Chapter 237 - Dragon Heart (1)

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With blood in his throat and nausea, Jamie collapsed, breathing heavily.

His body had no energy left. his anger had died down and he had passed the limit of his power.

A state that should have been reached later was forced right away. Thanks to that, the red dragon was now a cold corpse, but Jamie wasn’t fine either.

‘I can’t even move.’

The mana in his body was completely gone.

His muscles had been overworked to the point of them screaming. He was alive only because of the life orb inside him.

If the red dragon had overcome the curse, Jamie would have been dead.

It was such a dangerous situation,

‘I am glad it was a young one.’

If it was an old dragon. No, there was no need for an old dragon, this result wouldn’t have been reached if it was Mayatrey here.

Even with her blue dragon nature Jamie couldn’t guarantee his victory. This was because dragons who lived for a long time accumulated strength.

Of course, talent exists within the dragon which was why a few dragons stood out in their young days.

Fortunately, Kairos wasn’t such a monster.

‘… it would have been a mess.’

Jamie was lying down, and looked at the walls of Gremia. It was impossible to make such a large hole in here. It was indeed the destructive power of the strongest weapon the dragon possessed.

If Jamie was hit directly, he would have been killed.

‘Is Jin fine too?’

Clearly, Kairos said Jin wouldn’t be able to defeat that Demon Sword.

He would dismiss it as nonsense, but he was concerned because the dragon said it.

‘A Sword Master cannot simply be defeated.’

Jin was one of the strongest Sword Masters Jamie knew.

Especially at night, he was close to being invincible. The Demon Sword certainly looked bad, but it was absurd for it to be that strong.

But one side of his heart felt anxious.

‘I need to get up…’

Jamie looked at Kairos’ body. The body was rotting away under the curse. However, the outer part was rotten and the internal organs and bones appeared to be intact.

In particular, ‘Dragon Heart’ was radiating its energy amidst the corruption.

The life orb which Jamie had inside him from the Chimera maker was also made with the Dragon Heart.

If he can absorb it, his dying body would turn normal. The problem was he would have to crawl there…

‘I need to do it.’

According to Kairos’ words, the situation has to be serious. He hoped he was wrong, but Jamie always assumed the worst case scenario.

Jamie’s eyes widened in pain.


He barely moved yet he screamed out. Jamie still began to crawl to the corpse which seemed too far for his eyes because of the pain.

Jin saw the blood dripping onto the floor.

The right eye was red.

When he wiped the eye with his hand, he could see blood on it.

‘The forehead is cut too deeply.’

He raised an aura between the index and middle finger and rubbed it on his forehead.

It was painful enough to grunt, but he didn’t and stopped the bleeding before it got worse.

The opponent was that scary. Jin saw the monster floating in the air with the tentacles of blood. a monster whose body was made from blood and in the shape of his, smiling down at him.

‘A troublesome opponent.’

The Demon Sword made weird sounds like it was sneering at him.

It was clear that the enemy could collapse if that nucleus was destroyed. The problem was that the sword was a lot stronger than before.

It looked like a different being.

‘The night is long. The sun will not rise yet.’

Jin was invincible under the moonlight. He wasn’t really capable of being invincible but he was confident in not being defeated.

He didn’t know where Jamie had disappeared to, but since he was a magician, he could have solved this sooner.

So Jin was going to wait until he came back. With that thought, he took a stance.


Blood Bringer smiled and then controlled the tentacles of blood. The ground, tree and bushes were all destroyed.

Jin cut a few tentacles as he moved.

The severed ones fell down, but new ones would pop out almost right away.

Jin, who was still under moonlight, appeared to the left of Blood Binger.

[Light Moon.]

Jin’s eyes shone and his sword swiftly hit the body of blood. Blood splattered all over.

Without stopping, he used the aura on his hand again.

[Moonlight Seal.]

As the hand moved, the blood began to swell up and exploded!

He straightened his blade and struck the nucleus. However, the scattered blood soon returned at a fast rate, which Jin didn’t expect. Jin clicked his tongue as he looked at the weapon digging into his shoulder.

The body of Blood Bringer soon freely moved the blood with its sword. It was an unexpected attack from a weird angle.

Jin tried to pull out the sword before it touched him, but before he could pull it out, the shoulder the blade pierced had gone stiff.

