Chapter 209 - Trash (1)

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Drian, the God of Violence and Plunder.

One of the 12 Gods with the nickname the same as evil god.

His followers are known to be the most violent among the 12 churches and their doctrines contain a lot of content in favor of their crimes.

In fact, most of the nations didn’t accept Driansim, but the followers of Drian were taking root in the lawless zones in the western part of the continent <Arisha>.

In addition to that, in the neighborhoods where a lot of illegal things happened, Drian Churches formed.

It is the most minor church of the 12 Gods, but the worst in case of violence.

‘This is fast.’

Jamie clicked his tongue as he saw the Drian’s holy power rising from the palace.


In the past, Diablo faced Zenith the most. Even after ten thousand years, the ugly images were still vivid in his mind.

-Diablo! The world is a place for the strong! Only the strong will survive! You are strong, but weak. Why? Because you are alone! Kuahahaha!

Although he was obsessed with strength among the 12 Gods, he was also a god with a power of lower rank among 12 gods, unlike his grandiose name.

The current Drian Church eventually believed and followed Drian’s teachings so they were of a similar nature.

Violence and Plunder.

This is because it all means to bully the weak.

Jamie looked and said to Jin.

“Trust me now?”

Jin quietly looked at Drian’s holy power. The expression he was making couldn’t be deciphered because of the mask, but it was clear that he was disturbed.

Jin watched the holy power disappear and finally said,

“Nothing changes.”


“If I cut the King’s head, even if the Drian church joins in, the situation won’t change and you are the only one who can stop me in here.”

It is impossible to avoid the assassination from a Sword Master wielding strong power under the moonlight even if it is the leader of paladins.

And he wasn’t wrong.

But Jin was missing the point.

“The King isn’t the centre of this nation.”

“What do you mean?”

“It is no exaggeration to say that this nation fell into the hands of a man called Helm. If the King is dead, there is someone ready to replace him.”

“Even so, there is a thing called symbolism. No matter how the nation…”

“Did Count Fatal tell you that?”

When he mentioned Neo Fatal, Jin shut his mouth. As expected, today’s attack was planned by Neo.

“He came up to me and asked me to help him.”


“What will you do? Will you join hands or see the end? Choose.”

As Jin stood there with a worried look, Jamie became angry and shouted.

“Didn’t you people come here to save the suffering people of Harmonia?”


“Freedom? Dog shit! In the end, you people are only helping to get a stake in this land! I mean, you just deceived the Liberation Army with nice sounding words like freedom!”


“No? The reason for keeping me in check here is to make sure that Seldam doesn’t come in, cause if it does, the Frontier will not be able to exert full influence, right?”

“We are not an organization which is like…”

“Then good.”

Jamie said with a smile.

“Wouldn’t it be alright to hold hands?”

“… you brat.”

“Think about the day after this. Right now, the priority is to clean up the rotten nation right? Don’t forget your priorities, Sword Master.”

“Damn it.”

Jin had no choice but to get involved.

King Cyprus was drugged and lying on a lavish sofa. There was a man looking down at him.

It was blasphemous to look down at a King but no one pointed it out. The man asked Marquis Helm who was by the window with a glass of wine.

“You called us in too early?”

“Things are getting boring.”

Marquis Helm clicked his tongue as he watched the sight out of the window. Several Liberation Army forces broke in.

Two were captured but the other five were unknown. The damage now itself was huge.

“Seriously worthless, those shitty beings.”

Marquis Helm felt pity for the Harmonia’s troops who couldn’t even scratch a couple rats.

Apart from being shitty, it was Marquis Helm who turned them like this.

“I made them all so sick. Should I have held back?”

In the past events, the soldiers were likely to be in the way, and all the competent generals were purged.

Although it was speculative for others, most thought it was because of the King who had gone crazy but not Marquis Helm who held real power.

Although there was backlash because of Cyril, the King’s Knights suppressed them all. In fact, Cyril would have been able to cause bloodshed, but he didn’t have that kind of personality.

Well, he is the loyal dog to the skin.

“Well, it won’t be just seven.”

“You think they must have sent the one who killed the King;s Knight?”

“According to eyewitnesses, it was said he is on the move. Even though Cyril is a strong one in here, it is safe to say this man specializes in assassinations, give that he doesn’t use too much force.”

“Must have had terrible powers.”

“If he came all this way then it’s a bye to the King.”

It didn’t matter if the king died, but the work after that would be tiring. And Helm didn’t like it so he was trying to save the King at any cost.

Anyone can make a puppet, but a broken doll like this is hard to find. And he looked at King Cyprus sleeping.

“He really is a broken doll.”

“I know.”

“I never thought that it would be so easy to ‘plunder’ a nation.”

“Like plundering that body?”

“Hahaha. Well, yes.”

