Chapter 229 - Tell Her I'll See Her Soon (2)

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“First, Raiza is the senior. If there is something you don’t know, ask him.”


Bianca responded politely and turned to Raiza and bowed.

“I wish you all the best for the future.”

“… same here.”

Raiza greeted her with a bewildered expression. Since she was a knight, Bianca was also very thorough in her clothes and actions.

It was a situation where she looked like she was ready to fight any moment, but her attitude changed.

It wasn’t easy to adapt, but it wasn’t a bad situation if she was agreeing to Jamie’s words.

Jamie thought it was a good thing too.

“There are a lot of sloppy things. This isn’t an easy environment to increase the number of soldiers, and it is because we are concentrating on certain areas, so your actions matter. As much as I do not involve myself in their affairs, I care for the Undead soldiers.”

“Do not worry.”

“I will do my best.”

Jamie nodded and stood beside the two fallen ones.

He squatted and looked at the fallen ones’ faces before leaving them alone.

He was going to wake them up, but then he imagined that they would go crazy if he did. It isn’t difficult to subdue them, but Jamie wondered if he had to bother and do it.

“But what of Nebro?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t seen him.”

The Gate is wide. He must be locked up training in another place.

Unlike those here, Nebro was an independent power.

There was no need to deal with them.

“When Nebro comes back, introduce them.”


“Bianca… I believe you will do well. Learn something from each other.”

“Don’t worry my lord.”

Jamie was more worried about the men than her. Jamie didn’t say that either.

Looking back at Raiza, who was looking at Azad and Ashtar with a dark expression, he seemed to be concerned about the two.

‘But, they were Undead but why were they having so many expressions?’

Because he made him.

“I am leaving.”

“Call us if there are problems.”

“I will wait for the order.”

Raiza and Bianca greeted Jamie and Jamie waved his hands and opened his eyes.

He sighed.

“Getting hit makes things better sometimes.”

He thought of the two.

Perhaps, after waking up those two would fight Bianca again, and will pass out and do the same thing again. Raiza will keep sighing from behind.

He was a little worried, but since he was sure that beating hardens the skin, he knew it would get better gradually.

Sooner or later, a rank will be established among them.

‘I need to sleep.’

It was already dawn.

He was planning to leave the village as soon as Jin woke up. He would be able to move after three hours of sleep.

Jamie tried to change into comfortable clothes and head to bed but he felt something outside the door.

Jamie stopped taking off his shirt and looked at the door.


There was no way someone came to his door at this early hour, especially turning the door knob.


Jamie raised his eyebrow at the unexpected person. The person who was there, smiled.


“Your name was…”


“Right, Nilva.”

The only employee of the inn. She was the girl who had a bright face despite the hard work in this gloomy village.

“What do you have to do at this late hour?”


Nilva looked around and rubbed her back, she said.

“I have a favor to ask.”



“… I’ll listen to what it is.”

Jamie sat on the bed and asked her to speak, to which Nilva hesitated and said,


“Tell me.”


Nilva smiled and said,

“Rosario, can you give those beads back?”

Jamie’s expression went stiff. He looked at Nilva like she was a different person.

The girl in front of him now had a cold face. Like a doll.

Jamie pretended to not know.


“You don’t have to pretend to not know.”

Nilva replied with a voice which sounded firm.

“This one.”

Jamie shook his head and stood up. He didn’t know the one related to the 13th holy power would appear in front of him.

That too, the young employee of the inn he was staying in.

“Did you know I would come here?”

Nilva shook her head.

“It wasn’t, it was all a coincidence.”


“It is frustrating for me as well because the plan went awry.”

“Let’s move out first. I don’t think we should talk about this here.”

Jamie snapped his fingers and the two moved to a larger space. Even with the sudden teleport magic, Nilva didn’t seem shocked.

She put her hands on the stomach. And Jamie took out the broken bead from the subspace.

“Is this what you are talking about?”

“Yes, that’s right. I would appreciate it if you gave it back.”

