Chapter 230 - Tell Her I'll See Her Soon (3)

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Meaning ‘Snake’, it was a term referring to the servants of Jormungand.

This was because Jormungand was the strongest snake.

Even so, it was amazing.

‘It was made possible that only Ormr could use the power?’

This wasn’t magic.

Called polymorph, the ultimate transformation magic was virtually impossible to reach. Even if it was magic, it would end at appearance transformation.

It wouldn’t help in changing everything from cell level.

In other words, the girl named Nilva hadn’t just changed her appearance but her own personality and form.

It was the ability of ‘Infinite Form’.

Jormungand was a creature which had superior intelligence among the three familiars of Diablo.

‘Infinite Form’ was a special ability Diablo gave her.

A power which even the 12 Gods were wary of.

“I understand you being shocked. The Infinite Form cannot be easily manipulated even if we inherit some of the power.”

Even the way of speaking changed.

Perhaps, there was a man who looked like this somewhere around. This was because no matter how infinite it was, it couldn’t change into something that didn’t exist.

“Of course. Because I am the one who made Jormungand.”

“Haha. Right. It is impossible for me to be as great as Miss Jormungand, but didn’t I do well?”

“Are you asking me to compliment you?”

“No one hates compliments.”

“Are you human?”

“For now.”

Nirvana showed his hands. As said, he was clearly a human now.

No matter what he was, he was human now.

“You seem to be an Ormr that Jorumungand cherishes.”

“I was lucky.”

“So. How is she?”

Before asking about the 13th God, Jamie wanted to know this.

Nirvana’s eyes widened and then with a smile he put his hands together.

“Miss Jormungand will be delighted.”

“What do you mean?”

“She always missed you. And if you are worried about her, how can she not be happy?”

Jamie remembered Jormungand, despite any form she took, she showed affection to him.

Although made as a familiar, she followed him more than the others. And it wasn’t something Jamie made her do.

That was her innate wish.

When he thought of the past, a bitter feeling rushed in.



“Enough. Where is she now?”

“I cannot tell you that.”


“Because if the two of you come into contact the plan will go wrong.”

“You won’t tell me the plan right?”

“I apologize. As a token you can kill me.”

Nirvana bowed, ready to accept death.

“Stop talking nonsense.”


When Jamie dismissed his words, Nirvana changed his stance.

He was taken aback at how quickly this man changed but decided not to care.

Jamie summoned a chair and sat.

“I don’t know where to sit…”

“Make it and sit.”

“I think standing will be fine.”

“Good thought.”

Jamie crossed his legs and pondered for a moment as to where to start.

Touching the broken beads he said,

“Is this something Jormungand made?”


“Holy power was made… that one? But how?”

Jamie looked at Nirvana waiting for an answer.

“Are you going to say you cannot answer this too?”

“What would you do if I cannot answer?”

“Well. Cut off your head?”

Nirvana smiled and then said,

“You’re joking.”


“You were serious, I see.”

“I am always serious.”

Nirvana had a troubled expression, but he didn’t speak. Fortunately he had the right to speak of the holy power.

And if he didn’t, Jamie would kill him. For a moment he was grateful that he was regarded as a good subordinate of Jormungand.

“So, how was this made?”

“The holy power is made from your black mana.”

“… what?”

Jamie, who was looking at the beads, went stiff and Nirvana continued to speak.

“I think you can understand. Currently, the fragments of Diablo Volfir’s power are scattered all over the continent. There were quite a few things which had been discovered, but there were many we didn’t. We succeeded in acquiring some of the power.”

“And made holy power?”


“Still, it doesn’t make sense…”


It wasn’t that it didn’t make sense.

Didn’t this already happen once?

Jamie raised his right hand and ‘Holy Light’ shone.

His black mana which reached the peak and was reborn with the power of the opposite attribute.

This was Holy Light.

‘But Holy Light was different from holy power.’

Nirvana looked at it and said,

“It is also light, but of a different kind.”

“Different? Do you know of this power?”

“The light created by one of the three familiars, Black resonating with you black mana… right?”

“It is something no one knows. Tell me in detail how you know. Otherwise I think I really have to cut off your head.”

Jamie warned in a cold voice.

Only he and Black know what Holy light is. And Black is still in slumber.

So, at present, only Jamie knew of it. Despite that warning, Nirvana answered calmly without changing his expression.

