Chapter 212 - Divine Beast (1)

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Jamie looked into the darkness.

Originally, it was supposed to disappear but it seemed like Helm was struggling to escape.

From the moment he found out the Drian Church was brought in, he wondered what Helm was up to and it didn’t seem like he was a simple nobleman.


The darkness swelled for a moment and began to flutter with a weird sound of a ball deflating.

At the same time, a wave of energy from within spread, destroying the darkness. Helm, who wore the black holy power over his body, was breathing heavily.

He asked Jamie.

“Weren’t you our ally?”

Helm was confused.

Although something bad happened between the two, Jamie was a Great Magician sent to help Harmonia. So why was he helping the enemy?

Then Jamie said,

“It is an alliance.”

“Then we should have killed Count Fatal!”

“Um? Why should i?”

“… don’t you know?! That man is the Liberation…!”

“Count Fatal is also a noble here? And the Liberation people are also people of this land. What is the problem here?”

“You! Don’t play with words!”

Helm shouted with a red face showing his anger.

“We even presented the nation’s treasure! What is this?!”

“Haha. Why are you so angry? There are so many variables in the world, right?”


An unusual power flowed from Helm’s body and Jamie’s expressions softened.

He knew that Helm was hiding something but this was far beyond what he expected.

‘Around Master level?’

The necklace hanging from Helm’s neck trembled! And it broke with a sound.

The power which was well hidden up till now was released.

“You were hiding your power?”

“The greatest talent in the world? Youngest Master? Kukuku. You must have believed in that strength and hit us on the back of our heads, right?”

The whites of Helm’s eyes were dyed black and the black pupils were yellow.

“You are mistaken. I don’t know why you made such a foolish choice but if you had stood by our side, I would have just stopped with a little scolding.”


“Haaa… I feel so annoyed now! So fucking annoyed!!”

A killing intent was exploding from him and Jamie could feel his skin tingle at it.

And he thought of the three high priests who ruled the Drian Church.

Usually if a saint didn’t exist, the high priest or archbishop will be the top of the church and if they didn’t exist, then the paladins can take over.

And groups like the Seven Knights and Holy Executioner also got power. However, there was only one place where the entire denomination had power.

That was the Drian Church, which truly follows Drian, God of Violence and Plunder.

The world called them the seeds of violence and the high priest who stood at the top was the closest to violence.

The strongest among the 12 churches and capable of handling a master class.

In other words.

“You are the high priest.”

Jamie felt his body become sensitive, Helm was a high priest of the Drian Church and a monster who was of Master class.

“You must have working ears, seeing how you knew about the high priest of Drian Church.”

Their strength was incomparable to other Masters. It is because they use the violence that their God bestows to them.

Who would laugh at such people?

“I always thought from the start, but how the hell do you people survive under heaven?”

Violence and Plunder.

Drian who put forth such things under the name of God and the believers who followed it.

Even more than 60,000 years back, this church existed and had followers. Jamie felt like he had to tear this God first before going at Zenith, but it wasn’t worth worrying about right now.

“It is my job to correct what is wrong.”


“Just die, you idiot.”

[Level 2 Power: Darkness]

Jamie stretched out his hand and darkness shone. The darkness which only brought annihilation began to erase the surroundings without leaving a single dust.

Helm looked around and cried out in contempt.

“This darkness! I always thought, is it black magic?”

Jamie didn’t answer. Helm smiled at it.

“Hahaha! So, that is the power you have, power you got through black magic! In the end, all the sayings that you were the best in the world were lies and deceit! You fake!”

“Who is?”

The purple eyes of Jamie shone intensely.


In an instant, a huge tidal wave of darkness rose engulfing everything around and Helm flew high as he used a shield. The shield had a hole in it as if it was being gnawed off.

The shield made of holy power was being destroyed in a second and that terrified Helm.

‘This darkness, what is this?’

He had never dealt with dark magicians till now, but he thought most of them were worms in front of him.

And for them holy power was a natural enemy. So when he realized the darkness of Jamie was black magic, he was sure of his victory.

‘If I think back… it was strange.’

Helm struck the flying darkness with his hand.

Even though his hand was wrapped with holy power, part of his sleeve vanished like it was on fire.

“… black mana which penetrates holy power?”

If the difference in power was overwhelming then it wouldn’t be impossible to take down holy power but what he felt wasn’t a difference in power.

He couldn’t say it for sure, but it felt like holy power was being pushed back in this battle.

‘It will be difficult to compete head-to-head.’

He was proud of his skills, but if he confronted him head on, he wouldn’t be able to break through the darkness.

And if the power difference wasn’t huge then even a master level could be taken down by reading the opponent’s moves one step ahead.

