Chapter 214 - Divine Beast (3)

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The Basilisk struggled in agony and fell down. Nearly half of its body had gone.

Even as it dripped holy blood, the Basilisk couldn’t understand what was happening.

‘What was that light now?’

A being favored by Drian, that was Basilisk. Although it didn’t come down in a perfect state, the humans of the present age were nothing different from worms.

However, when the strange light burst out, the Drian’s Protection which had been wrapped around its body was broken down.

No, thanks to the Drian’s Protection, it survived.

If it hadn’t received the protection, it would have most likely disappeared entirely.

“This is disgraceful…!”

How could an attack from a mere human reduce him to this extent?

To Basilisk, the fact that he had only been attacked by a human came as a greater disgrace than the opponent being strong.

He clenched his teeth and turned into a human form.

“As expected, you didn’t die.”

A black mass appeared in the air.

As the black mass scattered in units, a human with strange light around appeared with emerald hair fluttering.

The human had his staff aimed at Basilisk.


The light came on.

However, Basilisk wasn’t foolish enough to allow an attack like that to hit it again. Deciding that its attack wouldn’t stop him, it decided to move from this space.

“You seem to have the strength to run away.”

Jamie raised his hands high and then raised the darkness at the same time light vanished.

[Dimension Wall]

A 9th class space magic ‘Dimension Wall’ which completely separated the outside and inside world and created a new dimension, confined in the form of a sphere.


Because it was a space transformed into another dimension, the Basilisk which was trying to run was pushed back with force.

“Did you think you could run away?”

“Y-You human!”

[Fiat Lux]

Light shone.

Basilisk couldn’t even scream at the pain of its skin burning.

Jamie controlled the strength. Since his life was at stake, he was planning to steal information from Basilisk.


The Basilisk coughed blood and convulsed.

His hair, as white as the white scales were turning to black.

‘Let there be light’ was created from ‘Starlight’ which was generated from the pole phenomenon created by Black as a 9th class magic.

In other words, it was black magic which wasn’t black magic.

The power was strong enough to neutralize the Basilisk.

“It would be better to be careful with what you say in future.”

The Basilisk rolled its eyes, glaring at the human. He had a hard time understanding.

Among humans, a human who reached the peak state had appeared.

This didn’t seem like reality. This was because the 12 Gods had deprived humans of their growing ‘right’.

Especially in today’s world, it was impossible.

Occasionally, a human who broke the limit placed would appear, but it was something that the Gods knew about and since they knew, they would respond right away.

It was the same now too.

‘Now matter how supreme he is, it is impossible to inflict such a wound on me!’

Even the dragon which can be called the master of magic cannot subdue him.

However, compared to a dragon, a human with an insignificant body made him lose half his body.

The problem was that the identity of that power wasn’t just of magic.

Despite living for tens and thousands of years, the Basilisk didn’t know what to do with the power it was facing for the first time.

And perhaps because of the black sphere covering up the place, the link with heaven was broken.

“Your God cannot save you.”

Jamie looked at the torn body of Basilisk.

Maybe it was because it wasn’t an ordinary living thing, but the torn body looked like a shadow rather than flesh. And this was because Basilisk was a kind of illusion, a concept.

“Who are you?”

Because it was a concept, it was able to survive through all this pain.

However, it didn’t change that it was desperate to get away.

Jamie didn’t answer but looked at it with a sullen expression.

He was holding back a laugh.

“Did you come to this earth with just that much power?”

“Don’t look down on me, human!”

Basilisk was furious at Jamie for looking down at him. Humans had the lowest level of intelligence on the earth. Worms.

And it was against the law for such a race to look down at him, a creature of a noble god.

It would be weird if it wasn’t angry. But Jamie’s smile deepened.

“You should have come in your original body.”

Jamie’s eyes turned purple and black mana began to flow slowly through his body. The eyes of Basilisk widened.

“You, what are you?! How did you get that power?!”

Basilisk seemed confused. It had to be.

This was a power it knew very well. It was because he faced this power many times. And it wasn’t just face-to-face.

The black mana which caused the death of so many beings.

“How are you using Diablo Volfir’s black….!”

Diablo Volfir.

The enemy of the 12 Gods and the most dangerous human. He was the human that Basilisk feared the most.

Which was why despite the number of years that passed it couldn’t forget him. And Jamie asked,

“So. How many was it?”

Basilisk was speechless. But Jamie continued

“From my memory, didn’t you die at least 300 times in my hand?”

Basilisk was now shocked to the extent where it felt like the eyes would pop out.

The white blood vessels were rupturing and it felt like it would bleed out. It was information that couldn’t be known by humans of this time.

In addition, that purple mana and that arrogant voice.

Apart from the appearance and the sound of his voice, this human’s behaviour was very similar to the human Basilisk feared the most.

And, this couldn’t happen.

