Chapter 242 - Princess Of Ran (1)

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Jamie saw Venna whining while holding her forehead.

Since she hit her head against Behemoth it was bound to be lumpy for a long time.

But who attacked first? Wasn’t it them?

The cost of a surprise attack on their Master is this great.

All those who came under him had to be careful of such actions. They should be aware that if they try to act past their level, they would get hit on their foreheads.

Venna grumbled with tears in her eyes.

“You’re too much. How can you make a woman’s forehead like this?”

“Too much? What is too much? You were aiming at my head with a hammer in hand.”

“But I didn’t hit you!”

“I avoided it. You couldn’t hit me. It is because of the skill gap.”


Venna pouted as she constantly touched her head.

Jamie hit her on the same spot again.

“Ack! Why again?”

“A punishment for your cocky attitude. Rather, Behemoth, are you alright?”

“This much is nothing.”

Behemoth was back to his small size as he was munching on apples.

It was an uncaring attitude towards his Lord who he hadn’t seen in 5 years and this made Jamie angry so he hit him again too.

“Kuak! Even a dog wouldn’t interrupt someone eating!”

“Your Lord is here and you are talking nonsense? Seriously.”

“… we talk.”

“This guy.”

Jamie smiled at the unchanging appearance of Behemoth.

“I am glad that the both of you are doing so well. It is nice to see you again.”

“I missed you, master!”

“I am glad Lord is doing well…. for real.”

When Jamie expressed his happiness of meeting them after 5 years, Venna and Behemoth spoke in happy voices.

Especially Venna, whom he was meeting after a long time. She had matured a lot more than before and had a brighter personality too.

“Had a good time with your mother?”

“Hehe. Yes. I enjoyed it so much that I don’t regret the 10 years I lost. Master too… but Master, aren’t you too tall?”

She couldn’t tell because of the excitement, but now she was surprised at how much Jamie had changed.

Five years back, he could only come up to her chest, but now he had grown so much that she had to lift her head to see his face.

She knew that he would grow in the 5 years time, but this was too much.

“You, your hair is a little darker.”

“It is starting to resemble my mom’s color.”

Venna said, pulling her pink hair. It was bright pink before, but now it was hot pink.

The color had darkened.

And it would become redder as she grew.

‘Certainly the queen’s genes.’

When the current queen walks away, Venna can lead her people. Who would have believed the kid he met in a terrible place five years ago was now the successor of the queen of Valkyrie?

Jamie wondered if their meeting was fate.

“But why are you here? I thought you would be with the queen.”

“Venna came here a year ago.”


“It wasn’t too sudden.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“I heard that the master went into 5 years of closed training so I came all the way here. I thought that if I was in Frontier, I could see Master when you come here.”

So Venna came to Frontier to meet Jamie.

“Master said at that time, ‘Be strong and come back.’. I have been trying for 5 years. I didn’t want to be a burden like I was before, so I worked hard and I came here thinking I was finally ready.”


“Look here. This is my hard work.”

Venna held out her hand and Jamie was shocked. Her hands were a mess.

There were scars, old and recent and calluses.

There were a lot of places where her nails seemed damaged.

It could be seen that she had been practicing for a long time.

“I worked really hard.”

To stand by your side.

Venna hadn’t forgotten her promise. Jamie clasped her hands and smiled.

“Still you couldn’t fight?”


“Hahaha, it was a joke.”

Jamie joked around and Venna screamed. This hadn’t changed much from the past.

As Venna pouted, Jamie placed his hand on her head.

“You did good. You worked hard.”

Venna smiled at Jamie who had a bright smile. He looked genuinely happy.

At this moment Venna realized that her master was different. In the past he never showed any emotion other than anger. He was someone who could be called emotionless.

But now he was smiling.

She could feel that it was no formal smile but a genuine one.

What made him change?

Venna was happy with the change, but felt bitter at the same time.

There must have been a reason for the change and she wasn’t by his side at that time.

“What is it?”

Jamie asked Venna who was lost in thought.

“Uh? Ah, nothing. Master has changed a lot.”

“I changed?”

“Yes. A lot. I never knew that you could smile like that.”

“Smiling? Me… wh… ah.”

Jamie touched his lips at the words of Venna and quickly called back his expression.

“J-Just. People can smile.”

“My Lord isn’t someone who just smiles.”

“What? What! I can smile…”

“Lord has changed a lot.”

As the Behemoth kept saying that, Jamie felt confused. He didn’t have to hide his change from these people.

