Chapter 216 - Destination (2)

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Jamie sent everyone to get some rest. Since his condition wasn’t the best, he decided to rest.

If it wasn’t for the uninvited guest who appeared outside the door.

“Oh. This person’s presence.”

Jamie said to the man standing outside the door with troubled eyes.

“Come in already.”

The door opened and Jin, with the white mask on, entered the room without a sound.

Even though he was in front of him, his presence could barely be felt, so calling him a top assassin was no exaggeration.

A man with powers close to invincibility under the moon, called ‘Moonlight Resonance’. If he made up his mind and tried to kill someone, there are few who could stop him.

“What is it?”

“You woke up after 3 days and I came to see you.”

“Oh my. When did we become this close?”

“I know that you are still young, how can you not respect adults?”

“… suddenly?”

Jamie was speechless at Jin’s words which seemed more like a kkondae speaking.

Also, he had doubts whether the Jin in front of him was the same as the other one.

It wasn’t known when they were fighting but, his personality changed now.

Jin smiled looking at Jamie’s expression.

“It is a joke.”

“You are a man who knows how to joke.”

“I have that side too.”

“Uh… so what is it? It cannot be that you really came to my room for that reason.”

“I came here as I was curious about a few things.”

Jin went and brought a chair as he sat down right next to the bed. Jamie asked, looking at this brazen man.

“What do you want to know?”

“What was that light? I saw it. The light you created blew up half of the giant snake.”

A light as bright as the midday sun.

The distance was far and it was normal to not know what had happened because of the bright light, but Jin could see more than anyone else under moonlight.

The light shone under the moonlight, so he had to see what had happened. The huge light which was generated.

It was no exaggeration to call it the greatest energy Jin felt.

“That snake was a monster even I couldn’t have handled so I thought I’d come join forces with you, but I didn’t even have to help. So I was curious. What is the nature of that power which could take down that beast? Maybe it…”

Jin didn’t end it, but Jamie could roughly understand this,

So he spoke without going round and round.

“The unfinished 9th class magic Fiat Lux.”

Jin’s eyes widened. So the identity of the light was 9th class magic.

He knew it in his head but he had to hear the man say it.

The supreme realm.

The realm that magicians dreamt of, one which humans cannot reach. Jamie was saying that now he was on his way there.

There were magicians in Frontier, but none had reached the 9th class.

This was a bit shocking.


If it is the 9th class, then what did unfinished mean?

Jamie replied.

“it means it hasn’t been perfected. Half perfection.”

Even so, the magic was real. Even after 3 days had passed, Jin still remembered the light which was used.

If it was him standing in the way, could he have stopped it?

Instead of blocking, he would have been swept away with moonlight. For a boy who was just 13.

“You are a disgustingly strong kid.”


“The birth of a 9th class magician. The world will once again be in shock. Seriously, even I cannot believe it despite hearing it.”

“Which is why…”


“I just wanted to say, don’t speak about this to anyone?”

Jin titled his head to see if he heard it right.

He couldn’t see his expression because of the mask, but he was frowning.

“Why? Aren’t you the fame and national power which raises the name of Seldam?”

“The revival of the motherland’s name is always welcome, but it isn’t the time to reveal it yet.”

Jamie knew what happened to the magicians who reached 9th class over time.

It wasn’t recorded in the history books, and the entire record was removed from each nation. All under the orders of the 12 Churches.

It was unknown why they wanted to remove the 9th class magicians records, but Jamie speculated that gods were afraid of the magicians turning into Diablo Volfir.

For the Gods, Diablo Volfir was a nightmare.

‘Maybe it will be fine if it is Pyro.’

Even so, there was no need to create a risk by speaking about it.

Even if it was revealed, he wanted to say it out when he perfected it. shouldn’t he at least be able to survive a dragon?

Jamie spoke bluntly.

“Things can get complicated if they are revealed, so even if I want to, I will be the one revealing it.”

“What if I revealed it?”

“Um, then…”

Jamie glanced at the moon in the early evening which was rising and looked at Jin.

“One of us dies?”

A faint glimmer of purple shone in his eyes which was obscured by shadows. Jin felt a chill run down his back.

He thought it was lucky that he had a mask on. Without that, his face would have given out his feelings.

‘Such a bloody kid,’

If they face each other again, Jamie Welton will end the fight quickly. Because Jin didn’t have the confidence to block the light.

“I should be careful.”

“But I have one question for you.”

