Chapter 246 - Savior (2)

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Isis doubted her ears.


Diablo Volfir.

It was a name she was hearing for the first time, but she realized instinctively that it was the name of ‘that man’ she had been looking for.

And 66,666 years.

The first time she came across this number was more than a thousand years back.

When Isis was coming of age. She went out to the world without the knowledge of her clan and accidentally discovered a stone monument.

The tombstone was old and no one knew how long it had been there for, it stuck to the rocks around and there was ancient language on it.

It was difficult to read since there were too many rocks around this, but the princess of Ran was well educated with ancient language.

It took time but she managed to read all of it.

[The old Gods are dead and even the last guardian of the world is gone. A time when the world is being crushed by the 12 absolute beings. I wrote this one here. Many races, including humans will be reduced to slavery. Their will and goal will not reach the sky and will fall to the ground, and even the present humiliation will be forgotten by the world. However, those who succeeded the ‘last Prophecy’ leave traces of the last guardian all over the world. In the distant future, after several words have been reset, the guardian will appear again. In a world 66.666 years had passed since he disappeared, humans will have another choice to make the leap. Whoever finds this stone tablet, move ahead. The place you should go to is Garmon. Wait there for the savior.]

Isis’s journey began after that and now,

The last guardian in front of her, the one said to be the savior.

She looked at Jamie. The image of this black haired man.

And she asked carefully,

“… are you the last guardian?”

“There was a time when I was called that.”

When Diablo Volfir, who was defeated in the 4th war, reappeared in the world with black mana, he had forces following him.

But Diablo didn’t pay attention to them. He was not interested. He had already been devastated by the death and betrayal of his colleagues.

He decided to enter into the war with Gods all by himself, without the help of anyone. Strangely, his followers still called him the Last Guardian, and regarded him as the last bastion of mankind.

For Diablo at that time, it was a good thing.

“Ha. It seems to be true.”

Isis had a headache.

She didn’t think she could meet a man like this.



Jamie was born with black mana.

If so, then the previous statement was false, and it was more difficult for Isis to believe that Jamie Welton was actually the savior.

Because she never heard of reincarnation.

However, the dark haired man seemed to be the real Diablo Volfir.

As Isis seemed confused, Jamie said,

“I understand. You will have a headache due to the change of words. But I am real. The one who returned from the abyss to kill those 12 Gods.”

“… it isn’t that I don’t trust you.”

“But you look like that?”

“Well… to be honest. I cannot believe it. Don’t get me wrong. It isn’t that I think you lied, you might have a good reason to do so.”

“Does it have anything to do with ‘him?’”

“How do you know that?”

Isis seemed frustrated and Jamie said,

“I saw your mouth move and understood it.”

“Ah, lip reading. I was surprised when you said it like that.”

Isis sighed at her mistake and nodded.

“Right. If you are reincarnated, there is no way you wouldn’t know him.”

“And ‘him’ is?”


Isis didn’t answer. Because she didn’t trust Jamie.

And he could understand.

Although his identity is revealed, it wouldn’t be sane on anyone’s part to simply believe him.

There is a reason to not believe him.

“Then, I can make you believe me.”

Jamie reached out, making Isis flinch.

Putting his hand on her head he transferred his memory to her.

Isis’s eyes widened.

There were numerous memories going through her mind. Countless defeats, victories and again defeat with despair, sorrow, anger, hatred, revenge, malice and finally the voice…

The endless emotions running through her. And although she lived for thousands of years, she couldn’t handle these many emotions.

Tears flowed from her eyes. Jamie took the hand off and she collapsed to the floor.

Isis lifted her head and looked at Jamie. The black haired man couldn’t be seen any longer.

“You are him. Diablo Volfir.”

“Jamie Welton now.”

As Jamie smiled, Isis shook her head.

Then she comforted him.

“You have gone through so much for so long.”

Jamie only nodded at the consolation that he had been through a lot.

“It isn’t in my nature to speak out, so don’t say these things.”


Normally it would be rude to say such things, and Jamie was now 13 years old.

He didn’t want to be considered and called according to the old age of his previous life.

“Only you get to know my truth.”


It seemed like she understood it, so Isis nodded.

The more people who knew about Jamie’s identity, the more the secrets would go out. If that happens, the 12 Gods will come to take down Jamie.

“So. Who is that man?”

Jamie couldn’t understand.

How on earth can he know if someone has reincarnated? Reincarnation is about the soul.

