Chapter 224 - Command (1)

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Emerald hair was fluttering in the night sky.

Jamie saw the Death Knight’s sword in front of him.

The sword barely touched him. To be precise, Jamie was calculating the distance as if it wasn’t easy for the sword to touch him.

Even so, this Death Knight seemed talented.

It was funny to say that it was a chance in front of the Death Knight’s sword, but it held the skills of Master level.

‘There, black mana is being used as well.’

This was different from Gav.

Gav relied too much on Diablo Volfir’s power to make it his own. So Jamie could break him down. However, although the total power of the Death Knight was lower than Gav, it made this black mana its own.

Furthermore, based on that power, it was using the maximum attack with the least power.

‘It’s very difficult to make someone else’s thing your own.’

Jamie saw the movement of the Death Knight while striking the flying sword with Scud.

Physically difficult movements were made possible with black mana.

Loaded with black mana on the aura, it swung the sword of destruction.

Best of all, it wasn’t fighting alone.

‘So annoying.’

The spirits, insignificant ones, were clinging to him. They would block the attack with their arms and legs or stand in the way of the attack.


It was annoying to fight like this.

When the Death Knight tried to attack, it came out making the spirits move away.

The spirit was a spirit.

‘It isn’t just about being strong.’

The ability to mobilize spirits and defeat the enemy.

Jamie realized dealing with just a sword was difficult. Jamie slashed down a few soldier spirits and pulled out Beyond Avalon.

“For a dead one like you, this is the best.”

The holy power of Pyro rose from his left hand. And letting it flow to the staff, he lifted it up high.

[Holy Explosion].

The most basic of the holy magic used by priests.

The holy power would literally explode in all directions. And the Death knight rushed forward as if it had no intention of avoiding it.

Even a ‘holy explosion’ couldn’t do any damage to him, who was a high ranking Undead.

However, the spirits around it weren’t immune. The reason why Jamie used this lesser holy magic was simple.

“Spirits are good, but they were useless low level ones. You cannot harm me by grabbing my ankles, death knight.”

The rushing death knight looked around with a bewildered face. The spirits within the reach of the light disappeared at once.

No matter how high the level of holy power was, if the target was a low level Undead, it exerted lethal power.

The Death Knight was so shocked because it had no experience about this type of thing.

“Enemy… must be… killed.”

The Death Knight mumbled and fixed its weapon.

“You have no experience with holy power?’

Jamie thought as he looked at the Death Knight. Usually strong Undead have existed for a long time. And as long as they live, they would have experienced so many things.

Combat with priests was common for such Undead. Of course, he thought the Death Knight here was the same too.

“Hmm. I see. You became a Death Knight because of my black mana.”

It wasn’t enough that he could absorb the black mana, but now it was showing his control over it.

“I want you to get under me even more.”

[Power: Chain of Inverse Heaven]

A chain came from the air and shot out to restrain the Death Knight and the Death Knight spread the distance by striking the chain with his sword.

It was difficult to use the same strategy as before because the soldier spirits were nowhere around. And a different strategy is needed and Jamie grinned.

He narrowed the distance.

“I know you are quite good, but…”

Jamie twisted in the midair once and kicked the Death Knight in the chest with his feet.


An explosion occurred.

The Death Knight staggered on the ground. And Jamie jumped high and strengthened his body with all forms of magic.

“Right, you are the Death Knight who just came into the world!”

He raised his heel high and hit it right at the head of the Death Knight. But the Death Knight rolled the body to the side.

The ground trembled as the leg fell. Jamie expanded his senses as much as he could and watched through the dust that rose from the hit.

“And bad at dealing with battle magicians.”


It collapsed as palm marks appeared on the chest armor. Black smoke rose from its arms and neck.

The smoke was moulding into a single sword and aimed for Jamie’s neck.

“Your senses are good, but…”

[Beyond Avalon: The other world]

A sword of black smoke cut through the air. Jamie reappeared and grabbed the helmet tightly with his hands.

“You are quite tough.”

[Thunder Bird]

A blue bird exploded with lightning on its wings. No matter how high the Death Knight was, it was impossible to withstand the onslaught of Jamie’s magic.

Plus, Jamie was the best dark magician and necromancer.

He knew better than anyone how to inflict pain on Undead.

The Death Knight struggled in agony but didn’t scream. It staggered over and over saying the same thing.

“… order.”

“Who did you get this order from? And you keep talking about it.”

“Annihilate the enemy…”

The Death Knight raised its sword and took the stance to stab Jamie. However, the damage it took was too much that it stumbled down to one knee.


The helmet seemed to have broken due to the Thunder Bird and the cracked parts of the helmet were beginning to make rustling sounds and some shards fell down.

And between them, long blonde hair flowed.


Violet purple eyes behind the helmet and blonde hair.

The Death Knight clenched its fists and got up from the position. However, the chains of Inverse Heaven which bound the sword and the body didn’t let it get up.