Despite not meeting them for 5 years, they were family to Jamie.

“Brats, so nice to see you again.”

Jamie smiled.

“You’ll be fighting M-Mr. Hawks?”

Venna got up in shock.

Behemoth scratched his head with his hind legs, doubting what he heard.

“Lord. Are you seriously fighting Hawks?”

“Why are you that shocked?”

Jamie didn’t like this reaction. It was like he was going against someone he wasn’t supposed to.

“How did you end up with a fight against him?”

“Phew. What I was worried about is happening. Because of Lord’s personality I knew you wouldn’t go well with Hawks.”

“… what is with you talking like I would lose?”

Venna and Behemoth were having the same expression. They seemed to think the same.

What do they mean by looking like this and acting like Jamie will be the one who would be pushed to the corner.

So he asked,

“Why do you think I will lose? I won’t be angry so spill it.”



The two looked at each other and hesitated to speak.

Although they met after 5 years they knew what Jamie was like. So say anything bad and get ready to be hit again.

And Jamie’s finger flicks were painful! So being honest was out of the question.

“Fine. I won’t flick you.”


When he said he wouldn’t, Behemoth had bright eyes.

He hated the flicks on the head but he was getting one now.

“Kuak! Y-You said you wouldn’t!”

“You didn’t speak!”

“Too sly!”

“So. Tell me why you think I will not win and I won’t hit you.”

Behemoth didn’t believe him but he thought for a moment and said,

“If Lord saw Hawks you would have known how strong that one is. I don’t know how strong Lord is now, but I know that it will be a tough fight. I think avoiding the fight is a lot easier.”

Behemoth said it. Hawks was on the edge of Grand Master.

If given a chance, he could break down that thin wall and then enter that realm.

Such a strong person was going against a human.

Swordsman, Tarix Pan, the undefeated champion of Dark Arena, Kreon, the sword of Zenith…

He knew there were humans who were strong, but their win against Hawks couldn’t be guaranteed.

‘I don’t know how it would happen if swords came into the picture.’

Besides, Jamie cannot use black magic here, so it was like fighting with a handicap.

But he didn’t think he would lose.

“It is fine. I will win.”

“Master. Are you really sure?”

“Yes. And above all, I need to fix that bad attitude of that bird head.”

“I won’t ask more since I got it.”

Behemoth sighed. Having been here for five years he knew what Hawks was like.

Hawks was strong to the strong and weak to the weak, but he looks like a righteous one. In fact, he was kind too. The problem was that he was racist.

In particular, he ignores and looks down on humans claiming that humans cannot rise above a certain limit.

It wasn’t because he hated humans.

He just thinks that no race, especially the human race can be compared to the three races of Frontier which are superior to it.

An arrogant and baseless thought, but he had strength to prove it. He defeated several people with his strength.

“For one thing, Hawks is a seasoned hunter. He has enough strength to show that confidence.”

“You seem to like him.”

“Well, he is strong. but nothing compared to my Lord in his prime.”

“I know it. Anyway, thank you for being worried for me. And don’t worry Venna, nothing worth worrying about will happen.”

“I will trust you, Master.”

“That is all I need.”

It was almost at the end of the talk of the three.


An unfamiliar voice sounded with a knock.

“Jamie Welton. Isis has invited you to dinner.”

“I am coming.”

When he opened the door a member of the flower race stood there.

They looked after this whole village so they could be seen running errands.

And the person said,

“In an hour she requests you to come for dinner.”

“I understand. Thank you.”

“Then, I will leave.”

The flower race person who was done speaking left. Jamie went back to his place to check the time.

“I couldn’t ask before but, how is Isis?”

“Um. Miss Isis is…”

“It is hard to explain.”

Venna and Behemoth looked troubled at Isis, and they shook their heads.

“It is easiest to know her in person.”

“Venna is right. It is hard to describe her in a few words.”

“So, every time you sent a letter, what you spoke of applies because of this?”

“That, that…”

“Forget it. It is my fault for asking you to spy.”

“The apples here are amazing!”

“Shut up! Shut up before I hit you again. Anyway, I will see and judge for myself.”

“Good… thing.”

Venna nodded. Clearly, Isis didn’t seem like a normal woman.

He saw her briefly before, and she was like a boss suffering from a troublesome subordinate.

In reality, she had a different personality from what he thought.

‘If so many people are loyal, then she has to be good.’

Isn’t she the leader and head who leads this huge organization called Frontier?

Jamie waited for dinner with a look of anticipation and excitement.

And an hour passed.

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