Chapter 208 - Raid (3)

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Jamie and Jin looked at each other without a word and their swords against each other.

Jin frowned and pushed Jamie back. He didn’t think a child could be this strong considering how skinny he looked, but Jamie did move back because his opponent was a Sword Master.

Jamie landed on the ground with Scud at his side.

“So. You want to talk?”


Jin kicked on the muddy ground. It was muddy so it would make it difficult for him to move, but again, he was a Sword Master.

Jamie stepped back and held out his hand to Jin who was on alert.

The magic unfolded over them.

“Magic won’t work.”

Jin, who had Moonlight Resonance, used an aura to cover his head. The silver curved blade cut through the darkness of the night in a straight line.

However, the curved blade only cut through the air and Jamie couldn’t be found. He used mana to find where Jamie was, but Jamie’s presence couldn’t be felt.

It was then.


Jin spread out his blade to the left side reflexively.

“This is a Sword Master?”

Jamie, who had been hiding in the world behind the scenes with Beyond Avalon, came into view and smiled.

As Jin’s form shook, Jamie took charge.

[Sea of Hundred]

Touch the ground to control the flow of mana. Leaning ahead, he used burst magic to accelerate the charge.

It was as if he was using teleportation to run short distances. However, unlike teleportation the acceleration was applied.

Jin tried to flee with the power, but the moonlight was now covered up.

“Futility Divide.”

The swordsmanship of the Welton family.

Type 10 of Welton.

Mana rumbled and the flow of mana began to swirl down like an explosion.

Jin could feel his body stiffen. The distance between him and Jamie was exactly 2 steps. Welton’s sword which contained the power of Futility Divide was aiming for his neck.

A near-perfect attack.

If he wasn’t a decent warrior he wouldn’t be able to block this attack. But,

“It cannot reach it because it is this close to perfection.”

Jin’s expression changed under the white mask.


The curved blade soared into the sky and blocked scud. Even though he couldn’t hold it tightly because of his failing form, he had no intention of being pushed back. In addition, the moonlight aura wrapped around him was fine despite the Futility Divide being used.

“Because Sword Master is the perfect form.”

[Moonlight Resonance]

He used his remnant power to block the attack, but as long as the moon hailed in the sky, everything was meaningless.

[Moonlight charm]

A sharp blade fell over the flow of mana created by the Hundred Sea.

Starting with that, the invisible blade cut through all the flow of mana. And not just the flow.

Jamie’s head, shoulders, stomach and legs were all aimed at.

‘Moonlight Resonance’ was the power to turn the light from the moon into a weapon. If the moon rises, the power is close to being invisible.

“You can handle swords better than I thought, but you don’t become a Master just because you have a sword, you cannot win this.”

Jamie too would agree to it.

He was still lacking. Thinking back, he never once had a successful attack against his father.

He had a long way to go with the sword.

“Right, things are hard with a sword, I admit it.’

Still, it didn’t feel very fair. The Scud was back into the sheath and Jamie’s eyes changed.

“Then let’s get to work now.”

“What do you mean?”

It was the moment when Jin couldn’t understand it.

[Flash Boom]

Several small lights flickered around JIn.

And he was shocked, he couldn’t feel a thing.

If magic was being used around him, he should have felt it, but it was also natural that he didn’t feel it.

When attacked, it was magic which was planted with the help of Beyond Avalon. At this moment, Jamie summoned it to reality, so it would be impossible for a Sword Master to deal with it.

The lights flickered more rapidly and Jin immediately wrapped moonlight around his body.


There was a huge explosion.

An explosion which engulfed all the surrounding buildings. Jin frowned and stepped out.

Although moonlight was blocking it, the power of the explosion was still strong enough to hurt his body. Before he could even resolve the shock, Jamie showed up.

[Triple Fusion Magic.]

[Erasure Vortex Thunder]

A form of fusion of wind, lightning and rotational properties into magic realization ‘convergence’.

And 8th class magic Erasure Vortex Thunder fell on Jin’s head.

No matter how hard a Sword Master was, if he got hit with the 8th class magic at close range he would not be unscathed.


Jin fell to the ground with the force of the 8th class magic. Dozens of black lances revolved around Jamie.

It was the 7th class magic “Pursuit of the Black Night.”

Dozens of things which were difficult to handle all moved in the direction where Jin fell.

But the lances couldn’t move.

“… you are pretty good.”

All the lances were cut in half. At the same time, Jin grabbed his curved blade which appeared from behind and swung it.

