Chapter 215 - Destination (1)

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Saint Emak of Drian Church collapsed and coughed up blood.

“Huak, huak, huak.”

It was heart throbbing pain.

His lungs seemed to have shrunk and he couldn’t breathe and blood flowed from his eyes, ears and nose. Maybe that was why his vision was blurred and anxiety rushed into him.

‘What happened?’

Emak looked at the puddle of blood which had formed and then lifted his head. The sky, which had been filled with red clouds was as clear as ever.

For over five years, the blood and corpses splattered on this land were brought as sacrifices, so where was Basilisk?

‘… my connection has been forcibly cut off.’

In general, reverse summon places a huge burden on the summoner. Moreover, the Basilisk was a prized beast of their God Drian. Such an existence suddenly disappeared so even if he was a saint, his body couldn’t handle it.

And it was difficult to use the holy power now.

“The light… influence?”

An intense light shone in the sky.

The identity of the light was unknown, it was too much for his body to understand. Even the Basilisk could have suffered a strong damage if the light touched it.

However, it wasn’t enough for a reverse summon.

‘Damn it, I don’t know what this is.’

What was Helm doing?

The high priest who should be leading the church members was nowhere in sight. And things were becoming like this.

He felt like the authority of the saint being given to him was too low and decided to form a new faction of his own where a high priest wouldn’t be controlling the sect.

‘For now, the priority is to head back to the church.’

The Basilisk was called back and even a saint was having a tough time, so Harmonia’s situation was because of Helm.

It wasn’t known where and what Helm was doing, but he knew that he would be doing something important so he could handle it.

Emak decided to let the problems be in the hands of the high priest.

“So you are here.”

At that time, a cold voice came from behind.

It sounded as sharp as a knife. And in that moment he sensed death.

‘… damn it.’

The saint of Violence and Plunder turned defenseless against violence. He licked his lips and looked back.

There stood a man in white mask and a curved blade.

He knew who the man was since he received many reports.

“Jin of the Moonlight.”

“You know me.”

“It isn’t easy not to know who you are. Aren’t you the Sword Master of Frontier and someone with the same affiliation as Han? A warrior of ‘Ryo’.”

<Loen> a small continent far from here. Unlike here, it was a place where magic didn’t exist and they had their own unique clothes and culture.

Originally there was no contact with Loen, but its existence was discovered by an explorer about 200 years back.

A land with warriors on par with the Ran race, the most powerful and strong race, with extremely developed weapons.

That place was Ryo.

Jin was a warrior of Ryo who settled in Loen, just like Han who belonged to the Frontier.

“Isn’t the Sword Master called the Peak in your place?”

“You know a lot more than I thought. People in this land don’t know much about Ryo.”

“Because you Frontiers were obsessed with sabotaging our lives. We couldn’t help but be aware of your unique existence.”

Emak looked around tiredly. The reason he was speaking was to find a way out.

Jin touched his mask and said,

“I cannot look down on the intelligence of the Drian church.”

“Huh. But why did you come all the way to this far land? There would be no reason you had to come here.”

“You don’t need to know that.”

“Uh? That is a bit upsetting.”

Emak said so and tried to use his last extrength to use the black holy power.

“I have one thing I need to correct.”

At that time, Jin moved ahead and as if he was ready to attack, he said.

“In Ryo, the Sword Master….”

And when the moonlight hit the head-

“It’s called the Super Peak Master, not Peak.”


Jin, who appeared from behind Emak, thrust his blade into him. And Emak’s head fell to the ground.

Emak was wide eyed, unable to comprehend what had just happened.

“Super Peak is higher. I hope you don’t get confused in hell.”

Saying that, Jin disappeared with the moonlight.

Jamie woke up from a long sleep.

“… how long was I out?”

He could have slept for hours or days. What was certain was he felt less exhausted.

This was the burden of using the 9th class magic. To be precise, The Supreme was the problem.

9th class magic itself was a burden, but when multiplied several times by using the holy power too, it changed things.

It was so powerful but after using it a few times, his body couldn’t handle the aftereffects and would lose consciousness.

‘I am glad that Basilisk was weak.’

If he had come down with all the powers, he wouldn’t have been able to do this. In fact, it would have been difficult to even defeat Basilisk if Jamie was just at the start of 9th class.

The attack would have been successful a few times but it would have been Jamie who would run out of strength first and die. Simply put, this was his advantage.

Because he was using black mana of God Kill, he was able to neutralize this.

“Besides, I was able to confirm that the power of holy power also works well.”

He studied things for 5 years straight, but found nothing more powerful. And the conclusion was that the power was born at the pole of black magic, so it was judged to be compatible with the holy power.

Come to think of it, this problem would have been solved easily if Black was used.

“Black. You need to wake up quick.”

5 years back, Black had created a black mana aggregate which created a starlight. However, perhaps because of the new power, it had fallen into deep sleep till now.

Jamie tried to wake it up but he couldn’t get it to. Even with Jamie’s skills, it seemed impossible to wake Black up.

For now, Black had to get up on its own. At that moment, he heard familiar footsteps.

And he looked at the door which opened and a cute girl came in. Then as she looked at Jamie who was awake she was shocked.


It was Ann.

She ran towards her teacher.

“Are you alright? Are you hurting anywhere? Dizzy maybe? Fever?”

“Ann. I am fine.”

“Phew. Do you know how many days you slept?”

Ann spoke right away and Jamie sighed saying it was fine but she was still worried.

So many emotions were running through her face. And seeing that, Jamie smiled and Ann, unable to understand the reason he was smiling, tilted her head.

“Why are you laughing?”

“No. How many days have I slept?”

“3 days.”

“… was it a lot?”

