Chapter 247 - The Hunter’s Resolution (1)

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“E-elderly? What are you talking about?”

Isis looked at the sinner and Jamie alternately.

The sinner didn’t seem to listen to her and he kept looking at Jamie as he said,

“It is weird. Your soul is in primordial darkness, how can you be here?”


“Nothing can escape from the darkness of the beginning. If it is a realm where even the 12 Gods can’t interfere, what did you use?”

Jamie didn’t answer.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to speak.

It was because the mind of the sinner was complicated.

‘Not reincarnated? He means because I didn’t die? But I seem to remember things from my previous life. But I have loopholes in it, but…’

As Jamie thought he felt shocked.

He had too many empty slots in his memories. And he wasn’t sure if that was because of the reincarnation,

But the empty memory slots were filled one by one as he realized the things of the past.

‘Even if something didn’t pop up.’

It was for things he managed to remember from the start.

When he obtained Levithan, the forgotten ones were brought back. And he never thought about why.

He just took it for granted because he didn’t think his soul was still trapped in the darkness.

But listening to the words of the sinner, he couldn’t take this for granted.

‘It doesn’t make sense to get something and have my memories back.’

The feeling of seeing something and then remembering what he forgot.

As he regains it, Jamie felt as if he was transported back to the past. The feeling of someone putting the memory back in him?

‘I took it for granted.’

So he didn’t realize it because he had never thought of an incomplete reincarnation as he didn’t think it was possible.

This is natural.

Because it was his first time reincarnating.

It is impossible to feel strange when he knew nothing about reincarnation. And the concept itself was puzzling.

So Jamie asked him,

“What do you see me as?”

“… you.”

The old man narrowed his eyes and then stretched his neck. He wanted to get a closer look at Jamie. In that position he kept watching.

Only Isis, stood between the two anxiously.

And he said,

“It is confusing. Amazing, shocking and odd.”

“What is?”

“Though the soul isn’t yours, it is made of you. Should this be a reincarnation? However, the soul is still trapped in darkness…”

“I have a question for you.”

“For me?”

“The space of aeons where I was sealed. So, is it possible for a soul to escape from it?”


The man wanted to speak but couldn’t speak as if something was stuck in his mouth.

Jamie was confused.

The space in which he was sealed was like a void, there was no light, no anything.

It wasn’t that he didn’t try to escape. In a nutshell, it was an unbreakable place.

A structure which could be tampered with only from outside not inside.

‘But… is it possible to be reincarnated if I just died in it?’

But standing here was Jamie Welton who had a life called Diablo Volfir in the past.

And that was something he was sure of. It was absurd to question his identity.

The memory inside his head was entirely his own, it wasn’t something which was copied into him from a third party.

So there was no such thing as a doubt about it till now.

This could be because he was the greatest dark magician of all time.

‘Someone had intervened in the reincarnation.’

Maybe Diablo’s followers had planned it, or maybe Jormungand.

Maybe it was her plan.

One thing was certain, no matter what this body turned into, there was only one goal.

“It does not matter.”

“Jamie Weton?”

At Jamie’s words, Isis looked at him.

He walked over to the sinner and said,

“Whatever I am made of, I am a man whose previous life was Diablo Volfir. I am someone running to achieve what I couldn’t in my past life. Right. I exist to destroy the 12 Gods.”

And the sinner’s eyes widened.

Without hesitation, he said words he couldn’t think of.

“So, it doesn’t matter what the truth is. Real or fake, no matter what I am, my will does not change.”

“Right. It was like this.”

A light flashed in the eyes of the sinner.

After spending an eternity here, he gradually ceased to look like a sinner.

And now he looked different. He spoke with his mouth and eyes different from before.

“Will? Is your will strong enough to destroy the 12 Gods and summon Gaia?”

“… Gaia?”

“Gaia the creator. The one who created this world. The one who dwells within.”

Does such an existence exist?

Actually Jamie didn’t know much about the old gods.

Before he knew the old gods were defeated by the 12 Gods, how many traces did he go after to destroy the 12?

But he only found a temple which was left after the old gods disappeared and a relic which lost its power.

‘But now in front of me is an old god.’

All of Diablo’s attempts to search for the old gods had failed. No, even if he did, it wouldn’t have changed this.

‘The same interest is what makes us one.’

And now Gaia, the God of Creation is important.

“You think Gaia is involved with my reincarnation?”

“There is nothing I can be certain about you. However, your resurrection isn’t impossible if she had a hand.”

Looking at him, Gaia seemed to be a goddess.

“Is that for real?”

Isis’s eyes lit up.

Gaia’s involvement meant that she was still somewhere around. It will be of great help in future if the God of Creation could be involved.

The sinner shook his head.

