Chapter 227 - Contract (2)

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Bianca had a hesitant look on her face, like she couldn’t speak.

Jamie was a dark magician. Although she was like this, she still thought of herself as a knight.

How could a knight join hands with someone who handled such powers?

However, the memories of the time she acted ignorant were still on her mind. And among them were the memories of fighting this man.

It wasn’t long, but with the power this man had, she couldn’t touch him.

And not just that, the man treated her like a child.

He was messing around as if playing with a child when he was fighting her.

‘His real power has to be greater than this.’

She knew that having his help would be better than fighting alone. But she didn’t like it.

“So you cannot work under a dark magician?”

“It is as you say. I know your power better than anyone since I experienced it…”

“What you have been through is a speck of dust. Don’t say things like ‘you know my strength’.”

Jamie warned her.


Bianca looked at Jamie with a suspicious look.

But right now it didn’t matter, so she said what she wanted to.

“Well. I know that you are strong, but as a knight I cannot work with a dark magician.”

“So you will face that kingdom alone? Are those words true?”

“Like I said, as long as I put a sword through the King’s heart, it is all good.”

“You are a frustrating one.”

“I heard the same thing a long while back. As I said, thank you but goodbye.”

Bianca ended the discussion and was about to leave. Jamie who saw that said,

“I am not the dark magician you think I am, Bianca Adrey.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Damn it. I am not even in trouble so why am I doing this?”

Jamie grumbled, ruffling his hair. This was how special Bianca was, the desire to control her was that great.

Jamie extended his left palm ahead with a dissatisfied expression.

“You aren’t going to say you don’t know the symbol right?”

The symbols of the 12 religions that any child would know. It would make no sense that a knight of a kingdom wouldn’t know it.

Seeing the symbol of Pyro, Bianca seemed a bit startled.

“T-that… Pyro?”

“Right. This is the symbol of Pyro.”

“Who is that on… are you not a dark magician? I have seen you use your powers, so why is that symbol on your palm?”

Bianca asked Jamie, confused as to what she was seeing. Then, as if she remembered something, she spoke with wide eyes.

“Come to think of it! You used holy power when you fought me…!”

She only remembered Jamie’s strength, although she couldn’t remember the instance, light flashed sometime during the fight.

Jamie lowered his hand and answered,

“A sign of a saint.”

“Saint? Are you a saint of Pyro?”

“I showed you.”

When he raised his left hand again, the holy power of Pyro began to shine and she stepped back at it.

As an Undead, holy power was poison. After showing it to her, Jamie said,

“Well, that is it.”

“It’s hard to believe. Can a dark magician become a saint? It isn’t possible. Dark magicians are the enemies of humans who kill all people. You wouldn’t have been allowed to live, let alone be a saint.”

“It is because the power I handle is different from the others. And the powers you have are mine too.”

Saying that, Jamie snapped his fingers and the black mana inside Bianca’s body reacted. She had to clutch her chest as it resonated.

Jamie shrugged.

“The reason why you were able to become such a strong Death Knight is because of that. In the end, my powers were the reason.”

“… who are you? I thought you were no ordinary person but this, you are beyond what I imagined.”

“Mortal minds should give up trying to understand.”

Jamie’s eyes turned purple.

“I will no longer drag this. Choose. Will you come under me or will you leave your own way? I promise, if you come under me, your wishes will be granted. But if you leave, everything between us ends here. I will never touch you again.”

Bianca gulped as Jamie’s tone changed. She knew that he was being honest and she felt worried.

She understood that he wasn’t an ordinary dark magician.

Through the words he said, she knew that his powers were beyond her imagination. But wouldn’t it be bad to hold hands without knowing the person truly?

Bianca felt troubled.

And then thought that worrying was pointless.


Jamie looked at Bianca.

Her blonde hair fluttered in the wind as she said,

“Will make the contract with you.”

Jamie smiled.

“The contract is made.”

A purple light enveloped the two of them. When the light faded, there was a knight kneeling in front of Jamie.

“Bianca Adrey the knight, will have you as her lord and will swear her allegiance.”

“One thing. Why did you come under me?”

