Chapter 226 - Contract (1)

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“The spirit soldiers disappeared.”

“Did master succeed in killing the dark magicians?”


Azad, Raiza and Ashtar were shocked as they watched the constant influx of spirit soldiers. But just in case, they were on full alert. And Raiza touched his ear.


-Ah, ah. Can you hear me?

Unlike before, Jamie’s voice could be heard clearly. The problem seemed to be resolved.

“Where are you? Have you defeated the dark magician?”

“Where is he?”

“Everyone calm down. Let me speak.”

Raiza quieted the others and listened to Jamie.

-Me? Right behind you.

“Behind us?”

“Behind? There is no one behind us.”

Azad looked behind them and he couldn’t see a single ant. And then they heard Raiza sigh.

-Tell that idiot to look further.

“Look further…”

Raiza saw the house behind and a familiar man leaning against a tree next to the house which they should be defending.

When Azad and Ashtar saw him, they raised their hands and waved.


“Is it all over?!”

They ran towards Jamie with excitement. And it was like seeing a dog go for its owner.

Raiza cut off the communication and looked at those two running idiots.

But he too wondered what was happening so he ran to Jamie but Jamie wasn’t finished.

“Everyone, wait first.”

He glanced at the inside of the house and instructed the people running.

Suddenly unable to move ahead, Azad shouted. And Jamie cast silence magic on him. Azad was saying something but nothing could be heard.

The same with Raiza and Ashtar.

However, unlike Azad, they didn’t try to do anything.

“I will be back after finishing it, so just play around.”

Azad was mouthing, ‘What play? We are adults!’

Jamie walked inside to see Irina who was sitting in the room and he said,

“You have been through so much.”

“… did the priest know?”

Irina looked at Jamie and asked in a weak voice,

“Rather than that, I came to know and that is why I led it here.”

“I see.”

Saying that, Irina sighed. She hugged her knees and smiled bitterly.

“This is what it feels like to be ruined.”

“What do you mean?”

“Actually, I didn’t really feel it until recently. The fact that I, who was the lady of a powerful family in Silteo Kingdom, lives in this collapsed house. I thought it was a dream. I thought the nightmare would stop and I would wake up… but I felt it today.”

“My lady.”

“Dame Bianca. It must have been so painful. Dreaming of a future that will never come true, a nightmare which cannot be compared to others… it must have been like hell, where you have to do things you don’t want to.”


“But that’s it. It’s a little embarrassing. Dame Bianca must have lived in a pain incomparable to mine, and she was there during that time. Holding onto the pain for so long. At least she didn’t have to know about the collapse of my family, the death of family members and the rise of a terrible enemy in the throne.”

Irina, who comforted Bianca till the end, was also a victim.

She too had a terrible time, and it wasn’t over yet.

Her body was sick and her children are young.

The woman who didn’t get a drop of hope in her hand had to do anything to survive even if she didn’t want to.

“Will I feel better if I die?”


Jamie looked up at the sky.

There were so many stars in the night sky as if they could fall any moment.

“Death is futile. There is nothing left. Only regret will follow till the end.”

“You speak like you experienced it.”

“Well. I have a little experience with this.”

“Is that so?”

There was nothing else to comfort her. He thought it would be a deception if he didn’t tell her.

Above all, he didn’t have a broad personality.

Jamie scratched his head and turned to the rustling sound in the next room.

Then the door swung open with the two children leaning against the door.



Fivion and Fiona laughed awkwardly as they realized Irina and Jamie were looking at them.

“Hehe… we didn’t mean to eavesdrop…”

“W-we didn’t !”

Unlike her brother, the younger one had a bolder personality.

Jamie smiled as he stepped back and the children who were standing there moved to their moth.



She looked down at her children who were raising their hands at her without a word and the two children burst into tears as they were brought into their mother’s embrace.

“Uuhhhh! You cannot die! Don’t die!”

“Ehng! Mom don’t go! Please don’t go!”

Irina smiled and gently stroked her kids.