Helm was someone who devised such plans and schemes to get things to this point. No matter how much he was praised as a genius, Jamie had touched black magic and this much was obvious.

“I will kill you and tell the world that you are a dark magician! Kukukuku! The fame of the famous Welton family will be ruined in an instant!”

Helm even brought in Jamie’s family to make this sentimental. Then, he quickly used his mind to try and find the weak spot.

Jamie grinned as he watched Helm try to think of something.

“I mean.”

[Level 1 Power: Inverse Heaven].

“You see weaknesses which don’t exist?”

[King of Dead’s Right Arm.]



Helm turned his head, startled by the sudden grip on his arm. The arm of a skinny corpse protruding from the black subspace was holding his arm.

Helm, who recognized that it was necromancy, tried to shake off the arm.


His raised left arm was also caught by someone. And this time it was a rotting bone.

Both ankles were being held by the Undead’s arms and they weren’t letting go.

Helm hands were caught in an instant and he tried to escape but he couldn’t budge.

“The grip of the arms comes from my strength, and it is impossible to get rid of them.”

Jamie soared up and recalled the power of darkness.

It wasn’t just magic and sword he had been training for 5 years. He also found new ways to use his true powers too.

In particular, there was a lot of development with the Inverse Heaven and it was possible to bring out Undead from the subspace without opening the gate.

Like now.

“Kuk! To have to deal with such disgusting power… this is really ugly!”

“This is blasphemy!”

“Then just die in the hands of blasphemy. I have more work to do.”

As Jamie raised his hands up and above Helm’s head, a ghost’s arm with a sword came out of the subspace.

A black aura wrapped around the sword.

[Specter of Sword]

A sword of death which cuts down souls.

Jamie mercilessly let it fall.

The Specter of Sword fell in a straight line and cut Helm into two pieces.

[Battle Aggression]

Helm’s black holy power was dyed red and a terrifying energy erupted.

The ghost sword tried to cut through the red waves but it trembled.

Jamie wrapped himself in a shield and increased the distance between them.


Helm’s eyes turned red. He was on a rampage that was only given to the Violence, a combat unit of the Drian Church.

It wasn’t strange that Helm, a high priest, was using it.

Helm had his muscles swell and the ghost arms were swept away and he grabbed the sword on the top of his head trying to cut him down and smashed it into two pieces.

“For making my body use this!”

“Uh what was that macho?”

“First I will rip out that mouth!”

Helm shouted in a thick voice which was nothing like his.

After concentrating all the holy power into a clenched fist, he swung it with all his might. It felt like a mountain was flying from the front.

Jamie grabbed the sword handle in reverse.

“This much should work.”

Darkness roared with the silver sword that he slightly pulled out.

Helm’s fists approached him.

[Power: Darkness]

The space was temporarily vacuumed by the wind and Jamie drew his sword.

[Version. Futility Divide]


The huge fists split in half and Helm’s eyes widened.

The muscles he had used to do this attack were torn down like a piece of paper.

Jamie, who took away one of his hands holding the handle of the sword, flicked his finger.

[Black Thunder Punishment.]

8th class lightning magic, Black Thunder Punishment mixed with black magic crossed between Helm’s cut arm.


The pain he couldn’t even scream at spread all over his body. And Helm’s eyes shook at it.

This magic wasn’t a large range one, but was a curse which destroys the cell level of the target that it touches.

[Level 3 Power: Cursing]

The third power manifested two years back.

A terrifying power which increases the power of the curse magic ten fold and after the curse took over, smoke rose from Helm’s body.

What a pain it must have been to have not just the outside body but the five internal organs being burned as well.

Helm was still standing.

“I don’t know what you planned, but it had gone to waste the moment you crossed paths with me.”


“Die and apologize to those you harassed.”

Jamie raised his hand to finish.


Helm laughed making Jamie ask,

“Are you laughing because this seems bad to you?”

“… it isn’t over yet.”

“I don’t want to hear.”


A beam of light from Jamie’s fingers pierced Helm’s heart.

No matter how strong the priest was, death was confirmed once darkness penetrated the heart.

Helm’s face turned grim and he coughed up at the last moment.

“You… boy… might have… monster-like power and I didn’t guess it, but… Kuak.”

He continued to speak.

“Even, even if I die… It cannot… be turned back.”

“What do you mean?”

“See… to know.”

Helm’s body turned to dust and began to scatter.

It was then.


The heavens shook violently.


Jamie rubbed his forehead with a puzzled look.

A huge six pointed star was shining over the Harmonia centering the royal palace.

As he turned to dust, Helm said one last thing with a smile.

“The faithful servant of my parent,”

The sky was covered in red clouds.

“Divine Beast ‘Basilisk’ is coming.”

And with that he disappeared.

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