Chapter 210 - Trash (2)

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Beep! Beep!

Jamie frowned looking at the necklace which shone.

“What is it?”

Jin asked. Jamie silently grabbed the necklace and looked at the tower. A cloud of smoke was rising above it.

“…it looks like something has happened to my disciples.”

“Shouldn’t we go see them?”

Jamie looked a bit worried and then shook his head.

“It is fine.”

“Your disciples… I heard they are young.”

Jin gulped down the ‘like you’ part. Jamie was still 13, but he didn’t look like it. Turning off the signal Jamie said,

“Even if they are young,”

He smiled, preparing to move.

“They are my disciples.”

It’s not just him who got stronger over the past 5 years. Under him they performed a lot.

And he could assure anyone, even though they were children who might be his age, they were a lot better than kids their age.

Still, they weren’t ready to stay on the battlefield, so he didn’t want to bring them.

‘Well this is good.’

Experiencing war wasn’t bad.

Besides, as long as the two of them were together.

‘There is nothing to worry about.’

And this was trust gained through experience, so Jamie could focus on his task.

“Are you really okay?”

“Let’s move quickly. You don’t have much time to accomplish your goal.”

Jamie said that and teleported away. Jin was left alone grinning at those words.

“He is a young man, I don’t understand how he is this confident.”

Then he went with Jamie.

“Kuak! Captain, we cannot move ahead…!”

“What kind of bastards are like this?!”

Teru, the captain of Violence, the armed forces of Drian Church, frowned as he watched the flames engulf the hallway which wasn’t wide or narrow.

So many were already hit. It had been a long time since the Violence unit, a strong one in their church, was suffering like this.

Teru, glared at the red haired boy who was moving among the flames. His appearance seemed to be 13 or 14, and he was spewing flames from his two small hands like a veteran magician.

It wouldn’t have been hard if it was just the boy.

‘The girl behind is the real deal.’

The ordinary looking girl. She looked taller than the boy in front of her. He thought they could be siblings but their faces didn’t seem alike.

The problem was that the girl was aware of all their plans.

‘Magic skills which are comparable to the little red haired boy…’

When something was tried, she would deal with it before execution. It felt like they were playing into their hands.

And it wasn’t just the two kids.

A woman with her back to them was controlling shadows and fighting people on the other side.

If it was just the two of them, they could have pushed them away but this was impossible with the woman there.

“W-what do we do?”

“We have the order. We need to go through at any cost.”

“You mean…”

“Widen it.”

It is the same if they have to kill or take down the woman and two children, but it is better than failing the mission.

They didn’t know why they would have to get these three people, but he was going to follow the orders.

“Lennon, the movement behind is weird. I think they are preparing something.”


“Everyone running now is bait. Fight with the least amount of force.”


According to Ann’s words, Lennon spread 3rd class fire magic at the people running in twos or threes. It was difficult to break through the defense of the Flame Magician on a one-way path as long as Hera had their back.

Any flame with minimal power couldn’t be overcome and Ann would take her time to judge and analyze the situation.

Born with the Scholar’s talent, she was gifted with overwhelming insight so even if a battle is happening she could understand things.

‘The amount of bait is rising.’

The enemies were throwing themselves like moths to a flame.

Even though they knew it was meaningless, which meant that there was a reason behind them doing it. Because the tower is round, the starting point of the enemies cannot be found. And there seemed to be something happening somewhere, but they couldn’t confirm it.

Ann used wind magic to make the flames of Lennon dance fiercely.

‘Now that it is difficult to know the number of the enemies, it will be at our own risk to engage in an attrition battle like this.’

They burned a lot of enemies, but if they kept coming it meant the number of men on their side wasn’t low.

Ann wasn’t sure what this was. But she knew the ones coming at the flames were bait.

And there was a high chance that they were waiting for the mana of their party to be depleted.

‘In the end, both sides are aiming for the same thing.’

As soon as the flames die down they would rush in like predators.

‘And there are only three.’

Hera was holding up from behind but it was clear she was running out of mana. If this situation went on, they wouldn’t be able to block them anymore.

Ann calmly thought about the urgent situation. Several thoughts rushed to her mind and useless ones were discarded.

She looked back.

The wall.

An ordinary wall, but she intently looked at it.

“Yo! Ann!”

Lennon felt his mana running out and called for Ann who fell silent. But Ann didn’t respond. She continued to look at the wall.

Then she hit the wall with her fist a few times.

“Yah! What are…”

“Lennon! Hera!”

Ann called for the two and put her hand against it.

Then she said,

“We need to destroy this one.”

“… why the wall?”

