Chapter 203 - Harmonia (1)

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Returning to the office, Jamie asked Hera what he needed.

“Hera. Please prepare the things written here.”

“This… a list of artifacts.”

“It has been decided that I will be dispatched. Just in case you didn’t know, I need to be prepared.”

“I will follow you.”

Jamie was wide eyed at it not knowing that Hera would be coming with him, and shook his head.

“No. Being alone is more comfortable for me to move around, and we never know what might happen.”

“Isn’t this a simple dispatch mission?”

“It is true, but there are some missions which are difficult to explain.”


Hera had a slightly disappointed expression and Jamie hurriedly waved his hand.

“It isn’t because Miss Hera is lacking or anything, don’t get it wrong. I think going on this mission alone is a lot better.”


Her face still looked sad, but her expression softened a little more than before. Since she was also a magician she was a bit greedy for the dispatch mission.

Perhaps related to her performance and to prove her ability to work for a Great Magician. But there were dangers lurking in battlefields.

Seldam Kingdom was great, but once they entered a battlefield, no one would care where they were from.

And any variable could occur.

‘Still, it is a bit surprising. I always thought she was a cold person to think she could make that disappointed face.’

Considering they were an official relationship where they had formal conversation, Hera always had a firm expression so Jamie thought she wasn’t someone who was moody.

In fact, it might be closer to that, but seeing her act like this today made her look new to him.

“The brats? They haven’t come yet?”

“The disciples went to the lab.”

“Seriously… okay. Please get me the things on the list.”


Jamie went straight to the lab.

The lab was in the north of the tower connected to the 73rd floor of the central tower.

Jamie got in the warp device and activated it and in an instant the background changed. A familiar voice was heard.

“… wouldn’t Teacher scold us once he comes?”

“Damn it, that kkondae! Who in the world calls grown-ups right in the morning? And he brags about how tall he is?”

“Yes. Still you’re being harsh. It is Teacher.”

“What is harsh about it? That brat is acting so cheap. Isn’t he like this because I failed the synchronization magic a while ago?”


“What is with you? Look, Ann!”

“… behind you.”

Lennon frowned and looked at Ann, who was looking behind him with a stiffly and turned.

Jamie stood there with his arms crossed.

Lennon and Jamie kept looking at each other and after a few seconds of silence, Lennon screamed as he fell back.


Despite falling down, he kept moving back like a crayfish which saw a ghost.

Jamie laughed at it.

“Please keep talking. I don’t mind.”

“That, that, that, that, that….”

“Why? I am cheap just because you cannot handle my words. I will keep listening, go on.”

“I-I-I didn’t mean that…”

“I am so sorry for bringing in older kids than me, keep talking how can I stop older people?”


“Hahaha. I guess you were talking about how you didn’t meet the standards of synchronization magic and you rushed into it. I should have waited and asked you to do it, but I guess I overestimated you. I might have just made a huge mistake~”


“No! No~ what will you be sorry for~ Teacher should be the sorry one, I am a scumbag who acts like an idiot with magic yet cannot do magic properly, so why will you apologize~”

“I have nothing more to say…”

“Get down!”

“Ann has been through a lot. You did a good job of making it unlike someone else.”

“Hehe. Thank you.”

“Don’t be late for the class.”

“… Yes.”

Jamie stroked Ann’s hair.

Perhaps because women grew faster than men, Ann who was 16 this year was 160cm tall.

It was said that her maternal side was taller, but it looked like she was born with all the good genes. As she grew older, her personality turned more docile and felt a lot more mature.

Lennon on the other hand…

Jamie looked down at Lennon, who was on his back with arms trembling and sunken eyes.

The floor was wet from his sweat. He had been doing push ups for 30 minutes.

“Yah, brat.”


Lennon answered with a loud voice.

Jamie shook his head in disbelief.

“Get up.”


When it came to such things, this slow slug like guy would act like lightning. Jamie clicked his tongue and scanned Lennon.

Lennon wasn’t huge compared to the past. Still, he was great when compared to his height when he was 9 years old. It was around a fist shorter than Ann.

Since this was the start of a full fledged growth of men, he would grow a lot more in the future, but due to the overlapping of various problems including his mind and work, it might have different effects.

“So, you won’t learn magic?”

“It isn’t that!”

“Were you not in the right state of mind when you asked me to teach you?”


“But you were stabbing me behind my back.”

“I-I am sorry…”

“What? Behind my back I get cursed way too much, but now you respect me? Am I saying anything wrong?”


“Then you will do it again right? This brat!”

“I won’t!”

Lennon flinched and took a defensive stance.

Jamie sighed and said.

“I understand that you feel frustrated because you are blocked by a wall, but don’t solve things like this. I am telling you to make a coup instead of colliding.”

“… yes.”

“And I didn’t ask you to do something you cannot do. I asked you to do it because you can actually do it.”


Seeing Lennon have tears in his eyes made Jamie’s heart ache.

Because he could understand Lennon’s feelings. Lennon was still young and with infinite potential, but when a wall blocked his path, the future possibilities became irrelevant.

And the problem ahead cannot be solved right away. In that case, rather than listening to people reassuring him that he could do it, he would have to clench his hands and break the wall on his own.



“Since you are classmates, help out at times. You are still older than him.”

“I get it.”

“Lennon. You too help Ann when she is in trouble.”

“I always help!”

“Answering back again!”

“I will help.”

Jamie looked at Lennon’s back and his hands felt itchy. Did he want to hit him?

“Anyway, even if I am away, you should do well.”

“Eh? Teacher is going somewhere?”

“Out for work.”

