Chapter 235 - Dragon (1)

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Bloody tentacles lit up the night sky.

Jin tried to approach Kenji by slitting the tentacles. Each time he did, another tentacle would pop up with the extension of blood and halt his movement.

‘Such an annoying power.’

The power that Blood Bringer awakened through Kenji’s body was Blood Manipulation.

Perhaps because of the inexperience, he hadn’t been able to draw out the full power.

But once he got used to it, it wouldn’t end with just this. The extent of the enemy’s power was unknown but if Jin’s prediction was right, it would interfere with the opponent’s blood flow.

If that was the case, even the near-invincible moonlight resonance wouldn’t work.

‘In the end, it is a battle of speed.’

Kenji stood still, surrounded by the armor of blood. He thought he would attack mercilessly because of his enraged screams but this was weird.

The situation wasn’t bad for Jin.

The sword was in his hand, and he held it. The flocking tentacles would be constantly slashed by Moonlight Resonance.

If he couldn’t do it with Moon Shadow, he had to use a stronger technique.



The blade he was holding was pulled back.

[Footwork: Half Moon]

A new form, as Jin disappeared into the moonlight, he appeared right behind Kenji.

Chak! And he fully extended the blade.



Kenji screamed, clutching his chest with a pained expression. Blood was gushing out violently from the cut he drew.

The thick and hard armor of blood was cut. It was one of the powers of Jin, ‘Unmoving: Half Moon’.


Jin let out a long sigh. The mana in his body had been drained out at once.

This was still putting a lot of pressure on his body. It was because this was a fatal blow.

He looked at Kenji who was screaming.

“It hurts! It hurts like hell!”

The sight of him struggling in pain looked pathetic.

“I will cut off the right arm.”

If the Demon Sword is removed, Kenji will die comfortably. He wouldn’t even have the strength to hold this blood armor.

Jin walked over and began to use aura. He grasped the handle of the blade with both hands and lifted it up.

“It hurts! It hurts so much!!”

“Please pay for the sins you have committed and rest.”

Jin closed his eyes as he heard the screaming. And the blade fell.


The blade neatly cut through the right arm. All the nerves which were connected were cut off and the Blood Bringer fell to the floor.

At the same time, the struggling body of Kenji stopped. Until a second back he was struggling in pain, but when the parasite weapon was cut, it seemed like he died.

“You were a tough opponent.”

After wiping the blood off the blade, Jin walked over to the Blood Bringer.

Having lost the host, it was now just a horrible weapon. If it had no host, it could do nothing. It was nothing more than junk.

“Is this the nucleus?”

Jin saw the Blood Bringer’s nerves not releasing Kenji’s severed arm.

There was a yellow marble which was inside the nerves, and it seemed that this was the energy source of the Demon Sword.

“Destroying it would be right.”

Jin held the blade in his hand, built energy and struck down where the nucleus was. But, what Jin wanted didn’t happen.

“… you!”

Blood Bringer had opened up a shield around itself and began to float into the air. As long as the host was lost the weapon shouldn’t be able to work.

What was happening was unknown but Jin quickly drew his sword.


Red sparked around them. All the blood around him floated up in the sky.

Jin looked at it with narrowed eyes. All the blood began to come together. A lot of red bubbles began to form a familiar shape.

Surrounded by the shield, the Blood Bringer moved.

[Moonlight Seal]

If the blood and Blood Bringer combined a terrible monster will be born. Due to that belief, Jin gathered his power and decided to move consciously.

The energy in the form of a dazzling palm smashed the Blood Bringer. But it was pointless.

“What kind of wicked man created such a thing?”

The blood shield was a lot stronger than the blood armor and blocked the attack. And the Blood Bringer safely landed on the right side of the ground.


The blood began to take a form. A very familiar form.

Jin grunted through his teeth.

“… you choose me.”

The blood took the form of Jin and it shouted.


The air shuddered and Jin broke into cold sweat behind the mask.

This was more annoying than before.

‘If only Jamie Welton had been here…’

With that thought, Jin looked around and as he looked back it felt strange.

“… Jamie Welton?”

Couldn’t be seen.

There was tension in the air.

Neither moved first. Both stared at each other quietly.

Kairos had lived for 2,700 years but it was amazing because it was the first time he had experienced such a thing.

It was not that there were people who didn’t run away in fear. However, such cases were usually those who lost their reasoning due to fear.

This man is different.

‘Is he really going to fight me?’

He does admit that he was strong for a human. But that was all.

How can a human surpass a dragon?

In other words, even the cheeky idiot who was intertwined with the dragons which were called one of the three major races in the world couldn’t go against them.

In order for a human to face a dragon, they must transcend the limits of their species. As far as Kairos knew, the humans who achieved such a level were in the past.

They too eventually had knelt in front of the dragons.

“First, I think we need to awaken the fear.”

Kairos began to burn. Dragons were basically a race loved by nature. And the red dragons were loved by flames.

“If it happens like this, I hope you don’t burn out in an instant.”

Magic doesn’t even have to be used. The scorching flame exploded in this new place.

