with a chair between them in a room were chatty since morning.

2nd elder Linmel rolled the pen in hand and said.

“The 1st elder hasn’t returned.”

1st elder Offen Ginger hadn’t come out since he went into hiding five years ago. However, a few days ago, there was a letter saying he would be back soon.

“Adel too will be coming out soon.”

6th elder Adelhart also suddenly achieved realization two months back and was currently in a state of closed training to break the wall of 7th class.

It wasn’t sure when, but the other elders expected it to be sooner.

“8th elder has been away for a while due to the work in the estate so they’ll be back soon…”

It was reported that an unfortunate incident occurred in the 8th elder Simon’s estate. As an elder and a Lord at the same time, he had to clear the incident and return back to the Magic World.

“It will be crowded soon.”

“One person will come in now.”

The three of them looked at the meeting room door at someone’s presence.

Soon the door opened, revealing a familiar face.

Jamie Welton.

“You are here early?”

“Old people cannot sleep for long.”

“I am not old though.”

At Raymon’s joke, Luke denied it.

“You are 50 now. You are old too.”

“Right. Stop trying to deny that you aren’t old.”


Linmel and Raymon made jokes about Luke.

Jamie, who watched them all have a light conversation, smiled. But without waiting long, he brought up the main topic.

“It was said that there was a request for a Master to Harmonia?”

“Right. Things are looking pretty bad.”

“The Liberation Army rapidly pushed out the Kingdom Army and took half the territory.”

“So who will go?”

In a situation where King Friedmoor had accepted the request, one had to go for sure. Now there were 4 Masters here.

The 2nd and 4th elders were in charge of the Magic World so they couldn’t leave their post and move. The same went for Elder Luke.

Now that Adelhart had gone into training, he had to lead the Equality faction.

Then there was only one left.

“… Me?”

“Isn’t it time for you to start your work?”

As Linmel spoke with a serious expression on his face, Jamie felt a bit troubled.

As he said, he needed 5 years focused on training alone, so he didn’t engage in external activities. However, he hadn’t reached the goal yet.

‘But it was also the truth that it was an area which was difficult to reach with training alone.’

Now there was a chance to be dispatched right into the battlefield.

In addition, he knew the current situation of the Liberation Army was sided by the Frontier.

He wasn’t sure what purpose the organization had to be poking around in another nation’s matters, but he hoped to be able to get in touch with them.

Jamie who made a quick decision, answered.

“I will do it.”

“Good thinking.”

“But I have a question.”

“What is it?”

“Harmonia has been in trouble for more than 5 years, so why are they just sending a request now?”

Although Harmonia was a small nation in the west, it was still of Arisha and had 4 masters.

Therefore, even if the size of the Liberation Army was large, they could easily block it.

However, it couldn’t be understood by Jamie as they were reaching out now to other nations.

Raymon explained it.

“I heard that the Sword Master of that kingdom was beaten.”

Jamie’s expression distorted slightly at the word of a Sword Master losing.

Even if it was a Sword Master of a small nation, he still must have done a great deal of damage to the Liberation Army.

However, if that was being done properly, the Harmonia kingdom wouldn’t have sent a request for support. The power of the Liberation Army would have its forces reduced.

But this was unexpected.

“I heard that the Liberation Army also had a Sword Master. The problem is that the Sword Master of the Liberation won unilaterally. The opponent was the knight of the king.”

“If it is the knight of the king… Sir Cyril?”


Knight of the king, Cyril Owent.

A sword master with such a skill that one wouldn’t believe that he was from Harmonia.

How could such a person lose like that?

This must have been a huge shock for Harmonia. At that moment, he seemed to understand why Harmonia only requested support now.

It was because there were no Masters higher than Cyril Owent for them in the west.


There is no way the Liberation Army could have a Master with them.

And for one to suddenly appear and take down the knight of the king, Jamie was convinced that the Master was sent from Frontier.

Aside from that, Jamie thought Harmonia was cheeky.

“They don’t want to sacrifice their Masters so they asked for us?”

“They sure are cheeky bastards.”

“But there is no reason for us to respond to it, but why did His Majesty allow this request?”

“He said that they would hand over the national treasure.”

“The national treasure of Harmonia…”

“Morning Star Music Box.”

The current Harmonia, from the king to officials were all corrupt but originally, it was a nation with broad fundamentals that it was counted to be the best.

Among that, the Morning Star Music Box, was an object with the myth of the founding of Harmonia, and it was an item which made a new universe appear in the sky when it was started.

Other effects haven’t been revealed yet, but it was a treasure coveted by many magicians in the world as it was associated with the myth of the founding of the place.

“They must be desperate seeing how they put their treasure on the line.”

“They are funny people. It’s like those who rot and ruin other people’s lives are now struggling to survive… man.”

Luke grumbled with a dissatisfied expression.

As he was someone aiming for Equality, Harmonia was a nation which should be destroyed for him. And Jamie agreed with it.

Aside from the treasure, Harmonia was indeed a place which should be destroyed. It was true that the reality of him helping them didn’t sit well with him.

Seeing Jamie’s expression, Linmel said with a smile,

“Actually, this is where the full-fledged mission begins.”

“… suddenly?”

“Rewards from Harmonia are indeed nice, but we aren’t at a level where we get swayed by the treasures they offer.”

Seldam Kingdom was in a hegemony with [Olvia] in name.

And they could always ignore requests from small nations like Harmonia.

That means…

“Even if we are dispatched, we don’t necessarily need to help Harmonia.”

“You mean…”

“It is His Majesty’s wish to send the 3rd elder there to see the situation with your own eyes and do what you decide.”

In other words, it would mean that he would entrust the person dispatched with authority that depended on the existence of the nation.

In simple terms, it meant Jamie could ignore the request of Harmonia and do whatever he wanted. This would be a serious violation of trust but Seldam Kingdom was a powerful kingdom which didn’t have to pay attention to Harmonia.

The King himself admitted that he didn’t want to deal with it and handed the request to the Magic World.

“What benefit do we get from that?”

“Think, 3rd elder.”

Raymond stood still and smiled, then Jamie immediately knew what King Friedmoor wanted.

“If you help Harmonia, you can make them indebted because we helped stabilize their situation and if you help the Liberation Army, it will help them establish a new kingship… they too will be in our debt.”

Seldam Kingdom’s choice was to bring benefit from either side.

And if that didn’t happen and Jamie suffered injuries on the field, then it would give reason for Seldam Kingdom to intervene.


Jamie said with a smile.

“It is okay to go out of the way, right?”

He had a good feeling that this dispatch was going to be fun.

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