“Where are you going?”

“That is the part you don’t need to know.”

Jamie got up. Hera must have prepared all the things.

“If I get to know that you were messing around when I wasn’t here…”

Jamie looked at Lennon in a terrifying way, making Lennon go stiff.

Ann on the other hand, followed Jamie and said,

“Can’t you take me too?”

“You don’t even know where I am going.”

“Anywhere is fine. I want to see the outside world too.”

“Then maybe next time. It is dangerous this time.”


Lennon who was silent had his eyes light up at the word dangerous.

All sorts of things began to take over his mind, from action unfolding in a dangerous place to a cool figure breaking through the crisis at the last minute!

And looking at his beautiful form…

A dangerous romance that was unavoidable for a boy his age was unfolding in his mind.

“Teacher! Take me too!”

“Take me~”

“Have you gone crazy? What is with you both?”

“I won’t disturb you~”

“Think of this as a field trip and take me!”

“These kids are….”

Jamie began to get angry at them.

“Both of you!”



Ann and Lennon reacted to Jamie’s voice. And looking at this he said.

“If possible I would have taken you, but this is a mission on the battlefield.”


“Lennon stay quiet.”


“You never know what happens on a battlefield. So it is hard for me to take responsibility for you two. If I care about you then I won’t be able to do my task there. and in an instant things can go wrong.”

Having two kids in a war is the most dangerous thing.

And Lennon with his unique nature will definitely be in the centre of all troubles.

If he isn’t by their side when it happens, then… Jamie couldn’t even think of what would happen.

“We have enough skills to handle ourselves.”

“Ann. You would think so, but you are far from it.”

“Then me?”

“You are more farther.”

“… this is too much.”

“Then I will take care of the disciples.”

At that moment, the warp device flashed and Hera walked in.

“Miss Hera?”

“I will take care of it so the elder doesn’t have to do it. The battlefield is definitely a great help to budding magicians. You as an elder know it too, right?”

On the battlefield, there is real magic which will be used.

With the theories they learned in the academy, Teacher cannot be compared to the real experience in the world.

So Hera was right, but the place they were going to was where the war was happening.

“Did you want to go that bad?”

“Yes. I really want to help. Please let me stay by the side of the 3rd elder and see the magic.”

“Me too! I will not disturb you!”

“Teacher! When did we ever ask for such a thing like this?”

“You do this all the time.”

Jamie cut off Lennon’s words and looked at Hera. She wasn’t the kind to act like this, but she was a magician.

‘It would be too much for me to not think from her point of view.’

And one day, Ann and Lennon too will have to feel the cruelty of this world. Now he was in a cautious state as they were young but like Hera said, there would never be a better opportunity than this.

‘And this isn’t bad.’

Actually, magicians always take their disciples to battlefield.

And Jamie thought he was being overprotective of them. If Hera followed, then his worries were resolved.

‘I worked with her for 3 years so I don’t have to worry.’

With her straight personality, she will make sure to stop the kids from doing wrong things.

And he was thinking of taking them both…

“Okay. Let me think about it.”



Hera showed her joy by clenching her fist.

Jamie smiled looking at them.

A vast forest.

Only a single ray of light entered it and the trees seemed tall enough to reach the sky.

There was a naked woman with long blue hair sitting on a wooden chair. She was carefully flipping through old books and someone appeared through the grass.


The woman called Isis looked back.

“It is said you killed the Master of Harmonia?”

The man in black suit and white mask answered.

“I was lucky.”

“The people of the Liberation Army must be happy.”

“They are so happy that they can take over the capital soon.”

“But, Harmonia is said to have sent a request of support from the Seldam Kingdom?”

“Looks like you got the news. I don’t know who will be dispatched yet, but I am sure they will come for the national treasure.”

“Who will it be? Anyone you can guess, Beryl?”

Isis turned and looked at Beryl Onyx who was the knight leaning against the tree next to her.

One of the five Sword Masters of Seldam Kingdom, he wondered and then looked at the white mask and said,

“Maybe it will be Jamie.”

“Jamie Welton?”

“Why do you think so, Beryl?”

“Right now, Jamie is the only Master who can move freely in the Seldam Kingdom. The Sword Masters are on the border with the eastern continent and Siegfried joined it. I heard the 1st elder of Magic World has been hiding and Simon the 8th elder has trouble in the estate and went to resolve it. The rest have to take care of the Magic World… all that is left is Jamie, who hasn’t been out in 5 years.”

“Makes sense.”

Isis nodded her head and then the white mask asked.

“Will he sabotage our plans?”

“I don’t know.”

Beryl shook his head saying he didn’t know and leaned back on the tree. He looked up at the sky again.

The white mask looked at him and then asked Isis.

“What if we collide?”


Isis clasped her hands and crossed her legs, wondering and then smiled.

“You can handle it. the future is just a inch ahead.”

“I will.”

With that, the white mask disappeared into the grass. When it was just the two, Isis asked Beryl.

“Jin is strong. Are you fine?”

“… I don’t think he can win against Jamie.”

“Huhu. Is that so?”

Five years passed since Jamie was 8 and took the role of Master.

And then the child didn’t appear in public for a long time. Which meant no one knew how great his growth was.

Isis smiled and got up and grabbed the blue sword next to her.


Blue lightning bolts rained down in all directions. It was the Dragon Slayer, Thunder Dragon Sword, Gram.

“Somehow, it feels like we will meet soon.”

Before that,

Isis headed head somewhere carrying Gram on her swords.

“Should I prepare myself? Let’s go, Beryl.”


With that, the two disappeared into the grass on the other side.

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