Chapter 238 - Dragon Heart (2)

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Jin looked at the broken blade of Blood Bringer with a bewildered expression.

The enemy that had been regenerating constantly despite his attacks was taken down in one hit from Jamie. To be honest, he was expecting this.

Unlike Jin, who had few ways of attacking such an enemy, Jamie was a Great Magician with a varied arsenal, ready for unexpected threats.

No matter how high the survivability, it was unavoidable that Blood Bringer would meet its end when facing Jamie.

As a 9th class magician, it wasn’t that he lacked destructive power, so this was possible. Even so, the bitterness didn’t go away.

‘I need to hone my skills.’

Since he was mostly in charge of assassination missions, his skills were specialized for one hit kills.

However, there was no guarantee that a situation like this wouldn’t happen again. It is impossible for Moonlight Resonance to continue constantly, so he had to create a substitute.

Aside from that, he wondered where Jamie had been till now.

“Were you the one fighting up there?”

Jin pointed up.

The huge structure in the sky was still there. Jamie shrugged his shoulders.

“Uh. It is mine.”

“… where were you hiding something like that?”

“Well, like this.”

Jamie reached out of Gremia and pretended to pull it and the gigantic thing in the sky shrunk down into his hand.

Jin’s eyes widened at the sight of it.

Jamie mumbled as he looked around the scaled down Gremia in the palm of his hand.

“Fortunately, there was no problem with its functions. What would I do if it broke?”

A hole of this size could be repaired by itself due to Gremia’s function. Since the developer no longer existed, it would be a headache to repair it.

When he made it invisible in that state and put it in subspace, Jin had an exhausted expression.

“Magicians are truly something. Everytime I see such things I get shocked.”

“Isn’t there anything like this in Ryo?”

Well, it wasn’t common in his nation either, Jamie mumbled and Jin replied by shaking his head.

“As I said back then, the magic in Ryo isn’t well developed. Many still consider magic as a miracle.”

“Right. It might seem that way to people who don’t know.”

There were various types of magic like their uses, and among them there were magics which were close to miracles for normal people.

For example, the healing magic, the possibility to cure a disease which even doctors couldn’t cure, and in the case of high level time magic where time could be turned back.

Of course, very few people could actually handle time magic, and even if there was one, they could only interfere with a small portion of time so that they don’t break down the entire flow.

“But. This is just a guess… did you fight a dragon?”

Jin asked in a cautious tone, while hoping the worst hadn’t come to be.

It was because he knew Jamie was reckless, but it still would be impossible for him to deal with the dragon.


“No wonder. That was Dragon Breath.”

Jamie saw the traces of the Breath in the mountains.

It seemed like the breath which broke through Gremia had touched the mountains. It was fortunate that it didn’t come to the direction of Jin.

Even a Sword Master would have a hard time coping with sudden attacks like that.

“So what happened? Did you…?”

“I killed it.”

“… killed it?”

Jin found it hard to believe, and Jamie could understand it.

What Jamie had killed was a young one. Even if he was a 9th class magician, killing a dragon was something difficult to understand.

What was more was Jamie wasn’t at the peak of 9th class level.

It was normal for Jin to not believe it right away, so Jamie couldn’t help but say,

“He was quite a careless one. He was ignoring humans. So I just hit him with a surprise attack.”


“You know right? How powerful my one hits are.”

Jin couldn’t deny it.

Jamie had directly touched Basilisk which descended over Harmonia.

If that light he saw was used again. Even a dragon would have a hard time.

“Of course, I almost died. The opponent was a dragon. Even though he was injured, he was strong. If I made one mistake I would have been the one dead.”

Jamie was mixing lies with truth and told Jin that he had to push himself to the limit to get this done.

Having said so, Jin seemed convinced. However, there were things he couldn’t understand so he asked,

“Then why are you alright? I don’t see a single wound.”


Jamie remembered what had just happened a couple minutes back.

“Damn… it.”

Jamie somehow managed to get to the dragon’s corpse and gasped like he was going to die, he only crawled for a little while but it felt like he would die.

He clenched his teeth in the pain and grabbed the large body of the dragon. He had died.

