Chapter 220 - Cursed Village (3)

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A question arose.

Why has a necromancer been releasing spirits for months?

He couldn’t understand that.

Some of the dark magicians attacked small villages and used the people as subjects. But this was difficult especially in lands with the Gods. So they would raid and leave.

As a result, the villages attacked by dark magicians were known to the public and looted at night.

But strangely, only spirits appeared and it didn’t seem like a dark magician’s doing.

‘I’ll know once I check it out.’

Jamie entered the haunted alley. The yin energy was deeply felt. And the amount exceeded an ordinary cemetery.

This was proof that these weren’t natural ghost occurrences.

This was one case where the ghost must have possessed a strong energy, and it was on the verge of turning into an evil spirit.

But here it felt like there was malice, and it was too easy to find the source.

On the other hand, the spirits in here had energy which was like walking in a cemetery but there was no malice.

Because it was being controlled by someone.

‘It is close.’

Jamie caught the presence of the spirit and raised his black mana little by little and his eyes turned purple.

He couldn’t be careless as a necromancer could be involved in this. And he swore it when he saved Venna.

He would reap the seeds of evil he had sowed.

And he sped up to narrow the distance.

“Found you.”

A black figure wandering in the distance.

Jamie flew there and blocked its exit.


The black form trembled and Jamie looked at it with purple eyes.

Although invisible to normal humans, he was a dark magician, so he could clearly see the enormous yin energy around this.


The black figure began to wriggle and took shape.

The hands and legs formed and a half rotten face too. The dead looking hair and beard. And an armor on the body.

The armor was broken so much that it would fall any moment. And Jamie reached for it.

“Take me to your master.”

Black mana surged.

This was an undead with a lot of energy, but at least this was just one.

For the dark magician, it seemed like taking ownership of the dead wasn’t difficult.


The black spark bounced between the spirit and Jamie. Jamie’s eyes widened slightly.

He wasn’t sure who the spirit was, but the subordination seemed hard to do. As if it didn’t want any other interference, and the power of subordination began to protect this spirit.

Does such a powerful necromancy exist in this world?

‘As far as I know… all the necromancers should be of trash level here.’

Jamie was more curious about the master of the spirit. And raised the black mana.

A strong force was blocking him. if the normal method didn’t work, he could go for the Inverse Heaven.

Several black holes were formed behind Jamie’s back, and the chains of Inverse Heaven were pulled out.

The chains began to tangle up the spirit.

“Come into my arms.”


The power of subordination which was dominating turned into a rampage. The spirit writhed in agony. It was because it was suffering.

Jamie frowned and added another chain.

The chain now lodged itself into the soul’s chest.

“Call Undead.”


The spirit’s body trembled. And the power of subordination on it began to weaken.

No matter how skilled the man was, Jamie was the creator of black magic. And necromancy was born from his hands.

In this age of regression of black magic, this wasn’t something he couldn’t handle.

‘Even though it was a bit diff…’


Chains wrapped around the spirit. It was a way for the subordination to be traced back.

The basis of mana cannot be changed, and the black mana is even more hard because it has the soul invested in it.

It is impossible to run…



The chains fell to the floor. And Jamie looked at that being with interest.

It was evident that the spirit was captive but now the soul wasn’t there anymore, Jamie mumbled.

“Was it called back?”

In the battle with subordination, Jamie was victorious.

This is because the opponent came to know about this and had called back the spirit.

And one condition made such things possible.

It was.

“Overwhelming loyalty.”

Low level undead were just dolls moving according to orders but the undead have a strong presence and can move by themselves.

Azad and Raiza were examples for it.

The current spirit was undead enough to give out the yin energy and also be summoned back…

This was what he thought.

‘Stll, it broke the bondage.’

The presence of spirit had disappeared and Jamie looked at his hands with a smile.

“This is fun.”

Suddenly, this thought occurred to him. Maybe the opponent has his own thing, something Diablo Volfir did in past.

If that was the case, he cannot leave them alone. If it was according to plan they had to leave but now it seemed like he wanted to stay a few more days.

“Uh… a few more days?”

Jin asked sleepily.

“Because something interested happened.”


“… but. Do you sleep with the mask on too?”

“It is uncomfortable to not wear it.”

Jamie looked at him and thought he was a weird one. He wears it when eating, sleeping and bathing too. He never once looked at his bare face.

“So what is the interesting thing?”

“Ah. I went ghost hunting yesterday.”

“Ghost? Is this about what we heard at night?”

“Uh. I was meditating and I suddenly felt it.”

“… normal people don’t feel such things. Is it because you are a magician?”

“I am a saint.”

As Jamie showed the hand, Jin nodded, convinced.

“Come to think you are known to be the saint of Pyro. You have a lot of talents.”

“Well, as a saint of a Goddess shouldn’t I be able to solve the problems this town is having?”

“You didn’t say anything yesterday.”

“Don’t look at the little things.”

“How many days to subdue the ghost?”

“Doesn’t seem like an ordinary one.”


“Seems like this is a pretty annoying dark magician. I am not sure, but the spirit was reverse summoned, rejecting my holy power.”

“Dark magician?’

Jin’s expression hardened slightly.

If a dark magician was involved, Frontier cannot overlook it.

Because the Frontier seeks freedom and the dark magicians work to rob people of their freedom.

“It’s something that cannot be overlooked… is there anything I can do to help?”

