Chapter 204 - Harmonia (2)

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“One mistake and you will be sent back.”

“Do not worry!”

“I will not cause trouble!”

With the two disciples answering Jamie’s warning, it hurt his head.

Fortunately, he had Hera with him.

“I will take good care of the disciples so they don’t interfere with your work. Do not worry.”

“Miss Hera, suffer a little for me.”

“You must think we are kids.”

Lennon snorted and Ann smiled and said,

“But we are kids.”


Lennon was flustered and glared at Ann who was wide eyed, but Ann just stuck out her lower lip and shrugged.

“Anyway, it is a dangerous place so be careful.”



“Don’t keep talking and… come.”

Jamie led the three of them to the top floor of the tower. An envoy from Harmonia had arrived to take them.

“Nice to meet you. I am a messenger from Harmonia, Pickett Ogwi.”

“Jamie Welton.”

Jamie took Pickett’s hand.

He seemed like a man with a hard impression, and it wasn’t a very good one. However, the magic he had wasn’t low, quite a lot of mana could be felt from him.

Pickett checked the number of people with a blank expression.

“Sir Welton and three others have been confirmed. Then, please stand behind me.”

Jamie, his disciples and Hera followed the instructions and went behind him. Pickett put the return scroll he had on the floor and began to memorize a spell with his hands clasped.

The three elders came to see them and each said,

“Everyone, please be careful out there.”

“I believe you will do well.”

“Harmonia’s apples are known to be strange, I hope you buy some when you come.”

In the meantime, Luke was seeing them off by asking them to bring things for him.

Jamie replied with a smile.

“If I have time.”

“I hope you make time.”



“I will look after them.”

Jamie, followed by his disciples and Hera, greeted the elders.

After finishing the preparations, Pickett bowed his head towards the three elders and chanted.


The warp magic circle which was on the floor shone, engulfing the people with light.

King Cyprus of Harmonia was sitting at the top of the table with untidy pajamas.

The crown on his head was in danger of falling off, the shadows under his eyes were proof of exhaustion.


King Cyprus yawned loudly and spoke to the assembled ministers.

“So, what is it?”

The king flicked the thick gold necklace and looked at the one next to him.

Marquis Helm, the man with emerald earrings which were crescent shaped said,

“A master has been dispatched from Seldam Kingdom and will be arriving soon, Your Majesty.”

“Okay. But why was I called?”

King Cyprus asked scratching his stomach.

“Even if it is bothersome you have to meet them.”

“What? Why me?”

“Because we are the ones who asked for help.”

“Uh. You. Bring me a drink.”

The king was looking for alcohol right from morning, but no one pointed it out. The king didn’t even think about his role and kept throwing out curses.

“Fuck. Seldam is Seldam and that is good, but why are they acting rudely to another king?”

“We are outraged too.”

“But why are they coming?”

“Sir Cyril has been killed by the Liberation Army, right?”

“What? Cyril? Ah, right, that was true. My memories are failing me these days. What kind of Liberation Army is this?”

“Those lowly things rebelling against His Majesty.”

“Tch. They should just feel grateful for letting them all live on the land. What is the military doing without killing those pests?”

“That is why we requested the Master from Seldam Kingdom.”

“Ah? Is that so? I didn’t know. I cannot know everything. Right?’


The seated people all bowed and answered.

King Cyprus smiled broadly and drank the drink brought to him. He didn’t even know how it tasted as he already lost his sense of taste, all that mattered was how it made him feel.

Marquis Helm spoke to the king, pouring another glass.

“King, I want to know what would happen if the Master from Seldam who is dispatched is brought to our side?”

“Attract them? Who is coming?”

“Jamie Welton?”

“I heard about him. A genius right? But why bring him?”

“Because there is a huge vacant spot after Sir Cyril.”

“Hmm… but isn’t he young?”

“Since he is young I am saying let’s bring him? Children are weak to temptations.”

Jamie was 13 years old.

A full fledged great magician, a being beyond promising, but he was still young.

Of course, compared to children of the same age, he would be a lot more mature and better, but a child cannot resist temptation.

A 13 year old doesn’t have a clear view of the world.

“Promise him the seat of Grand Duke and say that the estate of Sir Cyril would be handed to him. Then, even the most clever child will have to fall for it.”

“I have to do that?”

“Because Sir Cyril’s vacancy is too huge.”

“Is that so?”