“Mom, won’t go anywhere. Where can I go, leaving you kids behind?”

“Uhh… dying is forbidden.”


“Yes yes. I won’t say things like that again.”

Jamie turned away without another word. There was nothing more to do here.

For now, it was the time for their family and he could come talk at a later time.

He himself wouldn’t be able to live in such a shabby house. And then he found the necklace on the floor.

The one Bianca had.


Looking at it, he tucked it into his arms.

Then he moved to where the three were.

“Phew! If you had just told me I would have stayed silent! You didn’t have to do that!”

As expected, Azad began to yell right away and he quickly hit the man on head.

Ashtar shook his head and looked at Azad who had collapsed and fainted.

“Why would you do…”

He touched Azad on the head with his feet but there was no reaction.

Jamie’s forehead flick was terrifying which made even Undead faint.

Ashtar vowed to never get hit. And Raiza stood behind the two and asked,

“Seems like the problem is resolved.”

“It was a heartbreaking one.”


“You went through a lot.”

“You did too.”

Raiza shook his head and Jamie smiled as he tapped the shoulder.

“Go and get some rest. I have more to do.”

“I understand. Ashtar, get Azad.”

“Damn it. Pathetic senior.”

Ashtar sighed and carried Azad who had fallen to the ground and Jamie opened up the Inverse Heaven and they went in and Jamie counter summoned it.

He pulled out Bianca’s necklace.


“I thought you would ascend…”

Jamie was suddenly talking to a necklace.

Anyone who saw it would think that he was a madman, but it was impossible to do that with the greatest dark magicians.

The necklace vibrated and purple black mana began to rise.

And it took shape in front of Jamie and Bianca, who was a lot calmer than before, appeared.

There were still traces of tears in her eyes.

“An Undead crying. You are such a strange one in many ways.”

Bianca looked at Jamie without answering. He thought she had ascended from Irina’s arms but she was hiding in the necklace pretending to have gone.

And Jamie wanted to know the reason now.

“Why are you in this world? Still have regrets?”

“Because there is still work to be done. I wanted to give them peace of mind so I pretended to leave like that.”

“You are so considerate.”

“Because I didn’t do much good to them. And with this body…”

She had a bitter expression as she checked her condition.

Since she, an honorable knight, was an Undead, she couldn’t digest it.

“So, you will get revenge?”

“Right. My enemies must still be laughing in the palace. I will show them hell. Only then will I be able to see some colleagues who left first. Since I… am a failed one.”

She was unable to fulfill the command given to her, and was attacked by the enemy too.

In the process, the child was killed.

This was as good as making her colleagues’ sacrifices worthless.

Bianca clenched her fist.

“With this power, I can try.”

She originally belonged to a strong side, but after becoming a Death Knight she had acquired a stronger power.

In addition, she was of the Undead with the command of a necromancer, so she could even start a war if she wanted.

But Jamie knew how foolish it was.

It was difficult for the Undead to work freely in this land.

‘It is acceptable to survive but that is all.’

There were almost no Undead in the land ruled by 12 Gods.

Even if there were, they would be found in areas where the 12 Gods didn’t exist.

But what would happen if the Death Knight appeared with an army of Undead?

Far from attacking the Silteo Kingdom, she would be subjugated by the paladins from each religion.

“A dog’s death.”

“You wouldn’t know unless you try. I am grateful for that. Even though you were a dark magician you helped me.”

“You seem to be unaware of your situation.”

“It doesn’t matter. If my sword can pierce the heart of the King, then anything can happen.”

Jamie folded his arms and took a deep breath.

Looking into her past he knew that she was fairly knowledgeable.

Jamie didn’t make any proposals, especially to Undead. It would always be to force them to surrender.

Bianca was different. She wasn’t an ordinary Undead, she was unique and perfectly digested his own power.

And he didn’t want her to die miserably again.

So he suggested.

“Come under me. Then I will give you a chance for revenge. A contract.”

At that. Bianca looked at him wordlessly.

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