“Um. Well?”

Jin frowned.

The expression couldn’t be seen, but the eyes could be seen. And Jamie said.

“Leave the subjugation to the saint.”

Then he showed the left hand making Jin snort.

“If there is anything I can help you with, tell me. Dark magicians are enemies of mankind. All vicious ones have to be annihilated.”


“Did you catch a cold?”

“… not I am good.”

The dark magician rubbed his nose with a shy expression.

Fivion went shopping alone.

Wearing the hat pulled down onto his head, he looked around trying to not get noticed.

They would curse him if they saw him here. And cursing was fine, but the kids would throw stones and torment them, it hurts when stones get thrown.

For today he prayed that he wouldn’t meet them and arrived in front of the store.

Here, there was only one person who felt pity for them.


Fivion called from the outside. And looked inside.

He was scared someone would hear his voice and fortunately, no one was there.

Fivion looked up and opened his mouth.

“Uncle. I am here.”

“Ah! Fivion! You are here! Come in!”

At the voice of the owner James from inside, Fivion smiled and he brushed his shoes as he entered.

This was a small restaurant in a remote place, and the taste was fine, so there weren’t many customers.

What is more, there are very few people who would come here. But for Fivion and his family, the food here was the best.

James spoke with a friendly face.

“Right, do I wrap it for 2 people?”

“Today it is for 3!”

“Oh! Right. Three it is.”

“The money.”

Fivion pulled out a couple coins from his pants.

It was 3 coppers.

James’ expression fell at it. He knew how hard they had to work to earn a few pennies.

In fact, it was difficult to buy food with that, but James took it with a smile.

“I will make it right away. Wait here.”

“Thank you!”

Fivion smiled and crouched outside the store. He was happiest when he came to buy food.

“If it is for three, we can eat it for a week?”

He bought food once a week with his hard earned money. And there were only 2 people so it is fine.

But, the owner of the place he works gave him one extra copper this time. Going from 2 to 3 coppers, so it would help in more food.

Since it was one bowl for 1 copper, three bowls would help a lot.

He couldn’t help but be happy.

No matter how easy the job was, considering that Fivion was working for free instead of the minimum wage of 5 coppers, this was nice.

And the 10 year old kid who didn’t know it smiled thinking that 1 copper he got was for his effort.

It was then.

“Uh? Why is that damned cursed brat here?”

“Ugh! That filthy bastard!”

The village people came. And startled by their sudden appearance, he crouched with his hands wrapped on the head.

There people were different from the little kids who tormented him. It wasn’t the first time he was badly beaten for being caught inside the village. And his body trembled remembering it.

“You should know how annoying it is for us after you and your family came! Why did you come here?”

“Uh, I am angry! Why do you have to make the good ones suffer for these damned cursed ones? Huh? Fivion?”

“W-we aren’t cursed!”

When the word curse came up, Fivion shouted and one of the bullies smiled.

“But how dare you yell!”

And he slapped Fivion on the cheek.

A shock which was enough for the young kid to fall unconscious.

He didn’t eat properly and his head already felt light so he fell. The other bullies laughed at it.

“Just kill him! Maybe the curse might break after that? Hahaha!”

“Ugh, cursed one? Wake up. Let’s see if the curse vanishes once you die.”

“If it doesn’t work, don’t worry. I will go and make sure your family is safe~”

“Especially your mother, we will take care of her.”

“She is pretty, hahaha!”

“D-don’t laugh!”

At the words of them touching his family, Fivion trembled in anger. He could feel the blood in his mouth, and barely see from one eye which was hit. He struggled to get up.

“If you touch my family, I will kill you all. I will kill you all!”

“Oh, so scary!”

The bully slapped him and kicked him on the chest. The pain was so severe that he couldn’t scream.

The bully approached him and said.

“I feel dirty, but I hit him right. Let’s get you beaten up. Our cursed Fivion.”

“Let’s make you soundless for now!”

“I like that!”

A bully smiled and walked over to him. He was planning to smash all his teeth. Fivion looked at him in fear.

He knew they would do it.

“S-someone help me…!”

Fivion asked for help.

“Someone help! Please!”

But no one came.

“Tch. Who would help someone like you?”

“If you die, it would help the village, right? Kekeke!”

“Please… help…”

Suddenly, he wondered why James didn’t come. He must have heard all these voices from outside.

What is he doing that he didn’t come?

He knew the truth.

Why wasn’t he coming?

In the end, James too abandoned him.

This time too.

‘I was abandoned.’

Fivion’s eyes went blank.


The bully lifted the head and slammed it into Fivion’s head.

“There is nothing I cannot do to you!”


The bully looked at his leg which was bent.

His leg was twisted.

He didn’t understand.

Why was a healthy leg suddenly broken?

‘What is this hand?’

Someone was holding that twisted leg.

It was clenched so tightly that the fingers were digging into his calves.

And the owner of the hand said.

“The scream is disgusting. Did you think you could do this?”


The bully trying to stomp on Fivion broke into cold sweat and called out his friends name.

The one called Amp gulped.

There was fear of the opponent who was holding the leg, but it was more of instinctual fear…

It was.


The pain in the leg now reached the mind.

Jamie’s eyes looked cold.

“Bullies should be scolded right.”

The two bullies wriggled like worms.

It was a curse which maximizes pain. A ‘3rd level: Curse’

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