Chapter 207 - Raid (2)

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Above the walls of the southern outskirts of Khimm.

Late at night, the guards were yawning and talking.

“The borders are too tight these days,”

“For real. Because of those liberation army brats, the rotation on the border had turned too severe. And if things go on, we might die from sleeplessness.”

“Tch. The problem with the nobles is this. Why would they care about us!’

“Shh! Don’t say that even if no one is around. What if someone hears us?”

“At this hour, who…”

One of the soldiers who had spilled such words giggled and looked at the darkness in front of them. With light artifacts he tried to increase his vision, but he couldn’t see very far.

A guard has to stand tall to make sure nothing was wrong, but being here felt meaningless.

“Uh… I am bored.”

“Whoever wins the bet takes a couple minutes off, how does that sound?”

“Sounds good. What do we bet on?”

The two soldiers, unable to stand their boredom because of their duties, came up with things. That’s why they were making bets and jokes.

Someone was watching them in the dark.

He was holding two sharp things in his fingers and soon after, he threw the nail at the two soldiers without another thought.

Puck! Puck!

The nails which flew were lodged in the forehead of the soldiers and they fell down due to instant death.

The man walked out of the darkness and climbed up the fortress at once. His senses were used to see if any soldiers were around but he couldn’t feel others.

“Look at this. I didn’t think they would be this lame…”

The news that the Liberation Army had crossed the Altar River must have spread throughout the city.

The Alter River was just 30 km from the capital Khim. It was clear that it was a distance which could install fear, but this didn’t seem right.

Someone should have at least deployed troops, but they didn’t, did it mean that they had something they believed in?

‘If not… they must be underestimating us even now.’

The man tied his black hair to the back of his head and looked around. The man, Hawks, threw himself down the wall with needles in his fingers.

Tonight, they will kill the King.

And whether they were successful or not, the war between the Liberation Army and the kingdom will stop today.


It was buzzing outside.

Jamie, who was reading a book, he frowned and closed the book. What was the reason for it to be so noisy at this time?

As he was moving to check, he heard someone running down the hallway.

“We- Sir Welton! Excuse me!”

A rushed voice.

Jamie opened the door to see what was happening. A short man with a little fat on his body started to speak as he continued to sweat.

“A-attack. It is said that the Liberation Army’s special task force has infiltrated the capital and is attacking the castle. General Melbourne, is asking Sir Jamie Welton to come quickly…”

Melbourne was another Sword Master of Harmonia.

Although he is evaluated to be lower compared to the King’s Knight Cyril, he was a commander specialized in commanding troops because of his high ability in commanding.

“Let’s go.”

He did come here to support the request of the Harmonia Kingdom.

He hadn’t yet decided on what he would do, but for now, it was right to follow their request. And the chance to get in contact with the Liberation Army came sooner than he thought.

Jamie too was a bit curious about their ideas and how they were going to make this revolution into a success.

It is true that the kings and nobles of Harmonia are rotten, but there is a high chance that the Liberation Army isn’t all pure either. It wasn’t too late to understand what both sides looked like and then decide on what to do.

‘And if neither side gives the right answers…’

Jamie gulped at his thoughts.

Another door opened with his disciples and Hera coming out.

“Teacher? Where are you going?”

“What is happening outside?”

The quick witted children noticed that something serious was happening and Hera asked with a serious face.

“Did the Liberation Army make a surprise strike?”

“Miss Hera. Look after the kids, this time I will go alone.”

“Yes. Please proceed with caution.”

“Teacher! I will come!”

When Lennon tried to persuade, Hera used magic to cover his mouth and lift him in the air.

“Upup! Ummmmm!”

Lennon who couldn’t keep up with her magic continued to struggle and Ann who looked at that, just said.


Then Jamie went straight to the battlefield.

** *

Magic Tower Master Jakan frowned. He heard that the Liberation Army’s special forces had attacked and it was difficult to find out if more were moving.

Since he was the only Great Magician in the capital, he had to somehow identify where the enemy was, but it wasn’t easy.

It seemed like they were wearing devices to hide their mana so as not to get caught by others.

“These fucking things…”

When the King’s Knight was killed, the number of Masters Harmonia had plummeted to the bottom. He was upset about their best Sword Master dying and couldn’t forgive the arrogant Liberation Army for killing him.

At best, things that were nothing more than tools of nobles dared to attack them without fear…

“Did you think that I wouldn’t be able to find you if you did that?”

The magic realization of Jakan was ‘Elemental Power’. It was literally the subject of maximizing the effect of magic related to elements.

Elements existed all over the world and no matter how much they tried to keep hidden, it will only be a matter of time before they are found.

[Elemental memory]

Jakan’s eyes turned blue and the elements scattered throughout Khim and began to send him information.

“Found them!”

7 strange people were detected to the north, east, south, and west of the capital and all the information was being sent to him.

However, the 7 people or beings he sensed right now could be considered as new information, something he didn’t detect till now.

