Chapter 245 - Savior (1)

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“But Behemoth.”


“What do you think the two of them are talking about?”


Behemoth looked up at the window and then at the sky. Isis invited his Lord to dinner.

They would see each other again tomorrow, but there had to be a reason for her to call him up privately like this. Something important which had to be talked about.

Then, what was that important thing?

‘It could be about my contract.’

The plan that Frontier was currently preparing. Behemoth was an important figure in that plan.

The question was how Jamie will react to this plan. What he was certain of was that this dinner would end with the will to establish a relationship with his Lord and Frontier.

‘Looking at Isis’s character, it seems like she will get along well with…’

But, it couldn’t be known.

As long as the two of them have big things to do, they will avoid friction.


Venna came to his side and put her hand on his back as he was thinking.

It felt like he was lost in thought and Venna patted him.

“W-what is with you all of a sudden?”

“It is so soft!”

“Euk! Get your hand off me!”

“Behemoth, let me hug you!”

“Let go!”

Behemoth struggled to escape from her arms and then remembered his Lord.

What should he do if his Lord wasn’t going to side with Frontier?

‘Shiora. Maybe I will have to break my promise to you.’

A thousand years back an elf magician had offered him sleep in exchange for help. And Behemoth felt apologetic to her since for him, his Lord comes first.

If it will not be allowed then I will use that ‘power’ to escape from here.

Jamie was wide eyed.


They have that many?

‘No considering this woman lived for so long, this cannot be too much.’

It only took Jamie around a year to find 4 of them, and yet Isis had only been able to obtain 5 in hundreds of years.

Despite that, 5 is huge.

If all of them could be recovered, it was clear this would help make Jamie get the power of his heyday.

“You mean you have one here?”

“I don’t know where it is being used, but our blacksmith is trying to beat it with a hammer.”

“Can I see it?”

“Showing it isn’t difficult, it’s fine.”

Which meant only showing and not passing it down. Well, Jamie didn’t think she would hand it down so easily.

Isn’t this their first time meeting each other?

This is why Jamie too didn’t say he had reincarnated. No matter how much they share the same will, they cannot give out their most important secrets.

If she betrays him, then he would be in trouble and it is the same for her.

“My turn now? Let’s see…”

Isis thought. It was difficult to think of one since there were many questions.

And she had to be careful to filter her questions cleanly before speaking. After deciding, she asked,

“Tell me the God you want to kill.”

There were 12 who ruled this world. So he would have to kill one and then go after the other.

This was a sensitive question but Jamie wasn’t going to avoid this. It was impossible to get out of here since he already showed interest in killing God.

And Jamie said,

“I will kill Zenith.”

“The God symbolizing war and peace.”

Isis smiled.

“Is it because he touched your mother’s homeland? Or is it because of the conflict he has with the Pyro Church?”

“They are one of the reasons.”

“So there is another important reason?”

“My question.”

“Tch. You don’t give gaps.”

Isis, who kept asking questions, pretended to be pouting as her intention to get more information failed.

Jamie asked,

“So, did you succeed?’

Jamie continued to ask about the elder dragon. And Isis thought this kid was quite persistent.

But this land of Kangma was known to be holding the secrets of the world.

“Well, what do you think?”

When Isis asked playfully, Jamie spoke with a straight face.

“Don’t mess with words.”

“You are a kid who cannot act cute.”

“Answer me.”

“It is obvious. Even though my right arm is like this, I am alive.”

And that was a good enough answer.

The elder dragon agreed to Isis’s deal.

The more he looked, the more surprised he felt. Even though she was stronger, the elder dragon was a different creature.

At least, it wouldn’t be a fair fight unless the leader of Ran stepped in.

‘Or Isis is that strong.’

Be it Isis or Jamie, they were in a state where they could hide their strengths.

She also showed her strength a few times, but it would be foolish to think she showed her cards. Perhaps her power was beyond imagination.

“My turn. Why do you want to kill Zenith first?”

“He is my family’s enemy.”


Isis couldn’t understand this. How did a God turn into a family enemy?

Even if Jamie was thinking that, it would seem arrogant to others.

A God is God because he is omnipotent. In other words, Isis was preparing for a few hundred years to kill them.

But this child with no solid answer was bringing up the words ‘family enemy’.

“Do you really think he is your family’s enemy?”

“My turn. So what is the God that Frontier is aiming for?”

“Ha. You aren’t an easy child to deal with.”

Isis sighed and rubbed her forehead.

She did hear Jamie was mature for his age, but she thought he would still be a 13 years old kid. But it felt like she was wrong.

Isis answered,

“The God I am aiming for is the… God of Dragons.”

And Jamie was shocked.

The first target of Frontier was Brahman.

And her visit to the ruins with the elder dragon wasn’t just for a simple purpose. At that moment, his head began to think.

