Chapter 213 - Divine Beast (2)

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Saint Emak of the Drian Church had the stigma on the back of his right hand and covered it with his left hand.

At the high priest Helm’s will, he was doing what he was asked.

Blood and corpses scattered throughout Harmonia for the last 5 years. And the six sacraments Helm had installed throughout the kingdom.

Based on that, they could summon the most powerful creature of their parents to the land.

“Father’s beast.”

He lifted his left hand and raised the stigma on his right hand high. A redlight soared in the sky as lightning began to fall, covering the entire sky in red clouds.

Six lines began to traverse over Harmonia, two completed triangles and a hexagonal star created by overlapping the triangles.

“Father’s child, I, according to the will of Emak, come down to this land!”

Although the offerings used for these rites were lacking, Helm said it would work. Emak didn’t like it, but since the high priest of the church had said so, he couldn’t disobey the order.


Red light rose from the stigma on the back of the hand and turned into a thick light. The clouds began to spread around in a circle as a black light fell.

This was Drian’s holy power. Emak’s expression brightened.

From a high place in the distance, the beast of the God Drian was revealing its gigantic features.

A long body reaching hundreds of meters and pure white scales covering it, a pair of feathered wings on the back and a dragon-like face. The majesty of it was less than what was written in books, but this was still shocking.

Not only was it not something from the myths, but it also descended in its actual form, even 50 years worth of sacrifice wouldn’t be enough to call this.

“This should do.”

The only churches which were properly prepared for this were Pyro and Zenith, and those two were currently in conflict. Pyro had an apostle and Zenith had already unified the eastern continent.

The other churches should be preparing their own ways to move. So, the Drian Church had to come up with a certain place to survive the collapse of the 12 churches.

And the result of it was, Basilisk.

“Basilisk, please exclude the world of all the heretics who stand in the way of our church!”


A cry which seemed to tear the space apart rang out. Emak burst into laughter at it.

Lennon opened his mouth as he looked at the winged snake-like beast which appeared from the red sky.

“… what is that?”

Even from afar, the winged snake which looked enormous was descending to the ground with black light shining on it.

Despite the distance between them, he felt fear.

Lennon could feel sweat running down his hand.

And it wasn’t just him.


Ann’s face had turned blue as if she was terrified of this and took a step back. Hera, who was calm throughout the fight, started to swear and clenched her fist.

So was Hawks.

Although he was better than the other two, he had a hesitant expression on his face.

“Damn it… what kind of snake has wings and flies in the sky?”

“… I think those people are the ones who brought it.”

Of the three, Lennon was the best.

Lennon looked at the Drian church members following them.

Enemies chasing after them, starting with the huge body monsters, were no longer in sight.

“I think the Drian Church has something to do with the snake in there.”


Hawks leapt over a building and looked at the Drian church members who were following them. All of them were on the floor and praying to this snake with their hands clasped together.

“Should we run taking advantage of this?”

“… running away would be tough.”

At that moment, Ann, who had gone silent in fear, regained her thoughts.

She wasn’t looking good so Hera asked.

“Ann, are you alright?”

“Just a little dizzy, I think I can handle it.”

“What do you mean? Running away would be difficult?”

Hawks jumped to the ground and approached them as he pointed to the side of the enemies.

“This is our only chance. We need to make contact with my allies and get out of here.”

“It feels like all of this space… it is within the scope of the snake.”


It was Lennon who answered. He glared at the snake with a dissatisfied expression and said,

“I don’t know if that monster there is a sacred being, but it is unlikely that those people would suddenly behave like that if it isn’t.”

“Aren’t they just praying to the monster they consider sacred? We usually do that, don’t we?”

“It doesn’t feel like that. To put it bluntly…”

Ann gulped and spoke in a worried tone.

“It is most likely because they don’t need to chase after us anymore.”

At those words there was no longer a need for further explanation.

Hawks still didn’t understand so Hera added to it.

“I am also a believer of the flame church, but this is different from the prayer then. This is an exhibition of the situation. The opponent is a number of people who are no different from the Liberation Army who are their enemies. The situation is already a mess and the civil war has been complicated and now they bring out a trump card which will end all of the people.”

“You mean that snake will?”

Simply put, this was a battle for the kingdom’s army.

Hawks looked at the snake with a fearful expression as he understood it. It was then.

“Found it.”

A gust of wind was heard in the air and something landed next to them. Lennon raised his mana, being alert at the sudden appearance of someone, and Hera covered Ann who wasn’t in good condition and clutched her staff.

On the other hand, Hawks looked happy as he smiled.

“Jin! And… Count?”

“I am glad we were able to discover you.”

Neo looked at Hawks with a relieved expression. And then looked at the two children and Hera and seemed shocked.

“Why are you here…?”

“Do you know them?”

Jin asked Neo with his hand ready on his blade.

“Sir Welton Jr.’s disciples and his assistant Hera Boleno.”

“Disciples of Jamie Welton?”

“Who are you?”

Hera, the oldest of the three, had come and asked Neo.

She never saw Neo in person so she didn’t know what kind of person he was, and realizing the mistake, Neo apologized.

“Nice to meet you. I am Neo Fatal of Harmonia Kingdom.”

“Fatal? The Fatal family?”

“I can guarantee his identity. He is one of the people who supported the Liberation Army both physically and mentally.”

