Chapter 243 - Princess Of Ran (2)

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“There was no talk of fighting!”

“Ah~it just happened.”

“What? How can it just happen? Shit. I should have just followed…”

“It would have been the same even if you came. Maybe even more dangerous.”

“I could have stopped it.”

“Alright, alright. It happened already. As long as the results are good it should be fine.”

“But the right hand…”

“It is just one arm. They say I am lucky and I will recover quickly.”

“Ha. Isis, you are seriously-”

When a loud noise was heard from inside the house, Jamie stood still, not knocking. This was Isis’s house and it seemed like Jin was here.

The voices inside were silent, but he could even hear the sound of breathing and Jamie didn’t miss the moment and knocked.

“Come in.”

Hearing Isis’ words, Jamie went in. A few candles were lit in the house and two people were seated at the round table.

Jin arrived first with a different mask and greeted Jamie.

“Feels so long.”

“Right. It has only been a couple hours.”

“Come over and sit.”

Isis beckoned and sat down. Jamie looked around the house and sat.

“Does the house look old?”

As she said, it was an old house. The house he was given looked ordinary, yet neat and bright.

However, Isis’ house had a strong old feeling. It had a musty and rotten wood smell, and it was a structure that didn’t get much sunlight.

“I am sorry for calling you to this place. My theory is that the chief should live in the most uncomfortable place.”

“I managed to get rid of the idea that I was going to stay in a beast cage, but I ended up here.”

Jin looked at Isis with a displeased face. He didn’t like the chief staying here.

Jamie nodded his head not caring how she chose to live.

“Let’s eat.”

Isis got up and disappeared somewhere. Jamie and Jin were the only two men present.

Jin asked,

“Are you going to fight Hawks for real?”

“Are you asking this too?”

“I guess it is true. Hmm. The fight with Hawks…”

Unlike the others, Jin didn’t ask him not to fight.

But that is because it is also true that he had been the one seeing Jamie’s skills up close with his own eyes. And Jamie asked,

“What do you think the win rate will be?”

“I don’t know. Both of you are strong by my standards. In particular, you even hunted a dragon.”

It was all thanks to Jamie being enraged, but he did catch a young dragon.

“I am not sure. If you can draw the power you used to slay the dragon, Hawks will lose.”

“I cannot fight like that because it was a kind of miracle.”

“Then, maybe half and half.”

Jin spoke with a firm voice.

So the odds of winning were half and half.

This was the most objective evaluation. It was because Jamie didn’t feel that Hawks skills were strong enough to get pushed back.

If so, who has the better fighting sense will be the one to win.

“It is a meat stew that Rosemary had made earlier, and it is delicious. Dip it with bread and eat it, it tastes amazing.”

At that time, Isis appeared with a pot and plate of bread in the air. The ability to manipulate things at will was only held by those who had reached the highest level.

Isis had two of those being controlled and she was only moving food. When Jamie looked at her puzzled, she made an excuse.

“Because my right arm is like this.”

She showed her arm wrapped up. He had seen it before, the skin through the bandage which was black and necrotic.

“What happened…”

“Now now, let’s talk about something else.”

Jamie shook his head as Isis smiled and thought,

‘It just seems like she’s a normal person.’

Before coming here, Venna and Behemoth said describing her is difficult. But that wasn’t like that for Jamie.

Except for the fact that the people seemed to consider her as a great person, she was normal.

‘It just doesn’t make sense to see and figure out her full character.’

They just spoke for a few seconds.

If they got into the real story then her true personality would start to come out.

And the smell of the stew was no joke. It was a lot more delicious than the one the chef in the Welton family made.

This was truly amazing.

‘But… Do the flower race people eat meat?’

He didn’t know, but their cooking was outstanding. Jamie tore the bread and dipped it into the stew.

As the broth soaked into the bread, it softened. And he put meat and vegetables on the bread and chewed it.

“It is delicious.”

Jamie mumbled as he nodded. It was difficult to talk because he took a full bite.

Isis smiled, satisfied and started to eat.

And the conversation they had after would be huge, so the three decided to eat with their best mood.

And the food was delicious.

“I don’t know what herb was used, but drinking it makes my head clear. I will sleep well.”

The tea was good and the smell was good too.

“Have it.”

“You should too.”

Jamie and Jin were sipping the same tea. Isis, too, was fiddling with her tea cup and slightly touched the cup with her tongue.

“Can I ask about your arm?”

He was curious. The arm of a person who was strong was damaged to the point of being useless.

It was no simple accident. And she was a Grand Master.

So someone stronger than the Red Dragon Kairos Jamie fought had to be faced.

‘There is nothing worse than a dragon. It is the same for all 3 races.’

In addition, the nature of leading Frontier meant that she was the strongest here. If her right arm was like this, then it would have been something huge.