“Order… must be done…”

“Is that all you can say?”


“Interesting. An Undead similar to a Death Knight would have been completely sane, but you… you are like a newly formed one.”

He knew that this was a new one, but even so, the definite features of Death Knight couldn’t be seen.

‘Did my power affect it?’

If this was forced to become a Death Knight due to black mana, there was no way this would happen. However, he couldn’t be sure because he never heard of such things.

“Anything works. It is all education. Stop when I am telling you, stop going around the world, tormenting the living and come into my arms.”


A larger number of chains extended and began to hold the Death Knight.

It was then.

Through the chains, someone’s memory began to be transmitted to Jamie. And the Death Knight shouted.

“I need to follow the commander’s command!!”



“Don’t miss a single one and kill them all!”

It was weird.

The castle began to burn and corpses piled up and pools of blood filled the hallway.

The sound of rough breathing and the swords clashing from all directions.

“Commander! The enemies are coming from there too!”

“The number is too large!”

“And the crown prince…?”

The knights belonging to the knights templar of the palace with swords were moving despite their wounds. In the centre was a middle-aged man who was holding a newborn baby in his arms.

“Commander Volvinos!”

The middle-aged man was Volvinos.

“I don’t know. The order is given to us to take the crown prince outside at all costs.”

“Damn it… clear the way!”

Enemies appeared in front. Actually, they were people who couldn’t be called enemies.

Not long ago, they were eating on the same table.

The one who appeared to the enemy’s commander, extended his hand and suggested.

“Give us the royal lineage. And your life will be spared.”

“Riveter! You bastard!”

“What are you doing, Vice-commander?”


The man called Riveter restrained his men and looked at Volvinos.

“Commander. Give up. The crown prince has been killed. Except the 4th prince, everyone has been defeated and the coup is perfect. It is over.”

“Are you going to kill this child? Vice-commander?”

“That will bring peace to the nation.”

“Peace my ass! You just wanted to take care of your own self interest, so you went to that 6th prince bastard!”

“Be careful of what you say!”

In the midst of a verbal fight, Volvinos looked at Riveter and the two stared at each other.

Volvinos sighed.

“The greed of the 4th prince is what created this terrible situation.”

And he looked down at the baby sleeping peacefully in his arms. Was it the baby’s skill to be able to sleep without a thought in such a serious situation?

‘This child has to be saved.’

If the crown prince was really dead, the only enemy of this nation was the newborn baby.

As long as the bloodline spreads through the child, there will be no justification for the 4th prince to sit on the throne. As long as the child survives, there could be a change.

“I will fight.”

His eyes sank coldly as he looked at Riveter.

Unlike his subordinates he didn’t pull out the swords, but he drew his sword knowing there was no other way out of this.

They were the two famous sword masters of the Silteo kingdom.

Riveter Paul, the Vice-commander of the Royal Palace knights and Volvinos Kreon.

If the two fought, the win cannot be an easy one.

Volvinos and the Riveter knew that better than anyone so he looked at the subordinate and said,


“Yes, commander.”

A beautiful woman with luscious blonde hair. And unlike her appearance, she had the most power among the palace knights. And was the fastest on her feet.

Volvinos gave the child to her.

Bianca who suddenly took the child looked at her commander with bewildered eyes.


“Make sure to protect the child.”


“Volvinos, don’t mess around!”

Riveter approached before they knew it and aimed for the throat. But the men of Volvinos stepped forward.

“Bianca! You are our only hope!”

“We will cut these bastards down and follow you, so leave first!”

The knights who blocked Riveter spoke to her.

The colleagues in the back were also telling her the same thing.

“Don’t worry, Bianca, we will follow you.”

“Not a single one will die.”

“Hear that?”

Volvinos smiled and patted her on the back. And said with a serious face.

“You must live. And run to my family and tell them what happened in the palace.”

“Commander… How can I leave everyone alone…!”

“Bianca!! Don’t think of running away! Everyone, get that woman!’

“Don’t act rude you fucking Vice-commander!”

“Don’t let them approach Bianca!”

Again the start happened. A bloody battle between the knights of the same unit.

Volvino drew his heavy sword and spoke to Bianca.

“Make sure that the child survives. This is an order to a subordinate from the commander. Make sure to get that done!”

“… M-make sure to survive!”

Bianca broke down the window and jumped down. Riveter,vwho watched it, shouted loudly.

“Get that woman!”

“That won’t do, Riveter!”

One of the most powerful knights in the kingdom, Volvinos stopped them.

He won’t let them go after her.

And one of his subordinates said,

“Commander. Let’s die here with them!”

“I was thinking the same.”

“Kill those traitors!”

“You people are so dead!”

Volvinos glanced outside as he heard the cries of the civil war. Bianca was nowhere to be seen. Well, she was the fastest of the knights.

‘You need to survive, Bianca.’



The commander and Vice-commander’s swords clashed.

And the power of the royal knights had been reduced to less than half after that day.

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