Chapter 239 - Encounter (1)

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About a fortnight passed over the mountain range.

They were slowly wandering around, enjoying the mood.

Jamie asked Jin if they could immediately head there but Jin said there was nothing to do there.

That was just how busy that place was, and a busy place doesn’t care about guests.

Still, Jamie was a guest of Jin and Isis, so he had to be treated well, but still there were things he couldn’t do.

Thus, arriving after Isis sounded better. Jamie and Jin were sitting in a café with a terrace enjoying the peaceful afternoon.

And Jin asked,

“When will you fully absorb the Dragon heart?”

“I don’t want to do it now.”


“Because there is no way it can be completely absorbed.”


“To put it simply, my current state is at the peak. In order to grow further, there needs to be some realization but honestly I do not think that the dragon heart can be my realization.”

As he got a new magical realization, he couldn’t walk on the same path as his previous life. He would receive help from the heart, but there would be a time when he would have to get a realization on his own.

Only then could he say he fully touched the 9th class.

Dragon heart wasn’t that great.

It surely would increase the mana and limit of the body, but it wouldn’t bring him realization.

The same went for Sword Masters.

Jamie’s body was already perfect in the level of Experts.

In addition, he was a Magic Swordsman. Thus, he needed a new realization to walk the path of swords.

In this life he was going after too many things, in a way, this could be called as the path to enlightenment.

“If I had been a low level magician I would have received help from the dragon heart, but at my current level, the difference between me and the dragon is insignificant.”

This was because even dragons, who were masters of magic, stayed in the 9th class. Dialo Volfir was the only magician who reached that level in the entire planet’s history.

Jin shook his head but agreed.

“Hm. It makes sense.”

“Well, I am still thinking of absorbing a little. It would be nice to have more mana at my disposal.”

As a result of exceeding the limit by force, he realized that the whole body breathing method wasn’t enough. And he did think of absorbing the mana of the dragon heart to increase it.

And the remaining…

‘I will make it into an artifact.’

If an artifact was made using the dragon heart, it would give him more power.

‘The fourth item.’

Come to think of it, where was the ‘God Killer’?

Unlike Perfect Cell and All Might, there were no rumors about God Killer. Even though he tried tracking it for the last 5 years he couldn’t get it.

If he had God Killer, Jamie’s powers would have doubled by now.

“Should we get going?”

“Sure. There’s nothing much left to do.”

Frontier was located in the 6th banned place, Abraxas, in the northernmost part of the continent <Olvia>.

And the city they were in was in the Sirivea Kingdom which is far above the Seldam Kingdom.

At the bottom was the great forest of Ariazad and at the top was the Abraxas. Although it was a remote place with little development, it had its own unique charm.

“Is Abraxas dangerous?”

“It is horrible for strangers. It is natural since it is one of the 6 Bans.”

“Sounds fun.”

Five years back, when he first went to the Ariazad forest in Marquis Bell’s estate, he couldn’t enjoy it.

But he was different now.

To be honest, Jamie thought he could break through the forest alone.

‘Garmon, it is time to find it.’

He thought about what he read in the lover of the blue dragon Mayatrey, Canon’s journal, a dark magician who uncovered the secrets of the world as a human.

In his diary, there was something about the tombstone of Diablo and the final battle.

Canon said in his diary that the place Garmon, was where the tombstone was, although he didn’t write down it’s location.

Which meant that someone had touched the tombstone before Canon did.

It wasn’t known who he was, but it was clear that he was trying to go to Garmon.

‘If it is Northwest, it is Ariazad or Abraxas.’

Whatever it was, it was a dangerous place.

Anyone who approached the secrets of Diablo had been pursued by the 12 Gods. And if one had to hide themselves in a place safe from their influence, then the 6 bans were probably the best way to avoid it.

Jamie confirmed that Garmon was one of them.

‘If I cannot find it in Abraxas, then it must be in the Great Forest.’

He was intent on finding out everything. Even if it would be a step which wastes his time.

Another full month passed.

The journey was mostly uncomfortable.

There were no people on their way because there was the Ariazad Great Forest next to them and Abraxas which they would touch soon.

Most of their meals were hunted animals.

And the problem was that neither of them knew how to cook, but it wasn’t too horrible.

Fortunately, he had Gremia to sleep. If it wasn’t for that, Jamie would have been practically homeless.

As this was the northernmost part, it was a land which had sub-zero temperatures all year round.

And if he slept outside in such places, he would turn into frozen meat.

“It is cold today.”


Jamie wrapped his body in a fur coat. Although the temperature was raised, the cold was still seeping through.