[Beyond Avalon: Reverse World]

The curve crossed the air. And returning to reality immediately after dodging the attack, Jamie reached for Jin’s face.

[Moonlight Resonance: Lone Star]

The moonlight shone from Jin’s body. All the light was composed of penetrating property.

Jamie again hid himself ready for anything. The moonlight spread out in the form of a round sphere and destroyed everything it touched. And when the light went out, night came.

Jin was on the floor taking a deep breath.

‘Lone star’ was an attack that put moonlight in the form of a dot and unleashed it outside, a skill which used a lot of mana.

Therefore, it was a finishing attack to kill the opponent, but it failed.

With a stiff face he looked at Jamie who was walking towards him.

‘Have I ever struggled like this against a magician?’

Not many, but there were times he went against 8th class magicians in life-threatening fights.

They were no easy fights. But if asked if they were difficult, it wasn’t. It was a moderately worthy opponent, nothing more.

But Jamie Welton was different.

‘I feel like I am losing.’

Does it feel like he is losing?

It wasn’t a good feeling.

Jamie said.

“The win won’t be easy.”

There was some leeway in Jamie’s voice. That didn’t mean he considered himself higher.

In the end, they were in a state where they couldn’t break the other.

‘There are many ways to take him down.’

But he had no intention of showing it, so Jamie spoke to Jin.

“Why don’t we have the talk now? If we fight with the intent to kill, the fight will turn longer and Harmonia’s forces will arrive.”

Come to think, the troops hadn’t arrived here. If there was an explosion it would be normal for them to be here.

“You did something.”

Jamie did say something, even if there was a commotion, don’t let anyone approach them.

Jamie asked.

“So? Would you like a conversation now?”

Jin clicked his tongue, there weren’t many options. And putting his blade back he asked with a frustrated face which couldn’t be seen through the mask.

“What kind of talks are you expecting?”

It seemed like he didn’t want to talk to someone who was helping Harmonia.

“Well. I wonder why you are helping the Liberation Army.”

“I am under no obligation to tell you.”

“Because the situation may change depending on the reason.”

“… you will help us?”

“Depending on the reason.”

Jin frowned. He thought very carefully as he said,

“To make this land free.”


“… we intend to prevent any religion from setting foot in this land.”

Jamie’s eyes widened. This was an unexpected answer.

It was safe to say that “Loen continent” was ruled by 12 churches. So it was inconceivable that there was no religion.

There are places which didn’t accept religion, even Haiss was once run like that, but there were only a few.

In particular, it is common to have multiple religions in one nation. Harmonia was the same.

“As long as the 12 churches have taken root in this land, humans cannot be free.”


“They are like moths to the light.”


“You won’t understand even if I say it. Go back to Seldam, this isn’t a fight you can handle.”

“I cannot do that.”

Jamie smiled at JIn’s warning.

The bluish energy shone over the mask, it looked like he was angry.

“Then you want to save this rotten nation?”

Depending on the answer the man would jump into the fight once again.

“Listen till the end.”

“What more is left for you to say?”

“I have been delegated with a lot of power. And among those powers…”

Jamie took a step closer.

“There is the choice of destroying this nation.”

“To destroy? Does that mean you will join the Liberation Army?”

“Something like that.”

“You have a lot to say!”

The air around shook as Jin shouted.

“In the end, you came to eat this land!”

Jamie felt his skin tingle.

“Eating is a bit different. You want to own a share. It wouldn’t be a bad view from your point of view, right?”

“Ha!! Isn’t Seldam a nation ruled by religion? To hold hands with you? You haven’t even listened to anything I said. Pull out your weapon!”

Jin pulled his blade back and took a stance.

“Beheading the king will happen. There will be no chance for you people to step in.”

He was surrounded by the moonlight aura.

Before negotiations break down.

“The Drian church has begun to support this land.”

“… what?”

“I saw with my own eyes that the priests of Drian Church stay here, the God of Violence and Plunder.”

Just before coming here, Jamie recalled all that he saw. The bizarre faces in black robes.

A new church which wasn’t in Harmonia, appeared suddenly.

This is information which even Seldam intelligence didn’t get.

“If they help, even if you are Frontier, the war will become long.”

“How can you…”

It was then.

Black light rose above the sky from the direction of the royal palace.

Different from the black mana the dark magicians use, a black color with sacredness.

It was the God of Violence and Plunder, Drian.

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