Chapter 223 - Bait (3)

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Jin looked out the window and watched the sunset.

It was a day which gave him an ominous feeling.

It wasn’t just a feeling. The air felt heavy and damp and it felt gloomy.

It felt like it would rain, but that didn’t mean it would.

Even he who had a lot of experience had never seen such a thing.

“The dead energy.”

The unique energy possessed by the dead.

Basically it lowers the condition of living, and includes bad aspects. If they weren’t undead to necromancers, they were born with a grudge known as negative energy.

And now this village was swarming with it.

“The beer is bitter.”

Jin put down the beer mug and looked out of the window.

He couldn’t see it with his own eyes as he didn’t have sensitive eyes, but he was a Sword Master, and even the dead couldn’t avoid him if he wanted to go against them.

And it wasn’t known if there was a strong undead here.

Those that appeared here could basically be called lower Undead.

‘It will be fine.’

Jamie had gone out to solve this.

He wondered if there was any meaning to seeing the spirits, so he drank the beer. And who could he help?

Jamie Welton was already a magician and the saint of Pyro Church.

The saint is opposed to the dead.

“Stopping them should help.”

While muttering to himself Jin nodded and it was Nilva who walked up to him.

“Do you need anything?”

As she walked around the table she would check for empty dishes. And she came because the beer mug was empty. Jin replied, while putting dry snacks in his mouth.

“It is fine.”


A bright kid.

Since the yin energy was a disturbing force which affects the living direction, all the people gathered here wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Some were saying that the ‘reason I am damned is because of that cursed family.’

Jin kept munching on the snacks and called for Nilva.

“Excuse me.”

“What do you need?’

The child ran quickly and Jin asked.

“How long have you been here?”


After thinking for a moment, the child tapped her lips with her finger and said,

“I think for about 2 years.”

“I see. Go.”

“W-what, I thought you were ordering more. Bye!”

Nilva made a cute expression and went out and Jin looked back at the window.

The sun had completely set and night had come.

“I need to get my weapon.”

Jin put the coins onto the table and went to his room.


The wind blew over the land.

The sky was dark.

Fivion had no money to buy candles, so he went to bed as soon as the sun went down.

However, he couldn’t sleep right away, so Jamie had previously cast a sleeping spell. So that everyone would fall into deep sleep without worries.

And the old house was being guarded by three Undead.

“The energy is growing.”

Raiza calmly said.

Azad and Ashtar nodded as they held the weapons in their hand.

“T-this… yin energy is no joke.”

“It cannot be one or two.”

A huge amount of yin energy was flowing around.

And the three undead were trying to stay as alert as possible and Raiza reached for Jamie.

But there was a problem.

“…master cannot be called.”


“What happened?”


Azad repeated the same thing but with a different tone each time.

The former feeling was he couldn’t believe and the latter was feeling like he was done trying to understand.

Ashtar looked at Azad.

“I see that senior is quite talented in this.”

“Shut up. Brat. Brother, you cannot contact him?”


Raiza tried to signal Jamie again, but there was no reply.

Then, the sound of wind could be heard.

The three of them looked at the field at the same time.

Azad sighed.

“Is… that right?”

“Why ask me?”

Ashtar clicked his tongue and looked at the translucent crowd which filled the field.

They all had broken armors and damaged limbs.


At that moment, Raiza seemed to be interested. Azad looked at him and asked.

“What can be interesting about that? I am going to die from the sight of it!”

“How can a dead person be killed?”

“You brat, why do you keep coming onto me in this situation!”

“Because it is fun.”

“If you won’t stop speaking I will break your head.”

“Even if you do that, master can regenerate me again, senior.”

Raiza looked at them and then spoke to Azad.

“Think about it. They are all in the form of normal ghosts. Remember what master told us.”

“… it has to be a necromancer.”

“Come to think of it… why are they like that?”

If they were being manipulated by black magic, the perfect spirit form cannot be taken.

It would be normal to have something twisted or eroded by black mana.

They knew better than anyone because the three lived with Jamie’s black mana.

Moreover, the opponent who must be a dark magician was lacking compared to their master.

“Why are the ghosts in their initial state?”

“I don’t know about that either. First of all, we must protect the lives of those in the house.”

As long as Jamie couldn’t be called, they had to do this role.

“it will be fun.”

Ashtar smiled and jumped up. Azad who saw it shouted.

“Wow! This guy leaves his seniors to jump in first!”

“Stop talking and follow me!”

“Eh, brother!

Raiza also left Azad alone and flew into the field.

Azad yelled while staying behind.