“What if I don’t want to?”

“Then I get in trouble.”

He thought she would try to take it by force, but she didn’t, Nilva genuinely had a troubled expression.

She didn’t know, but her heart beat and brain waves were being read by him. And he would know if she lied.

‘She isn’t the enemy?’

If it had been one, he would have known about their attempt to attack him from their brain waves.

After attaining magical realization 5 years back, he decided not to do bad things to people unless they were enemies.

First it was important to understand the heart of the opponent.

“Why should I give this up for you?”

“Hm. Right.”

“What are you?”

To Nilva who kept saying she would be in trouble, Jamie directly asked. At that question, Nilva looked around and smiled.

Her body suddenly began to wriggle horribly. In the process, her body changed.

Her torso was long, and so were her limbs. Her long hair was now short, and her face changed to that of a sad eyed man.


Jamie was speechless at this. A young girl was now a grown man?

The outfit had turned into the long slacks of a priest. It wasn’t like the child changed from girl to boy, but the person itself changed.

The problem was that this was no simple transformation.

“You. That ability…”

As Jamie shook his head, Nilva smiled and formally introduced himself.

“Nice to meet you, oh great being. I am Nirvana, one of Jormungand’s men.”

“This is difficult.”

A woman wearing black tights which showed off her body looked at the night sky with a smile.

The night wind blew her hair which reached her calves in the darkness.

“To appear like this.”

She blushed at the thought of her former master.

This was unexpected to her. It felt nice.

She wanted to run there right away, but she couldn’t.

This was bound to happen, her body had been going through a lot.

Tens of thousands of years of waiting.

The patience had exceeded the limit and the reasoning was on the verge of breaking.


The want to see that man once.

To touch that smooth cheek.

To hold him in her arms just like in the old days.

To close her eyes and listen to his heartbeat. Her hands trembled at it.

At that time.

“Hold yourself. Jormungand.”

A young boy’s voice called from behind. And she turned around to see a jet black haired and purple eyed boy sitting in a wide chair.

The boy rested his left arm, studded with thick needles on the armrest.

A transparent tube was attached to the needle and through which the boy’s blood was being sucked.

With a tired face he said,

“Are you going to ruin the plan in the last step?”


Jormungand sighed at that because the boy wasn’t wrong.

But the blood which was boiling inside didn’t subside.

Waiting alone for all these years. Without knowing when he might appear, she endured all this with blind faith.

And he was now in contact with the minion.

The reincarnation of Diablo Volfir!

“I cannot hold back!”

Her eyes turned red. Her long hair began to scatter and flutter.

Rage creating force.

Jormungand possessed exceptional intelligence among the three familiars, but she was faithful to her emotions.

Even the behemoth was nothing in front of her. That was how she was made.

She couldn’t help it.

The boy looked at her and clicked his tongue.

“It has been ominous since it appeared in Harmonia…”

When Behemoth was resurrected, she came to know that Diablo Volfir had reappeared in this land and found out that it was Jamie Welton.

Despite finding that out, she had to calm her desires with patience.

Even then, she knew better than anyone because she watched the man train and suffer.


“You cannot stop me.”

“You, do you want to lose your master again?”


“Why have you been hiding from the eyes of the 12 Gods all these years?”


“Isn’t it to protect Diablo Volfir?”

Protect Diablo Volfir.

It was absurd that a familiar protects the master which the 12 Gods couldn’t handle.

But Jormungand was indeed preparing all the things to protect her master who might appear.

And she was going to throw it all away by running to him now.

“Patience is bitter, but the fruit is sweet. It is a pity you cannot meet right away, but when you meet later, the joy will be doubled. Withstanding tens of thousands of years. A few more years is all you need to bear. Be patient.”


Jormungand clenched her fist and hugged her knees.

Her eyes were no longer alluring.

Clenching her teeth she looked up at the sky.


Waiting for the day she would meet him again.

The boy watched her without a word.

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