Jin had no choice but to let go of the handle of the blade to widen the distance.


Blood Bringer roared and pulled out Jin’s blade that was in its shoulder and held it in its hand.

In the right hand was the Blood Bringer and in the left was Jin’s blade. An unfortunate event where the weapon was snatched away too.

Jin felt ashamed and frustrated at this.

‘The body controls his blood density. And the attack never works.’

He thought sword energy could cut it down but it was blocked too. Of course, aura could be used to suppress it, but somehow in just a couple seconds gap the Demon Sword kept getting stronger than before.

It was becoming more and more aware of controlling the blood and its body.

‘Full Moon is the only thing left.’

A unique one hit technique.

Jamie too had to adapt to a defensive skill in front of it. The problem was that Jin wasn’t confident that it would work here.

As long as the blood here wouldn’t evaporate, the body would constantly have an upper hand.

It was then.


There was a huge explosion in the sky, a red ray swept across the mountain range. The light from the explosion was enough to turn night into day.

He covered his face with both arms in the aftermath of it.


A huge roar.

In that weird situation, Jin first looked at the Blood Bringer. It too had its body half torn by the force of the explosion.

Why was this being suddenly like this despite handling so many attacks from him?

He wasn’t sure, but he felt like if he missed this chance he wouldn’t get to defeat him again.

“Moonlight Resonance.”

Jin’s body was dyed in moonlight.

Through the thick dust, he approached Blood Bringer at once.

The moment he wanted to use the Full Moon…


A bright light spread out in a circle and engulfed the area. The body of blood scattered because of the light and the Demon Sword used blood to shield itself as much as possible. Jin immediately snatched his blade which fell to the floor.

And swung it at the nucleus.


It didn’t reach it before, but it did this time.

Jin used Full Moon and looked at the blade embedded inside Blood Bringer.

The disgusting tentacles moved in pain. Jin just created Moonlight Resonance and destroyed the core.


The round, bead-like nucleus disappeared into dust and the large blade fell to the ground.

The Demon Sword running rampant was now an ordinary sword. However, Jin didn’t ease down, he was unsure if the Demon Sword was really dead.


After it turned silent, Jin took a deep breath and looked up.

There was something very large, made of metal floating in the sky. It was his first time seeing something like this. Was it a ship or a palace?

And there was a huge hole inside it, the red light he saw earlier must have pierced it.

“What is it?”

That terrifying power.

The night sky brightened up for a moment, the mountain had a huge scar like a dragon had scratched it.

“… Dragon?”

Come to think of it, Jamie Welton spoke about a dragon here. Could it be that Jamie and the dragon were fighting inside that thing?

Jamie had reached 9th class but he was too young to fight against a dragon. Even if it was a young one, he couldn’t take it down alone.

“I need to check it…!”

But Jin couldn’t move.


He looked back and felt a huge energy flow.

Jin’s eyes shook behind the mask. The Demon Sword floated in the sky.

He had definitely destroyed the nucleus inside it and the sword fell down too. He confirmed that it was just another metal…

But he didn’t know,

The source of power wasn’t just the nucleus. In the first place, it was impossible to push Jin this far with just the power of Blood Bringer.

There was something else which made it possible.

“…. That is!”

Jin gulped seeing the Blood Bringer rising in the air. The energy he felt from the red light which shone in the sky was similar to the energy from Blood Bringer.

As expected, there was a dragon involved in this.

In other words, it was the dragon’s mana which was making Blood Bringer move.

The blood was glowing in scarlet light and floated up and once again took the form of a human.

“This isn’t a good situation.”

A dragon above and this immortal sword ahead.

Blood Bringer took the shape of a huge mouth and spoke in an angry voice.

-I… I… will destroy the world!


Blood spread out like lightning and spread around.

-I will!

The moment it was about to shout again.

“You will, what?”


A black thunderbolt fell and Blood Bringer’s body evaporated right away.


And someone stood there.

Holding the Demon Sword, he asked the Demon Sword again.

“Who are you?”

As the body was lost, no answer could be heard.

He snorted and held it.

Crush, the sword cracked and crumbled down.

“It was nothing at all.”

Jamie kicked away the handle and raised his hand to Jin.

“I am here.”

At that greeting, Jin went blank.

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