It felt like scattered puzzles were falling into place one after another.

‘Ruins. Elder dragon. Kangma. Thunder Dragon Sword. Mayatrey. Dragon God… even Behemoth.’

A woman from Frontier who made a contract with Behemoth, who imprisoned him under Kelton Mountain’s according to Isis’s will and put him to sleep.

And 5 years back they woke him up and brought him here. Come to think of it, he didn’t ask Behemoth about the contract.

And for some reason this contract was important for the plan of Frontier.

And pieces he knew were put together, allowing Jamie to arrive at a certain thought. And there was nothing more he could think of.

But he still asked,

“Is the elder dragon a blue dragon?”

“… how did you know?”

Even though it was her turn, Isis answered in shock. She realized it late, but it wasn’t an important thing now. She wondered how Jamie found out.

“How did you know the elder dragon is a blue dragon?”

“I don’t know if the Dragon Mountain formed but dragons tend to despise all races except for themselves. And such creatures helped someone other than their races enter their homes? That makes no sense.”

“I still don’t understand how you could come to that conclusionl.”

“I am not done. You are friendly with Mayatrey?”


“Then of course you also remember what Mayatrey was subjected to at the time?”

She was imprisoned by her own people for trying to uncover the world with Canon. Normally it wouldn’t be strange to execute her, but the dragons weren’t as reckless as humans.

And they have stronger kinship compared to other races. In particular, the blue clan such as Mayatrey, who struggled to make sure she didn’t suffer too much.

But Mayatrey escaped with Canon.

This would have been a huge event within the Dragon Race, and the blue clan would have been greatly reduced.

In such a situation, the other clans dispatched the black dragon Aegos to defeat Mayatrey and Canon.

And the blue clan must have felt a sense of betrayal. And if that accumulated over the years, then the anger towards the other clans must have grown.

It is possible that their anger turned toward their creator, the Dragon God too.

“That is why they held your hand.”

It was funny.

Normally the blue clan wouldn’t have spoken much, but dragons were a special race. Usually, it makes no sense to be angry with God.

However, dragons can do that.

Because they were superior.

The world obeys the law of equivalent exchange, which was an absolute law that even the Gods wouldn’t disobey.

And in order to create the dragon race, Brahman gave them ‘freedom’. Freedom is what Jamie and Isis longed for.

To put it simply, the dragon races serve the Dragon God Brahman as their parent but their relationship isn’t of a God and believer but a cooperative relationship.

This is why the blue clan was able to have anger towards the Gods.

“… What are you?”

Jamie’s thoughts were right. Not a single thing was wrong. After the incident with Mayatrey, the blue clan suffered a major blow to their self esteem, and that diminished the voice they had.

Moreover, even the Dragon God had rebuked them.

The blue clan felt a great loss as their parent had turned his back on them at the same time their resentment to the other clans grew. At such a time, Isis extended her hand.

“I was rejected at first. It wasn’t just rejection, I was almost killed.”

Her body trembled at the thought of it.

Even the princess of Ran couldn’t handle the anger of an elder dragon.

It was the same when she visited the last time. It was only slightly better than her last visit and the gaps with the elder dragon were clear.

But she wasn’t going to give up. Jamie asked,

“Why didn’t you give up if you were on the verge of dying?”


Isis remembered what the blue clan’s dragon said to her.

“Ran girl. Why do you hang onto the impossible things until you are that hurt?”

He, too, had the same question as Jamie. Isis told Jamie the answer she told him.

“I want to take back our world.”

At those words, Jamie felt something rise in his chest.

These weren’t just words. Now, Isis was showing her sincerity more than anyone else.

A long time back, he and his colleagues had gone to fight against the 12 Gods. And all of them were like Isis.

They all risked their lives to regain what was stolen.

Even if they failed no one knelt in front of the Gods. Believing that there was a way, the same thing was constantly tried.

Teeth broke in anger.

Lights which went out in the wind.

But the wick of the light never died. His own embers turned into fire to connect new lights.

And now a new one was shining before him.

And Jamie said to her,

“You are the heir to their will.”

At Jamie’s words, Isis was confused.

“What are you saying?”

But in the changing atmosphere around she couldn’t say anything.

“You’re the one who desires freedom against the 12 Gods.”

Jamie got up and Isis felt a strange hallucination.

For a moment, a black haired man’s image overlapped the emerald hair and the sharp eyes and the face which seemed lonely.

“You are a member of the Resistance.”

His eyes dyed purple. And he reached out his hand.

“You are my colleague.”

Isis held the hand as if possessed.

“I am Diablo Volfir.”

All of a sudden, Jamie’s form disappeared leaving behind the black haired man to look at her.

“The enemy of the Gods who descended after 66,666 years.”

At those words, Isis felt goosebumps rise on her skin.

66,666 years.

The day of revelation.

The day the ‘Savior’ was born.

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