Chapter 236 - Dragon (2)

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Was he angry? How many times did he feel such blind and impulsive emotions?

What was certain was that he hadn’t felt this anger since his reincarnation. In fact, only one sword was broken.

But what was contained in that single sword was the heart of his father.

This was like a talisman offered by the parents wishing for the good health of their child.

And it was broken in front of his eyes. And this made it feel like fire was set on his heart.

Frustration and groans. Both eyes were dyed purple.

The entire body turned hot. Maybe cold water would do some good?

This was the first rage that the dark magician who let go of his emotions erupted after regaining his emotions.

This was an unfamiliar occurrence, which ended up intensifying the outburst.

“I will not give you a kind death.”

His skin turned black. The darkness was roaring like a flame on his skin.

His whole body had changed so much. Only his purple eyes could be seen.

He had no thought of anyone else. For now, he wanted to express his anger at having his parent’s gift trampled on.

Jamie lowered his upper body.


The ground he stood on collapsed. Jamie’s form was nowhere to be seen. Darkness stretched out and wrapped around the neck of the red dragon.


The large body of over 300m was thrown to the ground. Kairos couldn’t help but feel flustered at this.

He didn’t see the human move. Not only that, he didn’t even feel the darkness coming for his neck.

What did this mean?

Dragons, especially the red ones were known to have strong destructive power, but he was now thrown away by a human?!

But there was no time to panic.



The darkness which appeared in the air weighed him down.

Enormous destruction occurred all around them.

Kairos opened his mouth wide as he coughed in pain.

He was lucky to have the scales on him. If it wasn’t for the scales he would have died right away from the attack.

But the attack didn’t end there.

“Die. Die. Die. Die.”

Jamie’s form moved at a high speed and pounded Kairos in the torso constantly.

Each time darkness hit him, Kairos groaned. Either way, Jamie created darkness and engaged in violence.

This huge body will not die so easily. So the attack had to be harder, faster and painful.

That was his only thought.

The movement was so fast that Jamie couldn’t even be seen. Only black lines would occasionally be seen like threads.

‘This is how you die!’

Kairos wasn’t sure what technique this man used, but it was clear he had gone past the limit.

So, despite being a dragon he was being pushed like this. But this world does not allow humans to gather such power.

If one forcefully raises their strength and breaks through the limit, sooner or later the strength is bound to run out. It will be impossible to maintain this for a long time.

So he just had to hold on till then.

Once this human exhausted his energy and fell, he could trample on him.


He would give back more pain and torture than he faced.

‘Even so, I cannot endure it.’

The scales were cracking. It was fine for now, but once a scale started to break, then others will follow one after another.

Kairos was now crouching as he raised his mana.

[Glacial Epoch]

Kairos’ body was covered with white ice, and the surrounding area froze right away.

At the sudden freezing, the sublimated gas began to float up. Jamie, who continued to attack, also froze. For a brief moment the one sided fight stopped.

And it was Kairos who moved first.


Breaking the ice first, he flew up and widened the distance. Knowing that there was no chance for a fight here, he moved away from the ice.

A dragon running back?

There was no bigger disgrace for a dragon than this, but he had sworn on the name of the Dragon God, so he had to do everything in his power to defeat the opponent, even if it meant running away.

As Kairos widened the distance, the ice which covered Jamie was melted by darkness.

“… doing the same thing.”

Jamie scoffed at Kairos who ran away.

“You cannot run away!”

Gremia was an artifact of construction. It can change into any shape and will according to its master.

That meant that the distance inside could be narrowed according to Jamie’s will.



Kairos who flew to the other side looked down at the terrible pain he felt in the stomach. When he looked. He saw Jamie’s fist slam into his stomach.

For a moment his vision blurred and he was on the verge of losing consciousness.

Because he was defenseless again.

“You… you human!”

Kairos opened his mouth wide. The strongest weapon a dragon has.

A power destructive enough to change the shape of the world.

Dragon Breath.

“Another trick of you lizards.”

Jamie’s body changed. He snatched the right wing in an instant, and threw the giant one away.


The breath was fired. Red dragon’s unique red breath drew a long line inside Gremia.

There was an explosion which was too astonishing to speak of.


The light which shone from it had been blinding. The part of Gremia which had a hard inner and outer wall had melted as it was hit. The invisibility was lifted and the body of Gremia appeared above Mount Befos.

Jamie grabbed Kairos by the neck in the silence which came due to the Breath and threw him to the ground as he raised the tentacles of darkness binding his long snout, limbs and wings.

He couldn’t stand up.