“There was no need to be too concerned for me.”

Bianca lifted her head and looked at Jamie. As she said that, her eyes were glowing.

Proof that she was a special Undead.

“What do you mean?”

“It means that I will not have to choose means or methods to get revenge.”

All the members of the royal knights who lived together, who were her family, died.

It was her duty to avenge them. The fastest way to do it was right in front of her, and it didn’t make sense to throw the man aside for the sake of a knight’s honor.

“I see.”

Jamie nodded with an incredulous look on his face. With a smile, he pulled something out and Bianca bowed.

She lowered her head as Jamie brought the sword to both sides of her shoulder.

“Bianca Adrey. I take you as my knight.”

“I will be loyal till the end, my lord.”

“Welcome, Bianca.”

In the forest where no one was. With just the gaze of stars, the dark magician obtained the Death Knight.

Jamie summoned the Inverse Heaven.

“This is the space where my power was realized. You are a part of my family, so you can stay inside.”

“… the gate looks old.”

“Well. It will be a cosy though.”

“You sure?”

“Don’t worry. There are some smart ones inside, and I will introduce them later. I think it might be a little hard to make them your friends right away.”


“You will find out. I have some work to do, so I will see you later.”

As the gate opened, Bianca went straight in. Even though it looked small on the outside, she felt safe once she stepped in.

What worried her were the others.

“Raiza will take care of you.”

He wasn’t sure if the other two idiots would stay silent or be alright, but he thought no one would die, so it felt fine.

Jamie headed back to Fivion’s house. Since they must have calmed down, he wanted to talk about a couple things about the future. And he moved there.

There were no candles so the house looked dark, but the sound of the family talking could be heard.

“Mom will try hard again. With Finn and Fion. I will eat all I want and wear the best clothes I have.”

“I don’t want mom to suffer. I will work hard too.”

“Me too! Me too!”

“I only have my two kids.”

Jamie stayed listening to them. It felt like his heart turned warm.

“Will they be asleep now?”

Count Welton, Sears and Sarah.

They were far away, but Jamie knew that they were always with him. Because they thought of him each day and he of them.

This is family.

People who think of the other despite being apart are closer than anyone else, connected by blood.

The same went for Fivion’s family.

They once lived a life of luxury, but they lost it overnight. They were living this difficult life depending on each other because they were family.

Of course, not all were like this, but Jamie felt there should be more people in the world who felt such warmth.

“It is me.”

“Ah! I will come.”

“Me too!”

“I want to come too!”

He said just one word and the entire family was coming.

“Where were you? I was just trying to say thank you but couldn’t see. There… this, this isn’t much.”

Irina handed Jamie something wrapped in a precious cloth.

It seemed like a thing which existed during the times when she was a noble. It would be of value if she sold it, especially now they were living like this.


“The jewelry I used. He gave it to me when I first met him, but despite losing him, I couldn’t get myself to sell it.”

“And you are giving it to me now?”

“Huhu. It would be a shame to keep having it like this. I think I will be able to live again if I give up these lingering feelings. So have this.”

Jamie smiled as he looked at the trinket necklace and smiled. He shook his head as he pushed it to her.

“A priest isn’t greedy for such things. And because I just did what I had to do, a thank you is all I need.”


“Give it to your kids, they are bound to grow up one day. But, I was here to make a suggestion.”


As Irina seemed confused, Jamie thought a little and decided to say.

“Go to Harmonia.”

“Harmonia Kingdom?”

“Yes. You should take this with you.”

Jamie told her more.

“Go to Khim, the capital and show captain Hawks, and he will give you a place to stay.”

“Uh…? Why will a captain tell us where to…?”

“Because I have a good relationship with the people there. It will go well. Since it is a busy period, you might get a good job too. It will not be too difficult to get ready for a new life.”

“W-why are you doing this for us?”

“No big reason. Just…”

Jamie looked at the sky before he knew what to say.

“Let’s just say I want to.”

“… may I know your name?”

“Well, it’s Jay. Bye.”


Irina tried to hold on to Jamie, but he disappeared. And there was a small stone in the place where he was standing. It was a luminous stone which could light a fire.

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