Chapter 206 - Raid (1)

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Jamie wiped his mouth with a napkin and said to everyone with a smile.

“The dinner prepared by Harmonia is really delicious. It was an honor to be able to taste the delicacies which are hard to find in Seldam.”

The nobles of Harmonia only smiled without answering.

It was because they noticed Marquis Helm, who was next to Jamie. But Jamie continued to speak.

“Especially Viscount Capri, who is here and brought the food for us. It was even more delicious because of him. Thank you, Viscount.”

“… it was an honor for me.”

Viscount Capri was a proud person but he didn’t show it because the opponent was stronger.

Lennon held back the laughter which was coming and Ann looked at the man with a disapproving look while Hera savoured the coffee served for dessert.

“You must be tired from coming all the way here, you should rest. We will have a meeting tomorrow.”

“Is that so?”

Jamie nodded his head and rose from the seat and looked at Marquis.

“Right. I just remembered it…”

“Please say it.”

“I want the servant to live unscathed. The same goes for the others. They are busy people right? Unlike everyone else here.”

Marquis Helm answered in a normal tone without a change in expression.

“Of course. You have nothing to worry about.”

“As expected from the nobles. So amazing. Right. Viscount Capri?”

“.. Yes.”

“I am tired so I will take a break now. I will see you all tomorrow.”

“Sir Welton is heading to the bedroom, please guide him.”


The servant there took the lead. The nobles of Harmonia couldn’t say anything until they left.

“My stomach is full.”

Lennon said, exhaling while touching his stomach.

As high ranking nobles in Seldam, although he harassed his older brother and kids of other nobles he never hurt commoners.

Even if it isn’t a noble obligation, at least Lennon thought he shouldn’t insult them.

Lennon knew that hated nobles never lasted long. That was what Count Simon said.

Although he had a cold heart and strong individualistic tendencies, he always kept a set of principles inculcated in him as he could lead the estate.

It wasn’t for nothing that Regen was a commercial estate.

“Right. I was a little shocked that there is a nation with such a strong sense of nobility.”

Ann too complained about what happened.

The nobles with a strong sense of power did exist in Seldam, but they never saw anyone who would arrogantly speak such things in front of the envoy of another nation.

“The other nobles didn’t say anything. So they must have thought acting like this is expected,”

“That is the worst. What a disgusting nation this is. Teacher, do we really need to help this nation?”

Jamie just smiled and didn’t answer.

Lennon grumbled ‘I don’t even know what you are thinking’ as he felt frustrated.

It was around the time they went to their rooms.

“Can I talk to you for a moment?”

Someone called Jamie from behind.

Everyone turned around, and there was a handsome young man standing there.

With thick eyebrows and a forehead wrinkled by a frown, he got the impression that this man was pretty stubborn.

“Who are…”

“I am Neo Fatal. I want to talk to you about something which happened a while ago, do you mind?”

“Who knows who you are? And will a Master just give you time?”

As Lennon blocked and looked at him with cautious eyes, Neo smiled and said,

“I am Count Neo Fatal, Lord of Harmonia. Little gentleman.”


Unlike Ann, who had a great height, Lennon was still short so the word ‘Little’ was forbidden around him.

“I am not litt…!”

“So you are Count.”

Before Lennon could say anything, Jamie stepped ahead and asked.

Ann grabbed Lennon and led him into their room and Hera too left the place.

“Shall we head to a quiet place?”

Jamie and Neo moved to a quiet place.

They approached the patio where there were fewer people and started to talk while looking at the moonlight.

“So, what is it?”

“What you did a while back was impressive…”

“A while back…”

Neo clenched his fists, unable to forget it.

“To make Marquis Helm experience such humiliation. I was impressed.”

“Haha. I don’t know why seeing that made you think I insulted Marquis.”

Jamie didn’t fall for it.

He didn’t know the intentions of the other person so he couldn’t jump straight into his views.

As if Neo noticed it, he realised his mistake.

“Ah. I was so excited. This is our first meeting.”

“Right. If I tell Marquis Helm about this you will be in huge trouble.”

“That won’t be a problem.”

At Neo’s unwavering expression, Jamie looked at him feeling interested.

‘Is there someone against Marquis Helm?’

He thought that this was a situation where only one man was ruling but it didn’t seem like that. Even so, seeing the King being handled like a puppet, it seemed right that this person or force had no power.

“Are you here to talk about that?”

“I came here because I wanted to see what kind of person you were.”

“I see.”

“… and I want to make a request.”


Neo asked Jamie with a serious face.

“How was the Harmonia you experienced today?”

“What is the meaning behind the question?”

“Literal. Please give me an honest answer.”

Jamie looked at Neo at those words.

