Chapter 205 - Harmonia (3)

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It wasn’t a formal event, so Jamie left the room with the same clothes.

Lennon, Ann and Hera also left the room.

Jamie built the J-network to share the consciousness of the three of them with his.

-Can you hear?

-Yes I can hear.

-I hear well too.

-Same here.

J-Network was a virtual consciousness network created by Jamie, capable of linking the consciousness of the people the user wants.

It was a level higher than telepathy magic and allowed them to freely communicate. On their way to the King’s room, they talked about a lot of things.

Most of it was about their first impressions of the place.

-There’s too much bluffing here. It makes it hard to stay.

-It is a bit suffocating because the room is covered with colorful decorations that hurt my eyes.

-I think it is too much too.

Jamie too agreed with them as they went down the hallway.

The city looked artificial and this place looked very fake.

In particular, the faces of the people walking by them had forced smiles on their faces.

“We will arrive soon.”

He looked at the building near the Magic Tower at the guide’s words. It was said that it was built for the King and it didn’t seem like it had been long since it was built.

2-3 years.

He couldn’t understand why it was built next to a Magic Tower.

Even if the palace was far from the tower, Jamie didn’t understand why they had decided to move the palace closer to a tower.

Above all, the exterior gave it the look of a royal palace. All kinds of magic stones were used for decorations and the water was constantly flowing from the fountain.

-Even our estate doesn’t have this.

Lennon’s estate was the best commercial estate in Seldam Kingdom. Lennon was the son of the Lord of the estate which circulated the most money, yet he didn’t see such a glamorous thing.

The useless ornaments on the Magic Tower Lord came to his mind.

-Do all people in Harmonia dress like this and live like this?

-I don’t think so.

Hera said, tucking her hair behind her ears.

-Then the Liberation Army wouldn’t have rebelled. It can be seen as a form of excessive luxury in the capital alone.

-Other people?

-Did you not see the faces of the people we walked past?

-They were smiling… but their eyes weren’t smiling.

As expected, Ann had good observation skills.

Jamie spoke without changing his expression.

-Right. They are forced to look happy.


-Because they were asked to do it.

  • … The king asked?

-King or noble.

It wasn’t known what happened, but normally a person couldn’t even consider this as a place to stay after seeing all this.

As they talked, they arrived at the place where the King was waiting. From the entrance, a door which was studded with diamonds could be seen. They might not be the real diamonds, there must have been something else mixed in.

No one could imagine just how much money was used to make such things.


When the guide opened the door and waited, servants flocked around them.

“We will take you from here.”

Following them again, another door leading to a large hall appeared. It wasn’t an ordinary door, but it felt like all 4 of them had become immune to it.

As they stood there, they heard a voice from inside.

“Master of Seldam Kingdom and Great Magician Welton Jr has arrived!”

The large door opened with an unfamiliar introduction.

The red carpet was laid out while the nobles of Harmonia lined to the side and the King was seated on the throne.

As soon as the door opened, a band waiting for them behind the nobles was playing all kinds of instruments.

-So burdensome.

They knew the welcoming would be strange, but they didn’t expect it to be at this level.

They couldn’t understand this.

Since he was none other than a Master from Seldam, they thought a little hospitality would be fine.

‘And… this is almost like they wanted to show what they are made of.’

If they were called the royal palace, it would have been more splendid, but it must have been their plan to be in the new palace and approach their guest in a favourable manner using the pretext the King had visited them.

Jamie and the party walked in front of the King. The closer they got, the clearer the face of the King was, but they could only say…

‘What is that? He looks like a poor man.’

It wasn’t that he was sitting weirdly on the throne, but because his body had very few muscles. And looking at his bloodshot eyes and dark lips, he didn’t seem like someone coming to greet guests.

-No, he looks totally differe….

-Like someone who hasn’t slept for a few days?

-Exhaustion… and even though they used perfume, he stinks of alcohol.

Everyone with Jamie thought the same thing.

In the meantime, Hera was able to catch the waft of alcohol despite the perfume being used. A terrifying sense of smell.

However, they were in front of the King so no one spoke of it and stayed silent.

Jamie narrowed his eyes and took a closer look to see the King’s eyes.

-He is completely gone.


Ann looked up at Jamie with a surprised look, but she forgot that the people around were all watching them.

At that moment, a servant next to the King cautiously approached them. Maybe he was not a servant. The man had green jewels hanging from both ears and whispered softly in the King’s ears.

