Chapter 234 - Blood Bringer (2)

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“Where is Captain Hilder?”

“He definitely called us here… but what is this large cave here?”

“I don’t know. I don’t remember seeing it before.”

The pursuers from the Recon family arrived at Kairos’ lair. Because their captain, Hilder, had ordered them to assemble.

However, Hilder who gave the order was nowhere to be seen.

“Do we head inside?”

“It looks like the killer is hiding here.”

“Squad leaders each lead the members and enter inside.”

As far as chasing after a terrible killer, they were all elite soldiers selected by the Recon family.

They tried to enter the cave.

Then they found traces of something strange. One of the squad leaders ran there and checked.

Chunks of crushed meat could be seen.

It looked like something had been crushed.


“What is it?”

The squad leaders who followed were relooking at the flesh and the familiar items around.

When they roughly put the pieces together, the shape of a hawk with its wings spread wide could be seen. A badge of the Recon family and a nameplate showing it was a knight. Those who recognized it were shocked and stepped back.


“Right. It cannot be. Everyone knows the captain’s skills! He couldn’t be…”


They knew better than anyone how strong the expert knights are. It was then.

The sound of someone approaching from behind. It was an unusual speed.

One of the squad leaders called the others.

“Everyone get ready for battle!”

The soldiers all drew their weapons and turned to the direction of the sound. They all took the lead in unison and waited for the owner of the footsteps to come. And soon, the grass shook and something red jumped in the air.

Someone whelped as they saw it.

“Kenji the murderer!”


Kenji turned against the moonlight and landed between them. Dust rose due to the force of it and Kenji, who had his shoulders wide, shouted with bloodshot eyes.


The entire mountain shook like it was under this beast. The squad leaders raised their swords and ordered the soldiers.

“Catch him!”

“Do not mess it up this time!”

They weren’t sure why the man suddenly appeared, but they were not going to lose this chance.

If they failed this time, they wouldn’t have the force to catch him again. For some reason this man looked bigger and more ferocious than before and he had an overwhelming advantage.


With the sound of ground breaking, dust rose high. Four to five soldiers rose up in the air.

Some even had their bodies go limp at it and everyone who saw it thought the same thing.

‘We need to run away!’

In an instant the idea of catching him had vanished and turned to escaping from here.

Everyone saw the gruesome scene of a jump taking down 4 people, so they turned.



Contrary to his huge body, Kenji was fast.

Blood Bringer, which was engulfing his body, accelerated the speed of the blood and increased the performance of the body.

Kenji rushed to the soldiers in an instant and smiled. The bodies of the soldiers were torn to shreds again.

“Kuak! Run away! Everyone run!!!”

“We cannot win! We will die here!”

The sight of slaughter.

Blood was constantly being spilled and the blood turned to a puddle.

On top of that, the fragments of a torn body falling from the air could be seen. Kenji would step on the flesh as he laughed like a madman.

“Kiheheheeh! Hahahaha!”

All the blood around was being sucked into the Blood Bringer.

Blood Bringer only needed the blood of the host, but that didn’t mean it wouldn’t take in the loot.

The blood of the opponents scattered was good loot for it and giving up the winners right was stupid.

At that moment, two beings appeared from behind.

When Kenji turned around, the two men with familiar faces approached him.

“I came here to tell you something… you have done something horrible, mister.”

Jamie sighed as he spoke while looking at the corpses.

He knew what had happened, but seeing it gave him a whole different feel. It was the same with Jin.

“Should we have left him to die?”

He regretted saving Kenji. Had he been left to die, this wouldn’t have happened. Jin who drew his sword spoke to Jamie.

“I will make sure to hold it.”

“Sure. I will look for any survivors and come back.”

“Be safe.”

Jamie disappeared right away and Kenji stared at them.

He couldn’t help it.

“The lives we save here will be collected in this way to commemorate the souls of the dead.”