“You might not know. But the moment Black created the Holy Light, it resonated with our holy power which was in the midst of development.”


“Yes. We don’t know how it happened, but I guess it is because they share the same base.”

It didn’t seem like he was lying. And there was no reason to lie either.

For Nirvana, Jamie was like a God.

“Resonance because both powers were from my black mana?”

“I am not sure.”

“It has to be that. I get it. but I don’t understand the other one.”

“Which one?”


Jamie asked, looking at the beads.

“Created a religion?”

He could understand her trying to create holy power with black mana. He saw it with his eyes.

But to have holy power, someone had to have faith.

In particular, the holy power within the beads wasn’t small. It cannot be compared to the 12 Gods, but it was strong enough to show it had a good number of believers.

Nirvana answered.

“That is beyond my level.”

“I see.”

“I apologize. Miss will surely tell you everything.”


Even though she was his familiar, he couldn’t understand what she was thinking.

No. Rather than not knowing, it was that he wasn’t interested. At that time, all he thought was of the 12 Gods.

Jamie looked at the beads and gave them to Nirvana.

And Nirvana grabbed them and looked at Jamie who told him,

“Tell her, I’ll come see her soon.”

Nirvana smiled and bowed his head.

“I will meet you later, great being.”

And he disappeared, leaving Jamie alone on the chair.

“If everything ends… this time, I have to pay more attention to my kids.”

What he couldn’t do in his previous life, he would do this time.

The sun was rising.

After getting ready, Jamie and Jin left the inn.

Jin, with the mask, asked,

“Seems like the job is done.”

“It ended neatly.”

“Wonderful. But why are we leaving this early?”

“Well. It is a nice morning.”

Saying so, Jamie walked ahead.

Jin, looking at him walking fast, mumbled,

“What is with him?”

The two walked to the entrance of the village without another word. But there was an unexpected person there.

As Jamie stopped to look at him, Jin patted him on the back.

“Go. He must be waiting for you.”

“Why is he out so early in the morning?”

Jamie smiled as he walked over to Fivion.


Fivion greeted Jamie with a bright face. Jamie seemed worried.

“Get some sleep. Why are you here?”

“Somehow, I thought my brother would leave early so…”

“What if I came late?”

“There is nothing I can do but wait.”

“You are seriously good at making people feel bad.”

“It is nothing, rather,”

Fivion pulled something out of the bag. A small leather pouch.

The leather was worn out, but Fivion gave it like he was handling a precious thing.

“Take this.”

“What is this?”

“The money I raised little by little.”

Jamie’s eyes widened at those words.

“Didn’t all the money you earned go into your family meals?”

“We never know how things will turn out, so I would save 1 copper each time. I am giving this to Brother now. Because of you my family wants to have a future. All thanks to Brother. But I am poor… so there is nothing more I could give.”

Six rusty coins in the pouch.

It was a huge sum for Fivion who couldn’t earn more than 3 coopers a week.

Jamie looked at the boy with a sad face and placed his hand on his head.

Fivion looked him in the eye.



“This won’t even be close to what I need to get.”

“Uh…? B-but this is allA I have…”

“I need at least a few dozen gold coins to be able to move properly.”

“Dozen gold coins?”

Fivion’s eyes trembled. That was money he would never see.

Especially for someone who worked each week for copper, gold was way off.

Fivion looked worried.

“What… do I do…’

“Hm. There is one way.”


Fivion asked with bright eyes.

Jamie smiled and said.

“Live with your mother and sister from now. That is all.”

“… Brother.”

“On the way, buy something delicious to eat with your sister. Kid. Don’t be sick. It is hard to look after the family when you are sick. So stay healthy.”

“Heing… Uh…”

“Save the tears too. You are good. The breadwinner shouldn’t cry this easily. Okay?”



Jamie smiled, looking at Fivion who responded despite his tears.

Such a good child.

If there were no problems with the family, he would have grown up to be a good noble.

He wouldn’t be able to lead such a nice life, but a good boy from a young age is bound to grow up into something nice.

“I will take the reward when you turn into a real man. Now I need to leave.”

Jamie patted Fivion on the head as he passed.

Jin who watched it smiled and followed Jamie.

“You know how to say nice things.”

“Well, I am a good kid.”

At that moment, Fivion shouted.

“Make sure to come visit us! I will definitely meet you! I will become a great man and give you a nice treat!”

Jamie turned and waved his hand to Fivion.

And that was enough answer.

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