Chapter 222 - Bait (2)

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“… will it be alright?”

Irina asked with concern.

The bait for catching spirits.

It was strange not to have to worry as this was something huge.

In particular, she didn’t know what would happen to her children if something happened to her. Jamie too took notes of that.

“Don’t worry. Nothing like that will happen.”

“I cannot live like this forever. It always broke my heart as a mother who knows what the kids are going through, especially Finn. We… I want to live in peace like before.”

Irina whelped.

“Please, priest. Please help us.”

The mother of two children begged. She and her kids held Jamie’s hands.

“It will not do any harm to you.”

“Thank you, thank you very much.”

Jamie was able to get out of the house after many thanks. And when he came out, the siblings were squatting on the floor writing something on the ground with dirt.

And the footsteps came.

“Are you done talking?”

“Yes. It is done.”

“Then… you will take down spirits?”


Jamie smiled as he answered and Fivion too smiled brightly as he bowed his head.

“Thank you! Thank you very much! For healing my wounds, catching the spirits… Thank you!”

“Thank you!”

Fiona, who was watching from the side, followed her brother’s actions and thanked Jamie.

Jamie spoke in embarrassment for them to stop, but their thanks kept resounding over and over again in the empty field.

Having barely stopped the children, Jamie sighed deeply and pointed to the house.

“Go in and have a meal with your mother.”

“Brother come in too!”

“I want to eat with you too!”

Up until now, Fiona was on the alert but now she didn’t seem to be, and she stuck to Jamie’s thigh as she talked.

Jamie shook his head, gently stroking Fiona’s head.

“I already ate. And I have other work to do, so don’t worry about it and go eat.”



It seemed like she was following her brother’s voice.

“I am busy. So today, stay close to your mother and protect her with your younger sister. Because that is what the eldest son is supposed to do. Do you understand?”



Fivion and Fiona answered.

Jamie smiled and patted their heads and then said.

“No matter what happens today, do not come out.”



This time too, Fiona answered.

Jamie searched around.

The protection of Rosario was about 300 meters from the house.

If the boundary was crossed, the traces of Undead can be felt.

Fortunately, it didn’t seem like there was anything in broad daylight.

If there was, Fivion would have been hit as soon as he crossed the border.

“He must be lucky.”

Fivion tended to go home before the sun went down.

Having no friends, a sick mother and a younger sibling, it must have been so.

So naturally, he didn’t head out at night, so it was obvious that he didn’t do anything.

But people don’t know what can happen, so if Jamie hadn’t shown up, one day trouble would have come.

He was lucky to have been safe all this while.

“Cannot help but harm humans.”

The seeds he sowed were all around the world.

And he wondered if all of them could be caught, but if they did step in his way, he would get them all one day.

This Jamie’s mission was as important as defeating the 12 gods.

“Then, shall we try to hit the one with no strength?”

Jamie closed and opened his eyes, and his eyes turned purple.

The floor shuddered a little, and then the gate of Inverse Heaven rose from the ground.

The door, wrapped in thick chains, was slightly different from before.

A strange engraving was engraved on the iron gate.

In order to strengthen his power, Jamie had written the incantation’s spell by hand in the form of a shape.

“Come out. Azad and Raiza. And…”

Jamie quietly called his subordinates.



The chains were released and the huge gate opened.

From there, three men walked out with a hideous glow in their eyes. They stood in front of Jamie without expressions, holding up the weapons that made their emotions numb by looking at them.

The three strongest Undead except for Lich Nebro under Jamie.

Azad, Raisa and Ashtar.

Jamie looked at them and said,

“… why are you bastards drawing your swords out in the broad daylight? Put them in!”

“Why are you hitting him right after calling me!”

Azad responded by covering his face with his arms. And Raiza quietly put the sword in its sheath, Ashtar scratched his cheek and put his weapon in its sheath as well.

Azad responded with a few replies and was hit in the head several times.

“You only harass me…”

“You think I want to harass you. You are worthless.”

“This is too much.”

“Too much? Then why are you doing this?”

“We were sparring.”

Raiza replied.