“Given the size of the room we stayed in, this too looks like a room. So we can escape from a window.”


“Destory it.”

Without another question Hera controlled her shadows towards the enemies and then used the magic where Ann was pointing to.


Black mass came up and rushed for the wall which was crushed.

Ann said while looking at the room,

“It really is a room.”

“The sound was loud.”

If it was a wall then there would have been a muffled sound but this was a room, so there was a bit of a sound. Ann went straight in and the other two followed, blocking the enemies.

“It should happen soon.”

“What should I do?”

“What the enemies prepared.”

The number of baits decreased. It meant there was no need for them to play and as if confirming it, shoes came from beyond the room.


“W-what power!”

“What are they all?!”

Lennon frowned at the screams which came from the outside and the magic flow.

“Five coming in with tremendous speed.”

Hera had used detection magic with shadows on the hallway. It was impossible to avoid the shadows so she could figure out how many they were.

Soon after, there was a huge shock to the side of the broken wall, and someone appeared.

There was a hole in the wall, and they wanted to ask if it was needed for them to break the wall again, but they didn’t because of their red eyes.

“Kuahahaha. I didn’t know that I would have to use this to capture little kids and a girl.”

“If I catch you now, I’ll teach you a lesson. But if you keep rebelling I will definitely kill you.”

Unlike the enemies they faced till now, they were looking at the men who appeared to be 1.5 times taller than them and appearing with steam releasing from their bodies. The muscles were wobbling which made it hard to see.


As Lennon openly showed his disgust one of them was enraged.

“I will break the limbs of that red haired boy.”

“Oh my. That is a bit scary.”

Lennon laughed in a sarcastic tone and the man couldn’t hold back anymore.

“Then die!”

He was running but the sound was as if the ground was collapsing. And it really did break.

[Earth’s Vibration]

Earth’s Vibration shook the ground. The floor which was being damaged by the footsteps collapsed.



Lennon smiled and watched the man fall. The floor they were on was quite high, so the fall must be painful.

“What are you doing now?”

When the floor between the two parties collapsed the enemy couldn’t jump.

This was because if they jumped and the kids did another magic then they would have the same fate as the one before.

Ann, who had some time, ran to the window to see the situation outside. There were explosions everywhere. It wasn’t known what was happening, but it looked like a battle was happening in the city.

Perhaps it had to do with the enemies who appeared here.

And, a man running away came into Ann’s view.

“Let’s join.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Miss Hera. Please!”


Hera broke the window and wrapped the two kids in shadows. Fortunately, the tower’s shadow was now in their direction.

In other words, the shadows were larger than the tower.

“Let’s go down. Before that…”

[Shadow Secret]

[Shadow Bondage]

“What is this?’

“Damn it! I am stuck!”

“It has to be that girl’s work!”

The shadows of the troops bound them. So they were stuck there unable to do anything.

“Damn it! Destroy this!”

“If Violence can yield this magic how can he be called a priest who worships the God of Violence!”


“Kuak! I cannot hold it wrong. This needs to end.”

Drian’s secret trick which grants ten times more power than a normal man. Even if Hera’s Shadows were excellent, it would be impossible to block someone with that force.

She wrapped herself and the kids in shadows and spread the wings. As she flew high, Lennon performed the last thing.

[Simon Ryu: Red Flare Ray]

A fire magic of Count Simon. As the red line reached where they were, a terrifying crimson flame erupted.


The red flame turned into a huge explosion and engulfed the surroundings area with a terrifying fire.

No matter how strong a human being is, this explosion would be difficult to stand.

… was what he thought.

“You cannot stop us with this kind of magic!”

“Kill all of them!”

“Follow them!!”

The monsters of Violence had suffered damage from the attack, yet they jumped from the upper floor of the tower at once.

“Kuak! Aren’t they all crazy?”

“They cannot follow us.”

“They are so pathetic.”

They looked at the enemies falling down. And the situation wasn’t over just because they got out of those peoples hands.

“Miss Hera, please move us towards that man.”

Lennon frowned as Ann pointed to a man running below.

“Who is that man?”

“Enemy of your enemy is my friend.”

A man who was throwing sharp objects at the people in an outfit similar to whom they faced.

The enemy who came closer to their heads were smashed with a hammer. It was quite impressive. Even though surrounded, it seemed like this man had no way out.

‘But this child can be trusted.’

Ann’s performance now showed it.

This child had the ability to judge rightly in drastic situations. She heard that Ann wasn’t born with a talent in magic but she was still a genius in other ways.


Here, it felt right to trust Ann’s judgement rather than her own and Hera glided down at the decision.

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