Despite the king saying the same thing, Marquis Helm didn’t feel frustrated and answered each question calmly.

“Jamie Welton is going to be a huge person. He will become a great person who will be responsible for the future of Harmonia, so I believe that we need to have him here at any cost.”

“Hehehe. Good, good, Cyril was a troublemaker. Every day kept nagging me to not drink.”

“Right. And that man is dead and everything is as Your Majesty wills…”

“But if we touch Jamie Welton, the Seldam Kingdom will not sit still.”

One of the people sitting in the corner suddenly said it.

Marquis Helm called him.

“Count Fatal.”

Neo Fatal, a man called Fatal, got up and offered advice.

“If we fail to get Jamie Welton, we could completely lose the trust that Seldam Kingdom has with us.”

“Um? I don’t want that to happen-”

“We are taught that envoys from other nations should be treated with sincerity. Even though he is a young man with talent, he is a Master and Great Magician. I don’t think we should just consider his age.”

“Then, is the Count saying I am wrong?”

“I am not saying what Marquis said is wrong, I am just saying that the risk is high in the current situation.”

“Then there are more and more reasons we have to bring Jamie Welton to Harmonia. Also, the proposal we are making is not small.”

“Jamie Welton is the eldest son of the Welton family. There is no reason for him to wish for an estate in Harmonia. If things go wrong, the rest of us…”

“Shut up, please!”

Marquis Helm interrupted the Count and glared at him.

“I understand Count’s thoughts, but don’t you know that my will is to look after the people? And what is the point of all this? Your Majesty, I, and the nobles of the nation must exist for the people to live. People just stopped following us. Those Liberation Army are the bugs who decided to not follow us.”

“Isn’t that because the idea of the nation and the people aren’t similar?”

“Ideology… that is a funny thing. Then why do nobles and kings exist? To rule them.”

“Lord! Calm down! It is Your Majesty, you and I are all the ones who have to take care of people!”

Marquis Helm and Count Fatal stared at each other.

The first to laugh was the Marquis.

“I cannot hear this anymore, face the facts, lord.”

“Facts, reality. Right. We need to face it.”

Count Fatal advised them.

“You have to be careful because you will face it.”

“You mean, His Majesty will bow to Jamie Welton?”

Marquis Helm smiled.

“I didn’t mean that…!”

“Enough, enough. Helm is right. Who dares to ask me to bow? I am the King of Harmonia. Hehe. Jamie Welton? That guy will bow to me.”

“Now you can get up. Leave everything to me.”

“Right. I believe Marquis. Hic!”

King Cyprus took the bottle into his hand and nodded. Count Fatal was at a loss of words at such a sight of the King.

And Marquis Helm looked at Neo and supported the King.

“You seem drunk. Leave the handling to me and sleep for a while until the guests arrive.”

“Hehehe~ okay.”

When the two went, the other nobles followed them. The Count alone was there with his clenched hands.

His head hurt.

The nation was a mess, it was like a dying candle. And not a single person here was looking at it and kept talking nonsense.

They were ignoring what the Liberation Army wanted, the people of their nation, and were immersed in weird thoughts of bribing people from other nations.

‘No, it is because of Marquis Helm that the nation turned like this.’

After the death of the previous king, Marquis Helm began to expand his influence. The culprit who gave a fake sense of pride to the nobles of Harmonia and corrupted the king.

In fact, it was Marquis Helm who was robbing Harmonia from behind. The fact that a huge tax was collected and that people were starving because of it, the deaths happening all were because of the tyranny of the nobles.

All of this was after Marquis Helm took over the power.

Many loyalists took risks and tried to let them know but King Cyprus closed his eyes and ears and Marquis Helm took them all down.

The only one left was Count Fatal.

Fortunately the influence of Count Fatal wasn’t small and there were many followers to him, so he was still alive.

‘I am also a candle before the wind.’

The Count pondered.

Light shone on the roof of the tower in Khim, the capital of Harmonia.

It was the light of warp magic that started in Seldam. Pickett, who came as a messenger and guide, got off first and immediately told Jamie and others.

“We are here.”


“I don’t feel bad…”

As soon as they arrived, Lennon and Ann groaned. And Hera didn’t seem good either. Seldam’s warp caused nausea, but it was normal for warp magic triggered by scroll to cause this.

“This is why I said don’t follow…”

Jamie used holy power on the three of them. And then, the door opened and people walked.