It was because of the death around him that Jin felt stronger than before. Something Kenji hadn’t experienced.

Even the person who told him to kill these bugs didn’t feel to have this much killing intent.

In the first place, Kairos didn’t have such kind of intent towards him, that is why he was let go.

But that wasn’t the issue now. This man was one of the non-bugs the red haired man was talking about.

He was different from the bugs who could be killed right away.

And that thought made Kenji smile and Jin who noticed it said,

“You have been completely consumed by the sword.”

The Demon Sword was definitely the Demon Sword. They didn’t have a huge conversation with Kenji but they could know what kind of person he was, and he wasn’t someone who would kill people like this.

The smell was different. But now it had changed.

The Demon Sword had completely taken over.

Jin looked at the moonlight.

It felt like the shape of the moonlight had distorted today. Is this because the moonlight didn’t like this horror?

“I will send you off without pain. That is the mercy I show.”

[Moonlight Resonance]

The soft moonlight passed.

[Moon Shadow]

Jin, who appeared from behind Kenji’s shadow, carefully inserted his sword.


A solid line was drawn on the neck.

Kenji slowly raised his left hand and placed the hand on his neck. The heat could be felt from the tip of the finger followed by dampness.

It was blood.

His own blood which was brought out.

“I will cut your neck. You will die without feeling any pain.”

His vision began to turn blurry. It was strange, he didn’t move the neck so why was it shaking?

Why was the head moving?

Kenji raised his hand and tried to make his head not move.

But his neck already split open and was constantly gushing out blood.


Even the scream wasn’t coming out right.

He couldn’t believe this messed up situation. How many times stronger than usual was he today? So how could he die?

Kenji. No.

Blood Bringer had no intention of dying.

The left arm fixed the head into place.

It was normal to die. Beyond the excessive bleeding, the neck was slashed.

Only a brief consciousness remained but it was impossible to last longer.

“… why aren’t you dying?”

Jin looked at Kenji’s back which was standing still and head.

If it was living, it had to die by now.

‘Anything is good.’

If it won’t die at once, he would cut it down multiple times.

He might not be able to keep the promise of merciful death, but it was better than letting him stay alive like this.

“It would have been easier if you had just died. It will be painful from now on.”

Once again, ‘Moon Shadow’ was prepared.

If he cannot die with the head being cut then it would be the heart.

He would cut down the heart at once.

Jin’s form shattered in the moonlight. And the expression which appeared was engulfed in shock.



Blood covered Kenji’s body like armor.

It had hardened to protect the body. The strength to block the attack from a Sword Master.


Kenji shook his head. His expression wasn’t visible because of the blood but it could be felt.

The blood of the soldiers on the ground was rising up.

Blood Bringer.

The one who brings blood.

All the blood was a weapon of his. And the Blood Bringer cried out in an angry voice.

“I’m the one who will destroy the world!”

Jin felt his skin tingle.

Now the Blood Bringer had obtained full power.

“They are all dead.”

Jamie shook his head checking all the corpses. Even though they were quite far, the people seemed to have been killed, it felt like the speed of movement was huge.

The reason he was big was probably because the blood control had been increased. Then the burden on the body would be heavy, but there was no way the Demon Sword would care about the state of the host.

“Still in a fight?”

Jin and Kenji were now fighting each other. But the victory should come in an instant.

Blood Bringer.

It was a Demon Sword but the opponent was a Sword Master. The power he had in the moonlight was invincible so blowing off the head in an instant was all he had to do.

Because of Jin’s nature, he wouldn’t care about fighting the opponent for fun.

“You must be relaxed.”

Jamie was trying to find the corpses left when his gaze shifted to another place at the voice.

There stood a handsome man with reddish hair which was darker than that of the Simon family.

‘It was red?’

Jamie knew the identity of the man. There was only one person here who could appear by deceiving the human senses.