“Like I said I can never be certain. What is your name?”

“Now I am Jamie Welton.”

“Have you accepted this current life? It shouldn’t have been easy, right?”

It is painful for a strong person to be reborn as a child with no power and build everything up from zero.

No matter how many roads he took, going again is no different from penance.

“Your will is confirmed by me.”

“And you are?”


The sinner’s eyes had some life within.


With a clear head he spoke his forgotten name and he asked,

“Can you be the savior?”

At the end of those words, the life in his eyes vanished like a thread was cut off.

“Elderly! Elderly!’

Isis shook him, but it was unlikely that he would wake up.


Jamie mumbled. For the first time he knew the name of one of the old gods.

A being who can read the flow of souls. Just knowing such a being felt amazing.

‘The secret about me.’

As a result, the purpose of killing the 12 Gods will not change, but there had to be a reason he was in this condition.

And according to his reasoning, it seemed like something major would change if he found the secret behind this.

What the change will be is unknown, but he had to collect the traces of Diablo as soon as possible.

Isis sighed and escaped through the gap. Jamie followed.

And the gap closed.

They were in an empty meadow. Only the Frontier executives knew that there was a passage leading to the place Osiris was sealed.

“Ha. I don’t know what it was.”

Isis sighed, unable to understand. She only wanted to introduce Jamie to Osiris.

But what?

The discovery of a secret she could never imagine.

“Let’s talk later. My head hurts.”

She waved her hand with a haggard face and vanished. Leaving Jamie alone who was looking up at the sky.

The night sky was full of stars, and it seemed like they were going to fall down any moment. It seemed like he could even hold a few of them if he stretched out his hand.

“Coming here was good.”

At first he was curious, but wasn’t this the pull of fate?

Jamie used teleport to move to his lodging.

When he arrived there, someone huge was standing against the wall.

“Now you are here.”


Why did he come at midnight?

“I thought you should be out, are you an owl? Or what was that? What is up with this late hour meeting?”

“Follow me.”

Hawks spread his wings wide and soared high and Jamie followed him without a word.

They flew together to a place far from Avalon. The place they headed to was similar to the meadow Osiris was sealed in.

Since the area around Avalon was made up of vast grasslands, there was no way the terrain could drastically change.

“Can I ask if the reason you brought me is to have a fight with me now?”

Jamie took off his robe and pulled out the staff and asked.

It would have been nice to have a sword, but Kairos had broken it.

As if in unspoken affirmation, Hawks took out the long spear he was equipped with in his right hand and the crossbow on the back with his left hand.

And as he clenched his fist the crossbow changed. It turned out to be a hand operated one.

“I thought we were supposed to wait a few days. If you are tired we can postpone it to a later date.”

“You are making a funny joke, bird head.”

“I admit that you are strong for a human, but only for humans.”

“Would you believe it if that human once went to the brink of bringing down 12 Gods?”

Hawks didn’t answer. He took a stance. Jamie caused a lightning bolt and created a sword of lightning.

It wasn’t a real sword, but something was better than nothing. And he smiled.

“I will show you now.”

“Han, Jin and Beryl weren’t my opponents.’

Hawks is probably the strongest in Frontier after Isis and the other Ran.

Then he can be regarded as the strongest in this world. To be honest it won’t be easy to take him down unless one is a fully touched 9th class.

Jamie had no intention of using black magic, which meant the odds of winning were low.

It is fine.

“You are out of luck, Hawks.”

Strength isn’t something which is obtained with training and performance alone.

“Today’s me is someone you cannot win against.”

A light shone in Jamie’s eyes.

The attribute he was most confident about after black magic.

[Thunder Spirit Magic.]

The sword of lightning began to vibrate.

9th class lightning magic.

The power of disaster to destroy everything without leaving a trace. One of them was ‘Star Light’.

[Magical Realization: Convergence]

[Light disaster.]


Pure white lightning burned the vast land into black in an instant. Hawks had aura and used the crossbow, while spearing it at the same time.

His wings were folded as if they turned into one with the body, and he broke through the pure white lightning.

Both eyes were dyed green and Hawks showed his power.

All his feathers turned black and began to crystallize.

As hard as diamonds.

[Power: Body of Diamond.]

The power to increase the hardness of the body to the limit. A trivial one, but it was a different story if it was Hawks using it.

A better hunter than anyone, and better aura user than anyone.

Master class aura began to form over the feathers on wings too.

Hawks spread his wings.

The wings’ feathers were harder than diamonds and wrapped around with aura completely tore the lightning.

The majestic beauty of it pushed away the 9th class magic.

It made Jamie guess the extent of his strength.


“Let there be light.”

The opponent was a magician.

Jamie teleported through space and placed his hand on Hawks abdomen.

And there was light.

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