Chapter 240 - Encounter (2)

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After walking through the meadow for a bit, they caught sight of a village not too far away.

Seeing the surrounding area was all fields, it seemed that they were all farming to provide for themselves.

Was it surprising?

It was interesting to know that there was enough fertile land to farm here.

And the buildings were clean. There was an old temple ahead so he thought everything would be the same.

“You recreated the essence of a small village and cast the restoration magic on the whole town.”

“You can know despite just touching the 9th class?”

When Jin asked with a surprised face, Jamie explained.

“Even if I wasn’t a 9th class magician, anyone can roughly feel it, especially if they are strong enough.”

It is rare for a magician to be able to perform such restoration magic on a village. To make a village that would otherwise have been rotten and torn to look new with buildings.

He remembered what Beryl said five years back when he wanted to go back there.

-There is a 9th class magician in Frontier.

Beryl said it wasn’t human. Maybe an elf.

Among them, there was a probability of a high elf being there.

Someone strong enough to cast restoration magic on the whole town. He thought he had to meet this person just like Isis.

“It was done by an elf magician called Nell-Sharan.”

Jin just confirmed it.

“Elf? Not a high elf?”

“Huhu. Normally we think of her as a high elf, but she is an elf. A lively young elf who is only one hundred and thirty years old.”

It was said that the average lifespan of a normal elf was 500 years.

If she was 130 years old, then she just entered her youth. And she was able to use this magic?

She could be considered a great talent.

“But she is geeky. So she is quite different from ordinary elves.”

“I see.”

Jamie looked around. There weren’t many people here. It wasn’t a huge village so there were bound to be less people.

The strange thing was that everyone was of different races.

It was natural that this village was made of different races, but since his reincarnation, he had been living in the human world, so this scenery of so many races was something new.

Various races including humans lived in harmony.

“It is amazing to see so many races live together.”

“Usually everyone says that. I was shocked the first time too. Especially since Ryo doesn’t have different kinds of races so the moment I saw it, it felt like I was hit in the head with a hammer. Long ears, hair on the body like animals, and tail too. To be honest, getting used to it is hard.”

“I guess it must be shocking for you.”

In fact, so many races were hardly seen. Right now, the world was a place where humans didn’t interact with the other races. Most people living in the nations in the central parts of the continent only encountered them in books.

However, there were so many other races rather than just humans here. Even when a stranger came, they didn’t really care.

Considering that most races were hostile to humans, it was strange how harmonious the Frontier was.

‘Now I seem to know a little bit about Isis.’

It felt like he had a glimpse of the freedom that Frontier lived by.

“Hm. I can come only till here.”

And then Jin stopped walking. It was strange that he stopped despite not going to Isis, but Jamie nodded.

“Please rest.”

“Let’s meet later.”

Jin turned to another road and disappeared and Jamie who watched him looked ahead. Not far from there was a man standing with his back against a building.

He was looking at Jamie with his arms crossed. A familiar face.

Seeing that, Jamie raised his hand.

“It has been a while, Sir Onyx.”

Beryl smiled.

“It has been a while, Jamie.”

Jamie and Beryl walked the path and talked about various things which happened in 5 years.

“The last time I heard, they said you were near the <Kariren> border, so when did you come?”

“Your news is late. I stayed there until last year and came back this year. I had personal work to do.”

“Related to Isis?”

“I won’t deny it.”

Beryl smiled and Jamie too.

“But… you have seriously grown too much.”

Beryl was shocked at Jamie who was only slightly smaller than him now.

“When I was thirteen I didn’t grow this much.”

“It seems like Welton’s blood is strong. My parents were shocked at how fast I grew.”

“Even so, how can one grow this fast?”

“Well, the world is too vast even for someone like you to have seen everything.”


It was strange to keep denying when Jamie was right in front of him and the conversation ended there.

After a walk without words, Beryl said,

“You have gotten stronger.”

“Sir Onyx too.”

“Huhu, at the time you were little, but in no time you can stand shoulder to shoulder with me.”

After just 5 years, he managed to catch up.

Beryl thought that he had made great progress, but after seeing the genius in front of him, he felt like laughing.

If it had been anyone else they would have felt jealous of this, but Beryl hardly felt it.

Rather, he seemed happy. He tried to think about why, but it felt natural.

Because he is Sears’ son.

“You have grown up well.”

“Thank you.”

“You don’t need to be thankful to me. Give that to your parents.”