Unlike Azad, he maintained his composure, he didn’t react much to Jamie’s words. And Jamie nodded as he looked at Ashtar and was looking elsewhere behind him.

“Your master called you, where are you looking?”

“Uh? I am a bit excited at looking at the world after a long time.”

“Pretending to be happy.”

Ashtar was a killer in the Apophis X event in the Magic World five years back.

At that time, he threw the guy alive into the Inverse Heaven, where he turned into an undead of Jamie’s. He was pretty good at it, so he didn’t kill the man.

But, even though he was still alive, perhaps because he was strong, despite being undead, his unusual traits didn’t change.

“You have something to do.”

“We will do it.”

“As expected of Raiza, my best subordinate.”


When Azad asked with a pout, Jamie responded.


“Do you mean I am below Ashtar?”

“Kikiki, senior, isn’t this expected?”

“What are you saying? Does ranking him in that order even make sense!”


“Second is Nebro. He has been working hard these days.”

It didn’t make sense for Lich to work hard, but Nebro was indeed working hard to improve his skills.

His 3rd level Cursing was also blooming while talking with Nebro about it. As a result he was in second position.

“Damn it… I get pushed by that old man.”

Jamie smiled as he looked at Azad disappointed and Ashtar who was mumbling under his breath.

They were the simple minded ones who worked hard so the ranking was to stimulate them.

“Anyway, enough of this. We are monitoring the surroundings to see if there are any undeads in this area.”

“Undead? It seems to smell faintly of it.”

As Azad pretended to sniff, Ashtar wrinkled his nose.

“Senior can act like a dog too?”

“What was that?”

“If you fight, I will separate the both of you and lock you up.”

“We love each other!”

“Brothers by blood! Ah, not blood.”

Jamie clicked his tongue.

“Stop with that, when you feel the presence of an undead, immediately signal me.”

“And where will master go?”

“There is a high chance that it won’t appear if I stay here. I am going to leave so that he feels reassured and comes out.’

“Alright. If I see any clues, I will send the signal.”

“Raiza, I can only trust you, take good care of these brats too.”

“We aren’t things or something to be taken care of!”

“Senior, your intelligence isn’t much different from a thing.”

“What? Do you want to be nailed to this place?”

“If you want to, go back into the gate and do it. If things go wrong after with you fighting…”

Jamie didn’t bother saying it. That was enough warning.

And unsurprisingly, Azad and Ashtar nodded their heads.

Maybe because both their names started with ‘A’ they seemed similar.

“Call me when it is time.”

And Jamie left.

Raiza opened his mouth.

“Let each of us find a comfortable position to watch from.”

“Okay. Don’t get hurt.”

“Are you crazy? Don’t worry, I don’t intend to do anything wrong and be beaten to death by my master. Damn it, I don’t even know how I am in this situation.”

“What was it? You murderous bastard.”


Raiza stepped in like an older brother.

“Undead means there are dark magicians involved. I don’t have to tell you how sensitive our master is about it. So everyone will do without a mistake. Understand that.”

Raiza disappeared first and then Azad and Ashtar.

Someone was sitting in the dark with little light.

The being who was giving out smoke, sat and mumbled.

“… sun. Certainly… just do…”

A lot of yin energy was around it.

All kinds of spirits were floating around with inaudible voices.

The number was so large that it was difficult to count.

The being in black smoke raised its head and looked up.

The sky was barely visible from here, but it could sense the sun setting. The night was coming.

The time to get into action.

“Do… your… best.”

The voice was cut.

The sun disappeared from the sky. The faint light was consumed by the darkness and the moon, the symbol of night rose high in the sky.

Time for action.

It got up from its seat.

Thick black smoke spread across.


A faint grey glimmer was in its eyes.

One by one, the spirits began to appear around him.

All of them were undead under it. And a huge yin energy was filling the space.

And he slowly walked outside.

The necklace swayed as it walked. And it held a black skull on the necklace in his hands.

In an instant a purple light shone.

It stood still and took the energy into its body. A strong feeling of fullness within.

The spirits began to wail accordingly.

Those living around them trembled in fear.

“Make sure… to… perform…”

Darkness spread around them.

And then they all disappeared like an illusion.

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