He wanted to make a fire to change the atmosphere but he knew that doing that would damage the natural ecosystem of this place.

The two would stay silent and walk through the blizzard.

“Isn’t this the beauty of travelling?”

“Shut up.”

Except for the times when Jin talked nonsense. At some point they managed to cross the border of Ariazad Great Forest.

They were just passing but they met with a lot of monsters.

The monsters rushed and these two destroyed them without a trace. Be it human, beast or monsters they need to know how to understand their opponents.

And they all died because they didn’t.

Jamie thought to be careful as he looked around at the charred corpses of monsters.

As they were passing, they saw a small village. From that point onwards, it was the land of the kingdom of Sirivea. It was located far from the other nations, and the architectural style was quite strange.

First, the stone wall around the village was too thick and huge. This was enough to make them think of this as a small fortress wall.

It was made by collecting small and large stones, and it looked like this was done to prevent frequent monster attacks.

And it was good against the cold too. He wasn’t sure what was behind this, but this wasn’t magic, and Jin said Ryo too did such things.

Jin said he was shocked the first time he came to this place. On the outskirts of Abraxas, a group of monsters called Gilim were roaming around.

Gilim was a monster which looks like a rabbit but unlike the cute form it enjoys human flesh. And most people don’t live past the attack as they attack in swarms.

But for Jamie it was just a rabbit and they had rabbit meat in the evening.

It was a longer journey than Jamie planned for, as exactly a month and 12 days had passed since he left Harmonia.

Jamie saw the entrance of a temple which looked old.

It wasn’t known how long it existed for, even the words which were on it were barely seen and some had collapsed.

Erosion over time.

“This is the entrance to the Temple of Abraxas?”


“Yeah. How many more such temples are left?”

“The origin of this temple is unknown. However, it is a temple at least 20,000 years old according to the guess made by Frontier.”


The first king Gav was 10,000. And this temple existed for a longer time than him, which meant 2 world resets.

“From now, just follow me. Getting lost can cause trouble for us.”

At Jin’s warning Jamie nodded. He had already been through tough times. And he knew that if he listened now he wouldn’t have to listen to the whining.

And the two went in.

The inside was mostly thick bushes. Some had poison and some had a sweet scent.

Another made the head hazy. Everything seemed like something which could put his life at risk.

Jin looked around the grass and said.

“Among the 6 Bans, Abraxas temple has the fewest monsters. Do you know why?”

“Because of the scary plants. No matter how dangerous, can they survive in such a place?”

“There are people who have adapted to this place. But, it is still a place where most monsters too have a hard time living.”

“But is this the right path?”

Jamie frowned as he stepped on the sticky mud.

This was the road to Frontier, but he couldn’t understand why this wasn’t cleaned.

“We cannot build a road.”


“The temple of Abraxas is imbued with magic. Whatever we do, it goes back to the beginning. The same goes for the poisonous plants which are cut. As time goes by, it slowly turns back to its original state.”

“Quite interesting!”

“This is why people who don’t know the way end up dying here. Even a Sword Master has a high chance of dying here.”

“Seriously bad.”

Jamie agreed. There were so many plants here which attracted living things. If one wasn’t strong mentally, they would be seduced and their life would be threatened.

Abraxas was the temple of temptation.

It wasn’t known for what purpose the person had built it, but if it was for defense then this was the best one.

If one doesn’t know, they will get played around. In that sense, it seemed understandable why Frontier had its headquarters in such a place.

They had a lot of enemies.


Walking not too far, Jin said and Jamie who looked ahead was a bit shocked.


Where there was a poisonous forest was now a meadow.

The wind gently flew through the green grass with dew on it. Sunny weather without a single cloud. Jamie looked around blankly at the sudden sight.

Then he looked behind him, the poisonous plants and trees were there. Looking ahead, Jin spoke.

“This is the headquarters of Frontier, Avalon.”


Jamie mumbled as he looked at the vast land.

“A good name.”


“The name… Isis put it?”


Jin stepped on the cool green grass.

“Let’s go. It seems like Isis has arrived.”

“Feels like it.”

Jamie’s whole body tingled at the energy he felt from far. A presence which could make him shiver.

He could see Jin, Han, and even Beryl in here.

‘Finally I get to see you.’


He heard she was of the Ran race.

They were praised as one of the three major races along with dragons and high elves.

And they were known to be able to gain powers incomparable to the red dragon he faced before.

As Jamie stood still, Jin turned around and asked.


Jamie replied with a smile.

“No way.”

Meeting the strong is fun.

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