‘Your Majesty. Get yourself together.’

Jamie’s hearing picked it up.

‘Wow. This is amazing.’

Was the man lost despite having guests in front of him?

As Jamie kept noticing things, more and more weird things were happening.

“Eh? What? Why am I here?”

Like a man who had just woken up. King Cyprus rose up from his seat and looked around.

He looked at the nobles and frowned.

“Who are you? Why are you here?”

“Your Majesty.”

“Uh? Helm. What is this?”

“The guests from Seldam Kingdom have come.’

“Seldam? From Seldam… ah! Jamie Welton!”

The King seemed to have suddenly remembered it and he smiled like a mad man as he looked at Jamie who was standing down the stairs.

“But you?”

“Sir Welton Jr.”

“Ahahaha! This. The greatest talent! But why are you so tall? You are supposed to be 13.”

“Even at the age of 13, sometimes children appear big.”

“Well. People can be like that sometimes. But why are you here?”

King Cyprus was back to his lost form.

Lennon, Ann and Hera’s expressions were distorted.

-W-what is wrong with…

-Teacher. What the hell…!


His party was angry but Jamie only watched it with a smile.

Marquis Helm, who was next to the King, wondered if he could do anything to save the situation.

“You seem unwell, please head back.”

“Alcohol! Get me alcohol!”

“Follow that person and go drink alcohol.”

One of the nobles waiting down stairs bowed their head to the King.

“Your Majesty. I will guide you.”

“Sure! Hahaha!”

The King staggered and followed the person. The hall went silent at it.

As the King disappeared, Marquis Helm who was smiling and looking at Jamie turned to the party.

“I apologize for this. Your Majesty is quite sick. And it seems like he isn’t feeling well.”

“Sick. Sick. Yes.”

Jamie smiled and nodded.

“Thank you for understanding. We wanted to make a great ceremony since you came, but the situation turned out like this, you must be starving so let’s go eat right away. We have prepared everything.”

The welcome ceremony was done in less than 5 minutes.

Jamie thought that this nation was quite fun.

-This isn’t a nation.

Lennon said.

The second son of one of we the most prestigious nobles in Seldam, he was quite angry at Harmonia for how they handled them.

-It is all just appearance and everything is rotten. There is no system in this place. There is a King, but he isn’t there for the sake of the nation, and the servants stand till the end when the King excuses himself.

-He seems sick.

-He has to be. Perhaps this is why the power shook.

Marquis Helm.

A noble who rapidly increased his influence after the death of the former King of Harmonia.

As the disciples and Hera said, anyone could know he held the real power here. The King was just the puppet.

The addiction symptoms were severe from what they saw. In addition to that, it looked like the King had severe dementia and made it impossible to lead a proper life without the help of others.

So he couldn’t be controlling the nation with his own hands. In other words, it can be said that it was his own fault that Harmonia was like this.


One of the servants guided them to their seats with a stiff smile. Their eyes weren’t smiling like the other people.

As soon as they sat, the nobles of Harmonia sat down. Then they greeted Jamie warmly.

“Nice to meet you, Sir Welton Jr.”

“It is an honor to meet the Master of Seldam.”

“I am Count Clano. Take good care of us.”

“Your disciples are cute. And this…”

At that time an unknown noble asked, pointing to Hera.

“This is Miss Hera Boleno, a magician under my command.”

“Ahh! Boleno family!”

In Seldam there were 4 Magician families.

Linemal family of the 2nd elder.

The Shan family of the 4th elder Raymon.

The Simon family of the 8th elder.

Although there was no Great Magician now, the Boleno family is said to have produced Great Magicians for generations. Hera was a woman from a great family.

And a person talented enough to be the next Great Magician.

“To see the daughter of the Boleno family like this. Hahaha!”

“And the disciples…”

“Lennon Simon.”

Lennon introduced himself with a sharp tone.

However, the nobles were more interested in the name Simon and not in the voice and tone.

“Oh oh!!! Simon family’s child.”

“Oh my god! Such precious people have come to Harmonia. It is truly an honor.”

“And the cute girl here?”

“… I am Ann Myers.”


“I never heard of the Myers family…”

The Myers family is less known compared to the two people who previously spoke, the nobles of Harmonia couldn’t have known it.

Ann’s voice went low at the whispering of the nobles around her.

“She is my disciple. Jamie Welton’s disciple.”


At Jamie’s blunt words, the nobles realized what they did.