-Kill it.

And then, the darkness which was sleeping in the depths of the place awakened.

[Dark Spear: Longinus]

His darkness loomed like a thread behind him created a long thin spear. Energy which negates everything in the world was flowing out from the spear as if it was the true form of malice.


A long time ago, it was this spear which inflicted the fatal wounds on Zenith. It was always the most lethal weapon Jamie had.

Although he was inexperienced for now, Longinus couldn’t be used despite touching the 9th class. But this happened due to the anger which was taking over his body.

“Even if I die, I will make sure you die. Hahahaha!”

The Longinus was a cursed spear. The type of curse it falls with is random. But no weak curse would fall on the target.

If any curse is applied, they would just struggle for the rest of their life in pain.

Which is why this is called the ‘Armor of Evil’.

-Kill it.

The armor of evil hastened.

-Kill it.

The trigger which woke it up was anger and hatred. And it really fits the word ‘evil’.

-Kill it.

Even if the armor was prompting it, Jamie was planning to kill it.

Jamie, who was engulfed in darkness, didn’t think much as Kairos struggled. Despite the darkness around him, it felt difficult to aim for the dragon heart due to the mass.

He also seemed to have an intuition that Longinus was dangerous.

But it was too late.

“Longinus, activate.”


A piercing scream rang out as the long, thin spear was shot out.

A wide smile-like line spread in the darkness, it looked like true evil.


Compared to the huge dragon’s body, it was like a needle. On the surface it looked like an insignificant attack.

However, the darkness began to darken Kairos’ skin in an instant.

The curse was triggered.


The pain of skin rotting made Kairos eyes widen. He struggled more than before but the darkness wasn’t letting him go.

If it was an elder dragon, he wouldn’t be able to overcome the situation with his power, but Kairos was a young one.

And the power of Jamie Welton which was triggered by anger had surpassed that of any dragon.

“It is a great sin to break a sword. So…”

That was the moment.

The darkness cracked.

Jamie saw the darkness cut in half. From that point, the power of darkness he was using on his body was dissipating.

‘Why at this moment!’

The energy beyond his limit was collapsing.

High return.

The burden of being pulled up forcibly on his body. Jamie began to fall from the air and blood dripped down. All the mana cores in his body stopped and the body slumped to the ground not maintaining the whole body mana breathing method.

The pain continued but since he was accustomed to going past the limit, this felt alright.

‘Thank God.’

Before losing the power, Longinus was struck.

The curse of corruption will show Kairos hell.

“… you are good.”

But contrary to his expectations, Kairos stood tall. Part of his abdomen was torn off and blood was flowing down.

As he was a dragon, the spilled blood was already creating a lake of blood on the ground.

He seemed to be trying to stop the bleeding with recovery magic, but it wasn’t easy as he had torn off a chunk of his flesh.

“Huk, Huk…”

It was the first time he suffered such a wound so he was taking deep breaths. He didn’t even know what to do as he had never been pushed to this extent.

All humans were thought of as bugs.

Occasionally there were humans who rose beyond the level of bugs, but they were nothing compared to bugs. And he remembered what the adults said.

-Occasionally, very dangerous humans appear. And those humans are highly likely to pose a danger to us as well. If you come across a human you cannot handle, run away right then and inform the clan.

-Keep in mind that dragons are the strongest, but we aren’t the sole strongest ones out there.

He thought the adults were losing their brains due to their long life.

There was no one superior to a dragon. It was true that elves and other races were strong but the true rulers of the world were the dragons.

Even now, that thought hadn’t changed, but he had no choice but to admit what the adults said was true.

“How many… just a few more years and my body would have failed in front of you.”

So, he paid respect to the person who pushed him to the end.

“I will give you a peaceful death.”

Kairos opened his mouth. And gathered the mana from his body into his mouth.

It was then.

“Kuk… what nonsense.”

The man lying on the floor laughed despite not being able to move.

He smiled and his eyes were still purple.

“Don’t tell me. Did you think removing the flesh would cure it?”


Kairos’ body turned black.

He couldn’t use Dragon’s Breath.

Jamie continued.

“A curse. Once it touches you, that is the end.”


Dragons, called the supreme race, rot only from curses.


It was something most wouldn’t accept. Jamie struggled as he sat up. It looked like he would collapse any moment now, but he smiled and pointed his finger at Kairos.

“Remember very clearly, lizard.”

Fear was evident in the eyes of Kairos.

Victory and defeat was clear.

“I am a man who always keeps my promise.”

“… No.”

The darkness of Longinus completely engulfed Kairos.

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