It was right to say that it was strong like Isis or someone a lot stronger.

“Did you fight with an old dragon?”

Isis’ eyes widened slightly and Jin looked at Jamie.

His expression was hidden behind the mask, but he could tell that he was flustered.

Isis smiled.

“You are smart.”

“There aren’t many beings in the world who can make someone as strong as you like this. I don’t know if God came down.”

“Why couldn’t it have been the high elves?”

“They don’t care. Not being interested in those around them means they won’t interfere, which means no conflict. If there was no conflict then your arm wouldn’t be like that.”

“But dragons are different?”

“Because they consider themselves as watchmen of the world. I don’t know why you fought an Elder Dragon, but there must be a lot of conflict with the spirit of Frontier in pursuit of freedom.”

Isis nodded at Jamie’s words and she spoke,

“There are a few things which are wrong, but it is true overall.”


“But, why did you come here? Beryl told me you refused to come here in the past. Have you changed your mind?”

“No. I still have no intention of joining Frontier. Jin asked me to come and I came here because I have a few questions.”

“What? Do I have to answer it?”

“I will not ask for a simple answer. I think you also have a few questions about me… call it an equivalent exchange. Like professionals.”

“Talking like a magician~”

Isis agreed and asked,

“Then shall I ask first?”

“Only things I can answer.”

“Do you believe in God?”

Jamie’s expression went stiff.

“Is it a rude question to ask the Saint of Pyro?”

A light voice, Isis was smiling, except for her eyes.

Jamie looked at his left hand. He never thought that he would be asked this question. At most, he expected things like what he was doing and his purpose in life.

‘I see. Now I know what kind of person she is.’

Isis had a pleasing face, but she had an interesting character.

Like Venna said.

Isis was kind.

And as Behemoth said.

She was difficult to put into words.

Despite not having talked to her for long, Jamie could see this. He seemed to understand why they said it.

‘I don’t know why, but this woman… it looks like she likes to mess around.’

Like how the opposite person reacts if their sensitive spot is touched?

Isis wanted to know that. The question she asked had no purpose.

It probably didn’t matter if he didn’t answer.

“If it is a sensitive question, you don’t have to answer~ I understand that you are a saint.”

Isis spoke in a caring way, but it wasn’t caring in the least.

If she knew it she wouldn’t have had a reason to ask this question. She knew from the start that Jamie didn’t believe in Gods.

So why ask a question and leave it unanswered?

For a simple reason.

“It is not very fun to go about it normally.”

Isis smiled. Seeing that, Jamie continued.

“Let’s continue to play. There must be a lot of questions.”

“You are still 13 years old, calling it a play… I thought you would be cute.”

“Why does a non-human Ran princess look for cuteness in me?”

At those words, Isis blinked her big eyes and burst into laughter. Jin, who was standing next to him, seemed greatly embarrassed by Jamie’s words.

Isis asked, stopping laughing.

“How did you know that I am the princess of Ran?”

“Is it true?”

Jamie was shocked and Isis smiled.

“Did you guess?”

She reached out to Jamie with an irresistible look on her face.

“I think I can get to know you somehow~”

Seeing her bright smile, Jamie smiled and took her hand.

Isis is crazy.


“Ask me a question. In exchange for liking the meal, I will answer what you want.”

Isis was a cool woman.

It wasn’t known if it was because of her unique personality but it wasn’t easy to admit that she wasn’t intriguing.

And it wasn’t bad for Jamie so he asked,

“What did the princess of Ran regret so much for her to start a multi race Frontier?”

Although Jamie thought he would be able to guess it, the reason he asked was simple.

It was because of the way she looked relaxed all the time. As the head of this organization, she showed a relaxed appearance but Isis’s relaxed appearance was different.

Jamie knew people who were like this in the past and present. The royalty.

Isis looked like a free spirited royalty.

It might not be true.

But it didn’t matter. Because the purpose of the question was the same as the question Isis posed.


Isis didn’t answer.

He asked if it was a difficult one.

“A difficult question?”

“No. It isn’t difficult. Well?”

She ran her hand through her silky hair.

“Maybe too many reasons?”

Isis wondered and then she made a determined face as she said,

“Simply put, to kill God?”


Jin got up suddenly. The chief of the organization said such things. This was a remark she shouldn’t have made.

“It is fine.”

“What is fine?! Jamie is…”

A flustered Jin turned to Jamie. But seeing Jamie’s expression he couldn’t say anything.

“… Jamie Welton.”

“See. I told you it is fine.”

Isis said, supporting her chin with both hands.

“Do you like my answer?”


Jamie ruffled his emerald hair and answered with a smile,

“I like it very much.”

Isis was crazy.

Which is why he liked her even more.

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