Chapter 225 - Command (2)

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Bianca ran.

No matter what kind of sound came from behind she didn’t stop and kept moving forward.

“I will carry out the command.”

That was the only thing in her head. All her personal emotions vanished.

If it didn’t, she would think of running back to her commander and she couldn’t do that.

She saw the baby in her arms.

The crown prince was born less than a month ago. This child lost his parents today, including everyone in his family.

And seeing him sleeping so soundly, made her heart tremble.

‘I need to go to the Kreon family home right now and report what happened.’

The family of commander Volvinos, and one of the most powerful families in the Silteo Kingdom.

If she could speak to them, this situation might be resolved and the real enemy of the King was also the same family.

Bianca bit her lip.

“The command… I need to carry it out.”

Allies of hers must be in fierce fight. Tears flowed from both of her eyes.

Blood dripped from her lips. Commander Volvinos who took her as an orphan and treated her wonderfully from the start.

They all said they would come to her, but she knew that it wouldn’t happen.

They will die.

This was because the royal palace had already fallen into the control of the 4th prince and the rest of the knights were all his.

But she was running?

‘I can head back there…’

But the command had to be followed.

But she didn’t want to leave her colleagues.

What was the right option?

She knew that it would be a dog’s death if she went back, but at least if she died with her colleagues she wouldn’t feel regret.

-Survive at all costs with the crown prince. This is a command given to the subordinate by the commander. Make sure to get it done.

Volvinos’ last words flashed through her mind.

“The command.”

Her resolve turned firm. She was longer between regret and running away.

She will finish everything and make sure her colleagues’ wishes come true.

And then go to their side. That was the best she could do.

Feeling the blood from her lips run down her chin, Bianca ran faster.


An arrow pierced her chest and like a doll with broken thread she fell. And the baby bounced on the ground.


The baby began to cry. The baby was thrown out of her hands while she was running so it was a miracle that the child was alive.

Someone jumped from the three. An archer who wore a large hat with a hawk feather attached to it. He stood in front of the crown prince, the crying baby.

He pulled a dagger from his waist and threw it down.


No more crying.

Red blood soaked the cloth covered around the baby.

“Done with killing.”

The archer said that and left. It was a depressing moment.

In order to protect the child she left her companions and ran all the way here with him.

Holding down her desire to run back to her colleagues.

“The command… must be done…”

Bianca crawled on the ground. She crawled to the crown prince who no longer cried.

Her command cannot end like this.

The child couldn’t die yet.

If he was breathing, she would do everything she could. That way, she could see her colleagues in their eyes.

How can she face them if she failed the command?


Her vision was blurring.

Her breathing slowed and the chest pain slowly went numb.

She stretched out her hand at the darkness in front. The commander asked her to keep the child alive. So she will carry out the mission.


Will not fall here.

She will go to the Kreon family and tell the commander’s wife and children what happened.

Run with the child in her arms!

She can do it.

The desperation created in the extreme situation consisted of a desperate desire to brainwash herself.

And that was right before she stopped breathing and the moment she stopped breathing the underworld understood her wish.


Darkness rose from the ground and covered her. Dozens of tentacles stretched out from the darkness and covered Bianca’s body, lifting it to the ground. She had already lost her life.

The full moon in the sky and cold wind below.

It was then.


Far away.

In the direction of the royal palace, purple pillars rose to the sky. Unrecognizable, the black mana reacted to the darkness.

Should it be called a ‘miracle’?

Bianca’s earnestness summoned the power of the underworld and the power of the underworld awakened the original black mana sleeping in the royal palace.

Black mana immediately began to take over the darkness of the underworld which surrounded Bianca.

Bianca’s body was broken over and over and over.

The darkness and black mana began to seep into her body. As the darkness fixed her body anew, Bianca’s body fell to the ground.


Just trying to look like nothing happened.


Through her skin, the black armor began to pop out.

From head to toe, the armor began to form on her body. And when she was fully armed, her closed eyes opened.

Black smoke shone from the armor and Bianca got up.

At first she stumbled but then she stood up straight. And walked to the corpse of the child and looked at the corpse.

“The command… Must be done…”

Darkness arose from the child’s hand.

The body shrank to a small size and was small enough to hit in one hand. And that was what turned into her necklace.

As the black mana also dwelled there, a purple glow emanated from the skull’s eyes.


She posed to run. As a Death Knight, she only remembered one thing.

“I need to get it done.”

The only reason she was revived as a Death Knight.

Jamie looked at Bianca without another word.

He didn’t know what to say when he saw her who turned into a Death Knight with the sole intention of carrying out a command.

In fact, as mentioned above, her condition couldn’t be spoken simply. The emotions entangled within her kept her alive even after death.

“You weren’t trying to harm Fivion’s family.”

“The command…”

Even at this moment, Bianca was thinking only of the command she was given.

At first, he was greedy for her skills and wanted to make her his own, but now he wondered if it was the right thing to do.

Wouldn’t it be right to let her carry out her commands and return to her colleagues?

“Shouldn’t waste time.”

Bianca was still feeling urgency at this time. Because the command wasn’t fulfilled.

In addition, the enemy much stronger than she was blocking the path, so she was trying to not have her mind shaken.

He didn’t know till now, but now her presence felt different.

‘Time bomb.’

Bianca’s condition now was like that. If she continued like this, she wouldn’t be able to stand it and explode.

And when that happens, she will become an evil spirit like never before seen and terrorize all the living beings.


The chains released her body. Freed, she raised her hand and moved to aim for Jamie’s neck.

Indeed, it was a fierce attack, like a person with a high level of skill.

