Chapter 244 - Princess Of Ran (3)

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“Can I assume that you have the same thoughts as me?”

Isis asked while tilting her head a little. From Jin’s attitude, he noticed that she was speaking the truth.

Even if it wasn’t for Jin’s attitude, Jamie knew Isis was speaking the truth.

This was because the phrase ‘Killing God’ couldn’t be said without being sincere.

In particular, if one dares to say such a thing in front of a saint of God, they were bound to be punished.

But while Jamie was a saint, he didn’t have the ability to communicate with Pyro. Anyway, what Isis said was sincere and it aligned with Jamie’s will.

‘If this woman has the same goal as mine, it will only help clear the stumbling blocks ahead.’

And Jamie affirmed.

“And you react like this.”

“Even if you’re a saint?”

She touched Jamie’s left hand, and Jamie raised it.

“You are cursing in a place they cannot hear.”

“That is God.”

“But we aren’t connected.”

“Hahaha! Can a saint say such things?”

“If I acted like a real saint, I wouldn’t be with a heathen like you.”

Regardless of who would win, a faithful saint would never ignore the words of Isis. Isis too knew it and she didn’t push it.

“Well, I am glad you agree with us.”

“What would have happened if we had different opinions?”


Isis frowned. A faint light flashed over her blue eyes.

“Before you fought Hawks, you would have had to fight me.”

Jamie could feel it. Despite just showing her eyes, Jamie could feel goosebumps rise.


She was a force Jamie couldn’t deal with right now. Since she was the princess of Ran, she was even tougher.

On the one hand, he liked that a strong person like her had taken the 12 Gods as enemies.

Did he think of his past colleagues? Jamie smiled.

“That is fine too.”

“Are you being serious?”

“Because fighting makes me grow strong.”

“You are a fun person.”

Isis giggled and laughed as she leaned back on her chair.

“Now my turn?”

“Try it.”

“Did you take Gremia?”

“Yes. I did.”

“I guess so. Did Armion leave happily?”

Armion was the creator of Gremia and a 9th class magician who had a close relationship with Isis 600 years ago.

She seemed to know that Armion’s thoughts stayed back in Gremia.

“He left everything to me.”

“Hm~ I see. That means Armion entrusted everything to you.”

She looked down and nodded as if recalling the past.

“I thought it would be nice to have both Gremia and Gram, but he was one stubborn friend so he said he wouldn’t give it to me even in death.”

“Because you weren’t the person Armion was waiting for.”

“As expected, you know it too? The secrets of the world.”

The eyes of Isis who spoke those words were very serious unlike before.

“I know who Armion was waiting for. And Gremia was handed to you, is it safe to say that you inherited his power?”

Isis lived for a long time.

She was at least a hundred years ahead of Canon and older than Armion. In addition to that, she had no choice but to know about Diablo Volfir’s black mana if she was leading Frontier.

Jamie thought it would be quicker to show it than to explain in words. So he brought black mana out.

As his eyes turned purple, a great power rose in Isis’s little house.

“… black magic?”

Jin’s eyes widened.

It was difficult to understand what the two were talking about despite being there. Although he was a member, it was because such information wasn’t shared to all.

The reason Isis didn’t let him go was because she decided it was time for him to find out.

“Jamie. You are a dark magician? But the black mana…”

Jin was confused.

Black mana which he knew was vicious and evil, on the other hand, Jamie drew out black mana with no such things. Still, this was black mana.

Jamie turned to Jin and said,

“I am a dark magician. I succeeded the vision of the dark magicians who were mighty enough to go against the 12 Gods all alone at a time when they were running rampant.”

“… Isis. Am I dreaming?”

“He is right Jin. I am sorry for not telling you.”

“I am confused.”

Jin grabbed the mask and rubbed his eyes. Because of the mask the face couldn’t be seen, but Jamie could see a big cut running up his chin.

And he put the mask back on as he said,

“I need to get some air.”

And he went out.

It seemed to be a huge shock for him to be spending over a month with a dark magician.

“He will understand if it is explained later. He is someone I have chosen.”

“Don’t worry. I know Jin will understand.”

“Huhu. After going around for a month together, did your trust in him deepen?”

“To some extent.”

“Therefore. Can you tell me where you got that power?”

“This time it is my turn.”

One question each. Isis had already finished her turn so it was Jamie’s turn now.

“Why did you fight the elder dragon?”


After a while she looked at Jamie and said,

“I asked for help to get to the ruins which lie dormant in the Dragon Mountains.”