It wasn’t known how long he was wandering In here or if he appeared just now, but Jamie wasn’t surprised that this dragon appeared in front of him.

And when Jamie showed a calm reaction, Kairos asked.

“You don’t seem surprised.”

“There is no reason to be surprised.”

“Oh. I found a cheeky one.”

It was then.

The power of energy rising and the vitality of one another decreasing. As expected the fight was decided in an instant.

Without looking he could tell Jin won.

“Your colleague’s skills are pretty good. Is it space related powers? It seems a bit more complicated than that, but… I can’t be sure unless I see it or myself.”

“Must be roughly around a teen dragon’s age?”

“Um? Are you guessing my age? You are a weird one.”

Jamie guessed the age, not caring what was being said.

This one wasn’t an old dragon.

It had the dignity of it, but the personality felt light hearted.

And arrogant too.

Although the dragon race was an arrogant one, an old dragon wouldn’t show such things.

But the red dragon looked like it wanted to show off its skills.

“You seem like a teen.”

“A lowly human is trying to see through the age of my body? Hahaha! This is so fun!”

“I know roughly. You must be less than 3,000 years old.”

As Jamie confirmed the age, Kairos smiled and looked at him with angry eyes. The anger was aimed at Jamie alone, but after reaching 9th class he could resist it.

Kairos looked at Jamie who wasn’t shaken.



The will of the world. Jamie frowned at the force from above.

Dragon Words.

One of the two strongest weapons in a dragon’s aresenal.

The power to dictate the will of the world.

The absolute manipulation type magic which was only granted to dragons.

“It is pointless to endure. You will eventually kneel before me and your fellow human swordsman will not defeat it.”

With that said, the life force of Kenji which was fading slowly began to grow.

Jin’s power could be felt, and although it was subtle, Kenji’s influence was steadily going up.

Jamie rolled his eyes.

“You look at this body with those eyes and I will pull those eyes out.”

Again, the Dragon Words were used.

Tears of blood flowed from Jamie’s eyes.

It wasn’t easy to go against the will of the world. Jamie took a deep breath.

If he relaxed even a little bit, the dragon’s magic would mess up his body. In other words, don’t give up.



“You must be around 2,700 years old.”

Kairos’s eyes widened at the accurate age mentioned.

The standard for a teen dragon was around 1,500 years old.

And this could be expected.

Jamie had given the accurate number from the power he had experienced. It was impossible to go against a dragon whose speech magic gets stronger by time. So with that experience he could guess it.

“Was it right?”

“I don’t know how you got it right, but what meaning can it have?”

“Why doesn’t it have any meaning?”

Jamie raised his left arm. The bracelet on his wrist began to give out a light.

“Jin will win. He is strong and I guarantee it. If that is the case, then I need to do well too.”

“… have you lost it?”

“Maybe I have. Right? Perfect cell!”

A dazzling light shone from the bracelet and wrapped around Jamie’s body.

One of the three items of Diablo Vollfir which gives complete immunity, began to push away the dragon’s power.

Kairos couldn’t help but be shocked.


“Let’s go to our battlefield.”

He will not speak with the red dragon.

He knew it because of the countless times he had experienced it.

Jamie’s eyes turned purple.

‘I am glad it is a baby dragon.’

If it was an old one, he would have been minced meat right away.

“I die, or you die.”

“Are you being serious now?”

“Gremia unfold!”

The two were sucked somewhere and when he realized they were standing in a different place of vast land of white space.

“Where is this?”

Kairos asked frowning and Jamie answered,

“You wanted to kill me? You see, I know the red natured ones too well. So I made a place for the fight. Do you like it?”

“Kuak. You are insane. But nice. It is fun. You want to fight a dragon. Okay. If that is the case, then this shall end with your death.”

Kairos’ red eyes turned into reptile eyes.

Despite that, Jamie smiled.

This feeling of his life being threatened.

It had been so long since he felt it.

Ironically, this made him feel very much alive.

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