Chapter 211 - Trash (3)

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“Where the hell did these bastards come from?”

The man Hawks, who was throwing nails and wielding a hammer to kill the enemies groaned.

At first, he only dealt with the soldiers of Harmonia, but now people of the Drian Church were coming onto him.

‘And these ones are tougher.’

There were only those who had experience with battle and such people were tough to deal with.

Fortunately, thanks to the 20 years of carpentry work, his nails and hammer were able to smash their heads. This was as a result of the intense combat training at Frontier.

“I am tired, you bastards!”


With a single hammer it was difficult to crush so many human heads.

Hawks felt like he was getting tired and realized the situation was worsening. If things went like this he would get tired and be beaten to death by them.

‘What is Jin doing?’

Frontier’s Sword Master Jin who was the key to this operation was nowhere to be found.

The 7 selected troops would travel around the city to cause chaos and Jin would kill the king.

However, he had received no news that the mission was successful.

‘Seems like something happened.’

The information from the person who planned this, Neo Fatal, had to be wrong.

Were they betrayed by him? Was it because they were trying to plunge themselves into the depths of despair that they were trapped like this? Was the man pretending to be the same as them?

He didn’t want to believe it, but looking at this situation, being suspicious was natural.

“Damn it!”

He put the aura on five nails and threw it with all his might. With his insight similar to a Master’s he could kill a few people.

But the number of people following him were increasing and it was then…

“Everyone out of the way!”

The voice of young people sounded and he looked up.


Hawks wrapped his arms above his head and crouched as the hot ball of fire came.

Bang! A huge aftershock with the sound of an explosion came as his body was pushed back. All sorts of things hit his skin. He lowered his arms and looked where the fireball went.

It went to a place with charred surroundings. There was a sound of people landing behind him which made him grab the hammer and nail.

“… Who are you kids and the lady?”


Ann, the girl spoke boldly.

“For now, let’s form an alliance and fight together.”

Hawks wasn’t sure how he should react to this offer. More like he didn’t have time for it.

“Catch them too!!”

It was because he heard monstrous screams from the side of the tower.

“They jumped from that height and didn’t die?”

“Seems boring. I hate boring men.”

Lennon and Hera looked at the enemies with distasteful faces while Ann just said,

“For now, let’s get away from here.”


“From now on, I will give the instructions. So everyone please follow.”




Hawks thought it was strange that two people were following a child’s words. Who was this girl that they trusted so much?

Before that, who the hell were these 3 people…

“Give me some time to think!”


The hammer crushed the head of another one. From that point, enemies began to come from all directions.

Ann looked to grasp the situation.

“Lennon 3 o’clock, Hera 8 o’clock, Mister 10 o’clock!”


“Don’t bite your lip for that and do what you are asked.”


Hawks looked at Hera with a look of disbelief, but the situation wasn’t right to argue with them. Above all, they too seemed to be dealing with the same enemies.

And it meant that these people were his allies.

Hawks held the hammer and put the nails between his fingers.

“Ah! I don’t care anymore!”

Joining forces first was the right thing to do. Then the three moved according to Ann’s instructions.

Hammers and nails crushing down the enemies mercilessly and flames and shadows engulfing them.

Hawks was having an incredible experience. They were fighting at the words of a girl he was seeing for the first time and three people he had never seen before, but they were moving like one body.

“Enemy groups at 2 o’clock and after that groups of 3 are coming with magic. Don’t worry about the arrows coming in from 5 o’clock and step back to a secure place.”

Ann blew the arrows with wind magic and quickly grasped the enemies formation and gave them instructions on how to destroy it.

“Mister you shield. Hera cover and Lennon be ready for a wide area magic.”

The instructions were swift.

Hawks blocked the black mass from behind with nails covered in aura and Hera tied the enemies who were approaching them and Lennon counter attacked with wide area magic.

In the meantime, they continued to widen the distance away yfrom the enemies and made free space. The arrows which were flying in were always handled by Ann with wind magic.

“Lennon, step back and replenish your mana.”


Lennon was almost on the verge of depleting his mana with the attack so he pulled back and Ann stepped in.

“Now what?”

Hawks asked Ann. He couldn’t believe it before but now Hawks was the one asking her what to do.

“There are a lot of buildings behind us, so it will be hard for the enemy to surround us. So, while defending like this we will move towards that alley.”

“Are we going to wipe them out in the alley?”


Ann shook her head at Hera’s question. That was too big of a risk.

And with their mana on the edge this was a high gamble with chances to fail.


“We run.”



Ann said, looking at the movements of the enemies with wind and earth magic.

“There are too many here. It will be impossible to break through unless Teacher comes.”


“We don’t have time to explain that. As soon as Lennon replenishes his mana, we rush to the alley at 8 o’clock.”

As she flew in from above, she was able to confirm the location. And if they went to the alley at the left side which was surrounded by the long wall and the right side with structures, it would make it difficult for the enemies to come after them.

Since no member of the Drian church had been seen before today, it would be no exaggeration to say that this was their safest escape route.

“Escape from here?”

“Mister, do you have colleagues?”

“Yes. But I don’t know if they are alive.”

“How many?”

“Seven with me… no, eight.”

For a moment, Ann had a worried face and then she spoke after she was done thinking.

“Finding them is the key. It is important to join forces.”




Hawks threw another nail into the head of another man and Hera cast shadows. The man fell down like a broken doll.

“… but, is it okay for you to see all this?”

Hawks looked at Ann worriedly.

It was a terrifying sight for a young girl to witness and looking at their age it felt like this would turn into a huge trauma for her.

“It is fine.”

