Chapter 217 - Destination (3)

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Jeok Junkyung.

A name he had forgotten for too long.

The words he spoke each time at practice with a sword were of great help, but it was a pity that he couldn’t remember the name.

‘To remember the name in such a place.’

Diablo Volfir had considered this man as the strongest swordsman he met.

A man who wasn’t easily defeated even after competing with magic. A man who always talked about swords and attitudes.

At that time he wasn’t interested in swords, so he would listen with one ear and it would come out the other.

‘But… Jeok has come all this way?’

The time of Jeok Junkyung was the same as Diablo Volfir.

In other words, it was more than 60,000 years old. It was nonsense for that man to have lived through here.

Because the world had been turned upside down too many times.

He asked Jin,

“Is Jeok a common name?”

“It is rare, but doesn’t mean it’s too rare.”

“Are they all strong?”

“Well. There are strong people with other names in <Loen> but I don’t think they are all as strong as them?”

“All of the Weltons are strong though.”

“… come to think of it, the structure of naming was odd. In Ryo, the surnames were not too diverse. It isn’t different from estates or family, so I guess the surnames aren’t that important to us. Anyway, Jeok doesn’t live like a family, but spread out, so talking about their strength is rather vague.”

So not all of Jeok are strong.

And it could be that the name was a coincidence. Even so, he felt grateful that the name helped him remember the past.

“Thank you. I learned a good thing. If I get a chance, I would like to go to Ryo.”

“I will guide you when the world turns stable again. Which is why…”


“Would you like to come with me?”

Jamie frowned at the sudden words.

“To Ryo?”

“No. I did say that. I will guide you there when the world gains stability.”

“Then where… no, another Frontier recruitment? I turned down the offer once before.”

“With Beryl.”

Beryl Onyx asked Jamie if he would join Frontier. Even then, Jamie refused.

“I am not recruiting you.”


“I thought it would be good for you to meet Isis.”

Jin didn’t know why they had to meet, but it felt like it had to be done. An intuition.

Jin didn’t trust his intuition outside battle, but right now it felt like they had to meet.

“Do you mean going to the headquarters of the Frontier together?”


“…This is a bit weird.”

With that said, the request felt too sudden. He was thinking of visiting the Frontier one day, but not now.

“Do you need to get the King’s permission? Beryl was freely coming back and forth between the places.”

“There is no need for such things.”

The Masters of Seldam had many powers and freedom was one of them.

A brief report to the palace was all that was needed so it didn’t matter. The problem was the request.

Surprisingly, this was Jamie’s first time moving to a foreign nation since his reincarnation.

And Frontier’s headquarters had to be very far from here, wouldn’t that be too much?


“Can’t do?”

“No, I really want to meet the one called Isis, but…”

He did have Behemoth sent there to gather information. But that stupid, stupid being with no brains in head probably had no information and it was sending information through letters.

And most of the things it was writing had to be about apples.

“… I heard that there are different kinds of apples there.”

“Apples? There are many. There are just other varieties from what humans grow. Do you like apples?”


“You don’t have to give me an answer right away. Just tell me before I leave.”

“When will you leave?”

“In a week or so. Because my mission in Harmonia is over.”

“I will think about it.”

“I look forward to a favorable response.”

Jin left the room and Jamie looked up at the sunset.


Since he had nothing to do he could return right away, but he thought going out and visiting the other parts of the world would be fine.

‘There is nothing much to gain in Seldam.’

Jamie had almost mastered all the knowledge in magic. And the reason why the expression ‘almost’ was used is because the other things were excluded.

And even if he went back to the Magic world now, his level wouldn’t rise, so going around the world is a good option to gain experience.

Jamie looked at the moon in the sky with a deeply troubled expression.

“The revolution in Harmonia has ended successfully. The corrupt officials were all executed and a group has been formed and sent to Harmonia to search for any spies. And the incompetent King has been sent exiled and it is said that Count Fatal will be running the nation temporarily.”

“Fatal. It is a family with a long history.”

King Friedmoor listened to the report and kept writing something down.

“It is said that the people of the Fatal family are known to be righteous in all their generations. During the heyday of Harmonia, they left the best achievements.”


“Perfect for the first King of a new nation.”


“What happened to the Drian Church?’

The King looked at the minister with shining eyes.

The man sighed.

“There was no response yet. But soon other churches will pressure them so we won’t have to worry about it.”

“Right. Because this is a case where there is a violation of the rule between the 12 Churches.”

The 12 Churches can exercise indirect influence on the nations which use their religion, but never direct intervention.

So they would act from behind the scenes, however, the Drian religion wasn’t strong enough to do that despite using a noble man called Helm and turning the king of Harmonia into a mess.

Then, he ran the nation as he pleased, nurtured corruption and stained all the people with suffering.

Apart from direct intervention, this was an event to destroy a nation and later in this situation they called down a Divine Beast.

And this messed up their plan. The 12 Churches will all fight now.

‘I don’t like this.’

Why are the problems of the human world being governed by the laws of the 12 churches?

Even if the Gods were the rulers of the world, humans needed to be given the chance to rule and punish the wrongdoers.

But now he knew.

In this situation where they didn’t use a demon like the Zenith Church, this church would be called for intervention.