But it didn’t reach Jamie. The chains held her by arms and pulled her back.

Bianca’s fingers stopped in front of Jamie’s neck.

“Let’s release your emotions.”


Jamie snapped his finger.

“You bastards! So weak but so many!”

“I am not tired so keep coming!”

“Both of you stop talking and focus.”

Jamie saw the trio cutting down the spirits and looked at Bianca next to him.

“Go. Go and carry out the command.”

“… command.”

“Right. Go and do what you must do.”

Bianca looked where Jamie was pointing. A shabby house.

She tried to go there again and again but there was always something blocking the path.

“Now you can go.”

Bianca walked towards the shabby house.

Her hands and feet trembled. It wasn’t known how much time had passed.

But now the time has come.

Let’s be the first to report what happened in the palace. Next, entrust the crown prince to the wife of the commander.

Prepare for the future by teaching the children of the commander to swing the sword and unite the opposing force of the 4th prince and reseablish the successor of the royal lineage.

And then all the commands would end.

She could head to her colleagues then.


The helmet turned to dust and vanished. Her blonde hair was bouncing in the back.

The black skull necklace slowly changed shape into a baby sucking her finger.

Her illusion.

Bianca transformed into an ordinary human and stood in front of the mirror.

And carefully called the people sleeping inside.

“Bianca Adrey, knight of the royal palace. I am here under the orders of commander Volvinos Kreon.”

A small noise from inside. The old door creaked open and a boy stood there.


“… sister. You are?”

The boy who was sleepy asked her in a dreamy state.

Bianca smiled and told Fivion,

“Your father’s subordinate. Is your mother here?”

“Ah, father’s subordinate?! Mom! Mom!”

“W-what is it, Finn? Why are you shouting this loudly?”


The familiar voice of a woman and a young girl grumbling.

Bianca waited patiently. The voice of the boy could be heard.

“Father’s subordinate, some sister came to see you!”

“What… was it?”

There was the sound of someone running out urgently. And Irina, the woman, appeared at the door, covered her mouth and stepped back.

Bianca bowed and said,

“Mrs Kreon. Long time no see.”

“… Dame Bianca? How the hell are you…? Before that, you were alive?”

“I have so much to say, my lady.”

“The child…”

“The royal lineage.”

Irina couldn’t keep up with this. Because it was impossible. The crown prince was defeated by the 4th prince. It was no longer possible to aim for a reversal.

The Kreon family too was done for.

It was no less than a miracle that she managed to escape to this place with her two children.

But now she was talking about the crown prince?

Irina panicked and Bianca continued,

“Currently, the Vice-commander and my colleagues are fighting. In the meantime, they asked me to get you to escape and there are still chances, the future can be shaped as we want.”

“W-what are you talking about? The King is already…”

“Mom? What is this?”

“Uh… what is it…?”

Fivion and Fiona were rubbing their eyes and Irina clenched her children’s hand and looked at Bianca who was saying things which made no sense.

And Jamie was seen, and he mouthed the words.

‘Accept her words.’

Irina who understood those words, realized that Bianca was the Death Knight.

And now she understood why people talked about the events which happened when they were around.

She wanted to cry for a moment, she was once the lady of the huge family of Kreon. Controlling her emotions, she asked Bianca,

“Dame Bianca… so, you came all the way from the royal palace to this place with the only descendent of the crown prince?”

“Mom? What is…”

“Finn. Take Fion to the other room.’


“Do it.”

The two children at their mother’s forced words went to another room and Irina sighed as she looked at Bianca.

Bianca spoke with a gloomy face trying to force a smile.

“Yes. I was engaged with the enemy… I came here on the command of the commander. The future… right, for the future.”

The crown prince was dead.

Bianca who brought him was dead too. Irina grabbed her trembling hands and nodded her head.

“You did well. really, you have gone through so much…uh.”

“My lady? Why are you crying…”

She couldn’t hold back the tears anymore.

Irina, who knew the truth, shed tears instead of looking at Bianca who knew nothing.

And she stretched out her hands and said,

“Come here. Give me a hug.”

“My lady?”

Bianca couldn’t hide her shock at Irina’s sudden reaction and strangely felt something tear in her chest.

“Uh…? Why am I crying?”

She was taken aback by the tears running down her cheeks.

Why did tears come out of nowhere in this urgent situation? She had never cried except for when she was a child.

So why in this situation?

“Uh, why? Why do tears keep coming? Why, my lady. My heart hurts. My heart hurts so much. What is this?”

Once the tears started to flow, she couldn’t hold back.

Her heart ached so much that it felt like it would burst.

Endless feelings of guilt and loss of someone.

The agony of not being able to carry out the commands. It was like the core of it was tangled up and ready to burst.

Bianca began to pour out her regrets of the past.

“I… I am the commander! Abandoned my colleagues! Alone! Alone!”

“It is fine. Because it is alright.”

“I cannot live…. I cannot be the only one alive, my lady…”

“My husband… will also understand this. So, take it easy on yourself. Everyone is probably waiting for you.”


“Dame Bianca, you did a good job. Leave the rest to us and rest in peace.”

“I am sorry my lady. Because I couldn’t protect the commander… I died on the way… I tried so hard to make it to you… I am really sorry.”

Bianca hugged Irina tightly as she wept.

All the resentment, pain, and sorrow which had accumulated over the period of time. Bianca wept it all out.

And at last…

She slowly started to disappear.


Irina staggered and took a step back.

Bianca, who was in front of her, was nowhere to be seen now.

There was only a small necklace that had fallen on the ground.

The necklace no longer had a skull on it.

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