When Hera had a gloomy face, Hawks stepped in and confirmed Neo’s identity.

At that moment, Jin said.

“We need to get out of here. We cannot handle the monster.”

“Who are you?”

Lennon looked up at Jin’s face boldly and asked.

Jin said,

“Jamie’s disciple?”

“… you know our Teacher?”

“It hasn’t been long since I met him.”

“T-teacher… where is Teacher?”

Ann, who was behind Hera, asked with a troubled face. As long as the Basilisk was there, her condition seemed unlikely to improve.

It was unavoidable since she was the lowest when it came to magic.

Jin looked at Ann and pointed to the direction of the Basilisk.

“He is there with the giant snake.”

“Then we need to help!”

Hawks grabbed Lennon by the collar and lifted him up onto him as Lennon was ready to run for Jamie.

“Leave me! I need to help Teacher!”

“Even if it is your Teacher, he cannot handle that monster alone…”

Ann too had the same thoughts as Lennon as she tried to walk towards the Basilisk.

But at Hera’s words, they went silent.

“You will get in his way.”



The two looked at Hera. Hera touched them softly and said,

“I will too. I won’t be of help to elder either. Rather, we will end up becoming a burden to him. If there is nothing we can do for him, it would be better to focus on surviving right now. and you both know. Who is this teacher of yours?”

Ann and Lennon didn’t respond, but their expressions were a lot less worried than before.

Hera gave them a rare smile and stroked their heads.

Jim looked at her and mumbled.

“Jamie Welton has a good assistant.”


“Nothing. Surviving and escaping should be the priority for us.”


Hawks replied and Jin ordered him.

“So Hawks. You will be responsible for them.”

“… Teach?”

Hawks was Jin’s disciple.

He taught him how to handle mana, and how to use the hammer and nails as a weapon.

Far from the usual teaching relationship, at least Hawks genuinely believed in Jin and followed him.

“Where will you go then?”

“I should go help.”

“But it isn’t something you can….!”

“If it is two.”

Jin recalled Jamie’s skills.

Jamie, who had been fighting in a leisurely way with a Sword Master, who was the natural enemy of a magician, and a difficult opponent for a magician where victory is guaranteed.

If he could join forces with the kid who was confident in that situation too, maybe they would hold a chance with this monster?

“Gather all the others and get as far from the capital as you can.”

“Jin. You will be fine, right?”

“You only think about surviving.”

At Neo’s words, Jin answered, speaking with a firm tone and pulled his curved blade.

“In that way, you will be able to take responsibility for the future of this nation.”


His voice didn’t reach as Jin had already disappeared with the moonlight.

Hawks frowned at this, but he didn’t have time to delay.

“While my teacher and yours are working to stop the monster, we need to do something and anything to get out of here alive.”

“… okay.”

“Then we need to find Mr. Hawks’ allies.”

“It won’t be difficult.”

Since people weren’t following them anymore, his colleagues must be searching for them too. Hawks had Neo on his back.


“Be quiet. We don’t have time to discuss anything. Everyone follow me!”

Time was running out.

And the five began to search for Hawks’ colleagues.

Looking at the descending Basilisk, Jamie mumbled.

“It is small.”

During Diablo Volfir’s time, Jamie had several battles. The giant winged snake which Drian loved very much.

The petrified rays from its mouth were annoying.

And a lot smaller than Behemoth in his prime.

But now?

“Like a rats tail?”

It was big enough not to be called a rat’s tail, but Jamie who knew its original form had to feel this way. Even now, it looked hundreds of meters tall, but back then it was hard to even look at. The expression that it was like an unending mountain range would be right.

It used to fight so much with Behemoth, but now the Behemoth it fought with was far away and probably eating apples.

‘Useless brat.’

Jamie sighed at the thought of Behemoth.

It wasn’t known if he was doing his job right. At that moment, the Basilisk widened its huge dragon-like snout.

“Oh my?”

Grey particles began to gather in the mouth.

Jamie clicked his tongue. It felt like this was going to do the petrified beam.

One of the most annoying skills it had in the past and no matter how small it looked, the beam would be terrifying.

On the other hand, his strength was still not on the level of his prime.

“That bastard must be too confident.”

Drian’s cherished beast, even though it wasn’t in the best state, he let it descend. Beyond Avalon in his left hand and Scud in the right hand.

Jamie took a deep breath.

“If something like this falls to the ground, the plan would fail.”

Seldam will make an alley of a new nation established in this land. So he was thinking of getting their help for the future war.

He had no intention of letting that land be petrified. So he had to stop this.

“Well, it will be easy.”

Hardships and trials were bad. But Jamie wished for going into such hardships and trials.

The Basilisk spat the beam towards the ground.

“Uh… I cannot stop it at my level.”

He sighed.

Whenever he used his full power, it would put a strain on his body and so he made sure to not cross the set limit.

But now, it seemed like he would turn into a stone if he did. It would be better to put a strain on the body.

Jamie activated all the mana cores in his body. All of his mana began to swirl around his body.

“I will kill you again.”

A purple dot on the forehead.

The dots then appeared all over the body and attached as they extended all over the body like a tattoo.


The mana, which had been suppressed till now, made the area vibrate.

Jamie’s eyes were dyed in purple.



Jamie stood at the entrance, crossed the sword and the staff.

And there was light.

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