All magicians, led by a slender old man with a gray beard and navy blue robe. And it seemed like the people were all magicians of the Harmonia Magic Tower.

However, there was one who didn’t match it. as Jamie frowned, Pickett greeted the old man who was in the lead, probably the Lord of Magic Tower.

“We just arrived.”

“You did well, Pickett. His Majesty is coming here, so you may wait.”


Pickett greeted Jamie’s party and moved behind the magicians. And the old man, the Tower Lord, Jakan smiled and reached for Jamie.

“Nice to meet you, Master of Seldam, I am Jakan the Lord of Magic Tower of Harmonia.”

Jamie glanced at Jakan who introduced himself. The earrings, the studded jewels and the hands which had rings on all fingers were artifacts.

They were only for show. It had to be a personal preference to wear them.

What was important was the skill, Jakan was none other than the Great Magician of Harmonia.


‘He is still at 7th class level?’

Of course being a great Magician is great, but even Jakan was overestimated he seemed to be in the mid level of 7th class. And this person is the Lord of Magic Tower?

The level of Harmonia was clearly visible from it.

“Jamie Welton.”

“I never expected to see the famous Sir Welton Jr in here. But I heard you are 13 years old but you look very tall.”

Jakan was a bit surprised. And Jamie was already a bit taller than Jakan.

“Haha. As expected of the eldest child of the Welton family.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

“People behind you?”

“My disciples and the secretary. I brought them because I wanted to take them around.”

“Take them around… you say?”

Jakan looked at the party with a frown.

They weren’t asked here to play, they were dispatched here to help the civil war, but they were considering it like a field trip.

This was an act of disrespecting Harmonia, but the opponent was a Master of Seldam. And unlike the young age, Jamie didn’t look any less than him.

‘This young man is cocky…’

Jakan was full of discomfort, but he smiled without showing it.

“Haha. His Majesty will soon come. The Master of Seldam came so he wanted to meet you personally.”

“I see,”

“Rest up. Please guide them to the room.”


A magician led them to a large room. Jakan looked at them as they moved and mumbled.

“Cheeky bastard. Look at him acting almighty because he has been called a genius. To answer like that in front of an adult with his head held high. Tch.”

“Right. He has the skills but lacks manners.”

“His skills must be full of holes too. Isn’t he still 13?”

As soon as Jamie felt the room, people began to gossip about him. And Jakan nodded.

“Right. Normally rumors are always inflated. And I can see for myself that his talent is the same as mine.”

Jakan himself thought he was superior to others, but the magicians in the tower didn’t have insight on the real lives of magicians.

“As expected!”

“How many magicians in the world can be better than the Magic Tower lord?”

“Stop now everyone, His Majesty will be arriving soon, so get ready.”

When the subordinates’ magicians believed what he said, Jakan immediately drove them away.


Jamie snorted.

It was pathetic that the man was thinking that Jamie couldn’t hear them and talk about all that disgusting thing only after he left.

The magicians of the tower too who flattered their Lord are also pathetic. The Magic tower of Harmonia itself was pathetic.

‘At the same time, what is in the hallway?’

Each of the paintings on the wall seemed of high value and the lanterns were gold. Who uses lamps these days?

It was then Jamie was looking at these things.

“Sir Welton Jr you can use this room, and the disciples and assistant can use the other room.”

They arrived at the place they were staying in. Jamie thanked the guide.

“Thank you.”

“Rest in peace.”

When the guide left the place, each went into the rooms. Jamie looked around and unpacked.

It was a luxurious room. He couldn’t understand why a Magic tower even needed such a room?

“Why are there more expensive decorations here?”

The hallway and the other items are all expensive.

Was this the Lord’s preference?

‘He was also wearing a lot of jewels.’

He didn’t like it.

The Magic Tower is a place to study magic. And money should be used for magic.

Spending it on research would do a lot better than using it for meaningless luxury.

It wasn’t known if Harmonia was a rich nation, but from what Jamie knew, Harmonis declared itself to be poor and unable to pay back debts to other kingdoms.

Now Jamie understands why he was dispatched under the name of national treasure to here.

“I think I understand why Your Majesty has given me such power.”

Act according to your own will.

Jamie remembered what he was told and sat on the bed. After a while.

“Your Majesty the King has arrived.”

The King of Harmonia arrived.

Jamie touched his hair and stood up.

“Let’s see how rotten he is.”

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