Chapter 241 - Encounter (3)

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Ten of them, including Isis, were of different races.

There seemed to be three humans, including Jin, who wasn’t here.

Two of them were from Ryo and not the mainland, but they were still human.

‘There is one more Ran, a Birdman, one from the flower race, dwarves and Valkyries.’

Normally, Valkyries weren’t allied with Frontier, but he heard that they came after getting Venna back. However, he didn’t think they would attend this meeting.

‘The one wearing the hood must be the elf magician.’

Was her name Nell-Sharan?

She had on a beige hood but it didn’t cover her pointed ears.

On the other hand, with a few exceptions, most of their expressions seemed cold.

It felt like he was standing in the middle of an enemy camp.

He had been invited by them so he wondered if he could even take the lead here. At that time, the Birdman spoke with its mouth.

“Isis. Why are you so surprised? It is just that much.”

Jamie frowned at this.

“Ehh, bird head. What did you say now?’

“Greatest talent in the human world? Right. Just in the human race.”

“Hawks. Do you have to say that?’

Han stared at the Birdman and asked,

The Birdman called Hawks, crossed his arms and spoke in an arrogant voice,

“I am speaking the truth, Han. Although strong for a human, humans are simply a race with different limits. How many times have we verified this?”

“Right, we are meeting to change that.”

“These people…”

Jamie was stunned at how these people were growling. Because of that he interrupted the conversation between the two.

“Shut up both of you. I am here and you are having a fight amongst yourselves? Hey, bird head. Your name is Hawks? Isn’t that too easy a name given to a bird head? Follow me, I will turn you into a roasted one.”

“Oh? An ignorant but brave one. Can you take responsibility for that?”

“Responsibility? Follow me and I will show you.”

“I like your guts. Let’s do it. I will confirm your skills in person.”

Hawks got up with a smile. And revealed his huge body.

Jamie was around 180cm, but he was 1.5 times taller than Jamie.

His muscles were clearly different from humans too. The pair of wings on his back were brown like that of any hawk, and each wing seemed larger than the body.

He is strong. Strong enough to look down on Han.

‘The level of Darius.’

Darius was a person he met 5 years back who had a connection with his grandfather.

An undefeated champion in the dark arena.

And during that time, the man couldn’t be cornered despite Han, Siegfried and Jamie combining their powers, that was how strong that man was.

Hawks had more power than Darius.

“Human kid. Aren’t you scared?”

Hawks tried to taunt Jamie to which he smiled and said,

“Scared? Why be afraid of beasts?’

“Funny one. Follow me. There is a place we can fight.”

“No, no! Stop both of you.”

At that moment, a heavy energy fell on the two. And when Jamie turned around, he looked at Isis who seemed tired of this.

And she said,

“Hawks, what is with you looking down on our guest? Have you lost it?”

“It is to educate people who don’t know their place.’

“Educate my ass. Why are you doing this? And did I not tell you not to look down on other races? Did you forget the purpose of Frontier? Are you really just a bird head?’


“If not then shut it and sit down before I start to educate you.”

At Isis’ stern warning, Hawks with a worried face went back to his seat and Jamie laughed at him.

“What? You said you want to educate but now you are a bird chirping? What happened, Hawks? Bird head!”

“Jamie Welton. I wish you would stop too. I apologize for how Hawks behaved towards you.”

“Isn’t Frontier an organization which pursues freedom and harmony of all races? Sir Onyx, Han isn’t that what you said?”

“… Jamie, calm down.”

Han scratched his neck with a troubled expression and Beryl closed his eyes. Jamie couldn’t believe it.

Frontier, the place he had been looking forward to coming and meeting. He liked that they had a direction and goal they wanted to get, especially when he looked at Avalon outside, he thought there could be a positive relationship.

But here he saw how one of the strong people here looked down on humans and ignored them.

He couldn’t stand it.

“Come at me, Hawks! You haven’t forgotten what was spoken, right? Or are you just a coward who cannot keep his word?”

Jamie called Hawks in anger.

Perhaps those words provoked Hawks, as he was about to sit, he looked at Jamie. At that moment, the dwarf next to him clicked his tongue and got up.

“I will leave for now, if you need anything call for me, Isis.”

“Mr. Lil! Are you leaving already?”

Han called the dwarf Lil who left the place.

The flower race woman looked restlessly at Jamie and Hawks while the Valkyrie watched like this was interesting.

An unknown Ran man next to Isis had an expressionless face and Nell-Sharan stayed motionless with the hood down.

“I am tired. I haven’t had time to relax.”

Isis sighed at it. She had struggled to lift her right arm which was under the table.

Even though it was wrapped up, the skin could be seen at the end of the bandage, it was black.

Seeing that, Hawks flinched.

“You should get some rest, Isis.”

“Who am I doing this for?”


When Hawks didn’t answer, Isis looked at Jamie.

“Now that this happened, wouldn’t fighting make you feel better?”

“I am going to have to beat that kid.”

“Good. It is true that Hawks did wrong first, so I will not stop the two from fighting. But set a date, not now. Okay?”

Isis was being considerate of Jamie.

As the head of Frontier, she felt responsible for the mistakes her subordinate made. And as a head, she seemed to know how to deal with it.

If she wasn’t like this, then Jamie would have felt more disappointed with Frontier. Jamie nodded.