Jamie’s face was a bit shocked. He was thinking the days would be less. So he thought it would be a day or two.

“Wait. So what is the situation now?”

Three days had passed which meant that there should be a lot of changes.

Seeing that he was sleeping safely here, the situation outside had to go well, but he was curious about the situation outside.

“I’ll bring someone.”

Ann wasn’t the type to not know what was happening. She hurried out and picked up someone who might know the news.

After a while, the door opened and several people entered at once.


“Elder, are you alright?”

“Ah. You are up. Thank God.”

She said she would bring someone who knew the news outside, but she just brought everyone who knew Jamie. Except for Ann, there were 4 people and someone he was seeing for the first time.

A ferocious looking man. He was a strange person with a hammer around his waist.

When Jamie saw Ann, she smiled by staying next to the door and Jamie looked at everyone and said,

“I just slept a little longer, you don’t have to worry about it.”

“I knew that Teacher would wake up soon!”

“Lennon. Don’t say things which aren’t like you and stay still.”


“Did this kid really say something he didn’t mean?”

“N-No it wasn’t that!”

As Jamie was about to hit him on the head, Lennon covered his head and ran back.

Jamie chuckled at Lennon who was the same as before.

“I am glad you are alright.”

Hera, a little relieved, said with a smile. Embarrassed, Jamie coughed.

“Sorry for worrying you. You must have worked hard to take care of the children.”

“There was no such thing. I was the one who got helped.”

Hera smiled as she looked at the kids standing near the door.

Lennon and Ann smiled at her.

They looked a little awkward at first but now it seemed like they were quite close. Jamie smiled and looked at the man next to Hera.

Neo Fatal.

“You seem fine.”

“Thanks to you, I got to have my life. Thank you, Sir Welton Jr.”

As Neo bowed his head to Jamie, he reached out and stopped it.

“You don’t have to bow to me.”

“… Uh?”

“A body which will become the king shouldn’t bow their head to anyone.”

“Uh! It is rude to say something like….”

“It is fine. Everyone must already know. You are the only one talented enough to lead Harmonia, which is nothing now, right? You Liberation Army man.”

Saying that, Jamie looked at Hawks who was standing next to Neo. He didn’t know who this man was, but he had a strong force.

Hawks stumbled back with a bewildered look when Jamie suddenly looked at him and asked.


“Hawks! This man is Sir Welton Jr. of the Seldam Kingdom! Speak respectfully.”

“Ah. You are Jamie Welton?”


When Neo called him with a shocked face Jamie waved his hand saying it was fine.

Hawks put his hand on the waist with a pleased expression and said,

“Your disciples have been very helpful. You have raised them well. You can know how great the teacher is by looking at them, you are a good person. It is an honor to meet you.”


“Hawks! I am a commoner so I have no surname. Hahaha!”

“I like you too. If you got help from my disciples, that means my disciples got help from you too. As the teacher of those children, I express my thanks.”

“Hahaha! Wow, it feels nice to be thanked by the Master of Seldam.”

As Hawks giggled in excitement, Jamie asked again.

“So. What do you think of Count Fatal?”

“Ah, you mean this man?”

Hawks grinned and glanced at Neo.

Neo flinched and coughed.

“Now, now. I think you might need to rest a little more, let us all head out…”

“I didn’t answer it, Count?”

“… stop teasing me!”

“Hahaha. I have just one answer. A man named Neo Fatal can be entrusted with this nation. Because of this nation where people treat him like a righteous person who wouldn’t want it?”

“Right, Count.”

Neo’s face was red as if he would explode. Jamie grinned.

“If you are done, let’s tell you what happened outside.”

“… everything is sorted out. The hidden saint of Drian Church was killed by Mr. Jin and the Marquis Helm…”

“I killed him.”

“Yes. The remaining corrupt nobles were captured by the Liberation Army and imprisoned. The King is now at a point where he cannot make decisions on his own, so he was exiled.”

The people of Drian Church were also suppressed by the Liberation Army.

A lot has changed in just three days.

“Count Fatal please stay here and the others please leave for a while.”

At Jamie’s words, the people all looked at each other and went out with Hera in the lead.

The two of them stayed back and each looked at the other and Jamie spoke first.

“How do you plan to run the place in the future?”

“I don’t know yet. I am thinking of cutting down the rotten ones first. I am worried about how many years it will be for me to stay alone.”

“That will be hard work. Corruption means that the communication between people and regions are broken. There must be some wicked people who speak good and hide their evil.”

“Right. It will probably take a long time to cut them down.”

Jamie nodded and looked at Neo’s face.

“Seldam will give support to Harmonia until it regains its former status.”


Neo’s expression went stiff.

From the moment he received help from Jamie, it was no exaggeration to say that Harmonia worked for Seldam now.

Even though the rebelling was successful, the nation lacked power so it needed help from outside. He probably would have to get their help in running this too.

In that case, he might turn into a puppet. So he couldn’t smile. Until Jamie spoke.



“We, of Seldam, will not be involved in the affairs of Harmonia in any way. We will send a delegation soon enough and get a contract signed, that is all.”

“That means…’

“Run the nation on your own. Isn’t that why you started all this?”

As Jamie spoke in a childish tone, Neo’s still face loosened.


Jamie wasn’t done speaking.

He smiled and warned.

“If Harmonia gets to what it was before, then I will…”

He didn’t have to end this, this much was enough.

Neo nodded with a stiff face.

“I will not disappoint Sir Welton Jr, the benefactor.”

“This is a promise between you and me.”


Jamie held out her pinky finger at Neo. This was a childish one which only kids would do, but it was a secret pledge between the next King and a Great Magician.

Harmonia became a new ally of the Seldam Kingdom.

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