When the dragon’s body was touched, the hard scales began to fall off like sand.

There was severe damage to the body and internal organs too because of the curse.

The huge ribs which were surrounding the chest looked like only 20% of them were intact. As the saying went, there was nothing to throw away from a dragon’s corpse. From head to toe everything was nothing less than a treasure.

Even the smallest scales could be traded for hundreds of thousands of gold in black market. However now most of it was rotten and could hardly be used.

‘No, I am rather lucky.’

Jamie found the faint scarlet glow between the ribs.

If the bones and organs and muscles were intact, it would be impossible to cut them in his current state, but with everything rotting and falling down he wouldn’t have to work.


With all his might he began to crawl to the chest of Kairos. Jamie reached the scarlet light, and stretched out his hand to grab ‘it’.


Jamie’s eyes widened at the enormous energy he felt in his hand. Mana began to fill the completely depleted core.

It was said that the dragons were born with near-infinite mana and that was because of the dragon heart.

A dragon heart wasn’t just a heart. Their hearts were different.

Dragon heart was more like a mana stone. It was a level which humans could never dare to rank.

Even though it was small enough to be held in the hand, Jamie was able to recover the collapsing body.

“Dragon… those weird disgusting lizards.”

The Dragon heart was beautiful as it shone in scarlet and was a little bigger than two fists.

It was surprisingly small, but the power in it was deep enough to not have an end. Furthermore, the older the dragon gets, the bigger and stronger it’s heart would become.

If something like this were in the body of a human, it wouldn’t be strange for a human to become as strong as a dragon.

“Phew, now I might live.”

The energy in the dragon heart filled his body and restored the state of the body to normal.

Jamie stared at the dragon heart and nodded.

“Let’s keep it with me for now.”

He wanted to absorb it right away, but he didn’t. If he absorbed this all at once, then it would take hours for it to be processed in his body.

In the meantime, the fight down there might end badly. And there was a chance that there were other dragons who noticed Kairos’ death.

Jamie took the dragon heart the and the intact parts of Kairos’ corpse and went down the stairs.

“And then I came here.”

“… I see.”

Jin seemed a bit distracted at Jamie’s lengthy explanation.

It was a shocking story.

Jamie thought he wouldn’t believe so he showed the dragon heart.

“See. This is the dragon heart. Isn’t it so nice?”

“Hurry. Put it in! What if someone sees it?!”

“Here. Who will see it?”

“… it looks real and the energy I feel is unbelievable.”

Jin who felt the energy from the dragon heart gulped and urged Jamie to put it in.

“Anyway, I need to think a little about to how deal with this.”

“I won’t sell it. A dragon might come and destroy the human world.”

“I know that.”

There were a few old stories around the dragon heart and all had the same ending. The dragon which comes to retrieve the heart destroys the city or nation.

The scary thing was that this happened. And not just once or twice but several times.

After repeating the same mistakes over and over, humans never traded the dragon heart even if they found it.

The dragon heart in the market will stand out, and the dragon’s eyes watching the world will know.

“But. Why did you show it to me?”

Jin asked as Jamie put the heart back into subspace.

“The dragon heart is a great treasure. If you show it to others it will cause trouble for us, why show it to me?”

“Huh. What is great about the dragon heart?”

“… dragon heart is great.”

“That is debatable. Now, I need a bit… even if, forget it. The reason I showed you, it doesn’t matter. I got such an amazing thing, of course I would want to brag about it to others, right?”

Jin was at a loss of this very human reply.

He stared at Jamie who replied asking why he was being asked such obvious things and then smiled.

“I am glad it wasn’t an old dragon.”

“Right. Same here. Because the old one would never be that careless.”

“Are you familiar with the old ones?”


At least now, they were monsters he shouldn’t touch and Jamie gulped those words down.

There was no preparation to leave since all his luggage was in subspace.

“Let’s go now. We don’t know if another dragon will appear. And it might be an old one this time.”

“Shit. Help me out too.”

“Let’s leave.”

And the two of them were engulfed in a light of mana and vanished.

An unknown mountain range in a blizzard.

An unknown area which hadn’t been explored by the humans of this age.