And the information gathered to his body in an instant. The Great Magician was a Great Magician. The information came in with exceptional computational power and was shared with the other magicians.

“Capture them!”

Even if the special task force of the Liberation Army was made of their elite, this was the capital of Harmonia.

It was the land where two master classes stayed. In addition, Master Jamie Welton who came from Seldam Kingdom was here. He didn’t like the child, but he knew that Jamie was on a higher level than him.

‘Fucking kid.’

It hurt his pride but it was true that the ally was reliable.

First, the information of the people had to be sent to General Melbourne through the magicians of the tower. The information continued to be sent to the tower magicians.

There was no need for the Magic Tower Master to head into the battle as the 7 will be caught in no time.

“Bothering me at night.”

Jakan grumbled and put his hands on the back of his head as he laid down.

“You look comfortable.”

It was then.

He opened his eyes at the voice he heard from below, someone was standing on the ground which was lit by the moonlight.

A man in black uniform and a white mask with a curved sword. The dark hair was swaying behind the mask in the cool night’s wind.

Jakan couldn’t say anything and it wasn’t because of the energy the opponent was releasing.

‘H-How did he get here?’

All the elements of Khim were his eyes and ears. And the current location of the infiltrators was known. Even now, their movement was clearly coming to his mind.

The two from the north colliding with soldiers and one of the three in the east being seriously injured and the other who was on the run. Perhaps the one in the west was quite skilled and cut down ten soldiers.

Like the one in the west, the one in the south seemed skilled too.

7 in total… then the masked man down here was?

Not just the element, but his eyes were seeing it now.

‘Not yet detected.’

He couldn’t understand what this was, so he turned off his elemental power. It was then that the presence of the white mask began to be touched by him.

And he knew.

“… it is you.”

“Even if you are a Great Magician, after knowing that Cyril has been taken down you are staying alone in this place. I don’t understand what confidence you have.”

Cyril was mentioned from the mouth of the masked person. Jakan frowned.

As if confirming the killing, the man in the white mask was the man who killed the King’s Knight, the strongest in the Harmonia Kingdom. In other words, this man was someone strong.

A monster which even 7th class Jakan cannot fight against. But Jakan was a great magician.

If he couldn’t win against with the man in front of him, then everything would fail.

Even if the Sword Master has reached a realm above this, if a Great Magician decides to run away no one can catch him.

“Huhuhu, I am not a magician but a Great Magician, didn’t you show yourself too easily?”


“The memorization is done! It is so easy for me to run from you if I want! And now, with my eyes, I have your information imprinted in my mind. I don’t know how you got here, but even if you are a strong Sword Master, it would be impossible to face a large army of two Masters.”

Jakan had already queued invisibility and teleport spells at the same time. If he wanted, he could activate both magics at the same time and run out of here.

As soon as Jakan finished speaking, he activated both spells.

Never to be found.

“So late.”

The white masked man, Jin said in a heavy voice.

Jin walked under the moon with bright light.

And it shone in the place.

“Because you are already dead.”


Jakan couldn’t even finish his words.

It was because a straight line was drawn from his neck to the top of his head. His head dropped down to the ground, even Jakan’s eyes on the fallen head couldn’t comprehend what happened.

He couldn’t help it.

“You couldn’t even detect me with your skills.”

The head fell first, later came the body.

Another Master of the Harmonia Kingdom fell because of him. Jin called back the curved sword and put it in its sheath.


He heard a voice from the alley next to him. Although hidden by a mask, Jin looked a bit surprised.

Walking out from the dark alley was a man with shining emerald hair in the moonlight.

Jamie asked looking at Jin with a curious face.

“Right? Master of the Frontier helping the Liberation Army.”


Instead of answering Jin fired at him. But his curved blade never reached Jamie.

“Only within the range of moonlight? That is a scary power you have, but only at night.”

Hundreds of chains came from the air and wrapped around that blade.

Of course, the chains couldn’t completely stop it.

Countless lines were drawn on the chains which got cut and Jin fixed his form.

‘My attack…’

No matter how prepared the Great Magicians are, unless they knew his powers, they would get hit.

However, blocking the power itself wasn’t done, and the identity was realized.

Jin’s power was the ‘Moonlight Resonance’.

It was a power which can be activated with the moon in the sky, and grants power infinitely close to invincibility under the moon.

However, it was also a power that would drastically reduce the power of an opponent who notices it.

‘But knowing it doesn’t mean it can completely prevent it.’

What Jamie found out about Moonlight Resonance was that wherever moonlight touches-

“Is your range?”

Jamie slammed his Scud that he pulled out towards the spot where the moonlight permeated.


The Scud and curved blade collided and a strong shock wave was generated. The floor turned muddy and the environment changed.

With his hands holding Scud, Jamie looked ahead.

“You, let’s not do this, why don’t we talk instead?”

“… talk?”

“Yes, talk.”

It didn’t matter if the fight could happen after the conversation.

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