What are humans?

King Friedmoor suppressed his growing discontent.

He put down the bad thoughts and brought up good topics.

“Jamie Welton did well. I’ve delegated him a lot of power, but I didn’t think he could handle it this well.”

“I heard that Sir Welton Jr. is the one who defeated the core power of the Drian Church.”

“He is a great kid.”

He defeated the high priest of the Drian Church who was wearing the mask of Marquis Helm, and annihilated the Basilisk, the Divine Beast which descended from heaven.

It wasn’t known how it was done. However, no one could deny it as many watched it.

“He didn’t do anything for 5 years so I wondered what he was going through, but right after debuting him into the world, he did such a wonderful task.”

This was amazing.

It was regrettable that they couldn’t punish the Drian Church, but the church was seriously affected by what happened.

It was all Jamie Welton’s work.

In addition, he acquired Harmonia as an ally.

It will take a lot of time for Harmonia to play the role of an ally, but knowing that they had someone in the west was more than enough.

All of this was to pressure the Zenith church.

“But, Your Majesty.”

At that moment, the minister spoke.

“I have a letter from Sir Welton Jr.”


The man carefully handed the letter to the King.

Upon receiving it, the King unfolded it and checked the contents. And he asked as he looked at the minister.

“He wants to go on a trip? This is the letter?”

“That is all we have got.”


King Friedmoor laughed. And then read it again.

[Your Majesty. Jamie Welton, which is I, will travel the world to broaden my knowledge. If you have an urgent need for me, please call me through this.]

The King looked at the magic circle drawn under the letter.

He put the finger there, it jumped into the air and a blue bird suddenly came.

-Say it! Say it here! Speak!

The blue bid looked at the air and spoke like a parrot.



King Friendmoor and his ministers looked at the blue bird.

[P.S. If you tell it to be quiet, it will turn silent. Haha.]

King Friedmoor who saw it said.

“Be quiet.”

-Say it here! Say it he…

It did turn quiet.

Harmonia quickly found stability.

All the rotten nobles were removed and the meaningless items were disposed of. The corrupt officials and their wealth were confiscated and were used to improve the lives of the people.

The starving people had food and slaves were sent back to their homes. It was small, but the hellish world was changing.

And it happened for a week.

“Looks like another nation.”

“And it has been only a week…”

Ann and Lennon looked in disbelief as they saw the bustling capital.

As they said, the people had true smiles on their faces as they were working to get their place back to its former glory.

“Mr. Fatal. It is said that he hardly slept to get this done.”

“This is the busiest time.”

“Still, this is good. The abnormal nation is starting to turn into an actual nation.”

Ann and Lennon both smiled at Hera’s words. And Ann looked at Hawks and waved to him.

“Uh? Mr. Hawks!”


Hawks who was fiddling with an iron armor turned his head at the sound of a girl calling him. He looked at the familiar faces which greeted him.

“Ah! Little ones! Hera!”

He ran to them at once. There was a rattling noise as he moved but no one said anything.

Lennon stroked his chest with a playful expression and said.

“Captain of Guards, you look very refreshed?”

“Are you making fun of adults?”

Hawks was about to take him into arms, but Lennon escaped much faster. He grinned with a face which couldn’t stop smiling.

“I am not used to it.”

Four days back, Hawks who was judged to have made a significant contribution to the revolution was given the post of the captain of the capital guards.

The one who was hammering things in a village. At first, he was confused and thought of it as a dream.

Actually, even this seemed like a dream.

Even so, is it possible for a villager who lived hammering things to go this well?

“It looks good.”


“Right. It suits you.”

Ann and Hera praised them, Hawks had a shy expression at it. Contrary to his previous beast-like appearance, he only changed his hair and beard style and he looked different.

“How are you doing?”

“I don’t know. I have been so busy. After being a little less busy, maybe I will start to feel it?”


A soldier was calling for Hawks.

“I need to look there. Everyone had a good time. Let’s meet again if we get the chance.”

“Mr. Hawks stay healthy and well. We will come again.”

“Let’s meet again.”

Hawks was about to walk away with a grin, but Lennon stood next to him and said.

“Let’s meet again, Captain of the Guards.”



“I can never stop you. Hahaha.”

Then Hawks left.

The three of them were about to head back to the rooms as they had nothing to do, but someone appeared behind them.

“Ah, you shocked us! Teacher?”

It was Jamie.

And he hit Lennon on the head.


“Why are you shocked as if you saw a ghost?”

Lennon grabbed his forehead and crouched. And Jamie leaving him behind approached Ann and Hera.

“What are you doing here?”

“We just came out for a walk and to see what people are doing.”

“A lot has changed in a week.’

Jamie looked around with a smile.

And Hera asked Jamie.

“But, doesn’t Elder need to be in the royal palace? Why are you…”

“Ah. I had something to tell you.”

“Tell us?’

When Ann tilted her head and asked, Jamie scratched the tip of his nose.

“The next destination has been decided.”

“Next destination?”

“Yes. I am going with Jin to the Frontier headquarters so this is our goodbye for now.”

And there was silence for a moment and the first to speak was Lennon who was crouching.


Jamie’s move to Frontier has been confirmed.

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