Helm smiled and the man said.

“High priest. Tell me about your future plans.”

Helm was called as the high priest and wiped his face. And then the skin moved showing the face hidden inside.

Weird snake-like eyes, a prominent chin and bones.

Helm himself was one of the high priests of the Drian Church.

He had no real name.

This is because the priests of Drian church abandon their names because that helps in violence and plunder.

“The plan stays the same.”

“But the time.”

“No. This is all good.”

Maybe they have already died. A civil war which lasted more than 5 years. A lot of blood and corpses were piled up and still going up at this time.

“Times are rapidly changing. Now that the 12 gods system is falling, we need to find a way to survive.”

Everyone says it started with the clash of Pyro and Zenith in Apton. However, that was just the start of an apparent conflict, and the leaders of each church knew.

The 12 Gods have already split into 7 groups and as they split, they started to aim to take the other one down.

And the weak Drian church needed to move faster than the other churches.

“You can call me an evil god. If it means to reach the apex it doesn’t matter.”

“That is the will of our parent.”

It would be a good chance to take advantage of this time and wipe out everyone

‘Jamie Welton.’

An arrogant little boy who insulted him. He wanted to make the child regret it.

“Before you start.”

“I know,”

The man ran from the King’s bedroom.


Helm called for the man who left and he looked back.

“Jamie Welton’s disciples and assistant are staying in the tower. Kidnap them.”

“Didn’t Jamie Welton come to help Harmonia?”

“The world doesn’t work so easily.”

“I get it.”

Helm held back the smile and looked outside the window. Smoke was rising everywhere.

“What the hell is happening outside?”

“I don’t know.”

“Damn it. He should have taken us too.”

“If we stay here, everything will be fine.”

Hera spoke to the anxious disciples of Jamie and looked at the door. The hallway was noisy and people constantly moved.

There were the screams that the Liberation Army forces were coming. Some said their friends were wounded and some said they would kill the forces.

The three of them in the room stayed silent. But…

“Doesn’t it seem like it calmed down?”

The noisy hallway turned silent. Lennon jumped when Hera grabbed his wrist.


“We need to check the situation outside.”

“Are you going to break the order the 3rd elder gave?”

“… this much can be done.”

Lennon, who shook off her hand, approached the door and put his ear to it. Perhaps, because it was quiet, there was no sound at all. Feeling puzzled, he slowly opened the door and put his head out.

“Nobody there.”

“No one?”

Ann approached Lennon with a look of disbelief.

Hera who was behind them checked it. checking that the hallway was empty they stepped out and continued to walk along the hallway, and they couldn’t see anything.

“Are they all gone?”

“Looks like it. but why suddenly?”


It was when the three of them were looking around with a puzzled expression. A drop of water fell from the ceiling.

Ann wiped the droplet off her face with a sleeve. And looked up wondering why there was a leak.


She screamed, making Lennon and Hera turn to her.

“What is it?”


“T-there, there….!”

Ann shook her head and pointed to the ceiling to make them look up.


Lennon fell back in shock and Hera covered her mouth with hands. Numerous bodies were hung to the ceiling.

All had died not too long ago, and their faces had a shade of red.

“T-th-this is…”

They couldn’t understand why corpses were hung to the ceiling but this sight was terrifying. So terrifying that the memory probably was going to stay engraved in their heads.

It was then.


A terrifying laughter.


A moving sound and Lennon looked to the side.

A large blade with the force to split open the head. An unavoidable situation and his eyes widened.


The sound of skin being pierced. The man with a hideous face holding that sword smiled broadly. And he looked at the sword.


And the man fell down.

The black thorns which protruded from the stomach and back slowly disappeared.

[Shadow Secret]

[Shadow Pierce]

Hera stretched out one knee she was kneeling on and released the hand.

The vision of Boleno magic.

It was Shadow Magic, widely known to boast infinite power under shadows. Lennon rubbed his face and gulped.

“This isn’t the end.”

Lennon jumped at Hera’s words. Ann’s legs trembled but she got up.

It was difficult for them, they were still kids and being made to face such a situation but they couldn’t sit still.


From both sides of the hallway, men with swords similar to this man who just died approached.

“Stay behind me.”

Jamie had asked her to look after the children and she was going to get it done.

She was going to do that right.

“Those damn bastards… Ann.”

Lennon looked at Ann and Ann nodded with a firm face.

“Uh. Let’s start.”

Hera looked at them at Ann’s word. The children who were trembling a moment back had vanished and now stood strong kids.

“Hera. Thank you. but from now on….”

“We will fight our way out. So you don’t have to protect us.”

“… Uh?”

Hera couldn’t understand what they were saying, but in the fight which came she could understand the meaning.

“Keep passing the information. That is all we need.”

“We can win.”

These were the disciples of Jamie Welton.

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