The explosion occurred like a chain and spread around in an instant. The pure white space was now dyed scarlet red.

Jamie felt the water in his body go dry.

“I need to put out the flames.”

It was best to not deal with the red dragon’s flames. This is why he brought them to Gremia.

Here, he could take the advantage of the battle.

[Flame Burning Away]


A series of explosions and rushing flames disappeared like an illusion in front of Jamie.

Kairos’ eyes widened.

Anything related to flames disappeared. As long as there was air, flame can constantly be created.

Because elements of nature existed everywhere. However, without the element of that property, even the optimal conditions to create fire were not made.

“Now, what did you do?”

Kairos, who had always had a relaxed attitude, asked with a firm voice.

“It is nothing, I just took out the fire.”

“… took out?”

“Soon, you will not feel disappointed.”

[Mana Decrease]

[Oxygen Low]

[Gravity Increase]

[Pressure Load]

… as many other debuffs crushed Kairos body in an instant he sensed a sudden weakness and looked at Jamie with angry eyes.

“Human. What things are you doing?”

“You are the strongest race, so I made you fight with a handicap. Think you will lose the fight?”

Jamie smiled and provoked the dragon who was now smiling. A different energy began to flow from his body.

Killing intent rising in red surrounded Kairos’ body. it was a unique red mana of the red dragon.

Dragons did not display their mana so carelessly. There was only one case when they used the mana.

“I declare in the name of the Dragon God Brahman. I will kill you.”

Only when they aimed to kill their opponent.

Jamie gulped, feeling his neck tingle at it. Although he had lowered the ability of the opponent to the best of Gremia’s abilities, the opponent here was the strongest creature, a Dragon.

And the red dragon was known to have the most violent power.

‘And he even mentioned the name of the Dragon God? Lizard bastard.’

Dragons did not just call out their absolute God for no reason. It was blasphemy to use the name of their god to declare something, and if that happened, they would be punished.

However, there were cases where dragons used the name of Brahman to declare their unconditional victory.

If they lost in this battle now, then their souls can never be saved. For dragons, it was a horrible punishment.

Which meant, Kairos had to win.

“I will kill you at once.”

Kairos vanished. Jamie clasped his hand and watched shadows overhead.

The power began.


Darkness rose.

The darkness of annihilation which destroys everything began to spread widely in space. But the top felt a bit squashed.

Huge mana was concentrated from there.

Red light shone in the darkness.


Jamie leapt through space and moved to the other side. The sphere of annihilation that was created with the power of darkness was taken down by an onslaught of red mana, leaving no traces behind.

It was a shocking sight, but Jamie didn’t show it.

Because this was expected.

“You ran like a rat.”

Kairos appeared where the darkness had vanished. He wiped his robes with one hand and looked at Jamie.

“Boy. Are you dealing with black magic?”

When Jamie didn’t answer, he continued.

“It is a little different from the black magic I used to know, it seems interesting. I will catch you and use you as a lab rat.”

“Then let me dissect the dragon too.”

“Arrogant… stay there.”

And Dragon Words were used. Jamie’s movement stopped for a moment. Perfect Cell responded right away but Kairos moved faster than that.

Approaching him in an instant, his arms were stretched out.

In that direction was Jamie’s heart.


Jamie pulled out Scud and blocked the hand of Kairos. Kairos grinned looking at this magic sword which blocked his hand.

“This iron piece.”


The sound of the blade breaking echoed through wide open space. Jamie’s eyes widened as the Scud split in two.

The broken blade fell to the ground.

‘The sword father gave me…’

The first day he was leaving the estate, his father, Count Welton had given the sword as a gift to him.

He remembered his father’s words to come back after experiencing the world with it, to see all kinds of things.

It wasn’t some huge sword for the family but for Jamie, this was a valuable item.

And this was broken like this?

Jamie’s eyes turned purple.

“Let there be light.”


It was impossible for a dragon to handle bright light. Kairos was unaware of what happened.

He pulled out his ‘skin’ and created dozens of layers of defense magic. This was possible because he was a dragon.

But what was that pain which he was feeling from the chest to his left shoulder?

The light exploded in front of him, temporarily blinding his vision.

As Kairos touched his eyes, the light began to change and he saw what happened


He couldn’t speak. A horrific wound from his chest to left shoulder which was blown.

Fortunately, his arm didn’t fall off, but he had never experienced such a wound in his nearly 3,000 years of life.

But how dare a human bug…

“How dare you!!!!”

He couldn’t forgive the human.

In the name of Dragon God Brahman, he couldn’t admit to such a wound from a bug.

Kairos grew huge.

Red scales surrounding his skin gradually increased and thickened. A tail grew and a pair of wings covered Gremia.

A snout which moved ahead and two curved horns on his forehead.

The huge red dragon of around 300m had crouched as if it was gathering strength and then yelled.



Dragon Fear exploded, spreading a huge crack in the surrounding area. Despite the overwhelming roar and threat, Jamie stood still staring at the broken sword.

His head was filled with one thought.

“I will not give you a kind death.”

It would be murder.

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