“Bullshit. How is this even a nation? A single man rules it. In a situation like this, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the nation is walking down extinction.”


Because of the facts used, Neo made a face which was between smiling and crying.

But there wasn’t a single wrong word, so he stayed silent.

He quietly listened to the curses which came onto the nation even if it felt painful.

“You probably didn’t come here to confirm that.”

“Right. I thought of asking and confirming what you thought.”

“And the request?”

“… please help us bring down Harmonia.”

Jamie couldn’t say anything because of how shocked he was. He couldn’t understand it.

“Wait, wh-what did you…?”

“More precisely, help us bring down the current system. In return, Harmonia will become a vassal of Seldam.”

Jamie didn’t know much about Neo’s influence but he didn’t think a single subject would daringly say such words.

A conspiracy to revolt and the baton was being pointed at Jamie, an outsider.

Jamie wanted to think for a moment and said to Neo,

“I will pretend that I didn’t hear it.”

And then as he was about to leave, came Neo’s voice.

“Even in different nations, please help those who are suffering. Harmonia or Seldam, after all, this is a world where everyone lives.”


“And I don’t think my proposal is bad for the Seldam Kingdom. Wouldn’t it be good for Seldam if the forces had increased?”

“That is true, though.”

Did he want to join someone else’s rebellion?

Sure, King Friedmoor gave him the authority to do what he wanted. So Jamie could do it.

While he hesitated, Neo continued to speak.

“The current King has already fallen by the hands of Marquis Helm, his trusted aide. He continues to drink and his dementia has progressed so he cannot even remember what he said a moment back. Marquis Helm controls such a King at his will. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that the King of Harmonia is the Marquis. Although the nobles of the nation are obsessed with the idea of choosing someone, they couldn’t aim for it when His Majesty was alive. Today’s Harmonia is a nation which should no longer exist. Please, please help me.”

“You are talking about your side?”


Jamie wiped his face and then walked up to Neo and grabbed him by the neck.

Neo had a bewildered expression at his actions.

“Foolish bastards. It is so pathetic to see you reaching out to people from other nations because you are incompetent. You are going to hand over Harmonia? Do you think this nation which is as small as a pest would help us?”


“Have you tried your best? Isn’t it true that you are asking for the Master of Seldam to do your bidding?”


“You people have to live with shame. You are a person who is willing to sell his own nation. In my eyes, you and Helm don’t seem much different. Overturn a rotten nation? Is there any certainty that Seldam will take this over?”

Neo couldn’t say anything.

It was because he had confirmed that this person thought he was similar to Marquis Helm who directly controls the King and governs the state and he confidently gave up his nation.

But there was one thing he couldn’t accept.


Neo looked and shouted.

“At least it won’t be a world where everyone suffers!”


“I know. I know what I am saying, but there is nothing I can do. If things continue like this, the nation will be ruined. However, if there is a way, I can let go of my pride. If I want to hold onto the pride then shouldn’t it be when I am on the right side?”


“Harmonia is my nation, my hometown and home. I know it is wrong to keep this home in the hands of another nation, but… wouldn’t the lesser evil be the better choice than this hell, Sir Jamie Welton Jr?”

Jamie saw Neo’s eyes shine.

A grown man who had tears in his eyes meant he had suffered a lot.

He put Neo down and walked out of there.

Neo looked at Jamie’s back and said.

“I will show you my resolve today.”

It wasn’t known what kind of resolve it will be, but Jamie raised his eyebrows.



Viscount Capri screamed in pain. He was kneeling in the dark basement with arms tied. And cuts on his back.

“… how dare you humiliate me.”

Behind him was Marquis Helm gasping for breath while using a whip. He grunted venomous words and swung it again.


“Ackk! I-I apologize! Fo-forgive me…!”

“Shut up, you are worse than a big piece of shit!’


Marquis Helm struck the wip without mercy. In the end Viscount Capri passed away.

Marquis stopped and threw the blood soaked whip to the floor and remembered what happened.

“… Jamie Welton.”

He had never experienced such humiliation in his life.

To look at him with a cold face, who was no less than the King of Harmonia.

He didn’t say it with his mouth but the child was looking down on him. The problem was he himself agreed to everything Jamie said.

“Fucking dog!!!”

Unable to contain the anger, Helm smashed the head of Viscount Capri with his foot. The man who had already died only shook like a stingless doll.

“Cannot stay still! I will not stay still…!”

He was someone who paid back sufferings hundredfold.

It was then.


A subordinate ran to him and he asked with an annoyed face.

“What is it?”

“We have a problem! A huge problem!”


“The Liberation Army…. They entered the capital.”

Marquis’s face contorted at the news

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