If the flow of the soul can be traced, the reincarnation can be found out, and that can be even more so with Jamie who is a great necromancer.

The flow of souls isn’t an easy thing to be traced. This is impossible for the 12 Gods too.

“How do I explain this?”

“What is it?”

“He is just as amazing as you. The reason I was able to create Frontier and expand it this much was with his help.”

“What are you trying to…”

“Old God.”

Jamie couldn’t speak anymore.

Isis continued.

“There is no name. According to him, he said ‘Stolen’. The same with the memory. But I knew one thing.”

She pointed to Jamie.

“Your resurrection.”


“He knew that one day you would come back. And he gave us the time.”

“Where is he?”


The area in Canon’s diary. Isis told Jamie what he was looking for.

“It’s right here.”

The barren land.

A criminal floated in the air with his limbs tied.

Why was he tied up there?

The sinner didn’t know. Couldn’t even remember. It was so long that nothing could be remembered.

It wasn’t painful.

The time of torment is past. On the contrary, it only made him think about other things.

But even a sinner can know one thing.

“When will he rise again?”

In the last 100 years, several souls got new lives. And the recent one was around 15 years back.

The soul of a woman and after wandering for ten and thousands of years, she found a new body.

Reincarnation isn’t easy.

Normally souls disappear after the death of the body within a couple hours.

However, the powerful ones have longer time and among them the lucky one gets onto the Soul Stream.

But there is no guarantee on who will be reincarnated. Rather, they become part of a huge Soul Stream.

Normally the soul will take a new body from the Soul Stream.

‘In the past 100 years, there have been many desperate ones.’

The sinner smiled. A soul more desperate than anyone else.

He didn’t know why it was desperate for it, but the Soul Stream couldn’t contain it and eventually it reincarnated.

In fact, that soul couldn’t be called earnest due to its long struggle.

Longing, obsession.

Even in the state of a soul, the emotions which continued for thousands of years couldn’t even be understood by God.


The old man giggled at the thought of the word God.

And then he suddenly thought.

“Why isn’t he resurrected yet?”

Is he not dead?

It is impossible to survive in darkness till now. but he couldn’t feel the soul coming. It was time to reappear in the world.

“Why do you not show up?”

The sinner didn’t have any old memories left. What he thought now was imprinted on the back of his mind, and he didn’t even know the reason.

The sinner slowly lost his memory day by day.

These days, it had gotten worse, and he was losing more and more memories. But the sinner didn’t care.

He was used to this.


The sinner, the old god, forgotten from everyone’s memory began to laugh.

It was then.

The space opened.

“Isis? Is that Isis?”

The sinner was happy.

There was only one person who came here and that was Isis. Even the sinner knew Isis.

Because of the ‘contract’.

Isis walked out and waved at him.

“Elderly- I am here!”

“Oh! Isis! Why are you here?”

“Did you forget? I said I would come back after seeing Chiron-Sera.”

“What is that? Something to eat?”

“You forgot. Rather, I have a friend I want to introduce to you. Would you like to meet?”


The sinner tilted his head and Jamie walked out. And the sinner’s expression went stiff.

“Is he the old god?”

“Yes. And no matter how old he is, he is good.”

Jamie continued without noticing the expression of the sinner.

“But why is he up in the air?”

“Well. He said he sinned in the past but doesn’t remember what it is. Well, greet each other. This is Jamie Welton and this is the unknown man.”

As Isis introduced Jamie, Jamie took a step closer.

He didn’t think the old gods lived.

He knew that Diablo Volfir heard of them being defeated in the war with 12 Gods but that was before he was born.

He thought they all vanished, and didn’t think anyone would survive.

‘Now he was too weak to be called a God…’

But that doesn’t mean it is impossible for the old gods to read the flow of the soul.

The old gods were the masters of the planet. But, he was the ‘nature god’ who collapsed due to the invasion of the 12.

Since they were directly or indirectly involved with the birth of life, they may be able to read the flow of the soul.

Jamie walked closer.

The sinner just stared at him and Jamie greeted him.

“Nice to meet you. I…”

“Who the hell are you?”

The sinner cut down Jamie’s words and spoke in a voice different from before.

“How can you exist?”

“… what is he saying?”


Isis rushed in.

An usual current began to flow.

“He. You still exist in the darkness, so how do you exist here?”

The old man looked at Jamie’s face in disbelief and asked.

“You who are in front of me… what are you?”

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