Ann had seen a more terrifying sight 5 years back. At that time, she built up her courage and seeing someone die wasn’t a huge shock anymore.

‘And it isn’t that shocking…’

The ugly memory remained.

She couldn’t show it so she kept her expression as calm as possible.

“Mister, start looking for your colleagues.”

“Okay. But… are they increasing?”

The number kept going up.

“Drian church is famous for working in groups.”

At Hera’s words, Hawks grunted.

He did find out they were from the Drian Church. This church shouldn’t have even existed in the Harmonia but it felt like they were attracted to the fall of a nation.

“So the 8 people…”


Just then, Lennon signaled from behind and Ann took a step back.

“Lennon! Blow them away!”


[Flame Flower!]

A huge flower made of red flames bloomed from the spot where the enemies were.



“Run away!”

Ann started to run to where she said once the enemies screamed. And the enemies who were hit were unable to run after them right away.

Ann ran in front, warning the party.

“Those monsters haven’t moved yet! There is a high chance of them chasing us, so we need to move while being ready for combat.”

Those who fell from the tower survived. And they didn’t reappear right away so they might need time to recover and once they do, they will come for them.

Ann thought like that in order to overcome the crisis.

‘What is that child?’

Hawks looked at Ann.

This child could have little to none experience in the field, but she was giving instructions like a veteran strategist.

And she wasn’t the only one.

‘The red haired boy.’

His magic skills weren’t the best. Despite the fact that both of them looked like kids, they had skills superior to the magicians of the Liberation Army.

Were these kids the ones people called geniuses?

‘This woman too.’

It was his first time seeing someone handle shadows like this. And when he was worried, he felt out of breath.

‘But… what happened to Neo?’

Anxiety which didn’t go away.

Did that man betray them?

He wouldn’t know unless he met him.

“Damn it! Marquis Helm, I didn’t think he would have brought in the Drian Church…!”

Neo was running out of the capital and hiding as much as he could.

The royal palace was already occupied by the paladins of the Drian Church. And the King must be in his world of drinks and drugs.

‘There was something I believed he wouldn’t do.’

Marquis Helm wasn’t satisfied with simply holding the military power. In order to completely devour the kingdom, the most terrible of the 12 Churches was brought in.

It was clear that the plan was to make Harmonia silent from now on.

‘What the hell is he thinking?’

Wasn’t the purpose of simply turning the King into a puppet for him to take power?

It felt like his eyes couldn’t see the big picture.

What happened to the Liberation Army which he asked for?

And why hadn’t Jin shown up?

“Where are you going, Count?”

Neo stopped running at the voice from behind.

He turned around to find a familiar man walking to him.

Marquis Helm.

“Helm. How did you know this place?”

“Huhu. The entire capital is being looked at with my eyes. And where are you going ?”

“… no reason to tell you.”

“Haha. Savage human. However, since we meet each other every day, can you not tell me?”

“You don’t need to know.”


Helm raised his eyebrows.

“Did you realize that the mission with the Liberation Army had failed and decided to run to prepare for another one?”

Neo’s eyes widened.

He didn’t think Helm could have known it. He thought he kept things thoroughly hidden.

He didn’t expect the man to be this confident about this and come ask him.

“It is late. Harmonia has fallen into my hands. From a long time ago even.”

“… as long as His Majesty is alive the nation isn’t yours.”

“His Majesty is like my doll, so he is mine and so is his nation.”

What he said wasn’t wrong so Neo bit his lip hard enough to make blood flow.

“Haha. Why are you biting your lips this hard? What wrong did the lips do?”


“Neo. I think I treated you pretty nicely.”


“But it is difficult to look at you nicely anymore.”

Neo frowned at Helm’s words. And Helm made the suggestion after seeing Neo like that.

“This is the last chance. Swear allegiance to me and I will spare your life and promise the safety of you and your family.”

“… is that a threat?”

“Think of it as an offer rather than a threat.”

As Helm spoke in the kindest form. Neo couldn’t stand it and yelled.

“Just kill me!”


“I would rather die than surrender to you.”

“I see.”

With a face which said he wouldn’t pursue Neo, Helm approached him.

“At the end of the day, you get angry. Still, I saw that it wasn’t a bad thing to fight hard.”

Helm grabbed the black holy power in his hand.

“The Hell which the Drian Church believes in is a swamp of endless violence without mercy. So suffer there for the rest of your life.”

The holy power of violence erupted towards Neo.

“The weak should submit.”

At that moment, golden light appeared and blocked the black holy power.

And if it was enough to block a holy power of a higher priest then the opponent had to be of the same level.

Helm’s expression went stiff.

“… how did you get here?”

He looked at the place where his holy power was blocked and asked looking at Jamie who appeared with a smile.

“Predating on everything.”

A greeting of the Drian Church.

“Such a lovely greeting. How do people greet you with such ridiculous words?”

No matter how many times he thought, it constantly sounded weird to him.

At the mockery, Helm gritted his teeth looking at Jamie. There was a halo above Jamie’s head with Pyro’s holy power.

“You should fight with people of your class. Our Goddess doesn’t like you very much.”

“You bastard!”

An angry Helm raised his holy power.

Jamie chuckled and spoke while looking around him.

“I will take care of this.”

“I believe you will.”

Jin appeared through the moonlight and grabbed Neo before disappearing.

Jamie, who no longer had to hide his power, began to show his purple eyes.


“I will show you now…”

Pyro’s holy power disappeared with black mana flowing out.

“Your favorite violence. You trash!”


Helm screamed as he saw the darkness rising from the ground.

But he couldn’t speak anymore.

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