Chapter 228 - Tell Her I'll See Her Soon (1)

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“I seem to be doing a lot of good lately.”

Jamie was alone, looking at the night sky. Perhaps, it was because he had been thinking that he was doing good things lately.

After 5 years of closed training, he went to Harmonia for his first mission and saved a nation. In other words, each time Fatal, the now King of Harmonia saw him, he would bow to Jamie.

This time too.

Although there was a huge misunderstanding and the family suffered for a long time, the knight who had become an Undead to carry out the mission was moving around, he hoped to do good.

“Am I not doing enough work a person under God should be doing?”

Looking at his own actions, the Gods felt worthless.

It was a joke, but he enjoyed it more today. Incompetent Gods.

The world was so messed up, yet they were still seated on their thrones, what were they doing?

“Well, what can we expect from those bastards? They only see humans as toys.”

Jamie clicked his tongue looking at the rosario in hands.

A piece that he took from Irina. She didn’t need it any longer, so when she handed it to him, Jamie took it curiously.

“Who owns the holy power within it?”

Jamie only knew a few of the 12 Gods holy powers.

He could tell if it was Pyro, Zenith, Drian, even Ra, and Brahman.

Other than that, despite having several fights with them, he rarely met them directly.

He could confirm the holy power if he wanted, even if he was confused, he could try to figure out who the holy power in the beads belonged to. But the holy power felt unclear.

And it seemed difficult.

“It isn’t one of the 5 I know.”

The five Gods mentioned above were the ones he was most confident of. That was how well he knew them.

“I will know if I break them.”

If anyone else heard it, they would punish him, but this was a quiet forest with no one around.

Jamie broke the beads.

The cracking sound echoed in the forest and Jamie was shocked.

He frowned, not being able to believe his eyes.

“… there are too many things which go beyond my expectations these days.”

Jamie smiled looking at the holy power which came from the broken beads. This was impossible.

He thought he was fortunate that this was a remote forest.

If not…

“People would have been killed as they were unable to control the power.”

Suddenly, a large amount of black mana spurted out and spread around the forest devouring the grass.

If anyone had seen it, they would have screamed running away.

It was such a shock which was impossible for Jamie to control. But he calmed himself.

The black mana was slowly absorbed back into his body and he looked around, it was a wasteland with no grass now.

“Damn it.”

Jamie frowned at the horrible sight his mana created. It was really fortunate that people weren’t here.

He looked at the broken beads again.

“How can such a thing exist?”

He lifted the broken one with troubled eyes.

Holy power flowed from the broken part. And Jamie doubted.

“This… whose holy power is this?”

This wasn’t of the 12 Gods. Even if he was confused about the other 7 gods, he didn’t forget the energies he felt.

But this one wasn’t theirs.

It made no sense.

How could a 13th one exist?

“Damn it. My head hurts.”

In his time as Diablo Volfir, there were only 12 Gods. All the ‘old gods’ which existed in the previous era were destroyed by the 12 Gods.

For them to rule the world. The 13th one couldn’t exist.

Otherwise, the 12 Gods had created a new holy power which Jamie didn’t know of. Although they were now divided into 12 Gods, they didn’t divide until Gav was born.

The split was a recent thing. Before that, the 12 Gods were one.

But there was no reason to make them 13.

‘Were there any surviving old ones?’

Jamie shook his head. They were all extinct for sure.

Not a single old one could exist. And even their followers had disappeared.

“Should I ask this one?”

The fastest way to check was Pyro. But there were risks in that.

One way or another, Jamie and Pyro had a contract.

They just moved in a mutually beneficial way. In such a situation, he had no idea how she would react if he asked about another God.

Jamie was certain a positive response would not come.

‘On the contrary, trouble can happen.’

In that case, the humiliation from asking it was one thing, and if he didn’t, he wouldn’t know. Unless he couldn’t predict where this came from, Pyro would be the last resort.

“Right now… Isis?”

The leader of the Frontier and the one close to the secret of worlds.

Maybe she would know. It wasn’t known if she could know, but her reaction cannot be tougher than Pyro.

At least, Jamie thought so.

“Let’s put you to sleep now.”

Jamie wrapped the broken beads in black mana and put it into subspace.

“Might be worth researching.”

A 13th holy power.