The three of them reached the field in an instant. Azad who arrived last said,

“It is really embarrassing! Aren’t you being too much?”

“Concentrate, focus.’

“Let’s focus on this.”

“Ah, brats. Let’s see this.”

Azad gritted his teeth as the two craved for a fight. The spirits were already approaching them at a slow pace.

Ashtar smiled happily, drew his sword and licked the blade with his tongue as he mumbled.

“It has been a long time since I killed anything.”

A murdering spirit, Ashtar.

A murderer from the bloodthirsty nation of Kala.

Before being captured by Jamie. He killed countless humans and now, even stronger with Jamie’s black mana, he was in a much stronger state than before.

He opened his eyes with killing intent and joked,

“But I don’t know if spirits can be slaughtered?”

“This brat, aren’t you a 15 year old kid? What are you saying?”

Azad lifted the weapons and chased ahead.

Ashtar glared at him with puzzled eyes.

“Read the atmosphere, senior!”

“You should be the one to stop talking and fight. You are talking about slaughter right?”

“As expected, I need to learn from senior…”

“Both of you, enough.”

With a dagger in hand, Raiza warned them. There wasn’t much difference in their skills but Jamie gave Raiza control.

In other words, all the Undead inside the Inverse Heaven gate should carry out the orders of Raiza.

Except for the Lich.

So Azad and Ashtar had to obey.

“Damn it.”

“Prepare to be scolded as soon as you return.”

“Who will scold me?”

Azad and Ashtar fixed their form and clenched. Raiza grinned seeing the spirits approaching.

All of them looked weak, but there were many who weren’t so easy too.

“You should never allow them to get close to the house.”

“Are we working separately?”

When Azad asked, Raiza, who was holding daggers in both hands, said,

“Destroy them all.”


“It is slaughter time!”

The three Undead began to run rampant.

Jamie looked at the being standing in thick fog. There were sounds of iron clashing.

The sound of iron armor shaking. The fog made it hard to see, but it didn’t matter.

Jamie was pretty shocked.

“… what is this?”

Black smoke was coming from the mist.

And it touched Jamie’s ankles. Jamie extended his right arm to it and the mist was drawn to it.

Even so, the black smoke remained and he could see the opponent’s face in detail.

“I was completely mistaken.”

Black smoke flowed through the armor. The smooth, glossy black armor gleamed as if it had been greased.

The helmet had a thin Y shaped hole through it, but the features couldn’t be confirmed. Only a faint light was shining and of course, he thought it was the dark magicians.

He thought that necromancers could cast spirits.

“It is my first time to see something like this.”

Jamie said, looking at the death knight who was in full black armor.

“The natural born death knight must be the culprit of this.”

And he looked around.

The powerful energy which started from the death knight surrounded the things.

It was huge.

The death knight was a high-ranking Undead that possessed immense power. Besides, the guy in front of him was beyond what Jamie knew.

Why is it going after Fivion’s family?

‘Did the Coup send a death knight to kill the commander’s wife and kids?’

Seeing this in person, he realized how absurd it sounded.

He didn’t know the full story, but if this was targeting Fivion’s family, then they would never be safe.

“It is dense.”

Jamie quietly drew his sword as he watched the spirits grow around.

Everyone was like a soldier with armor on them and scars on their body.

It was like seeing a unit of soldiers being killed somewhere and Jamie asked the Death Knight.

“Why did you appear in front of me? Your target is quite far from here.”

Death knight didn’t answer.

It wasn’t known if it couldn’t speak or if it didn’t want to answer.

What was certain was that it didn’t come to mess around with him .

“If you don’t answer…”

Jamie’s hand gripped mana.

“I have no choice but to make you.”

He knew better than anyone how hard it was for a naturally born Death Knight to be there. and this one was in front of him.

“I will make you mine.”

If the death knight can be obtained, the Undead legion will get stronger.

Jamie’s eyes turned purple.


“… you!”

The skull necklace around the death knight shone a bright purple and flowed in the air and the light wasn’t directed at Jamie.

The death knight grabbed the skull and the purple light flowed into it. Both eyes were now purple.

“The order… will be carried…”

The death knight lowered its upper body and moved its leg.

And it grabbed the handle of the sword attached to the waist.

“Move… forward… Block.”

Black mana exploded from it.


Jamie mumbled as he looked at the sword rising in front of him.

“I have never imagined something like this would happen.”

He smiled as watched the purple black mana coming for him.

“I need to make you mine.”

The sword of the death knight reached his chin. Jamie’s purple eyes glowed more intensely.

“You are a very special one. I will definitely make you mine.”

The two black mana collided.

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