“Haha. I know. But can I ask you something?”

“What is it?’

“Are Behemoth and Venna doing good?”

He was more curious about Venna.

Behemoth was someone he was keeping in touch with but he is a brainless one. Jamie didn’t care how he was doing since he got letters.

But he had no news from Venna ever since their separation. He knew she wasn’t here.

She left for the place of Valkyries, so she has to stay there.

But even then, he thought some news must have made their way here.

“Come to think of it, I heard they met in Saint-Dermain. Did you say the child, Venna, was you subordinate?”


“Kukuku. Kid, you have a subordinate older than you. Look at this cheeky one.”

“So. Do you know anything about Venna?”

“I haven’t met this child, Venna, but I did hear her name a lot of times.

“How is she doing?”


Beryl seemed to think and then smiled playfully. This man was always with a serious expression but now his smile looked weird.

As Jamie frowned, Beryl said,

“What? You aren’t open to people having new expressions?”

“Please say it.”

“I think you will meet soon.”


“I can only tell you this much.”

“Sir Onyx?”

Jamie titled his head at how Beryl was avoiding answering his question, he had the urge to ask him again but he stopped as they arrived in front of a large building.

“We are here.”


A really huge building. It seemed like a thousand people could stay there.

All the buildings in Avalon were of good size, and each place was enough for one household to live comfortably. However, this place stood out clearly among the others.

And there were no people around. On the way, he saw a lot of different races and it felt like they were walking away for a reason.

Beryl said,

“Everyone is gathered.”


“We have known it since you stepped into Abraxas. Everyone was waiting.”

“Detection magic huh.”

“It is essential. We never know when an enemy will come here.”

Jamie wanted to know who would enter a place where even monsters had a hard time and attack them, but if the opponent weren’t humans then it was a different story.

Beryl led him and Jamie followed. After passing a short hallway, a large venue appeared.

As seen from outside, it could hold more than a thousand people.

But Jamie didn’t look around.

A huge and diverse energy was pouring out at him. Jamie opened his eyes and looked at the people who were trying to pressure him.

The central table.

A total of ten people were seated around a huge round table. All of them were looking at Jamie and most were of different races.

But the fact that they were of different races didn’t matter. Importantly, most of them were…

‘Master class!’

All but three of those who sat around the table were in the Master class. And among them were familiar faces.

He smiled and waved his hand and Jamie realized that they were the key members of Frontier.

Beryl left him and went down to sit on the empty seat on the table.

It was the time when Jamie was enduring the crushing pressure as much as possible…

“Wow. Just like I’ve been told, this kid is no small deal.”

A woman with a sweet voice.

He moved his gaze to the woman who had azure hair at the very end of the table. A beautiful woman with a slender body and round jewels the same color as her hair nailed to her forehead.

Jamie knew it.

Isis looked at Jamie and greeted.

“Welcome Jamie Welton. We are Frontier.”

— *

“To do this…”

“It has been 5 years since we met, of course we have to.”


A small cow-like being took a deep breath on the hand of the girl holding it.


A woman who was beautiful enough to walk away from the term girl spoke with a smile.

“Will Master be surprised to see us?”

“That human won’t be too surprised.”

“Behe. This is the problem with you. Why have you turned pessimistic in 5 years?”

“Why are you so positive in five…”

“Let’s see.”

The woman clasped her pink hair which was split in two and pulled tight.

She shouted,

“Because I have grown a lot in the last 5 years!”

“… it is meaningless in front of him.”

“So you won’t help?”

“Ha. What do you want to do?”

“Nothing difficult.”

The little cow called Behe didn’t know how to react.

Was the brain reset in just the last 5 years? Even if the journey with the woman wasn’t long, he knew what kind of personality she had.

But now it didn’t seem to be going well, it felt like she would pout if he said no…

‘I don’t like this…’

Behe just sighed. And the woman spoke in a joyful voice,

“Just attack with all our might.”

“… seriously.”

“I haven’t been playing around for 5 years. Master needs to know that I have grown up.”

“Or lord will never see you?”

“It is fine. Don’t worry, Behe.”

The pink haired woman, Venna, smiled and Behemoth sighed looking at her. It wasn’t just her appearance which had changed and he thought it was fortunate.

“I think lord will get a strange feeling in many ways after seeing you.”

“What does that mean?”

“You will see it.”

“Tell me what you mean, Behe!”

“Call me Behemoth!”

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