A cute boy and girl with blue hair looked down at the bottom of the endless cliff in the blizzard.

The boy and girl had the same blue eyes and hair and their pupils were vertical.

And the girl said,

“The creature down there is strong.”

“Yes. We are unmatched in front of it.”

“Isn’t Sanstreon weaker than brother?”

“Sanstreon is stronger.”

“Wow- then should grandpa come?”

“Yes. Grandpa should step in.”

The boy looked at the girl with a smile and answered. And then as if in shock, the girls eyes shone and she looked down.

It didn’t seem like the blizzard was blocking her vision, she could see the person standing at the bottom of the cliff.

A humanoid woman similar to them, but with light blue long braids.

On her forehead was a round jewel the same as her hair color. The young girl didn’t know the race she was from was called Ran, since she was still inexperienced.

“Grandpa is coming.”

The boy pulled the girl’s hand and looked behind.

A middle-aged man with indigo blue hair long enough to touch the ankles was walking towards them.

The middle-aged man was wearing a pure white robe with no wrinkles on, and the dignity that was felt was strong.

Behind him stood a young blue haired man with muscular physique.

“Grandpa! Brother Sanstreon!”

The girl ran to the two. The middle-aged man who was called grandpa called her.

“My Sevier. Why are you here? Rest in the warm cave.”

“The thing down there is strong. Can grandpa win?”

“Sevier. It is rude to ask grandpa that question.”

At that time, the man called Sanstreon behind him corrected her words.

“Grandpa came here to listen to it. there is no such thing as a fight.”

“Grandpa is strong!’

“Yes yes. Grandpa is strong. Ephetion. You are taking good care of the younger one.”

“Yes, grandpa.”

Ephetion smiled.

The middle-aged man put Sevier down next to Ephetion and stroked the two children.

“Then grandpa has to go now. Sanstreon stay with the kids.”



Sanstreon held the two kids in his arms. The middle-aged man left them and walked up to the cliff. He waved his hand roughly and the blizzard stopped.

And then the voice from below came.

“I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open, thanks. I can see clearly now. Thank you, Mr. Kairon-Sera.”

“Isis. Well, you have come all this way. I definitely said no. Did you not listen to me?”

The middle-aged man called Kairon-Sera looked at Isis with a cold face unlike the face he had looking at the children.

Lightning fell from the sky as if nature was moving according to his will. And then Isis smiled, shaking her head.

“I thought about it. I need your help. It won’t work any other way.”

“Ran woman. You must have huge confidence. You must have forgotten who I am.”

“I did die at that time but this time I came fully prepared.”

Saying that Isis stretched out her hand in the air and a powerful lightning flew out and a huge sword of blue light was summoned.

Seeing that, Kairon-Sera’s eyes widened.


“Thunder Dragon Sword Gram. As you can see, Dragon Slayer.”

“This is insane. Do you really have a death wish? How dare you take out something made of a dragon’s body in front of a dragon!!!”


The storm of lightning fell around Isis. It looked like natural disaster.

Terrible power which could annihilate a huge city. But Isis was fine.

She smiled with Gram on her shoulder.

“You have no intention of killing me.”

“Foolish bitch. Are you serious about wanting to die?”

“Let’s bet then. If I don’t die, you do me a favor. You know it is a mess now. The dragon is no longer a caretaker of earth. And…”

“Shut up.”


Kairon-Sera closed his eyes at Isis’s suggestion. And then when he opened his eyes, his body began to expand.

Blue scales covered his entire body and his arms and legs where so huge that the mountain felt like they could collapse.

It had a long snout and six horns on the head. Kairon-Sera roared with the huge wings.


At that overwhelming cry Isis smiled. She gulped at the sight of the giant dragon which filled the sky.

This being could be measured in several kilometers.

An old dragon.

Dragons which lived more than 5,000 years. And the origin that made the dragon clan the most powerful race on earth.

“This is exciting.”

He opened his snout wide and a huge light fell towards the ground.

Isis swung Gram towards the falling light.

That day.

Hundreds of kilometers in radius of the land, where no human foot could reach, had vanished.

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