“Speak. You answered my questions, so I will answer yours if I can.”

“Are you from the same family as Han?”

He couldn’t see the face because of his mask, but the black hair, and the style of clothing all seemed similar to Han.

“How did you know? You couldn’t have done a background search.”

“Your overall atmosphere feels similar to him.”

“With that light hearted one?”

“Not the personality, the clothes and things like that.”


Jin looked at the clothes and smiled.

“You have great eyesight.”

“Is there a nation to the east of our continent? I’ve never been there, so I don’t know what nation it is?”

“A nation called Ryo?”

“Ryo? It is difficult to pronounce.”

“Must be. Magical civilization is something we cannot be compared to. It can be seen that most of them are carrying cold weapons.”

“Not a single magician?”

“There is such a thing as witch doctors who are similar to magicians. They deal with magic but cannot be compared to the magicians here. Like I said, it is a nation which has developed weapons.”

“Ohh. Witch doctors. I am interested in them.”

“Anyway, it can be seen that most of us are warriors.”

“Are all of them strong like you?”

Jin shook his head.

“If all are peak mas… Sword Masters then wouldn’t <Loen> be in our hands?”

“True. but, What is this peak master?”

“You never miss a single word.”

“Because I am a magician.”

“That is what Ryo calls a Sword Master.”

“What is it about?”

“If we are able to break it, it has to be Super Peak, transcendental, peak transcendental and more legendary ones. In fact, it is safe to say that transcendental has been a legend since the start of time.”

“That sounds difficult. If it is Super Peak Master, then should you be a Grand Master? Then the power of the Ryo people is… pretty creepy.”

“Even in Ryo, the number of masters who are best can be counted in two hands. And there are many ways the distinction differs and is really ambiguous to classify us. A Sword Master is similar to a Peak Master, but the Super Peak Master isn’t on par with a Grand Master.”

“How do you know that?”

Jin said as touching the mask.

“Because the head of Frontier is Grand Master.”

“Was it Isis?”

“She is a special race, but one thing is certain, even of the best ones in Ryo, only two can face her.”

The fact that the two out of ten could face her meant that 8 weren’t Grand Masters.


Jamie had a lot of interest in unknown things, and was a person who liked new information, so Jin’s story intrigued him.

“So, you are saying before being a Sword Master, you are at the before stage?”

“Yes. There is only one person on this land who reached that stage apart from Isis.”


Jin pointed to Jamie and said.

“A Sword Lord of your nation. He is definitely a man who reached that state.”


The Sword Lord is someone close to the Grand Master.

He was an opponent Jamie couldn’t win even with his half perfect 9th class powers.

“I see.”

“I heard rumors that the leader of Zenith Church’s Seven Knights and the Sun God’s Blade is also a Grand Master.”

The leader of Seven Knights was no Grand Master, but he was a monster close to that.

And he never heard of the Sun God’s Blade except through rumors so he didn’t know how good the person was.

“Well. It is funny that I with low skills evaluate the top ones, but the important thing is that the leveling of <Loen> and Ryo is different.”

“Then the transcendental one?”

“It is said that the last transcendent level was reached 100 years back in Ryo. According to the records, it was written on his sword as Sacred Wisdom. But I have never seen a person with my eyes, so I can only say what I heard.”

The strongest man in Ryo existed 100 years ago.

If that was a level which sans from the end of Sword Master to the start of Grand Master, it was reasonable to view it as a super transcendent as a level after Grand Master.

And suddenly, his former colleague came to his mind.

Even after 5 years have passed he couldn’t remember his name.

‘He was higher than transcendent.’

He wasn’t sure, but he knew from the fights he did with him. When it came to sword, he was stronger than anyone else.

Why couldn’t he remember the name?

It was when Jamie had a serious face.

“According to the records, a warrior first visited <Loen>”

“This land?”

“There were no records of it. We couldn’t find what all happened. It is presumed that the records were wrong, but things were hidden and nothing was found about him.”

“And his name?”

“The name wasn’t recorded, but the surname was there.”

“And that is?”


Hearing that, Jamie looked into the air. And Jin called for Jamie who went stiff.

“Jamie Welton?”



As Jin shook Jamie’s legs, Jamie snapped oy he asked.

“What was the surname?”



-Are you the magician who is at the top? I ask for a spar. My last name is Jeok.

Jamie smiled.

-I am Jeok Junkyung.

Jeok Junkyung.

The name was in his mind now.

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