“Diablo Volfir must be sealed now…”

Although he didn’t know about it, his master, Drian, had told it that Diablo had been sealed.

It was the darkness of the beginning which existed before the 12 Gods formed. A prison from which even Diablo the creator of Black mana couldn’t destroy.

“You… are you Diablo Volfir’s vision holder?”


“… but most of his records were destroyed.”

Jamie looked at the shocked Basilisk with a happy face.

“I am glad you didn’t die at one hit.”


“I think I can hear more from you.”

“… I have nothing to tell you.”

“I don’t care.”

Thinking about it, the Basilisk was the closest entourage to the 12 Gods. So he should know all the secrets of the world.

Pyro said that the other Gods would destroy her if she spoke about the keywords, but on the other hand, if the Basilisk talks, it shouldn’t matter to them.

‘Even if there is a problem he will be the one facing it.’

Rather, it was a significant problem as Basilisk could live again. Regardless of the reason, if Jamie removed him from here, then it would also be beneficial despite not knowing the truth.

Whatever was said, removing Basilisk was like taking down a major power of Drian.

Weakening the 12 Gods. That alone was a huge reward.

“Kuak! I don’t know what your relationship with Diablo Volfir is, but you will not get anything from me.”

The shock vanished and now with great pride Basilisk spoke with a smile.

It didn’t matter.

“You can continue to keep your mouth shut.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your brain will do that for you.”


Vein-like things appeared on Jamie’s temple.

The Basilisk’s barrier on its mind will be stronger than you can imagine because it was a God’s being.

So, he had no choice but to use 9th class power.

‘I am being overworked today.’

He hadn’t gotten used to the 9th class yet, so whenever he used the power he would feel overloaded.

Jamie took a breath and gulped the blood in his mouth, pointing his index finger at him.

“From the death of Diablo Volfir to the unrecorded history of 10,000 years ago. Tell me all of it.”

[Power: Cursing]

[Consciousness Erosion]

It was strengthened with the power of curse, and the psychic magic of Consciousness Erosion was used.

Tears of blood flowed from his eyes and the Basilisk tried to strengthen the barrier on its mind but it was useless.


Even if it was his true form, he couldn’t prevent the erosion which was happening under the Curse.


It shouted and screamed but soon its eye lost strength and Jamie gave the orders.

“Tell me all of it.”

And the eyes of Basilisk opened and he began to speak.

“After sealing Diablo Volfir, we…”


The body twisted and it coughed up blood. There couldn’t be blood in the concept of Basilisk.

“Cough! Kuak!”

The body of Basilisk was twisted at an unbelievable angle and it died.

‘Keyword’ was said.

“… this is all.”

Jamie looked at Basilisk curled in a bizarre shape.

It was impossible for even the concept to be free of keywords.

“Nothing is easy.”

Jamie frowned as he watched the Basilisk shrink. And it suddenly shrunk to the smallest size and vanished. The end was so absurd that he could say nothing.

“Pity I didn’t get to hear much.”

Well this still was a blow to Drian’s power. It wasn’t known if this was a permanent destruction or a later resurrection, but he wouldn’t be seeing Basilisk anytime soon.

‘It means that I need to hear from the 12 Gods directly.’

The moment the Dimensional Wall breaks, Drian will notice his beast has died. Because this was a different dimension he couldn’t know what happened down here.

But this alone would make him wary of the human world and act carefully.

The God of Violence and Plunder was that kind of person.

‘Grandiose name when compared to others but more careful than anyone.’

Simply put, he was nothing like his name.

A man worthy of that evil name. If the system of 12 Gods didn’t exist, he would have been the first one to kill the other Gods.

‘That is falling now.’

The system of 12 Gods was collapsing. Drian will most likely not speak of this to anyone.

If he could, it would be to Krolang, the God of Hypocrisy and Indifference who he made an alliance with.

Krolang was worse than Drian so there was a high chance that one would aim for the other.

Anyway, if the two watched this situation, they would now move with caution and Jamie would use the time carefully.

“Let’s be satisfied with this.”

Jamie raised his hand to break the Dimensional Wall.

And restore the freedom of Harmonia because there was nothing to interfere.

However, it seemed that there was someone who wanted too destroy that atmosphere.

As Jamie looked down, Jin stood there bewildered behind the white mask.

“… What happened? What was that black sphere just now and that white light too? Where did that winged snake go?!”

Jin was too shocked by this situation.

Even for a Sword Master, Basilisk had to be an undefeatable monster.

And he came all the way here to help him. His mind was probably losing it.

Jamie landed in front of him and patted him on the shoulder.

“Let’s talk later.”

“Jamie Welton!”

“I am a little tired now, I need to rest.”


Jamie collapsed as he bled from nose. It was the aftereffect of using 9th class magic.

Jin rushed to Jamie, checked his condition and smiled.


“… You?”

Jamie was in a deep sleep with a calm face.

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