“I understand. However, you don’t get to run away. Hawks, get that?”


Hawks went close to Jamie and said,

“A great hunter never runs.”

“On that day, I will break the beak of that great hunter.”

“Don’t expect too much from yourself.”

Hawks spoke with his wings opened wide. It was so huge that a hole was made in the ceiling and in an instant, the people near the table moved.

Isis took a deep breath and said,

“Talking is difficult now. Let’s end this for today and set up another time. Rosemary, take care of the guest.”


The flower race woman called Rosemary went to Jamie and like her name, she was rosemary.

“Follow me, I will show you where to stay.”

As it was later discovered, this flower race people were in charge of the housework here.

They were peace loving and hated fights and making them stay in conflict didn’t sit well with them either.

As Jamie went out, Isis sat down and shook her head.

“I told you not to call that idiot Hawks!”

“It isn’t like they will never meet, and because of his personality this was bound to happen at one point. Still, I didn’t think it would turn out like this on the first day.”

Han smiled.

Hawks was always a problematic one.

Because of his talent he was an important member in Frontier, but he was too proud of himself. And so he ignored other races and fights constantly broke out.

Han too was one of them.

‘I lost my mind.’

As cheeky as he was, Hawks was strong.

Except for Isis, there were very few people in Ran who could deal with him with force.

And such a guy was going against Jamie.

“Beryl. Can’t we stop this? Jamie might get injured.”

Han was worried.

He knew that what Jamie was now, was incomparably higher than the past but he couldn’t think Jamie could take down Hawks.

Beryl, who was silent, said,

“I think it will be a pretty fun match.”

“Hey, Beryl!”

Han jumped up in shock and Isis said,

“I don’t like the fact that this is how it is happening, but it sure is fun. Right, Clark?”

The Ran man, Clark nodded.

“Clark! Not you too!”

“I will head back.”

At that moment, Nell-Sharan who was sitting there got up and vanished. Han who sat down mumbled,

“… I don’t know anymore.”

He too thought it would be fine.

“You can stay here.”

Rosemary guided Jamie to an empty house. It was clean and well maintained.

The daily needs were all stocked and since the flower race was handling it, small flower pots could be seen.

“You can come to the hall for meal time. The hall is over there.”

“Thank you.”

“It is just my job.”

Rosemary shook her head and showed humility.

“Then, I will head back. If you need anything please ring the bell here. A child from the race will come.”

“They say that the flower race is kind, I guess it is true. it would have been nice if that bird head could have half of your qualities Miss Rosemary.”

“H-Hawks is a nice one too. He looks harsh but he has a good heart. We, the flower race, do our work but we don’t stand injustice. But if you associate with strong people, such a harsh attitude can often be seen.”


Rosemary was taken aback by Jamie’s blunt answer.

“Ah. I spoke off topic. Please pretend you didn’t hear anything.”

“No. Thanks for helping me.”

“Please have some rest.”

Jamie scratched his cheek.

“Maybe what we see isn’t everything? Seeing the flower race say that.”

Knowing how the flower race people act, Jamie knew she wasn’t just considering Hawks as any person.

Actually, he knew Hawks was the kind to help the weak, but apart from that, how he spoke earlier was out of line for humans.

And Jamie had no intention of taking his words back.

Because he wasn’t weak.

‘I will correct that bad habit of yours.’

How would he react after he was defeated by the human he was looking down on?

Jamie took his things out of the subspace and left the room. There was nothing to do, so he was going to walk around.

It was then.


The moment he stepped out, a pink hammer appeared. It was a familiar type of hammer he hadn’t seen for a long time.

Jamie leaned back and raised the hand to grab the hammer. At the same time, while pulling it to his chest, he pulled on the handle.

When he pulled it with his magic the owner of the hammer couldn’t help it and was dragged. However, as if she wouldn’t be attacked that easily, she stretched her leg to stop getting dragged.

She bent her leg ready to kick, and Jamie had to release the grasp on the hammer to avoid it.


When the hammer’s owner caught the hammer, she called for someone. The subspace opened with a three eyed bull appearing.

The bull stretched out its horns and tried to hit Jamie.

Jamie tossed the hammer’s master onto his shoulder and grabbed the bull’s horn with one hand.

It’s force was stopped.

“You people…”

Jamie leaned forward and lifted the giant bull up and threw it to the ground.


The bull roared.


And then the hammer flew by itself into the air as it charged towards Jamie. He turned to avoid it, and he saw pink hair fluttering. Holding the hammer, she unfolded her wings and moved in the air.

The hammer flew for Jamie’s head and the bull lying down jumped up glaring at him.

Attacks from both sides.

Jamie smiled brightly.

“For you to attack me…”

[Sea of Hundred- Reverse]

“A hundred years too early.”

Once it was activated, the flow of space distorted.



The pink haired woman, Venna and the three eyed bull Behemoth were scared.

Jamie held the two of them in his hands and head butted them against each other.



Both the people grabbed their heads and rolled on the ground in pain. Behemoth who was back to his normal size yelled at Venna.

“I said we shouldn’t do it!”

“I don’t know! My forehead! My forehead!’

“Puahahaha! Venna there is a lump on your forehead.”

“Don’t laugh, Master!”

“I said we shouldn’t do this.”

Jamie laughed at his subordinates for a long time.

A reunion after 5 years.

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