It wasn’t known where it came from, but it was a powerful weapon.

Returning to the room, Jamie took off his robe and sat on the bed. There was nothing more to see in town.

So he was thinking of telling Jin to leave tomorrow after waking up.

Before that, he had to finish his work.

“I need to properly introduce them.”

As Jamie closed his eyes, his mind shifted.

Jamie awoke in a small town built with purple sky and barren land.

The village with no name.

Originally he thought of making one, but he didn’t think it was necessary because it wouldn’t be a village for the rest of his life.

Blinking again, Jamie’s mind had arrived in the middle of town. There were walking bones and over half rotten corpses around.

When they saw Jamie suddenly appearing, they stopped and saluted in shock. Fortunately, they were unable to speak, so there was no dragging of time.

Jamie waved his hands,

“Do what you were doing.”

When the command was issued, the Undead began to move. This was the space inside the Inverse Heaven Gate, a world where Jamie reigned supreme.

At that moment, the sound of metal clashing could be heard. It was so loud that he could hear it well.

When he went there, the situation he was afraid of had happened.

“Acck! You are really dead!”

“Uh. You are a man with a huge mouth.”

Azad wielded a dagger while Bianca defended.

Behind Azad, Ashtar was lying down as if he was hit, and Raiza was watching their fight with a troubled face.

“Damn it! Why are you so fast?!”

Azad moved the dagger and aimed for the key points, but Bianca would block all of it. Surprisingly, Bianca only defended.

“A little surprising?”

Jamie watched them fight. He was worried Azad and Ashtar would treat her harshly. Even if she was a Death Knight, he thought she could deal with the two of them.

So he thought Raiza would control it. Sure enough, a fight broke out but the result was different.

“You can’t use the gaps?”

Ashtar who was an assassin, so excellent in what he did, and Azad who constantly trained to be better. How was it that Bianca was able to surpass them?

“I underestimated her.”

He couldn’t check her skills as she was constantly getting tied with chains in the fight. He did think she was a superior Death Knight, but she seemed greater than that.


Azad screamed and walked back.

Bianca, who was still defending, hit his arm in an instant and then stabbed him in the chest with her elbow.

As an Undead, attacking vital points was meaningless, but whether she had destructive power was certain as Azad was being moved around like a doll.

“It sounds like you are better than I thought… but that is barely enough to go against me.”

Bianca asked Raiza who was standing with his arms crossed.

“Are you going to challenge me too?”


Raiza, who was randomly selected, took a deep breath while looking at the fallen ones.

If they suffered, then Raiza could not handle her so he shook his head.

“If they lose then the result is obvious. There is no reason to fight.”

“Unlike them, you are wise.”

Bianca nodded and put her sword in its sheath.

Raiza sighed.

What did this mean?

This woman fell from the sky and fought with Azad and Ashtar who were now lying on the floor. In his heart, he wanted to wake them and hit him on the head, but it didn’t matter.

“I don’t know what to do.”

“There are times when Raiza is confused too?”


Jamie stepped ahead as he mumbled and Raiza had an unusually bright face.


“Hmm. I didn’t know it would be like this as soon as I arrived…”

Jamie looked at the fallen man and Bianca.

“You are here, lord.”

“Right. You got used to it quicker than I thought.”

“I accepted the challenge because they were fighting.”

“Yes, yes.”

He didn’t think the two would be horribly defeated. Jamie gulped back the words.

“Have you not been introduced to her yet?”

“There was no time for it.”

“Because of those two?”


Raiza glared at the two people. In fact, it was quite frustrating for Raiza as he didn’t want this.

He knew about the troubles. Then he introduced him to Bianca.

“This is Raiza, the captain of the Undead.”

“I see.”

“This is Death Knight, Bianca Adrey, who became a new member of the family.”

“But that woman… she didn’t ascend to heaven?”

“Well. That is something we will talk about later. First, say hello to the talented people who will help lead the place.”

Jamie patted Raiza on the back, and he walked to the woman with a disapproving look as he reached out.


“Bianca Adrey. Let’s do well.”

“Let’s get along. If necessary, we have to fight.”

Saying so, Jamie looked at Azad and Ashtar who had fallen.

“… I don’t think it will be needed though.”

Anyway, the Undead corps got stronger with Bianca joining.

Jamie decided to think this is good.

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