“Hahaha! Right. Disciple of Sir Welton Jr, she must be a promising one.”

“Right. Hahaha. We were mistaken, sorry.”

When the nobles looked at each other and smiled, Marquis Helm finally appeared.

The main character was coming in late to make a dashing entry.

“Did you all have pleasant conversations?”

“Ah, Marquis.”

“Please take a seat.”

When Marquis Helm appeared, the nobles jumped up from their seats. Lennon’s expression worsened as they were treating a Marquis like a King.

When all the people came, Marquis Helm suggested the meal be served.

“Please eat. This is made by the most skilled chef in Harmonia. I hope it suits your taste.”

“I will enjoy the food.”

Jamie greeted them and the meal started.

Marquis Helm asked Jamie in a soft voice as he sliced the steak.

“I heard you were closed away for 5 years.”

“Yes, I was.”

“You were a Great Magician back then, you must have reached a great state after 5 years. Hahaha.”

“I worked hard.”

Jamie smiled with a formal expression and concentrated on the meal. It was the moment when Helm frowned.


The sound of a bowl breaking was heared beside Jamie.


One of the servants placed food, missed Jamie’s bowl and it fell down. He looked like a boy in his late teens.

A noble from Harmonia jumped and threatened the boy.

“How dare you make such a mistake?!”


“This worthless thing. You cannot even do what you have clearly been instructed to do, and who the hell are your parents who couldn’t teach you a single thing?”


As parents were dragged into the picture, the servant’s expression darkened.

When he didn’t answer, the noble grabbed the boy by the throat.

Jamie grabbed his hand and stopped Lennon from standing up.



Lennon looked at him wide eyed but Jamie shook his head and the other nobles didn’t even care about them.

They just smiled at the servant. Even Marquis Helm.

He was leisurely taking sips of his wine.

“Why aren’t you talking?”

The servant’s lips trembled and his eyes were wet with tears that might fall at any moment.

It wasn’t that he was crying because he was scared, but it felt like he was crying out his anger for not being able to do anything despite a man cursing his parents.

That was what his face said. And the noble continued.

“If you are in the bottom class, you should act like one. It is your destiny to work hard and wipe our asses. You just need to be loyal to the end. We feed you, give you a place to sleep and everything right? But without knowing grace, you keep making mistakes in such an important place?’


“Huhu, look at that face?”

The servant’s expression turned darker and the noble pulled on his face.

“Why? Planning to join the Liberation Army?”

“Excuse me…”

Jamie called him with a smile.

Marquis Helm who was smiling looked at Jamie.

“Ah. We are very strict with the education. It isn’t something that the guest might like to see.”

“Not that. Your name?”

“Ah! Viscount Malve Capri.”

“Right. Viscount Malve Capri.”

Jamie smiled as he softly called out the name.

“This food looks delicious, please bring me more.”

“Uh? Ah, right. It will come out soon. Boke! Hurry up and get food for…”

“No. No. Viscount Malve is to do it.”

“… Uh?”

Malve Capri looked like he didn’t understand. Seeing that, Jamie smiled.

“Why? You don’t like this? If you don’t like this…”

Saying that he looked at Marquis Helm with a cold gaze.

“What do you think? Marquis Helm?”

Jamie didn’t bother putting ‘sir’ in front of Marquis.

Marquis Helm’s eyes trembled.

When he looked at Jamie without another word, Jamie smiled and said,

“Viscount Capri doesn’t seem to want to serve food.”

“Viscount Capri!!!”

At that moment, Marquis Helm shouted at the Viscount.

Startled, he looked at the Marquis who forced a smile and said,



“Bring it.”

“… I understand.”

The noble of Harmonia Kingdom being made to do things.

This was an unimaginable thing in this nation which had its nobles in high places.

However if they disobeyed the words of a Master of another nation, no one could know what disaster would come.

Viscount Capri went to the kitchen with a flushed face. Jamie approached the servant and cleaned his soiled collar.

“Be careful from now on. And you can stop this. All food today will be served by Viscount Capri himself. Right, Marquis?”

At Jamie’s tone, Marquis Helm nodded with a calm smile.

“Of course.”

“Harmonia is so good. Instead of the servants, the nobles themselves serve the food. Their guest hospitality is excellent. Seriously.”

“.. thank you for looking at it this way.”

Under the table, Marquis Helm clenched his fists so tight that his nails were digging into his palms.

It was the first time in his life that he was humiliated like this.

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