“… Dragon Mountains?”

“You wouldn’t know it because it is a place which wasn’t touched by humans. About 500 years back dragons settled there, so it is called Dragon Mountains.”

“500 years back…? Why?”

“No, no. My turn.”

Damn it.

Jamie clicked his tongue.

Isis asked the question,

“So. Where did you get it?”

“I didn’t get it.”



Isis frowned at this, this answer was unexpected and different from her expectations.

She mumbled in a voice that couldn’t be heard by Jamie who was in front of her, and with her chin on her hand she thought. However, Jamie could understand what she was saying from the shape of her mouth.



‘He didn’t find it in the ruins?’


‘No no, it is impossible. If he is a reincarnation there is no way he wouldn’t know.’

Isis seemed confused.

‘But who is he? What could it mean? The reincarnation had to know.’

Jamie was confused too. Rather, the more he heard from Isis’s lips the more confused he felt.

And Isis spoke.

“Uh… can I just ask the question?”

“Well, it’s my turn.”

“You have a question?”

“Tell me what happened 500 years ago.”

“It isn’t something amazing. There was a human, and he was a dark magician…”

“I know about that. I heard from the Blue dragon who knows him better than anyone.”

“You met Mayatrey.”

Isis knew Mayatrey. Even though she was a princess of Ran, she seemed to have a huge connection.

“Then do you know this? The place where the dark magician hid from is the dragons.”

“What kind of ruins exist in the land of Kangma?”

“Right, the entire area including the Dragon Mountain comes under Kangma.”

Jamie’s eyes widened.

He didn’t think the Land of Kangma would be mentioned here.

Even though he searched he couldn’t find this information. So he was confused. Because the land of Kangma existed where humans couldn’t reach.

And he came this far to find out.

If he didn’t come here Jamie would have wandered all over the world and not found a single thing.

“But why did the dragons make their home there…?”

“Normally, it would be my turn to ask, but this is part of the same question so I will answer.”

“Thank you.”

“Thank you? The reason the dragons had settled there, calling it Dragon Mountain, is simple, because their master ordered them.”

The master of Dragons was the Dragon God Brahman.

He commands the dragons to protect the land of Kangma to prevent anyone from accessing the ruins where Canon was hidden.


Because what should never be revealed was staying there.

And what is it?

“You. You must have visited the old dragon to go there.”

“Right. And my arm turned into this.”

“Did you succeed?”

“My turn. Tell me how many traces of him you have found so far.”

There was nothing to hide with the black mana being revealed.

“4 in total.”

The Perfect Cell for complete immunity.

The Unbreakable, All Might.

Leviathan of Gluttony.

Even the Black Mana crystal which is the source of light.


Isis was startled.

It was hard to believe that a 13 year old boy had found 4.

Despite the traces being around, they weren’t easily found.

‘If he was born with black mana, he could have attracted…’

But then she later realized it was possible. Even so, four was huge. Just getting one was a huge task, but if it were 4 then it could easily have the power to collapse a large city.

“Based on the reaction, the Frontier too has traces of him?”

“A question?”

“Yes, consider it as a question.”

“We have….”

Isis said.

“Five, and only one of them is here.”

The dwarf Ironlil sat with his back to the hot brazier.

Having lived in front of this brazier for so long, this felt warm to him.

Dwarfs were a rare race. Artists who always pounded their hammers in front of fire to create art.

Ironlil was a rare one among them. But there were things he wouldn’t attempt.

“It is difficult. Not good.”

A few days back, Isis brought back something to Avalon. It was in the form of three pairs of short fleshes of material attached to either side of an elongated black stick.

He tried to open it thinking it was some kind of device but he couldn’t understand the internal structure.

Ironlil was adept at magic engineering.

It was because he studied hard to not lack just because magic was involved. And even with that, he couldn’t figure this out.

“I might need to make something work.”

The tip of the stick needs energy to be infused in, but no matter what kind of mana stone he tried to use, it didn’t work.

And he remembered what Isis said,

‘It is a mythical item. It can be difficult if you approach it with common sense.’

The mythical items were tough objects to find. And it was being used as an energy source in the area under the influence of Frontier.

However, it wasn’t the kind of thing which could be used simply.

“Is it really something from the myth era?”

It was an unusual one.

Ironlil believed that this technology was at least centuries ahead of its time.

Or maybe even more, it was difficult to figure this out.

A day of turmoil.

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